Amherst Racist Pig Parker: Final Version

UPDATE: I spoke with Kyle Mast, the man shown in the video below. Without a doubt, Mr. Mast is having a bad day. To the extent people are contacting him directly to harass or threaten, you’re committing a crime and could be prosecuted. I gave Mr. Mast an opportunity to give his side of the story, and he obliged over the course of two phone calls. 

He traveled to the Dick’s on Maple to check out see if there were any good sales. He is adamant that he did not intentionally park in a handicapped spot. He sometimes has a placard to use for his own family members, and is sensitive to the need for easy access for the disabled. When he parked there, he says he saw no markings on the ground or any signs or poles marking that spot as being for the disabled. If he parked in a handicapped spot, it was accidental and not intentional. He didn’t see that it was a disabled spot, and he would typically have apologized had he realized his mistake. 

As soon as he got out of his car, Mr. Mast says Marcia Lynn began yelling at him, accusing him, “you can’t park there, you’re illegally parked” and making jokes about how his truck was overcompensating for something else; “big truck, small package” he recalls. Mr. Mast says he was “aggravated” by this taunting, but didn’t respond at all as he went into the store. 

Contrary to the Facebook post’s allegations, Mr. Mast claims only to have been inside the store for about 5 minutes, not 30. He adds that, if he had been parked illegally for 30 minutes, why didn’t the woman shooting the video complain inside to the manager. He also says that Marcia Lynn was yelling at other people about parking improperly. 

He says that, as he came back out of the store, the taunting resumed until he got into his truck. He was growing angrier because of the heckling, but also because he saw that Marcia Lynn was videotaping.  In a fit of rage – he says he was being “hotheaded” – Mr. Mast used a racial slur. He is sorry that he did that, and says, “it just came out”. He says, in retrospect, he didn’t even know or think Marcia Lynn was black, and was just trying to come up with the most hateful word he could muster. He admits that he wasn’t thinking straight, and was very upset because Marcia Lynn wouldn’t leave him alone. 

In speaking with Mr. Mast, I detected genuine remorse for what he said and what had happened. He knows what he said was wrong, and that there were many other ways he could have either defused or ignored the situation – just driving forward was one of them. Mr. Mast let his emotions get the better of him, even though he knew he was being recorded. 

Here’s a video from local Facebook user “Marcia Lynn”, capturing her encounter with the driver of a wildly conspicuous monster truck in the parking lot of a Dick’s store on Maple Road in Amherst.

Here is her story, in a nutshell:



So, a pig parker parks his Tonka truck in a handicapped spot for about 30 minutes, and when someone confronts him about it, he tells her to, “get a life” and, just before he drives off, calls her a “nigger”.

Here’s what his real-life Hot Wheels truck looks like:

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  • I find the unmitigated nastiness of some of the facebook posts disturbing. Flattening tires? Disparaging the guys work? What if he does clean toilets at Walmart, that makes him less of a person? Calling the lady a cunt? If this is a reflection on how we interact, shame on us and shame on facebook.

  • To the poster above: Are you REALLY surprised at the internet nastiness? Road rage happens because people are isolated in their cars, but can still see each other. When you’re posting on the internet, you don’t even see the other person—far more easy to go off on a nasty rant.

    Okay, the pig parker’s explanations sound a bit odd to me.

    First of all, don’t you always assume empty parking spots closest to the store are likely for handicapped? I always assume that and look for confirmation that they AREN’T, meaning, I really look for any/all type handicapped markings. I have trouble believing there was NO marking at all if it was in fact a handicapped spot.

    Second, If you’re going into a store like Dick’s, especially to “look at sales”, there’s no way you’re in and out in 5 minutes. NO. WAY.

    Third, I gotta tell ya, I think of some really awful things to say to people when they piss me off, sometimes I actually say them out loud to the person I’m ma d at! I, though, have never EVER even thought the word “nigger” when angry at a person who wasn’t black. Why would that even enter your head? That’s like going off on a white guy and calling him a “beaner”. It makes no friggin’ sense! lol

    I call total bullshit on this guy. He’s in MAJOR spin mode right now, so take all explanations and contrition’s with a grain of salt.

    • Yeah I guess I am a bit surprised. I don’t belong to facebook or other social media. I sometimes check the thread on WGR’s website where it is equally vile but also anonymous. These people post where they work and shit. I also am taken aback by peoples pent up anger. Road rage, this crap, domestic abuse all make me wonder about the lack of simple inner peace. One of the reasons I follow Alan is he polices what is posted and filters out assholes. I find it makes for a much more intelligent back and forth.

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