If Cuba’s Dissidents are Happy, I’m Happy

@yoanisanchez Via Google Translate

@yoanisanchez Via Google Translate

We’re not lifting the embargo. We’re simply going to normalize diplomatic relations. This means we’ll have an embassy in Havana, they’ll have an embassy in New York, and we will conduct diplomatic business with each other as we would with any other country.

This does not mean that we’re friends, even. It just means that we’re talking.

We normalized diplomatic relations with Stalin in 1933, and with Maoist China in 1979. We normalized diplomatic relations with Communist Vietnam in 1995. We had diplomatic relations with all sorts of despots and horrible places.

Normalization is not an endorsement of the Castro regime, nor for Cuba’s communist system. This is not an endorsement of Cuba’s oppression.  If anything, the diplomatic process will go a long way towards expanding US – Cuban ties, and hopefully doing for Cubans what trade and contact did for ties with China and pre-Putin Russia.

It is, however, high time the embargo was lifted. It has given Castro 50+ years’ worth of excuses for his oppression and economic stagnation.  Taking that excuse away will go a long way towards making Cubans free again.

As a final thought, please check out the website 14ymedio, which is operated by Cuban citizen journalists like Yoani Sanchez, of the Generacion Y blog. They are happy, so I am happy.


  • I’m just glad I don’t have to triple bag and hide my Cuban cigars in my car when I cross the border because Kennedy, Khrushchev and Castro had a dick measuring contest 60 years ago.

  • So its all about cigars?

    I would like to think that it’s about the human rights violations that have occurred on the island for 50 years. It would be a good step if the Cuban government came forward and admitted that it has tortured its dissidents, It would be good if the Castro brothers pull their dicks away from the yardstick. It would be great if Castro joined Kennedy and Krushchev in the afterlife.

    I think we should wish Rolando Sarraff Trujillo the best and thank him. He is the mystery third person who has been rotting in a Cuban prison for helping us in 95 to detect Cuban spies in America.


    We should thank President Obama for including Trujillo in the swap. Obama took a controversial step to try to begin to end this ridiculous situation, he took slack from Democrats like Robert Menedez. The spineless Republicans are saying they want to think about it, as they put their finger on the air before they say anything

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