Cheektowaga Dems Blast Frank Max

Frank Max

A press release from the Cheektowaga Democratic Committee accuses former chairman and accused pension-padder Frank Max of pretending to be a sort of committee-in-exile. Max and his recent “WNY Progressive Caucus” or “AwfulPAC” effort is now under serious investigation, possibly by federal prosecutors:¬†

At a recent meeting of the Cheektowaga Democratic Party this past Monday, December 8, former party chairman, Frank Max was denounced for openly conducting business under the old Progressive Democrat Club, which has no connection to the official Cheektowaga Democratic Party which is headed by the new Chairman Mark Wegner.

For years this Progressive Democrats club was usurping money earmarked for the Cheektowaga Dems and leaving the party basically bankrupt. Only Max and his cohorts made decisions regarding the Cheektowaga Democratic Party and picked candidates without input from the Cheektowaga Democratic Committee members, who are elected by the people.

It became evident last year when the Cheektowaga Democratic Party could not pay their bills, because Max had total control of the money under the Progressive Democrats, and is only his own private club.

Frank Max lost his election for Chairman, but is still playing Chairman as if he is a political party, which he is not. Max is aligned with many Pigeon operatives that you have read about and the investigation continues to this date.

Cheektowaga Democratic Vice Chairman Jane Wiercioch made a resolution to denounce and make public that the Progressive Democrats are usurping the power of this elected Cheektowaga Democratic Committee and also stated that the Progressive Democrats continue to block this duly elected committee from conducting the work which they have been entrusted to do as elected Democratic Committeemen. The motion, seconded by Joan Adams, had overwhelming support!


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  • Jane Wiercioch is accurate and correct. And, Jane deserved a lot of credit for taking on these ousted bums.

    Oh, isn’t this the same Progressive Democrats who repeatedly feted Stefan Mychajliw and Chris Jacobs at their annual spring luncheons? You betcha! They even rolled out the red carpet for George Maziarz, too. Maybe they should change their name to the Progressive Democrats Who Collude With Republicans of Cheektowaga.

    Let’s be realistic. Frank Max was a lousy Town Democratic chairman. Maybe that’s because the old time tough guy party boss type, always calling for someone’s head, pounding his fist on the table whilst uttering profanities are just not that effective in this day and age.

    Sadly, Frank’s legacy is losses to Dennis Delano, Paul Piotrowski, Angela Wozniak (twice), and a resurgent Town Republican Committee, the loss of far too many endorsed candidates – some who were wholly trounced like Rick Zydell and Stan Kaznowski. Who would have thought all this when Frank Max became chairman? Even Dennis Gorski had a struggle and had to work his tail off going door-to-door to get elected Town Justice last month.

    Sure, Frank can put on a nice spring brunch, but he just doesn’t know how to spend the money he makes at those events. The negative mailer he sent out against Diane Benczkowski was the most glaring example of Frank’s failure as a political strategist. He was always over his head, except for the brunches.

    He has way too many losses to overlook in order for him to make a comeback for Town Democratic chairman. It’s really amazing that he was even in contention for the County Democratic chair position.

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