Kathy “Purple Penguin” Weppner

Step 1: See what appears to be regurgitated, unvetted nonsense likely spreading rampant through the fascist blogosphere in order to assail the imminent destruction of ‘Murrka by n0bummer and the Alinskyite cadres. 

Step 2: Not being privy to the rampant dementia infecting the idiot fasict blogosphere, Google it and find who’s talking about it. 

Step 3: Be a curious and intelligent person, and try to get to the truth

Step 4: Find out that the whole fascist outrage is not only false, but damningly critical of an attempt to make kids feel comfortable in the classroom. In other words: based on evil. 



  • Well, to be truthful, if this Nebraska school district actually came up with this stupid fucking idea, you can expect someone to criticize it.

  • He is just being a good Millennial liberal that has been taught that the word “fuck” is just another verb

    • Who, me? I’m no millennial. Also, “fuck” isn’t just a verb, but an adjective, an adverb, a noun, and can even be shoehorned into another word for emphasis.

      Also, I know how to reply to a comment by hitting the “reply” button, rather than ensuring that my comment is an orphan outside the thread.

      • Always been one of my favorite words. Then again I did work in the prison system for over 28 years. That’s unfuckingbelievable!

      • Yes millennials can use them all in one sentence, like:

        Mother fucking, fuckers fucking fucked us.

        Worry about replying outside the thread? What me worry, I am a democrat, rules don’t apply to us.

  • Her campaign’s so starved for funding, she lacks handlers and is reduced to personally sending out Tweets on trite matters 1,000 miles from the district she mistakenly believes she’s qualified to represent. Maybe KW ought to be circulating nominating petitions among the good burghers of Lincoln to alert them to the impending purple peril engulfing their community.

    • And here I thought maybe she was just advocating the merger of the Pittsburg hockey team with the Minnesota football team. Iceball!

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