Paladino Homophobically Politicizes 419 Scam Letter

Here is the text of an email to supporters that Carl Paladino sent Wednesday evening: 

(See email from Glenda below)

Glenda, thank you for writing.  I would like to refer you to Congressman Brian Higgins.

Brian is the Congressman who was the first to jump on the bandwagon of Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama to pass Obamacare.  He readily admits that he didn’t read the bill or understand the particulars of its terrible impact on his constituents.  He felt it was more important to illustrate to his moderate constituency that he had evolved to be his own man, arrogant, condescending and blindly allegiant to every and any liberal elitist cause.

Brian knows that people tend to forget his omissions because he is a dupe of the Buffalo News and they “take care” of him.

Of course Brian takes credit for removing the Thruway tolls on the I-190.  So what if he had absolutely nothing to do with it?  He’s a politician and for them it’s ok to lie and make stuff up.  He has to show his constituents that he does something for his paycheck.

Sure he was the motivator behind the unsightly paving of the entire outer harbor.  Too much green attracts bugs and he was trying to deal with the mosquito problem in his own simplistic way.

Many of his moderate constituents, including family members believe that he should be excommunicated for his acceptance and promotion of partial birth abortion, but why pick on him?  Others like Andrew Cuomo and Tim Kennedy also believe that it’s ok to kill a baby at birth.  He believes that a woman has a right to choose murder.

And as for the nonsensical talk that he killed the Bass Pro Project that would have brought an economic boom to downtown retail, he wasn’t alone.  Cowards like Brian have had a tough time facing down the likes of Stan Lipsey, Howard Zemsky and Jordon Levy, especially as in this case when they want to control the State subsidy money and use it for their own ends. For Stan Lipsey the thought of having rednecks with gun racks on their pickup trucks in his area of downtown was too much for the lame and arrogant liberal power broker.  Brian needs the Buffalo News to be on his side to get re-elected and Jordon Levy’s money to pay for his special desires. 

Glenda, Brian likes dancing on the edge for people of your persuasion. He likes to show people that he is not the cowardly planarian that one may think and that he does take responsibility for his actions and those of the stooges that work for him.  I’m sure he will love to hear from you.

– Carl Paladino

It’s typical vicious Paladino, spraying insult and invective every which-way with no real logical thread. Bass Pro, abortion, the Buffalo News, the Thruway, Obamacare – it’s a compendium of fairyland talk-radio outrages. The angry right-wing Buffalo id in all its glory. 

It also drips with a humorless, angry sarcasm. 

What did “Glenda” send to Carl that prompted this dull and predictable outburst? 

From: Glenda KessIer []
Sent: Tuesday, August 12, 2014 11:06 AM
Subject: hello

I am Mr. Glenda Kessler I was directed by your friend at gay site, I am gay, I am from United Kingdom and I want to relocate to your country for an investment project but I did not know how things is done in your country, because I am new, Please can you assist me, just to be my partner in the investment project and get 10% from total sum 1million USD. All I want is your guardians, kindly reply and I will give you more details. Waiting for your swift response.

That’s right. It’s the opening missive of a 419 advance-fee scammer

Why would a 419 scam letter from someone who claims to be gay and to have been referred to Paladino from a “gay site” prompt Carl to immediately invoke Congressman Higgins’ name? Remember in an earlier post I asked, “What do you think Is the genesis of Paladino’s acute hatred and fear of homosexuals?” 

Seriously, this is getting ugly. 

Carl’s non-sequitur lunge at Higgins: is he accusing the Congressman of being gay or something? There is no other reasonable explanation. 

This is a person who gets glowing coverage in Buffalo media, and has actually been elected to a position of trust and authority over a troubled city school district. WTF are we doing? 


  • Wtf?

  • As soon as I read the name “Glenda”, I knew we were in Ed Wood territory.

  • someone want to tell him not to drive while he is on his phone, tell him to pull to the side of the road if it’s so important

  • I can’t wait to see what happens when he gets a spam email for boner pills

  • And he is trumpeted as the leader for school board change? He used this scam invite to take a shot at Higgins. Why does anyone pay attention to this pompous drip? Probably because he is entertaining in a sick way.

  • Alan ask why a scam letter would prompt Paladino. In my experience I’d have to say large amounts of gin tend to make me sometimes act similarly.

  • Cue up the theme from Dragnet. Start with the DUM DA DUMB DUMB part.

    Because that’s how stupid and petty Mr. Paladino is getting.

  • Paladino’s just jealous and envious of Brian Higgins. It’s been that way for a long time now, but even more so today since Brian Higgins is a U.S. Congressman and clearly one of the top leaders in the region.

    Carl oozes envy because he has toiled in his businesses for decades, and Brian breezes past Carl by just using his own God-given natural resources to become a great Buffalo leader. Hey, Carl, they’ll be naming schools and buildings for Higgins! Not after you!!!

    Seems to me that it’s Brian’s easy at public service and residents’ acclaim, and swift eclipsing of Paladino in life, and at an young age to boot, that drives Carl crazy.

    Gotta laugh at this jerk Carl Paladino, as he can keep making all the money in the world but that won’t help him get past Brian Higgins any time soon, and by the looks of Carl Paladino (Russ Thompson, too), it’s simply inevitable that as Brian continues to gain in stature around these parts and beyond, Carl and Russ will be heading to an early grave. Can’t take it with you, dudes. And what do you have to show for it? Not much!!!!! Just a lot of hate!! LOL

    And just what moral authority does Paladino have anyway?

    He should take a good look in the mirror and think about all his moral shortcomings and his failed attempt at being a good father and husband.

  • So, the guy who claims he can save Buffalo’s education system is too stupid to recognize a 419 scam?

    I’m so glad I left Buffalo. The fact a guy like Paladino is a folk hero who gets elected to office demonstrates exactly why the place is doomed to mediocrity forever.

  • TeoPhyllo Stevenson

    Maybe Carl’s non-sequitur lunge at Higgins was Freudian.

  • I believe both messages have valid connections to the source but are they valid connections to one another.

    I agree Paladino is about as venal as anyone can be and seems to have more layers of deviousness than could be counted. But for him to be that stupidly verbose doesn’t appear to fit his training as a Lawyer.

    I agree he must envy Higgins beyond comprehension and I imagine the basis of that envy is Brian’s incredible grasp of the mechanics of the political process and how to translate that to connect with his constituency, an art I don’t imagine Paladino will ever understand.

    But in this what I fear is I am surrounded by many many WNY voters who actually bought this charlatans message and voted for him to be Governor of New York State. This is definitely frightening.

    • But for him to be that stupidly verbose doesn’t appear to fit his training as a Lawyer.

      In his other idiotic email he wrote “Long Island verses New York City”.

  • What an idiot.

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