Missouri Martial Law

In Ferguson, MO this past weekend, a police officer shot (multiple times) and killed (once) a young man named Michael Brown for what seems to be no goddamned reason whatsoever. Anonymous are looking to out the name of the cop, because the city has dummied up. 

It’s bad enough that a cop shot and killed a young man who, witnesses say, had his hands up and was telling the officer he was unarmed. It’s bad enough that the town’s law enforcement now resembles a team hunting down Osama bin Laden more than a police department. 

As citizens lawfully and peacefully protest the homicide of Michael Brown, the town is pushing the Constitutional envelope to its outer limits

To top it off, a SWAT team today came into a McDonalds and arbitrarily arrested two journalists who were there eating and charging their devices without cause or charge, assaulting at least one of them. As arbitrarily and quickly as they were arrested, they were released without explanation. Wesley Lowery of the Washington Post and Ryan Reilly of the Huffington Post have been wronged. 

Heads should (figuratively) roll over this homicide, this cover-up, this overreaction by a militarized police force, and this clear and obvious violation of the Constitution. 


  • Thank you for speaking of this. Are we the people of WNY that clueless and apathetic that I am the first to comment on this post? We are living in very scary times people.. Wake up. What happened in Ferguson should scare the ^&#$ out of you!

  • ummm.. your story is just that a story.. get it correct.. you are one of the problems with this whole situation!

  • This is appalling and definitely terrifying! I’ve been watching videos of people in the front lines and can’t believe nothing is being done to stop this! We must be ready for something like this happen in an city anywhere in the US! Many will try to focus on the race factor, which I don’t deny exists, but the larger picture is that a police state is in the works with the militarization of the police and the people at large are losing more on more rights each day! We are not free when anyone is oppressed or denied justice!

  • I don’t even have to make the joke (i.e. rip off Norm McDonald’s joke) that it is now legal to assassinate black teenagers in the middle of the street and let their corpses rot in the sun for hours….because that’s how it always been.

  • As citizens lawfully and peacefully protest the homicide of Michael Brown, the town is pushing the Constitutional envelope to its outer limits. umm ok they are burning down and looting stores etc. And that is peaceful protest…

      • The Looters… And if your trying to make it a race thing then the black folk.


        • That link is to something that happened on August 11th. It’s now the 14th, and I think that the police have a right to use reasonable force to prevent looting and violence. That does not, however, give them the right to point weapons at or use force against peaceful protest marchers. Crowd control is done with shields and batons, not rubber bullets.

        • I wasn’t trying to make it a race thing, bub…you did it all by yourself.
          So, can we also say that white folk are homicidal goons who like to shoot unarmed teenagers in the back eight times and let them bleed out in the street?

          • Your the one who asked who they. i.e you wanted me to say the brothers. race baiting troll. but callit as you see it. go back to having kids and sucking the government tit coon.

          • Them’s some gud Inglish.

          • Yup sore is uhuh…

          • I’m 88 years old and my wife just lies in bed like a lox. What kids you think I’m having anytime soon?

          • ok look im not a hateful nor racist person i made an observation about the story and you asked “who they” sounded like you wanted to turn it into something racist. you called white folk ” homicidal goons” which is a blanket view from the black community. I answered with a blanket view from the white community. That all being said i apologize if i offended you.

          • You really are too sensitive about sounding racist. Here’s a tip….don’t write dumbshit racist stuff.
            Another tip – me using a rhetorical device of aping you by applying a blanket description to all white people based on the actions of a few (or one) does not equal “I think all white people are homicidal goons” I don’t think anyone in the “Black community” thinks all white people are homicidal goons, although, after this week, I don’t think the residents of Ferguson are going to have a very high opinion.
            But I thank you for assuming I’m black. And for representing the white community with such grace and courtesy

          • I’m white and I agree with the other guy…..

  • This is the fallout of Trayvon Martin.

    We all saw what happens when an unarmed black teenager gets murdered and the police drag their feet on arresting the guy who they know for a fact pulled the trigger. The murderer walks free. When we’ve already seen that the American justice system cannot and will not grant justice, there’s absolutely no reason to accept it’s authority. The protests over Martin’s death never rose to this level and the authorities and courts were allowed to let the process play out. After it did, it became crystal clear the process doesn’t work. The deck is stacked against the lower class and there’s no reason to think it will be different this time.

    The only way justice comes now is to demand it in the streets.

    • It’s also really weird how none of the gun nuts who tell us the best defense against oppression is the 2nd Amendment seem to be clamoring to arm these protesters against a government attacking them.

      When white kids in a school get shot up, they want a gun in the hand of everyone in the building. When a black kid gets shot, not a god damn peep.

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