Tony Stewart Killed A Guy?

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  • Kind of a disingenuous title ….don’t you think? It was an accident…..

    • So, if you accidentally strike and kill a guy, you didn’t kill a guy?

      • So if you accidentally killed a guy, you’d want the headlines to read “Alan Bedenko Killed a Guy”? You’d want the public, who gets 95% of their daily news by reading titles, to think you killed someone on purpose?

        • From a publishing point of view “Tony Stewart killed a guy” is the way to go. Who wants to click on an accidental killing if you can click on a story about a NASCAR hothead who could have beat someone’s melon in with a jack handle. It’s not like the guy doesn’t have a pre-existing air of potential trouble swirling around him.

        • Where on Earth do you find the inference of intent from “kill”? He committed a homicide – he killed a guy.

          Apparently, however, there is no criminal culpability. It doesn’t change the fact of what happened.

          • I’m curious as to what you think of the lack of criminal culpability.

            I know you don’t do criminal law so you probably aren’t the best qualified to comment on it, but shouldn’t that sheriff have at least arrested the Stewart and let the district attorney decide on charges? He revs his engine right as he mows over the guy in the video. I don’t think it’s murder 1, but there’s enough to at least start talking manslaughter based on what I’ve seen, right? Doesn’t that sheriff have an obligation to make that arrest and let the DA or jury decide if it rose to the level of a crime?

          • Lots of tragic accidents are prosecuted as crimes. I heard the Sheriff say there was no criminal intent. OK, take that as given, what about a criminal degree of recklessness or negligence? I agree that something stinks about the way in which this was handled.

          • Even though NY doesn’t have this law (yet), one could say Tony Stewart stood his ground….by breaking the fuck out of a guy’s neck with his car.

  • Unless you say “Tony Stewart Accidentally killed a guy”, people could draw the wrong conclusion.

  • Now now, the car actually killed the dude. Specifically the tire. Even more specifically the mass and momentum of the vehicle, and the momentary forces at play when Stewart aimed for the JO who was walking across a frigging active race track to make some kind of point.

    Upon further review, gross stupidity on the part of all those involved killed a guy.

  • To clarify for you Alan and boil all the fat off it, yes…he killed him deader than a popcorn fart.

  • Alan, you’ve been rather silent about the whole Morelandgate thing. Are you wearing a Cuomomuzzle?

      • Why are you not hammering the issue as you occasionally do other topics? Forgive me if my grammar is wrong or I have a typo.

        • Hey, hockey puck….we all eagerly await your blog, where you can “hammer” whatever issue floats your boat while you get 1% of Alan’s traffic.

        • Exactly

          • Maybe Alan’s on Cuomo’s payroll. Or maybe Cuomo has naked photos of Alan as he sits down to dinner at Mighty Taco with Satan. Or maybe…just maybe…Alan’s been out of town on vacation and has had better things to do with his time than write about NYS politics during his quality time with his family.

          • You almost had me at “Alan was on vacation” but he still had time to hammer Andrew if he wanted to. He had time to pen 5 other posts in since the his mention about the corruption issue with Andrew Cuomo who was fully endorsed by the Erie County Democratic Party. Good going guys.

            Forgive me if my grammar is wrong or I have a typo.

          • I left for vacation on July 31st. The post was written on July 25th. There have been no significant changes or developments in the Moreland Commission scandal during that period of time. What, precisely, would you have me right about?

          • You should follow how you have been hammering Kathy. I know you have it in you to pick and probe with this corruption case.

            I am no expert on grammar but I think it is “write” not “right”. 😉

          • If you go to, it filters out only my posts. I didn’t write anything after August 1st (a post I wrote on the 31st for later publication). As I said, there had been no significant changes to the Moreland situation between the 25th and 31st.

  • So, to clarify, it was Tony Stewart’s car that killed Kevin Ward Jr. Not poor Tony Stewart who was an innocent bystander in the driver’s seat, hitting the throttle just before running over Mr. Ward. Bad sprint car, bad!

    Just like it was that cop’s gun in Missouri that killed Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, not the cop himself. He can’t blamed for his gun going BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM into an unarmed teenager with his hands raised. Bad gun!

  • Alan..I think you should check up on what all the other racers and experts are saying….they all say it was an accident with no intent to harm…..your title/caption or whatever was extremely disingenuous….

    • Tony. Stewart. Killed. A. Guy.

      The fact that it may have been an accident, or that there was apparently “no intent to harm” – (something that we usually leave up to a jury, incidentally), does not at all change the truth or accuracy of those 5 words.

      • You really don’t like admitting when you are wrong, do you? The car he was racing in has no starter or ignition which requires that the engines be revved occasionally in order to keep running. In addition these cars have rather large wings on top that block side & angled view (remember he is coming into a turn when the accident occurs), and of course there is the fact that the deceased broke a cardinal rule by exiting the car and walking into the oncoming traffic. So yes Tony Stewart killed a guy that walk in front of his race car….doesn’t change what you were trying to infer…….you attorneys wonder why the general public hold you “in such high regard”……

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