Kathy Weppner’s Common Core Piece

Maybe we need Common Core, y’know? Perhaps this blog post by silly radio lady Kathy Weppner is the best argument yet for stronger national ELA standards. Because seriously, reading this vomit of all-caps, conspiracy theories, re-hashed Facebook memes, and lies will make your head spin. 

Correcting Weppner



  • oh.my.god. this needs to be posted everywhere. Why the anti-common core people would allow her garbage is beyond comprehension. She makes the case FOR common core.

  • Wow..hideous. I spent some time in adult ed assessing applicant entry essays. I would have exhausted my red pencil on this one and made a strong recommendation that its author enroll in a remedial writing workshop prior to pursuing any course of study, let alone running for Congress. But then, there’s the case of incumbent Louie Gohmert…

  • The Church of Bill Hicks, LDS.

    Nice editing, Mr. Bedenko. There is an argument to be made against the necessity of the Oxford comma, but Kathy Weppner is assuredly incapable of doing so.

    • Lamont Cranston

      I would say Weppner thinks an Oxford comma has something to do with a shoe, but I doubt she’s even smart enough to be that wrong.

  • Love those shoes. Where can I get them?
    I watched a television segment concerning the math brought up in the letter. The University math professor did a great job demonstrating how screwed up the method is and I agree.
    I have the opportunity to have dinner with a group of young (young to me anyway) school teachers prior to the Obama – McCain election. They tended to range from very liberal to moderately conservative. The majority were from NYS. I was surprised at their take on what is most detrimental to good, quality education. The consensus on that was NYS Dept. of Education followed closely by the Federal Dept. of Education. They made a strong case.
    That’s how it goes when education policy is controlled not by professional educators and teachers but by politicians with little educational teaching experience and a lot of purely political “good speak” concern.
    Just because Kathy is a dupe doesn’t mean she is wrong on absolutely everything.

  • Capitalization issues aside, I’m shocked she referred to the “Obama [A]dministration” and didn’t use the Dittohead epithet “regime.” That aside, though? These educational changes have been going on for my entire life. Back in the day, everybody made fun of the “new math.” Google “Tom Lehrer New Math” and load the Youtube of the nerdy guy in the dark glasses. It wasn’t a dark plot by JFK and LBJ to indoctrinate us then and it isn’t one now.

  • Seems about right.

  • KathyWeppnerNY26

    Seems about right…

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