The 2014 Undy 5000

As you may remember from last year, my wife is a colon cancer survivor. Her treatment and surgery were a success, and since then, she has dedicated time and effort to advocate for colon cancer treatment and awareness. As it stands now, it’s only at age 50 that most people are sent for a colonoscopy screening, but it appears that incidents of colon cancer are striking more and more younger people. 

March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month, and there are bills in Albany now pending to declare it to be so in this state. 

That’s pretty awesome.

So, here’s the ask. Do you own a business? Would you like to promote your business while simultaneously promoting awareness for a preventable but deadly cancer, and maybe get yourself a tax write-off in the process? Then please consider becoming a sponsor of the local Undy 5000 run, set to take place in Delaware Park on April 26th. There are sponsorships available for $1,000 – $25,000. 

Here is a brochure explaining what the event is about: 

Undy 5000 : About the Event


Here are the sponsorship levels for the Buffalo Undy 5000.  Again, please, if you own a business, please consider a sponsorship. 

Undy 5000 Local Sponsorships 2014

// Finally, here’s information about running

Join the 2014 Buffalo Undy 5000 Run


Finally, just like last year, my wife and daughter have started a team – the “Poo Choo Train” – to participate in this year’s Undy 5000, and your donations are very, very much appreciated.  Last year, we raised an amazing amount of money, and all of it went to the Colon Cancer Alliance for treatment, prevention, and education

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