Michael Sam

This is what one Dallas, Texas broadcaster has to say about the shock! Horror! of the first openly gay prospective NFL player. 


  • Hear, hear.

  • And from Texas……who woudda thought?……maybe there still is some hope for them Texans….

  • He’s not an NFL player yet…still has to be drafted by a team that won’t consider him a “distraction.” As much as the best defensive player in the best conference in college football and a player voted MVP by his teammates (who knew his orientation and honored his secret) could be “distracting”
    Great commentary by a journalist who had the stones to investigate college football corruption in Texas – a pursuit not for the weak-kneed.

  • I hope things work out well for Michael Sam. This would be a great story if he is drafted and he performs well and it does come together. But if I had to bet anything right at this moment, I’d be placing a wager that come fall, Mr. Sam will be in the starting lineup for the Saskatchewan Roughriders in the CFL. No way the NFL let’s him in.

    Yeah the whole Jason Collins coming out thing was a great and warm and fuzzy story and everyone celebrated the diversity. So, ummm, ummm, what NBA team roster is he playing on? Which basketball general manager took a chance on him?

    • Vast difference between Collins – a 35 year old journeyman at the end of his career and carrying a price tag few NBA teams want to pick up – and Sam, a prospect just coming out of college.
      There’s no guarantee he’ll be drafted, much like many of the players coming out for the draft this year. I’m wary, though, of the excuses already being prepped in NFL front offices to come up with a reason for passing on the SEC Co-Defensive Player of the Year other than his orientation.

  • It’s Texas. They probably fired his ass.

    • Considering that the guy has been at the station since…well, FOREVER…and WFAA still gets good ratings…that’s unlikely.

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