Wes Moore c/o Kristy Mazurek?

Michael Caputo’s PoliticsNY.net published some embarrassing 10 year-old information about Democratic LD-8 candidate Wynnie Fisher on Friday. Fisher apparently doesn’t get along with her neighbors, who figured they’d dime her out to her former Democratic primary opponent, Wes Moore. Typical small-town neighbor feud. Fisher’s neighbors sent a letter to Fisher’s Democratic primary opponent, Wes Moore. 

Now, if you wanted to send a letter to Wes Moore, what address would you use? 

Wes Moore’s campaign committee was based (inexplicably enough) in LD-6 – Clarence. 

8940 Main Street is a nondescript office building at Shimerville Road. Essex Homes and some other offices are located there. But when first constituted, Moore’s campaign treasurer listed a Buffalo address: 

Evidently, Nanula’s company is now located in Clarence. In any event, there is nothing to show that Moore’s campaign can be contacted anywhere but Clarence or Buffalo. A Google search doesn’t give up much information. Moore never had a campaign website – only a Facebook page, since closed. 

The WNY Progressive Caucus (which I have dubbed “AwfulPAC”) is now under investigation for campaign irregularities; possible illegalities. Among the myriad accusations that have been lodged is that members of the WNY Progressive Caucus PAC have been “coordinating” with campaign committees, which is against the law. Specifically, it is believed  that Kristy Mazurek of the suspended “2 Sides” WGRZ weekly political program, had simultaneously held positions of some authority within the Rick Zydel and Wes Moore campaigns. Due to some rift between Erie County Democratic chairman Jeremy Zellner, she was going to run legislative candidates to oppose the committee’s own. Only Barbara Miller-Williams was successful. Barely. 

Mazurek co-hosts 2 Sides with PoliticsNY.net publisher Caputo. She also ran media relations for the Shenk for Comptroller campaign, whose internal campaign materials mysteriously appeared on Caputo’s site some weeks ago – months after they ceased to be in any way relevant to anything. 

The primary that kicked Wes Moore out of the race for LD-8 took place the second Tuesday in September. Mazurek’s AwfulPAC was created on August 22nd. By September 7th, she claimed to the Buffalo News that any suggestion that she was coordinating with the Moore campaign was “laughable”

“That’s laughable,” said Mazurek, who denied any official role in any campaigns since the PAC was formed last month.

Mazurek said she volunteers at various campaigns but is involved in no coordination between them and the PAC.

“I can show up as a volunteer or for lit drops or fundraisers,” she said. “But I have been hands off because I know the rules and regulations.

“And I don’t understand these continuing, vicious attacks on Steve Pigeon,” she added. “I’ve never heard such a bunch of crybabies before.”

So, from Mazurek’s own mouth, she hadn’t been “hands-on” with the Moore campaign since August 22nd.  

But, if there had been no coordination – everything “hands-off” – between Mazurek‘s AwfulPAC and the Wes Moore campaign starting on August 22nd, why did the disgruntled neighbors send their “we hate Wynnie Fisher” materials to Mazurek’s house on October 19th

Compare that with this: 

Why is Wes Moore getting mail at non-coordinating “volunteer” Kristy Mazurek’s house? Why did the information then become fodder for a concerted Republican attack just 10 days later? Is Mazurek just a Republican stooge, now


  • Two points of interest….about the same quote

    “And I don’t understand these continuing, vicious attacks on Steve Pigeon,” she added. “I’ve never heard such a bunch of crybabies before.”

    1. Kristy wonders about the continuing, vicious attacks, which are only prompted by this kind of behavior….this kind of behavior with the “primary all the legislators”, with the “hand the Leg to Chris Collins” through Kennedy, Barbara Miller-Williams and Christina Bove….and with the “hand the state Senate to the Republicans” by getting two convicted felons in Pedro Espada and Hiram Monserrate to turn against the Democrats that elected them.

    2. Kristy is (or was) the host of a political talk show. That requires people to watch it, or maybe not in Channel 2’s world. The only people who will watch it are people who enjoy politics. And she has managed to insult over half of the Democrats that might actually tune in. It is a legitimate concern that she cannot host a show and run two campaigns. That certainly doesn’t make the people who bring it up “crybabies”. I won’t watch anymore. I can get Caputo’s better take on things through his website.

  • Kristy knows that she has too many skeletons in the closet to actually run for anything (wait I do believe all her DWI arrests are public record) so the closest she can do is be involved in dirty politics.

  • Does anybody think Kristy is hot??

  • Just connect the dots – Essex Homes = Anthony Nanula; Anthony (and Michael Nanula) = Steve Pigeon; 14 Doris Avenue = Kristy Mazurek; Kristy Mazurek = Steve Pigeon (see the common denominator here?). Yet no one is coordinating. I hope the Board of Elections pounds all of ’em this time around.

  • Alan excellent work.Think of the evidence that could be discovered with a subpoena and a interview of MOORE, MAZUREK,NANULA ETC.Clearly there was coordination.Clearly it was intentional.Again.

  • Wrongful Acquittal

    No coordination:

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