2Sides on Hiatus


I am hearing that WGRZ has placed its Sunday political talk show, 2Sides, on hiatus. It appears that station management is considering what to do with the show in light of host Kristy Mazurek’s close association with a curiously well-funded, brand new political action committee, which enjoys financial support from Steve Pigeon and Senator Tim Kennedy.

Mazurek claimed on Facebook that allegations that the PAC was behind the mailers had no merit. Evidence showed that the accusations had loads of merit.


  • Senator Pigeon Kennedy doesn’t care who he ruins in his lust for power.

    Too bad for Mazurek; but if you live by the sword, you die by the sword.

    Ch. 2 is WAY TOO POLITICAL, anyway. Scott Brown and Jim Heaney clearly have a political agenda – and of course scores to settle. Just look at the Scott Brown stories about the reappointment of Erie County Water Authority Commissioner Bambi, I mean Jack O’Donnell, earlier this year. Brown never mentions that Bambi was his best friend in Brown’s near canonization of O’Donnell in those stories.

    That station reeks of duplicity and biased reporting masquerading as journalism. They should clean house of all these political people and return a semblance of fairness and objectivity to this station.

    Mazurek just represents the worst in Ch. 2’s frat house mentality.

    • Considering that Channel 2’s news director was pretty quick to force Pete Gallivan to resign when he briefly took a post in Gov, Cuomo’s admin(which, BTW, was the right move-he’s now back at Channel 2; Alan Pergament noted that Pete wasn’t happy in his PR post and was looking to return to TV), why he hasn’t reined in Brown is beyond me.

  • The whole ‘schtick’ of 2 sides is supposed to be political insiders dishing the dirt, however, Mazurek has always just been a poser. This is a good thing, more because she’s terrible on that show. She’s consistently wrong on facts and can’t even regergitate the simplist talking points. However, after getting rid of Collins hacks mychajliw and grant…Caputo was a substantial upgrade. He’s actually a political insider with a pretty respectable track-record. If they could find a dem who isn’t a box full of rocks opposite him, the show could be decent…and maybe get back to daily.

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