Donny’s Style Manual #1: Non-Sequitur Tielman Invocation

I have absolutely nothing negative whatsoever to say about Bernice Radle and Jason Wilson.  I have absolutely nothing negative to say about the Buffalo Young Preservationists, who are fighting for what they believe in, (even if I occasionally disagree with them). 

But because Donn Esmonde is an Ass™, I have negative things to say about his profile of them; to wit, does Tim Tielman pay Donny a stipend for mentions? WTF does Tielman have to do with anything to do with these two 20-somethings? Is that how he earns his living? Because as far as I can tell, he has no visible means of support, yet is able to not only afford a home and food, but even a bus. 

There are a lot of so-called activists in town who are opaque about what they actually do for money, but at least Radle and Wilson have proper jobs, on the books, and try to save buildings and neighborhoods in their spare time. Not only that, but they hold degrees and jobs that have something to do with planning and preservation

To my mind, Radle and Wilson have infinitely more educational and professional bona fides to talk about planning and preservation matters than the guy who runs a protectioneering racket. After all, neither Bernice nor Jason have taken developers to court, but excepted the ones who hire them as “consultants”. 


  • Say what you have to say Alan. Report. But “the big nasty” does not become you.

  • No visible means of support? What happened to due diligence?.

  • I expect Tielman gets his means of support from the same general place as Wilson. Tielman is the executive director of a non-profit preservationist organization; Wilson is the director of operations of another one. I assume their salaries come from membership funds, grant money, fundraisers, etc.

  • David A. Steele

    Without the courts Buffalo would not have buildings like Sheas Buffalo today.

  • Lake Effect Rain

    ‘Because Donn Esmonde is an ass, I have negative things to say’


    What are you trying to insinuate re: Tielman’s income?

  • This coming from a Know it all blogger

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