Paladino and his BFF Romney

In case you wanted to see how local, poorer version of Donald Trump handled the re-election of President Barack Obama, 

ObamapelosimuslimchinaBenghazicommunism. For fun, I had a friend of mine who is a licensed psychologist analyze Mr. Paladino’s screed. Here’s their conclusion: 

First of all, did it come to you with the half black/half blue font? I tried to figure out if that was on purpose or just a weird formatting thing. He could be trying to emphasize certain points with the font color but I could not find a pattern that made sense. 

The blatant misspelling of Obama to O’Bama in the second paragraph either means he (or whoever wrote it for him) is an idiot or did it purposely to show how much he disrespects and dislikes the president. It’s hard to figure out which one is the case because he is both an idiot and horribly disrespectful.

I also found it interesting that he says right off the bat that most of his 500 employees are voting republican. First of all, I doubt that is the case, but clearly he has tried to bully them into doing do. I can only imagine the other emails and notices hes sent to his employees “encouraging” them whom to vote for. Was this an email sent to his employees? If so, it’s pretty much him telling them, ‘you’d better vote for Romney or you won’t be working for my anymore.’ It’s straight up bullying. He’s telling them he is the boss, is stronger than they, (he using strength and references to it a lot) and they better follow suit.

Overall, the whole email is right in line with how his whole campaign was, full of bullying and misinformation. It’s fearmongering at its best, scaring people with nuclear warhead talk and that Obama is a crazy socialist Muslim whose only goal is to take all our money from us. 

What I also think what he’s trying to do is make people feel disgust and shame when they hear Obama’s name. Humans are genetically engineered to act accordingly based the disgust we experience in certain situations (it keeps us aware from harmful disease and contaminants). By trying to conjureup feelings of disgust and associating it with Obama (and gays, blacks, welfare recipients, Muslims, etc) it causes us to shun and treat people unfairly and think of Obama as ‘dirty’ which can then lead to even more malicious thoughts and views. The same goes for shame…everyone hates the feeling of shame…no one wants to feel shame and if they can defer those feelings and blame someone else, they will. Throwing in his hatred of all other cultures by saying its shameful to ever align ourselves with the Chinese or Muslims, that’s just classic Paladino.

Paladino fits the mold of the extremely conservative right-winged ‘religious’ republicans very well. The more extreme you are the more you are hiding (like his extramarital affair and illegitimate daughter). The more moral you say you are, the more likely you are hiding lot of amoral activities. It’s a common defense mechanism to ignore our past mistakes and look down upon and criticize those who make the same mistakes as we have.

Carl, for his part, is taking it all in stride. 

“A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship”. – Alexander Tytler 1787 (unverified)

“Great nations rise and fall. The people go from bondage to spiritual truth, to great courage, from courage to liberty, from liberty to abundance, from abundance to selfishness, from selfishness to complacency, from complacency to apathy, from apathy to dependence, from dependence back again to bondage.”

Four more years of Obama will make permanent the decline of the America we have known at the hands of the liberal progressive movement and it’s inept control of our government. 

The republican establishment is to blame for letting the movement grow out of control for the past 2 decades.  They gave us the weakest of the candidates to run on the republican ticket by supplying the money for him to destroy Gingrich and the others with a total disregard of the parties rank and file, three quarters of which favored the other candidates, playing right into the hands of Obama’s strategists who knew that Romney would be easiest to beat as the very rich Mormon defending the rights of Billionaires to earn unconscionable money.  His  platform emphasized class struggle by insanely stating that the superrich should not pay more.  How much money do people making a million dollars a year need? 

Romney was out of touch with rank and file republicans and independent voters. They condemned the tea party as extremists who live somewhere in the woods when in fact they are two thirds of the rank and file of the republican and conservative parties and independent voters.   He had no appeal to the young or the working man.  He chose to side with the 1% rather than the 99%.  He is an elitist.  No, billionaires do not create jobs.  They don’t share.  They are not nice people.  They are self-centered, greed driven and arrogant opportunists who found ways to game the system.  Like liberal elitists the feel guilt about the rest of us so they want the government to take care of the masses but to do so with money they collect only from the middle class.

Instead of pummeling Obama when he had him on the ropes over Benghazi,  Romney let him off unblemished while trying to look presidential.  Looking presidential was somehow more important than beating your opponent into oblivion.  Terrible advice from faceless and nameless advisors (some say they were disgruntled former Obama campaign staff) who could not have run a worse campaign.

The old guard of the republican party is washed up and finished both on a national and state level. They live in the past and have shown that they can’t lead.

Benghazi has legs.  Insofar as they don’t want to be complicit in the cover-up,  I predict that Hillary, Pretraeus and Panetta will resign shortly.  They are respected leaders with backbones and I can’t believe they will carry Obama’s water on Benghazi.

Without any real jobs plan or economic plan, with no effort to put trade restrictions on China and force them to raise the value of their currency, with our small businesses and the middle class refusing to invest in the economy because they don’t trust their government, with the tax increases to take effect in 2013 and 2014, with government intrusion and regulation and with the pending loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs in the defense industry, I predict that our nation will suffer a second dip into recession if not an outright depression dragging the rest of the Western world with it. Obama’s scheme is to create economic chaos from which he thinks a socialistic society will evolve. 

By weakening America’s military and advocating that America will be an equal partner to the rest of the world, Obama will allow the warring tribes of the world to advance upheavals, wars and terrorism the likes of which we can’t imagine.

I firmly believe that Obama is diabolical and evil.

If I was a paranoiac who had just been rendered essentially part of an electoral minority in this country with waning influence over national elections, I might lash out, as well. I’d probably keep it to myself, however. 


  • I can think of at least one gay man who works for Uncle Carl.   If Carl’s behavior is not a strain on him, it
    should be.

  • O’Bama? I didn’t know he had any Irish in him…

  • I love the party of personal responsibility:

    Monday 11/5 – please vote for Mitt Romney…he’s our only hope!
    Wednesday 11/7 – Romney is a northeast liberal bum…we want a real conservative!

    I look forward to the avalanche of hate that Mitt Romney is about to experience from the same crowd whose approval he worked so hard to gain.

  • It’s part black and part blue because C’arl was too stupid to come up with all of those thoughts himself, so he cut and pasted the blue portion from some other dumbass…

  • Regarding the disrespectful comments and inaccurate assumptions from the psychologist friend of the author of the article – Carl does not attempt to intimidate, which bullying tries to do. What comes across as bullying is Carl saying what a lot of people are thinking but are too afraid to say. He is passionate about the fact that we have elected a President of the United States that we really know nothing about. The psychologist states Carl was “Scaring people with nuclear warhead talk and that Obama is a crazy socialist…whose only goal is to take all our money from us.” Carl isn’t trying to scare anyone he is just stating the facts, why isn’t anyone else looking deeper into the fact that Obama is slowing diminishing the US of our protection of nuclear missiles? How are we going to protect ourselves? No other countries are getting rid of their nuclear missiles…?? Obama has many skeletons in the closet. Americans gave Obama trust too soon without knowing truly what he is all about. This article takes jabs at Carl using him ultimately as a scapegoat (which happens often in Buffalo) and in reality people are ignoring crucial information about our current President’s past and what his true intentions are for our country that he cleverly has masked with great public speaking and an ability to tap into our hopeful nature.

    • Carl is “just stating the facts”? No Carl is voicing an opinion based on his own paranoid delusions.  Carl’s claims that Obama is “a very sick dude”  and that he firmly believes is “diabolical and evil’ is the kind of crazy talk that will continue to push your party to the the far right and away from the majority of reasonable and informed citizens.

    • Amy, does it matter if we have 500 fewer missels? Are you proposing that the world would be a safer place with more weapons? Sounds like you’re buying into the fear. When was the last time anyone, including the USA dispatched a nuclear weapon?

    • Obama has been President for 4 years. Just because you haven’t educated yourself about him doesn’t mean “we really know nothing about” him. 

      But maybe you’re right. Maybe Obama has been running the country as a centrist Democrat for the four years so he can unleash Sharia Communism on us in January. 

    • Not that facts really matter here, but here’s a FoxNews report on Russia cutting its nukes to a level below ours, and how many we really need to blow up the world several times over:

    • Amy, please tell me that you’re not serious. No, I’m not going to attack you on a personal level. Unlike Carl, you and I are not in the “public eye,” nor are we elected officials. I don’t know about you but I’ve never run for a public office. The point I’m getting at is that we are just 2 grains of sand on the beach who happen to have opposite opinions.  I promise that my above post was written prior to my reading anyone else’s. I’d like to fathom a guess as to where your viewpoints are drawn from…..I’m guessing you associate with evangelical, born again Christians, watch almost exclusively, Fox news, listen/believe Rush Limbaugh. On a local level…Tom Bauerly and/or Sandy Beach…NEVER listen to Stephanie Miller, Ed Schultz…or anything 1520AM/WKBW… I think you’d like to see Roe v. Wade overturned. Probably a right to life supporter….maybe even believe the Roman Catholic church is evil…pro death penalty, anti gay marriage… gay friends and very few friends of color. I don’t think you’re a racist…your associations are by circumstance….very pro-police, law and order type etc… I’m not baiting you and will be glad to tell you how/why I’ve developed my political ideology…I say this because I know how my beliefs were formulated and I don’t think that you do.  If you respond I’d be happy to reciprocate. If you feel uncomfortable supporting your viewpoints in public…then you’ve already  affirmed where I think you’re coming from. I wish you well and hope for an intelligent exchange…………

  • Carl, Carl, Carl, Carl, don’t you know by now that even your highest paid servants are not going to vote the way you dictate ??? (Hint, it’s called “secret ballot.”)  This is the United Statesof America and we don’t do what bullies like you tell us to. Just because you found a wayto suck hundreds of millions of dollars off the “public dime” (your phrase I believe inreference to all the “welfare cheats”) does not make you better or wiser thatn the rest ofus citizens.  Actually, some of us think it makes you a whole lot worse, especially whenyou use our money to build mausoleums of impeccably bad taste on the waterfront.
    As for nukes, a lot of good they did when it came to 911.

  • Shortly after Romney conceded, I received a text message from a friend who suggested that I switch my TV to FAUX (fox) NOISE(news) for some real-time comedy! I was NOT disappointed. It was funny alright but sad in the same stroke. Sad because FAUX  and it’s contributors (Rove, Hannity, Morris, Oreilly etc) are directly responsible for Romney’s loss, the implosion of the republican party and the very real possibility that it may be quite awhile before the “republican right” will occupy the White House…..why sad? because it’s viewers continue to watch and believe.  I write this because after reading Paladino’s email and ignorant rambling….I believe FAUX was out done by, of all things, a Buffalonian. LOL?LMAO…SAD(er)??? oh, you bet! …but SADDEST…some folks will continue to listen and follow. What happened to common sense? You don’t have to be a democrat (I’m not) to realize that the “rep-right” has really stunk up the room, maybe even for good….all you need are some remedial reading/comprehension skills! I am serious!- 3rd or 4th grade level should suffice. If I were a subscriber to that hateful  ideology I would do some serious praying and soul searching. I’d challenge myself to start THINKING and stop LISTENING/FOLLOWING! Then again, it may be just as easy to: TURN THE CHANNEL.

  • The best Fox News pun of election night came from Seth Meyers in tweet form, it was simply… “Fox Noose”.

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