Chuck Swanick: Progressive?

Yesterday on Facebook, someone I know explained his support for Chuck Swanick for state Senate based on his opinion that Swanick is more progressive on environmental issues than his opponents, and also that he has a better grasp of state issues and their effects on the local community.  

Oh, really? 

I will grant you, he’s more progressive in terms of, e.g., becoming a Republican, cozying up with Giambra, earning personal perks, privileges, patronage, and pay.  I will grant you that he’s more progressive in terms of looking out for #1 above all else, that he is without peer in the business of “protecting Chuck Swanick” and “looking out for Chuck Swanick“.

I will also concede that he is unique in that his bad-government bona fides are unparalleled, and that he and his supporters are undeterred by them. If ever there was an advertisement made to highlight “how government and politics in WNY are horrible things populated by horrible people”, Chuck Swanick‘s name and image would be plastered all over it.  

He should be perpetually and serially unelectable – not just unelectable, but the mere suggestion of his election should send average citizens screaming. 

Last week, proper Democrat Mike Amodeo released his campaign platform. It’s solid, smart, and full of things Democrats should be supporting. So, I’m at a loss to explain why it is that we need a “Democrat” like Chuck Swanick to run against him with the express support of homophobic, fundamentally transactional bad actor, Conservative Party boss Ralph Lorigo

But yeah. “Progressive.” 


  • Chuck Swanick is an arrogant ass. His only purpose in this election is to act as a spoiler against Grisanti.

  • I am staggered by people who call themselves liberal/progressive whatever who are supporting this guy.This is one of the worst candidacies to come down the pike in this area in years.  Fortunately they aresmall in number and one of them is seen and treated as curmudgeonly eccentric.    As a gay man I’ve beenasked to show them tolerance and respect for our differences.   Chuck Swanick’s candidacy was birthedat the National Organization for Marriage and midwifed by our local Roy Cohn,  Steve Pigeon.   NOM has
    been identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a homophobic hate group.   I’m supposed to tolerate that?  

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