The Long Walk: Released Today

Today is a big day for my friend and former colleague, Brian Castner. A book he wrote about his experiences in Iraq as a bomb disposal unit commander, and about his readjustment to civilian life, is released today. He led a group that would find and destroy IEDs, investigate the aftermath of their detonation, and conduct house-to-house searches for the perpetrators. Almost more chilling is what that sort of experience does to a person when they return Stateside. 

Brian is a gifted and intelligent writer and he offers a unique perspective on a conflict we who weren’t there understand only in the abstract. Congratulations to him – I hope the book is a hit, and I thank him for sharing his experience with a wider audience. 

Brian appeared on NPR’s Fresh Air yesterday, and you can listen to his interview here. He has also talked with Nick Mendola, Artvoice, Publisher’s Weekly, and maintains his own blog here

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  • George_Jefferson

    Just bought from Amazon, and is waiting on my Kindle. I look forward to reading it. I really enjoyed Brian’s blog back on, and will definitely check out his site.

  • I, too, enjoy Brian’s thoughtful and eloquent writing style.  I will definitely be buying this book.  Thanks, Alan, for directing me to his current blog.  You are both very talented writers!

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