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  • The 2012 election just became all about Obamacare.
    How did that turn out in 2010?

    • It didn’t. 2010 was about jobs – something the Republicans are content to keep in crisis to politically harm Obama. 

    • The 2010 election was the last gasp of the far right and their Tea Party faction.  They managed to piss off women and minorities and their antics damaged our nations credit rating and our credibility.  2012 will not be a repeat of 2010, too many people saw just how crazy and unreasonable the right has become. 

    • how did that Siena Poll in NY-26 turn out for you? #DeweydefeatsTruman

      I say let the election turn on a duly passed law through Congress, signed by the President and, now, legitimized by the Supreme Court. Oh…and it was based on the program introduced by the GOP nominee, who now calls it an abomination. Good luck with that.

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