Bellavia: Dear Chris:

I can call you Chris, right? I mean, after you and Carl tried to strong-arm me into getting out of the NY-26 race last year, we’re buds, right? Anyhow…

3-27 Bellavia Debate Letter to Collins


  • LULZ on Paladino moderating anything.

  • Something tells me that Tom Reed hasn’t agreed to moderate a debate for Bellavia, but nice try.

  • He proposed a debate on the US Constitution. I literally laughed out loud when I read that.

  • What about the fucking validity of the Iraq and Afghan war to begin with? Oh, I forgot, both of the asshats are in favor of that effort.

  • And ten, of course, so is the present Congresswoman.

  • That looks weird in several ways. The debates in each county couldn’t have a moderator who’s a resident of it?

    Why should Genesee County be limited to a debate apparently mostly focused on an obscure topic like federal funding of the arts, moderated by an arts-culture advocate from Buffalo?

    And Bellavia suggests Danny Neaverth, a 70 year old former radio music DJ, to host a debate about national security? Isn’t that trivializing the topic?

    With all due respect for his military accomplishments, that list isn’t a good start for getting people to take Bellavia seriously as a substantive candidate.

    Collins should just stay silent about Bellavia, never criticize him, and when asked about him praise his military service, promise to support the winner of the primary, then say something returning the focus to Hochul.

  • I should add I didn’t mean Collins shouldn’t agree to per-county debates with Bellavia. But it won’t make sense for Collins to argue back and forth about anything in that list which looks so unserious.

    Why not just have each county’s largest newspaper sponsor a debate and choose its moderator?

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