Buchanan Without Shame

Racist Nazi apologist and anti-Semitic Holocaust denier Pat Buchanan is, at long last, leaving MSNBC. In a column, he whines about being “blacklisted”, evoking the specter of the McCarthyist Red Scare of the early 50s. It’s a tricky line for Buchanan to walk – occasionally, he uses the McCarthy witch hunts as a sword against perceived liberal smears against, e.g., Sam Alito. But on the other hand, Buchanan is quite clearly, at least, a McCarthy apologist

But Buchanan is off the air in part because of a grassroots clamor over what he wrote in a book. He equates a changing culture in a country, which has from its very founding been a multi-cultural melting pot to its very destruction. He’s free to espouse those views, to publish them, defend them, disseminate them, and to find another damn TV network on which to spout them. He’s not entitled to a lucrative MSNBC contract, and it’s frankly high time this washed-up, anachronistic ironic xenophobe was no longer polluting the airwaves.

This isn’t brought about due to some unconstitutional “House Un-American Activities Committee” holding a public show-trial “hearing” over Buchanan’s links to an unpopular political organization. Likening a popular effort to have him removed from the airwaves to mid-century government-backed witch hunts and government-sanctioned shunning is disingenuous, at best.

Buchanan always ran for office as a populist blower of every paranoid dog-whistle available. He should understand the power of average people.   


  • Loose Buchanan.

  • I used to watch Buchanan regularly when he was a regular on PBS’ The McLaughlin Group. I took him to be a dependable righty wanker but when I started to parse some of his statements, he’s an apologist for the apartheidist extremes and cretins in the woods who see every development as an assault on white society.

  • Dear God, what’s more pitiful, self-hating Jews or self-hating suburban whites?

    • The state of “opposing Hitlerism” and “opposing racism” is not analogous to “self-hating suburban white”. Hope that helps!

  • Self-hating teabaggers. Always opposing their own economic interests.

  • Let’s see Buchanan worked for PBS, then CNN then MSNBC. I think he has run out of Liberal networks for some odd reason willing to hire him. What did MSNBC think they were going to turn him left like they did Morning Joe? I bet you do not see him showing up with a show at Fox.

    Buchanan does have one very redeeming value, this anti-Semite managed to get almost a half million votes in the Florida 2000 presidential election, He got over 3000 votes in heavy Jewish Palm Beach County. Many of those Jewish voter are usually dependable democrats. (By the way his running mate was a black woman name Ezola Foster). If it were not for Pat Buchanan we might very well have had President Al Gore.

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