Screamy Grisanti Casino Fight: NOW A TALKIE

Courtesy of, here is the video – with audio – of the aftermath of the Grisanti fight at the Seneca Niagara Casino last weekend. 



  • I know one word I didn’t hear in this video and it begins with N. So can we now stop that story to rest and understand the pals of the attackers who sucker-punched Grisanti and cracked his wife’s skull are LIARS.

  • First, I am not condoning any of the violence that took place. Whomever was the initial aggressor/instigator is only part of the issue, everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves.

    What I decry is the apparent lack of candor and contrition on the part of the Senator. His attempt to heap blame on others while claiming to be the victim is scandalous.

    What the video does show is at that time it was taken, apparently well after the Main Event, the only person being physically restrained is the Senator. The Senator is the only person to bull rush someone who is in the process of leaving the situation @1:23 and nowhere is there any evidence that Mrs. Grisanti is pinned and being pummeled at that moment. @17 secs the infamous “Don’t you know who I am?” can be heard. In fact, is that woman in the dark shoulder-less dress who approaches the Senator @35 secs. Mrs. Grisanti? (Hair length, color about right, reportedly wearing a blue dress and NOT pinned to the floor) @2:20 & 2:23 a woman can be heard to be exclaiming that “Mark Grisanti punched me in the face!” An act he haas been quoted as saying he’d do again.

    The video makes Senator Macho’s original story as full of holes as Swiss cheese. The only redemption for the Senator is the fact that the “N” word is not recorded on this tape. The Senator ought to apologize for his behavior and the discredit that he has brought to his public office and WNY.

  • If you watch closely at 13:22 you can see the escape goat sneak out. Brilliant!

  • Interesting. Just about the time the escape goat…um…escaped, the casino kitchen staff reported that all the parsnips were missing.

    Life in small town Western New York…you can’t make this stuff up, folks!

  • I’m sure foes of Grisanti will be studying this like the Zapruder film.

    Appropriately, this occurred in a casino – so what actually happened is anyones bet. The casino probably has much clearer footage.

  • casino’s, where tux’s and sweat pants mingle. What do you call someone who is half indian and half italian? wopahoe!

  • No class garbage, what a joke, and I love the guy above ” no N word heard,” cause you can clearly make out everything said on this phone video.

    One more politician for buffalo to be proud of, now will have to Carl Palidino will have to pistol whip somebody at a wedding to get back on top.

    This town is such an embarrassment, low class grease balls and gutter trash rule the day!

  • garbage. then we wonder why our kids are out of control. all they do is watch bullies in action from ev elected /appointed “leader”, bunch of drunks and liars. surprised cutler wasnt running from scene and demone smith wasnt there with his escort

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