How Not to Run a Business

No surprise, the owners of Valenti’s are embroiled in a bitter landlord/tenant dispute with Budwey’s.  No surprise, it’s over unpaid rent and whether the rent is triple net or not.

The saga of the Iron Chef has reached Lifetime Movie of the Week proportions. It’s also fodder for discussion on Chowhound.


  • Alright now, a new set of lies being dished up. I personally loved the hint of a different version of the english language once again offered by Mrs. Valenti. It’s “turn key” not “open key”….

  • All of this drama makes me want to go there. They should have a reality TV show, it would be more interesting than the Kardashians.

  • Jeez, Bedenko, did this guy Valenti hit on your wife or something? What’s with the ongoing petty vendetta? Get off it. Don’t you have a job?

  • Wait until you see the next chapter! Mum’s the word, for now…..

  • A job? At 7:30 in the morning?

  • Frankie Budwey will drive a bulldozer through the front door if this pair keeps screwing with him.

  • Sadly, WNY is littered with dumps like this.

  • I, for one, hate to see local businesses run into trouble. But these two had it coming. This is a story because of depth of the lies. And because of all the people these two have victimized. I have experienced first hand the lies and deceit. When I discovered the truth I took immediate action. I discovered months ago that Terry was never in the Marines, never attended CIA, not on Iron Chef, etc. And Lori likes to hide behind Terry claiming she doesn’t know anything and what he does is his own business. Sorry to see it come to this, but karma’s a B.

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