Ron Paul Shills for that Newsletter He Never Wrote or Reviewed

Turning again to the Ron Paul newsletter controversy, Reuters uncovered a solicitation letter for that very newsletter, where Paul goes into great detail puffing his strategies for you to survive the “New Money”, his war against the moneyed elites in Washington who are beholden to the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations, the coming “race war”, and the “federal-homosexual cover-up on AIDS”.

Although the letter is undated, the US issued a dramatically redesigned $100 bill with a watermark in 1996. However, the letter also references “President Bush”, who was not in office at the time, so I am guessing it’s referencing the 1991 redesign which incorporated microprinting and a metallic security strip (THE SPY STRIP!!11!)

This document bears his signature, and is on his own letterhead. He has disavowed nothing and has absolutely not proven that he didn’t write or review the subject matter he was putting out in his own name through his fearmongering little conspiratorial newsletters.

Paul’s explanations and disavowals are too little, too late. This came up in 2008, and it’s coming up again now, and like Paul, I’m afraid too. Not about the new-style currency and tinfoil hat conspiracy theories about it, but about the fact that a conspiratorial freak who wrote this sort of incendiary garbage during the time in American life when gun fetishist militias acted out as racial-fascist domestic terrorists with alarming frequency.

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  • just compare signature on this “document” and ron paul signature

    • So far, the response to this from the Paulists is:

      1. Leave Ron Paul alone! and
      2. Hey, [insert name here] is much worse and a war criminal!

  • With intelligence comes the ability to discern what things are similar and what things are different.

    Most people who are IQ challenged, see things very similar. They think in identities, black bad, white good. They think all govt bad etc.

    If you research and read things you can tell when someone thinks in these concepts. The person who wrote this article thinks this way.

    If you actually listen to Paul’s speeches you can tell that he most certainly did not write this stuff. This is an utter fabrication.

    A person can put facts together. The fact that in all of Paul’s career this recently inflated controversy surrounds one particular period of published newsletter is telling. It means that there is where the trouble lies. The fact that it doesn’t equate with the rest of Paul’s career and the fact there lies no other “evidence”, means that there is something that is not adding up. A missing element.

    That missing element is the source. Find that element and you have found the culprit.

  • Ron Paul had several newsletters. The one with the controversial comments is in Ron Paul’s Survival Report. Clearly, he’s just trying to sell his Investment Letter.

    You guys are just grasping at straws. If you do research on his ENTIRE history, his dedication and passion for human civil liberties is documented with tons of books, articles, thousands of hours of video footage and documented Congressional testimony. Look at his voting record.

    For those interested in learning the truth, look to yourselves for research – don’t take the word of the media machine.

  • First of all,

    While that other guy (probably Lew) was writing this garbage Ron Paul was working for pennies in underprivileged communities.

    Anyone who has even the slightest clue what Ron Paul is about can see how outrageous these accusations are. Just listen to ANY of his speeches and tell me what you see.

    He has been speaking out for minorities for the last 30 years, he was the only one in a recent debate to cry out against racial profiling, he is the only one exposing the unjust use of the war on drugs against black people, he is against the death penalty because it is used in a racially unfair way.

    If you look at the most of the polls, over 60% of minorities say they would vote for him.

    This whole smear campaign is a disgrace. You should be ashamed. Maybe you can attack Mother Teresa next?

    • I’d be happy to attack Mother Teresa if she was an oddball Texas teabagger running for President. But she’s not.

      I don’t care whether Lew Rockwell or anyone else wrote it – it was held out as being Ron Paul’s own work-product, not anyone else’s. If he was such a friend to the minorities, as you claim, then I wonder why, when he was out of office, he permitted such vile hatred to be published in his name.

      The answer? He either believes it, or he decided cynically to use it for personal and political gain.

      Either way, yeah, really.

  • Alan come on this was the wrong newsletter. At least try to present actual facts. I expect this from Reuters but I thought you were smarter then this.

  • So what point are you making about this letter? Read the last two paragraphs of page 7. Isnt that exactly what happened. Think housing vouchers in Atlanta, people fighting to get any. Massive unemployment, massive protests. A credit downgrade.

    Page 6 “schemes to force pension plans to invest in government debt.” 401ks invested in mortgage asset packages gone bad. Fanny/freddie anyone?

    It’s happening again. 2045 life path fund is invested
    Mostly in bad mortgage asset bundles. Yay for my generation.

    If this letter proves anything, it’s that someone should have listened to Ron Paul a long time ago.

  • Bedenko, part of the right wing neocon smearbund. Are you pimping for a guest slot on FOX? Well done!

  • Don’t attack Mother Teresa — or He shall afflict ye with abnormal cells like He did-eth that other guy.

    And if ye attack Ron Paul…well, just look-eth: He hath afflicted ye with abnormal commenters.

    WOE unto ye who art not a true believer!!

  • @Alan in #2: Nice strawman. ALL Paulists do that? Bullshit.

    It’s obvious at this point Alan’s just having fun tweaking oversensitive Paul supporters. It’s trolling 101, and he’s welcome to do so.


  • Alan: “So, to me, Paul is unelectable for two reasons: one, that he can’t confront the newsletter issue head-on in any meaningful way; and two, that he wants to turn this country into Somalia with better utilities.”

    So wait, the newsletters are more important than your fundamental policy differences with the guy?

    Regardless of your retread hyperbolic characterization of his policies here, you were never going to vote for him anyway, and your simplistic, surfacial reading of the newsletter issue is just acting as confirmation bias for you. Go on with your bad self, I guess. Vote for Obama and more dead brown kids.

  • You know something…in the entirety of Ted Kennedy’s career, he never once gave the indication that he was the type to accidentally drive off a pier and inadvertently drown another person while saving himself. Not in any speech, opinion piece or press release from his office did he ever hint at that predilection. I never once heard him say “Let me be frank for a second here…I really, really enjoy putting my Oldsmobile at the bottom of a tidal channel with a young woman still alive in the car.”

    Good thing then that it was all settled very swift and quietly and he (or his supporters) never had to hear about it ever again.

    In other words – to the Paulistas…your guy is in the big top now, so prepare yourselves. It’s going to get worse, not better, no matter how many pledges he makes to dismantle the Fed.

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