Merry Christmas!

TpUE29w1. On Tuesday December 23, 2014, The Dow Industrial Average traded above 18,000 for the first time in its history.

2. Have you bought gas for your car lately?

3. The US economy grew 5% in 3Q 2014, the most since Bush’s Iraq quagmire began.

4. More than 50% of Americans now think the economy is “good” as opposed to “poor”. Consumer confidence was higher than expected, thanks in part to gas prices coming down.

Lake Effect Ice Cream Holiday Gift Packs

Every year, my friends at Lake Effect Ice CreamLEIC do a special holiday bundle featuring four extra-special, one-off pints for pick-up in mid-December. If you order before this Friday December 5th, you’ll get a special bonus gift (could be a poster, could be a gift certificate, could be your own bespoke flavor).

Order now at this link:

Pickup dates and times are as follows:

-Thursday, December 18th from 4-8pm
-Friday, December 19th from 5-9pm
-Saturday, December 20th from 9-3pm.

This year’s flavors sound incredible:

The Nog
Extra sweet cream, fresh nutmeg and Vietnamese Cinnamon, blended with Bulleit Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey. A hint of spiced rum gives it a little extra “warmth.”

S’mores and Hot Chocolate
Hand toasted marshmallows and chocolate chunks with bits of Platters’ milk chocolate-crusted cinnamon and sugar graham crackers, swirled into Lake Effect’s amazing Frozen Hot Chocolate Ice Cream.

Chevre and Figgy Pudding
The ice cream for the core of this flavor is a unique, ultra-rich, chevre ice cream. The true star of this flavor, however, is Lake Effect’s brown sugar and butter sauce that they blend together with freshly pureed black mission figs.

Candy Cane Parfait
A creamy and delicate peppermint cream ice cream, with folded-in small pieces of candy canes. Lake Effect then created a house-made candy cane syrup to use in between the ice cream layers in each pint. All pints are packed parfait style with their syrup between the layers. Last, each pint is topped with a dusting of crunchy candy cane pieces.

Order today!

Artvoice? Art!

On Sunday, I attended the “Santa’s Brunch” at the iconic “Salvatore’s Italian Garden” in Lancaster. (Yes, it was a buffet. Yes, they added the gratuity. Yes, they added 18% after tax for a buffet).

Lest anyone think Salvatore’s is full of nothing but tack, the work of a local artist is featured in a hallway towards the rear of the building. The “crying Santa” series is something to behold, as is the whole concept of Santa Claus interacting with the infant Savior.

Only baby Jesus can console Santa

Santa and the Hobo

Santa holds baby Jesus

An Angel appears to Santa and the Hobo

Santa prays over baby Jesus

How can the hobo afford clown makeup?


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