Trolling Erie County Democrats

Word has it that Steve Pigeon’s biennial attempt to troll the Erie County Democratic Committee comes in the form of a new challenge to Jeremy Zellner’s chairmanship. Reportedly going around calling himself the most powerful Democrat in WNY, in comes State Senator Tim Kennedy, who is allegedly putting his name in contention as county chair. 

You might remember Tim Kennedy, who recently won re-election by wildly out-spending his opponent, orchestrated a coup in the Erie County Legislature in 2010. That coup took a Democratic majority and handed over a de facto Republican majority to Chris Collins. In exchange, Kennedy’s path to the state Senate was cleared. 

So, to be clear, Tim Kennedy sold out Democrats and his constituents in favor of Chris Collins and the Conservative Party to ease his path to the Senate. 

Because this isn’t remotely serious, they’re unlikely to show up. Being chair is actually difficult work. This crowd is content to play fast and loose with campaign finance rules, and to sabotage the committee and its candidates for the next couple of years. 



  • Is Steve Pigeon a Democrat again this year? It’s hard to keep track because this moron has hurt the Democratic Party so many times over far too many election cycles working pretty much as an agent of the Republican Party.

    The reality is Pigeon has only been powerful when he crosses the line and conspires with Republicans to create legislative majorities with rouge Democrats – that’s all. The vast majority of Democrats who could do the exact same thing have consciences and would never cross that line – and why should they? It’s plain wrong. It ALWAYS hurts good Democrats caught in the crossfire. But Pigeon just does not care about those good people. And why should he? He has no conscience.

    Basically, Pigeon can be powerful but only when he is a rat.

    And Pigeon has ratted out the Democratic Party a number of times. He started in West Seneca with the town board there (remember Barb Rudnicki and Chris Walsh?), then he did it in the NYS Senate, and twice at the Erie County Legislature. Each time it went sour almost immediately.

    Under Pigeon’s chairmanship, the party saw a lot of witch hunts (if he can’t get you, he’ll get your brother) that saw all too many families destroyed, due to some perceived slight Pigeon felt in one of his paranoid mood swings, or the scores of people who lost their jobs due to one of Pigeon’s legislative coups – when entire staffs were fired when Pigeon gave their jobs to the GOP as part of the “deal.”

    Pigeon certainly does not have the kind of electoral success in his career in order to regain a leadership role in the local Democratic Party. And Senator Kennedy as Erie County chair? Ha!

    Sadly, Kenendy would cede the party to the Pigeon crowd. And this bunch also does not have a good history winning elections, either. Just ask Chuck Swanick, Fran Pordum, Joe Masi and Wes Moore. And on and on and on!!

    What did Kennedy win last week, anyway?

    The Cuomo/Hochul surge provided Kennedy with the win – not Steve Pigeon. And how is it that Zephyr Teachout and Tim Wu being declared quasi winners with their protest vote totals reaching nearly 40%, yet Betty Jean Grant did a little better and that vote somehow did not “send a message of dissatisfaction?” Seems to me that a lot of Kennedy’s Democratic constituents are not as supportive of him as he might think.

    Anyway, I agree that this is trolling, plain and simple.

    But, with Jeremy Zellner moving mountains for Andrew Cuomo in 2014, and Team Cuomo asking for his help in the primary for the governor and for hometown favorite Kathy Hochul, it will be unfortunate for the local Democratic Party if the governor buys the garbage that Pigeon/Kennedy are trying to sell. It does not even pass the smell test! Not from a million miles away!!!

  • Kennedy, the pigeonista, wants to be chairman of the party? what a joke! the guy is an empty suit who does nothing to help the party. not only did he help Collins, but he is an active Tim Howard supporter. and when is someone in the media going to investigate how he raises all that money?

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