Guns and Fun Unter dem Totenkopf

Waffen und Spaß!




Shown above are three images from Assemblyman David DiPietro’s (R-Gunhug) recent gunapalooza fundraiser. A supporter posted them to Twitter, and they seem to have been taken during the “free gun” portion of the event.

Note the skull & crossbones – the Totenkopf – behind DiPietro.  Reading “2nd Amendment 1789 America’s Original Homeland Security”, that flag is as ugly and ominous, and makes believe we still live in a postrevolutionary frontier. Our original homeland security was made up of state militias, well-regulated.

It must be so horrible to live a life so perpetually in fear of imminent danger and violence that you feel the need to arm yourself to the teeth, and then tell people it’s all about “sportsmen”.  Then, when Cuomo says a sportsman doesn’t need 10 bullets to kill a deer, you mock that. Because it’s isn’t about sportsmen or target shooting or hunting, it’s about protecting yourself from Obummer and Hitlery Klintoon and il Duce Cuomo.

I don’t have a problem with legitimate sportsmen or people who want to keep a gun in their home for protection. I do have a problem with the paranoid freaks who demand the right to own an arsenal so they can kill all the people. I have a problem with nuts like the guy in Minnesota who, sick of break-ins, sat in the dark, with tarps at the ready, to shoot and kill the next people to do so. Now, he only used one gun that he purportedly kept in his house for “protection”. If you listen to the nauseating audio of the actual double murder, towards the end he gives a speech.  In it, he regurgitates all the NRA propaganda he can muster. You get a window into what it’s like when the gun lobby takes a legitimate self-defense right and turns it into a license to murder.

Thankfully, the prosecutors and the jurors saw through this and convicted this ignorant monster of murder. As a society, we’re trying to make it more difficult for unhinged lunatics to commit mass-murder. We’re trying to make it more difficult for the criminals and the insane to obtain, own, and possess firearms and ammunition. I frankly don’t understand why the DiPietroite gun nuts and the gun lobby are standing in the way of those goals.



  • Thats what happens when you hire the village “laundry” guy to be your rep. East Aurora in a NUT-shell…..

  • Alan: Just as an add-on to what you mentioned near the end; there’s a similar case out in Montana, where a 17 year old(an exchange student, no less)walked into a similar trap and got killed. AND the guy who did it is planning to use the “stand your ground” defense.

  • See the crowd shots? For an anti-govt crowd I see lots of subsidies….Farm, Unemployment, WIC, Medicaid/Medicare, it’s a fire hall so Homeland security dollars…..damn!

  • Guns make lefties crazy; it’s quite amusing to watch them rant.

    • No, gun huggers make lefties concerned for all of our safety. Rightfully so.

      • You should perhaps be more concerned about armed urban gang-bangers. On second thought, they might actually hurt you, so perhaps you should leave them alone. Plus, they vote Democrat.

        • Actually, those thugs have more in common with the gun huggers, so if they did vote, which they don’t, but if they did, they’d vote dunce tea party. The only criteria is love-of-guns and no brains.

        • I’d take 10 “urban gang bangers” over 10 needle-d!ick gun huggers, eager to divert attention from their minuscule genitalia by collecting dozens of large, high-powered phallic weapons

          • Just look at the Bundy ranch militia groupies. They look like they’re all ready for a big ol’ gun orgy.

          • It seems to me that the progressive gun opponents are afraid to take care of themselves and need to resort to baseless ad hominem attacks as part of a feeble attempt to make a point. If you’re not willing to protect your property, that includes yourself, why should anyone else bother?

          • Never said I wasnt willing, I just don’t need a weapon (or an arsenal of weapons for that matter) to do so other than a baseball bat and a spoonful of batshit crazy. Worked fine while I was living in far worse areas of other cities.

            Oh, and there are these people, called Police, who are paid to bother about public safety.

          • Saying you don’t need a weapon is an assumption that could prove to be untrue. You don’t want a weapon and that is your right, but not your right to prohibit others who feel differently. As for police, they are reactive for the most part and accomplish the most after a crime has been committed.

            Saying that something worked fine is no guaruntee it will work fine in the future.

          • No, it’s not an assumption – I don’t need a weapon. I don’t hunt and I don’t live in constant blood curdling fear of home invasion or Gubment coming to take my land at any second and feel the need to shoot anything that comes near me. I guess I must be crazy.

          • Thank you, thank you, thank you.
            We always knew the Libs love felons and hate law-abiding citizens.
            I needed my daily proof of that.
            Thank you.

          • Oh, you were referring to actual criminals. I figured you were just being your usual lowbrow, low-educated, compulsively elitest self by identifying everyone who lives in a city as a thug. Oh wait, that’s exactly what you did. Must have touched a nerve with the needledick comment eh buddy boy?

          • No, no — my fault entirely.
            A writer must always bear in mind his target audience’s socio-economic status and level of intellect.
            Rather than take “gang-bangers” to refer to gang-members who bang people, I should have known you’d take it to refer to your most intimate circle of acquaintances.
            I’ll keep that in mind — rest assured. Please accept my apologies for the misunderstanding.

        • Exactly. Last time I went to vote I had to wait in line forever because of all the gang bangers performing their civic duty.

  • The stark irony about all these big, bad, rough, tough gun huggers, is that they’re all afraid of their own shadow! They’re not tough, they’re just constantly afraid, constantly cowering behind their firearm. Your average 18 year old girl has more courage than most of these nancies.

  • The right of protection and self-defense does not end at your front door and the 2nd amendment is not about sportsman/hunting.

  • robrobrobislike

    I’m, in abstract terms, pro-gun as far as allowing people to own them. However, it is an embarrassment when politicians choose guns as the only issue they focus on.

  • Sigh. It is possible to have meaningful, rational discussions without resorting to throwing around polarizing stereotypes.

  • I don’t have a problem with legitimate sportsmen or people who want to keep a gun in their home for protection.

    How about having/using guns outside of their homes? Problem with that, or no?

    Pizza delivery man is attacked, then shoots would-be robber
    By Matt Gryta April 15, 2014
    … A gang of robbers attacked a pizza deliveryman just before 10:30 p.m. Monday as he brought food to a house in the 400 block of Cornwall Avenue, near Erie County Medical Center. In the front hallway of the house, one of the robbers, who wore a mask and had a brown hoodie pulled over his face, hit the deliveryman on the head with a hammer, according to police. The masked man also displayed what appeared to be a gun, police said. But then, the deliveryman told investigators, he pulled out his own handgun and fired a shot, striking the masked man. The rest of the gang scattered. …

    Retired nurse gets mob in Detroit to back off, stop beating driver
    APRIL 8, 2014 AT 11:46 AM

    Detroit — Deborah Hughes stood up to a ferocious mob and possibly saved a man’s life.

    The retired nurse said Monday she didn’t hesitate when she saw a group of men savagely beating Steven Utash last week, after he got out of his pickup on the city’s east side to check on a 10-year-old boy he had hit with his vehicle. … The incident started about 4:10 p.m., when Utash, a tree trimmer, accidently struck 10-year-old David Harris near Morang and McKinney. Hughes, who lives across the street, said events unfolded quickly.

    “I looked out the window and saw that the boy had been hit, so I threw on my coat and ran out there,” said Hughes, who is retired from the St. James Nursing Center in Detroit.

    Hughes also made sure to pack her .38 caliber pistol. “You have to carry a gun around here,” she said. “This neighborhood is terrible. I don’t walk around without my gun.

    • I think that people who have a legitimate reason to carry a concealed firearm should have to go through a rigorous screening and training process, and establish a reason why they would need it. Just letting any moron carry a gun is not the best way to protect people in a civilized society.

  • In reality , it’s the anti-gun Hoplophobes who have the Paranoia issues ..not the Gun Owners

  • Typical Liberal anti-gun dribble ..with a Propaganda twist added by making the Nazi “Totenkopf” connection —except for one thing , the Skull shown is not the one or style ever used by those criminals during WW2. But then , I guess ANY photo of a Skull automatically brings the “Nazis” to mind with you people and helps justify your BS for the uninformed. Fear is a terrible thing BUT , a fantastic Political “Tool” and a shame to waste !!! …..nice try though

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