Gabryszak Video Surfaces

Hey, speaking of odd behavior, here’s the video that former Assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak sent to a former female employee, as detailed in her allegations. 

This was first posted to the Niagara Falls Reporter


  • and we will pay his $50k pension and defense? are you kidding me here? this guy should be stoned in public… piece of trash.

  • Scumbag P.O.S. show it to your wife and kids Den Den.

  • Ridgewaycynic2013

    Yep, innocent until proven guilty and all that good stuff. Now explain ‘why’ the video, you empty headed fuck of an ex Assemblyman. A set up?! Then who was holding the phone, and who was holding your carc?

  • Okay, so I don’t want to be misconstrued here. I think he’s a horrible person who almost certainly treated female staffers like dirt and deserves all the horrible things coming to him but I’m not convinced he was pretending to get a blowjob here and I’m certain he wasn’t getting an actual blowjob in it.

    Honestly, if it’s meant to be sexual, it comes off as more of a scat fetish thing with the flush at the end there and that’s way creepier but nothing about those 17 seconds came off as ‘simulated blowjob’ to me.

    Is there more context in the message he sent along with it that I missed in another news report?

  • This piece of garbage human being, who obviously is not very bright either, was convicted years ago of not filing/paying his taxes while a member of the Cheektavegas town board. For some reason he is still allowed to continue to hold public office???? And the people of “Vegas” wonder why their town is going down the tubes when they continue to elect people of his ilk to run their town…….

  • I’ve seen this clip referred to on some news sites as “graphic”, “adult” and “sexual in nature”.

    Dear God, have any of the people writing these warnings actually seen REAL adult or sexual or graphic content? Here’s a clue: It’s not some gross old fart going “ooo, aaaah, oooo…is that what you wanted?”.

    For all we know, he was just finishing up a primo dump.

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