Every Obama Conspiracy

This chart, produced and posted by Mother Jones, explains through a handy Venn diagram, each of the known and popular right-wing conspiracy memes used against President Obama. So, now, you can ignore those emails from Carl Paladino and the inane Facebook postings and un-Snopesed chain letters you get from older acquaintances and family members. 

Now, you can tell them you know all about it. 


  • What is the mindset of those who believe these paranoid fantasies? Is it simply that they are “low information”  voters (I still prefer the word “stupid”) or are many of them in on the con and help spread the flames of paranoia among the uninformed?  That is, can that many Americans be that stupid as to believe this bullshit? 

    Last week I has a long time friend “defriend” me because I refused to spread the silly conspiracy rumor about not reciting  the Pledge of Allegiance. (She thinks its a commie plot with Obama) I’ve never seen this level of paranoia.  Remember those school kids who got dumbed-down by American schools 25 years ago? Today they’re adults.

  •  I count about  40-some Obama conspiracies. For balance I will list just TWO Romney conspiracies. More accurately they are Mormon conspiracies.  The first is “Zion” – their plan to replace the secular US government with a religious government administered by Mormons.   The 2nd is the
    secret MORMON OATH OF VENGEANCE against the United States. It reads:
                   “You and
    each of do covenant and promise that you will pray and never cease to
    pray to Almighty God Elohim to avenge the blood of the Prophets [Joseph
    and Hyrum Smith] upon the United States, and that you will teach the
    same to your children and your children’s children until the third and
    forth generation.” 

    Mormons blame the US government for the murder of Prophet Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum in 1844 and they vow blood revenge.

    Almost certainly Mitt Romney took this solemn blood
    oath against the United States. This is boilerplate Mormon belief. For  more,  see
    the YouTube hidden camera videos of secret Mormon temple ceremonies.  Creepy alert !!!    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6udew9axmdM

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