Call Out the Goon Squad

Do you like or agree with George Maziarz? Maybe on some things, not on others. Do you think he should leave office? Possibly. 

Do you think it’s appropriate to insinuate that Maziarz is gay, referring to him as “Boy George“, or “Georgy Girl”, and threatening to “open the closet”, complete with a countdown clock? 

If you’re Carl Paladino or his trusted sidekick/beholden lapdog Rus Thompson, you think it’s hilariously appropriate

Don’t they have some anal horse porn to forward around or something? Goons.


  • Hmm, I feel like it’s 1983 and we’re in the schoolyard calling each other “fags” and “gayrods.”  I thought as a society we have moved passed the idea that it’s derogatory to infer someone is gay.

     I think George Maziarz is the best state legislator we have in this region but he committed the crime, in the eyes of scumbag Paladino and wingnut Thompson of compromising with Cuomo to get stuff done.  The horror of of elected officials working together.

    (Sidenote:  The Georgey Girl song is a bit ironic here considering Rus Thompson parades around in his stockings and fancy boy 18th century garb for all to see, but I digress.)

    And now Carl has more time to do this stuff since he won’t be busy building on the Webster Block…so that’s a pretty good fuck you to him.

  • this crap baffles me, although I suppose it shouldn’t.  Take for instance this line in Carl and Rus’s list of contributors: THE WINE PAC – Wegmans wants to sell wine and put small liquor stores out of business $4,000.00

    So we do want government to intervene or not?  Wegmans should be allowed to sell wine, the smaller liquor stores will have to work harder, right?  Wasn’t that the message of the RNC convention?

  • @Alan:disqus  ~ i almost forgot about the “Horse Porn”….thanks for reminding me, i think

    john pfeffer “Wasn’t that the message of the RNC convention?”

    i thought the point of the RNC was to illustrate that empty chairs make wonderful conversational companions for the elderly?

  • Carl and Rus have succeeded in doing the impossible, making George Maziarz a figure of sympathy.

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