Brian Kahle Responds to Terry Valenti

On today’s Shredd and Ragan show, Terry Valenti tried to explain away his boasts of having defeated Bobby Flay on Iron Chef, and accused the “marketing company” he hired for Googling him and using false information he had given to people in the past for manufacturing the claim.

So I contacted Brian Kahle, the well-respected local PR pro whom Valenti retained prior to opening the restaurant. It was Kahle’s press release that made its way to Janice Okun, and into her original review. It was Kahle and Lori Brocuglio who acted as Okun’s two sources for the Iron Chef claims, and when Okun called Kahle to verify the Iron Chef claim after their falsity was uncovered, he was perfectly correct in telling her that it’s what Terry and Lori told him.

But as far as journalism in WNY is concerned, take a look at Kahle’s release, and see how closely Okun’s words follow its template:

Co-owner (with his wife, Lori) and Chef Terry Valenti is a Western New York boy recently returned home from Texas and Florida — he cooked at Mama Leone’s in Manhattan and in resorts in Daytona. In 2003 he took on uber-chef Bobby Flay on the popular “Iron Chef” program. Knocked the socks off him, too.

It was the parsnips that did it,” says Lori. For the show, Terry produced Chilean Sea Bass stuffed with that vegetable (and artichoke hearts for good measure). He even dreamed up a Mango Parsnip Ice Cream that went over very well.

Everything that’s bolded in the two quoted paragraphs is a lie. So, how did it make its way into the paper?

Kahle explained that he doesn’t issue a press release and media kit until after (a) the clients help to write it; and (b) the clients approve it. In this case, every claim Kahle wrote on Valenti’s behalf was told to him by either Terry or Lori.

Although Valenti accuses Kahle of having Googled him, and including materials he found from prior lies he told Florida employers, Kahle vehemently denies doing any such thing. Indeed, Kahle is incensed at the suggestion that it was he, and not Terry or Lori, who fabricated or blew Valenti’s owns claims out of proportion. He was gratified that Valenti didn’t use Kahle’s name during his radio interview.

In other Valenti news, I learned that the Department of Labor did show up at the restaurant yesterday, but there was no fine leveled or violation drawn up.

What follows below is a PDF of the original press release that Kahle sent to media outlets throughout western New York on Valenti’s behalf.

Valenti’s Restaurant Media Kit Release


  • same ole Snooze too

    Ha, Jimmy Griffin used to tell Brian Kahle he should start doing his homework before repeating claims. All these years later, still hasn’t!

  • ONCE AGAIN, Terry is proven to be a liar. He claims it was LORI telling the PR guy all this info, like she would know anything about parsnips. I’m sure she doesn’t now how to cook anything, except Ramen noodles.

    And any parsnip recipes he talked about, he got them off the internet himself. He’s a chump that couldn’t even complete a semester at a community college for culinary arts.

  • Does Brian Kahle still have the pornstache he had in his “AM Buffalo” days?

  • this press release reads like EVERY article Newell writes when one of his friends opens a restaurant

  • Karma I will agree with you on the fact 1 I never told PR any story ask him

  • Not a problem posting here, there, or anywhere! lol

  • Ms. Brocuglio, Don’t take Karma’s comment, as backing for YOU! You played your part, to the fullest! Dumbass

  • What I mean was you BOTH told the pr guy a pack of lies, because you’re pathological liars.

  • So we’re waiting Terri speak up or do you have a mouth full chew.

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    Noah, emailed you back

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  • @Justice

    Email me at I noticed something intereesting.

  • @Karma Or karma
    Check email waiting for a reply or here if you want. How has he impacted your life.

  • What did that email mean, you think I’m Terry? LOL. There’s half a dozen people on here that know I’m NOT

  • Wow this is Crazy, Debbie sitting at her table lol where else would you be, lol But now i am going to speak up Donnie, your a good guy, I have nothing bad to say about you, You were there for me in crystal rive i give that to you, we have our disagreement on sporty but we see that through different eyes, Shawn if that is you, I have nothig bad to say about you, I am the one who got you in the door at harley, but thats as far as that goes, thats all i have to say to you guys, now to all employees past and present, if your here and have something to say ? say it as far as the ones who use to work here well come on by would love to see these bad checks(payroll company) but its ok, as far as you Deb Farley(google her) aka Karma Really? You were used by me, I am sorry but its true, I wish i did like you but I never did and yes that is why there was other woman, I think i was caught up in how you bought me stuff, it was addicting and i fell for it,that is why i stayed, I was a dog when you meet me and i was a dog when i left, but you know as well as i do when i was in Texas who sent you money every week we were not together at anytime i was gone so thats it, Debbie you need to get on with your life, this internet crap you have been doing for years, I have never gone on line and this is the first time and the last.Now for the people who wanted to know about me, Yes i lied on my resume to get a job, Deb your the one who put it on there with me telling you to do it, not saying you did it on your own, I need a job and yes i lied as far as the Iron Chef is concerened I was never on it I did not meen to have said it like that on the news, When I was in Florida Some of the area Chefs and I decided to do a mock Iron Chef we put our names in a bag and drew for challenger of Iron Chef and the name of the Iron Chef who we would be. So I was never on the show, I have not said anything to anyone about this I have never spoke to Alan guy or anyone else, I just want you to all know this weather you want to bash me on here or not I just dont care, its all words and thats about it, as far as all these kids are concerned, My son And lori son are fine, so if you want to come in and get the truth about anything else please come down, if not i will leave you all to your rants about everything else, enjoy go ahead and play on this i dont really care.By the way i dont own this place, I just wrote a menu and helped Loris with it but anyone who knows her, if you cross her she will keep going till she proven is right. April I am sorry but you really need not worrie about this.

  • Wonder if we can get 1,000 comments here too. If people keep coming forward and telling how these two wonderful people blessed their lives, we might pass the 1,000 mark. Lori, why don’t you start posting you’re documentation instead of jumping in this blog cutting people down to make you look like the victim. The only victim you are is Terry’s because you let him beat you up. And how shallow can you be to except help from the community looking for help from organizations who help real women dealing with domestic abuse!! Most women leave abusive relationships. Maybe you get off on being abused. Just another one of you’re sick characteristics we see in you.

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    And your babbling about having nothing bad to say about these guys. You shouldn’t, YOU’RE the one who fucked THEM over. LOL. You dumb narcissistic loser

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  • @Karma

    Well I’ve thrown out were me and Don are from. And some of the shit he’s put people through. I’m Sorry if I have offended you. I’m just curious how he has effected you. Please elaborate.

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  • Terry, why do you not have the BALLS to address all the people you have ripped off and hurt over the years? If you think you’re going to go on here and type one a poorly written paragraph with a fake ass apology, I don’t think so. If you don’t care, don’t look. I can’t wait for the day your are driven right out of town. I knew you back in the 90’s, these lies were coming out of your mouth then! Your a SICK PATHOLOGICAL LIAR. AKA SOCIOPATH. Stop with the bull, save it, no one believes you!!!!

  • @John
    Kick ass video! Were pretty pumped over here after watching it!


    The Buffalo News (Buffalo, NY)
    August 19, 2001 | Copyright

    Jennifer A. Weber, a clinical case manager at BryLin Hospital, and Terry A. Valenti, owner and executive chef at Valenti’s Restaurant, were married at 11 a.m. Saturday in St. Philip the Apostle Catholic Church, Cheektowaga.

    The Rev. Joseph H. Penkaul performed their wedding ceremony.

    Raymond F. Weber of Clarence and Ann Weber of Snyder are the bride’s parents. Parents and stepparents of the bridegroom are Joyce and Jean Smith of Cheektowaga and Terry and Bonnie Valenti of Tonawanda.

    A reception was given in McKinley Park Inn. The newly married couple will make their home in Hamburg after returning from a trip to the Pocono Mountains.


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    Here is another song from me to you You punk ass bitch.

  • Well Terri it’s about Time

    Don will be on later and other people from Citrus County. And NO you didn’t get me in the door at Harley. What about the shit you stole from me and the people that live here.Denial is a comfortable place to be. FYI Terri If your thinking about any pay back I know the Citrus County Sheriff he’s my next door neighbor or if you come to my house I will settle it. We Have The Castle Law in this state. If you don’t know what that is look it up and be fore warned. FAIR WARNING I ONLY GIVE ONE. THERE’S IS NO SECOND PLACE.

  • You KNOW that’s a crock, he has no DBA as Valenti’s Restaurant at that time, or at any time, for that matter. He’ll probably blame THAT one someone else, too. LOL

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  • Had to say something to this one, Shawn? really? What did i take from you? you had a dui and i drove you back and forth to work, Oh yea you were laid off and i came to get you to go to harley because I went in there to talk to parts manager, (who i was friends with) well Shawn, you were a great guy, if this is you, You lived at your moms house, had your bike in storage, had another one in storage which you were repairing, and donnie and I worked together doing his unilock, well give me a list of what i took, cant wait to see this one. Good Luck lol that was funny if it is you shawn and if this is you shawn what was the nick name you had for your self you said it all the time while i drove your dodge back and forth for you while you could not drive. or do i need to give you a hint

  • I have read and read and read and NO WHERE does it EVER state, that the Brocuglio/Valenti misfortunes, are in all actuality, the secret workings of this Deb Farley! I have YET to have read, Ms. Farley’s name as being “QUOTED” in the newspapers! I’ve also watched the video, a number of times and I didn’t see the (according to YOU Mr. Valenti)the strings for which this Deb Farley PLAYED you in front of the camera’s or STALKING you through the windows. COME ON emails from 2009? and what year is this?

    I would venture to say, that YOU, YOURSELF stating YOU USED HER, would be an argument, submissible in court! Should there be any LEGAL ramifications coming your way Mr. Valenti, from Ms. Farley!

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  • You know what this is shawn and you are 100 percent right on Torque wrench, dont remember battery though but i have to say you were never a BS person but you should have remembered Mass—- as nick name, and i never tried to get you fired, where that comes from i dont know but it is what it is donnie does have my cell, and yep you are owed what is yours.

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    Dude I think he’s gonna send the nomads after you! He’s the president of that chapter and has that right. I think he just threatened that you’re gonna get yours.

  • Looks like he did not show, but i knew that.

    As far as any of you that that have something real to tell me email me or call the restaurant be glad to chat It seems none of you want to come forward, back your words “I can” I would love to get to the bottom of all thats said, and Karma never cared to teem up with you or anyone I get facts before i will judge anyone and maybe all us saints on here are perfect with perfect life and past
    so you think so, as far as terry he fessed up maybe he has reason to Terry is not all wrong no one 100% wrong and past is past it’s what will happen from this day forward, as far as my son and the open case of custody that to will come out when i am ready to finish that Then and only Then.
    I have all the proff in hand getting closer for now think and say as you wish AS YOU ALL KNOW TRUTH DOES COME OUT IN THE END !!!!

  • I never went by Mass and you know that. The only thing I want to see is the justice system get you, above law or outlaw. I’ll be happy either way.

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  • Hey Lori, Terry uses women for what he can get. He likes to get stuff from them. Once the restaurant is closed, which it will be, do you really think you’re brother is gonna give you any more money for another restaurant? Once he realizes what scum you and Terry really are, I don’t think so. So when the money dries up and you serve him no more purpose, you will be left in the dust like all others. So enjoy the ride, have you’re fun now, because sister, you’re day is coming.

  • These two have the morals of a small rock.

  • Bloggers: the proof in hand will be an old court order with chicken scratches on it and crossesd out information that she changes. There is NO OPEN CUSTODY case. Check website. Case closed. Docket number ends in 223. Go look.

    Some people are crazy and can not accept the truth. So demented that they do not know what is true.. So again truth come out. It already has… Chicken scratching and handmade paper work is not proof. Proof is current court records and current warrants. So again: go to the court website and type in ramos, lori and look at ALL the cases. You can view the docket and you will see there is no open custody case. A closed one where WE have full custody. Also you will find closed restraining orders and active warrants as well as multiple check fraud charges. All public record..


  • Did someone close the old sting down? Lori the only thing that comes out at the end it a turd. And a green turd if you eat your steak.

  • oh Mr. Ramos, you are giving them way too much credit, they have no morals!!

  • @Mr. Ramos

    Please he is not a 1% never has been never will be. I knew HA’s when I live I Mass and I know Black and White Clubs in this state. He a little boy that needs help about 10o,000 volts worth of help.

  • lol Mrs Ramos First off the case is open and not public record and any day you think you are keeping my son think again lets talk to ashley rivers your child you are nothing and fact is mike got evicted out of bronson i moved his stuff in my barn because he his my kids father but i also called you that day how soon we for get ! and told you he could not stay with me asked you to take mr ramos and his other friend charles knows alot

  • My Brother gave my no money for this place so get your facts really

  • @Noah

    He’s not?? wtf? There is a youtube video of him threatening someone, and he is very clearly saying he’s not only a 1%er but that he is a high ranking president. Look I found this on youtube for you.

    Lmao @ Moore We missed you today..

  • Terry my wife dated you once along time ago and i must say i never thought that everything she ever told me about u was completely truthful. Wow was i wrong, the stories she told me were very unbelievable to some extent. I also got the chance to meet u once in person as i served you court papers at one of the various women’s homes that u chose to lay your head down on for that night. People should also know that you have a tendency to hit and beat women as you closed a door on her hands as she tried to leave the room. If i knew that i wouldn’t get arrested I would ask to meet you out someday to settle the score with you before the Hell’s Angels get their hands on you. I find it very entertaining that u have so many people that like you ha ha ha ha and i cant wait to see you get exactly what you deserve. Hope to see you soon, I’ll come visit u at the holding center i have a couple of friends that are officers there that will make sure your stay is very accomidating for you.

  • I didnt know kids could live with you in prison.

  • Lmao crackhead can’t read court documents people. Hilarious. I assume pulling up the site takes some sort of intelligence so I guess it was bad on my part to suggest it. Nothing is open and people with a brain that can work a computer know it is true.

    I’m off for a bit everyone. My son wants to play a game. Ill check in soon.

  • so lori are any of us old employees getting our w-2 forms so we can do our taxes, or are u gonna scam us outta those too,,, by ny law they have to be mailed by the 30th so ummm get on it bitch!

  • Thanks but I don’t need youtube. I know Terri. I’m not afraid of him or who he thinks he knows. I’ve pissed on better things than he’s made of.

  • Go figure Lori has to drag kids into this yet AGAIN. How pathetic are you? You just can not leave the kids out of this can you, you low life sCUM sucking piece of shit. When will you learn this has nothing to do with the kids and to leave them out of this. It has to do with your criminal activity

  • Ive been here, just reading the lies and laughing my ass off! I jump in when needed. LOL nice to see you and Mike are hanging in there and came back.

  • hey, i just want my w-2 so i can file my taxes….. so um answer me bitch,… we gettin them or not?

  • I would be very greatful if you Keep name out of your dirty mouth. My mother is not a terrible person at all. And Lori, I would keep your threats about your son to yourself because your just building up another case. And if you ever came back to florida, it’s not like you would ever be able to find your kid anyway

  • lori only has that many kids because she was the neighborhood sperm depository… terry u lucky guy ur ticket number 6576…. u must need a damn hazmat suit huh

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  • @Karma: God Damn It, I wanted to correct Dumb BITCH! Maybe next time. lol

  • @Ms. Brocuglio: You talk about a paper trail, soon you’ll actually see, just what a paper tail consist of and how to use it!

    For those that do not understand why, I say Ms. Brocuglio or Mr. Valenti. I choose to NOT call them by their perspective first names, as they are not a friend of mine!

  • Oh you’ll have plenty of more chances, she types like a retarded one armed baboon

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    I wonder how many, were used to wipe their ass with?

  • For those of you who think Lori’s lying when she said she was on the Brady Bunch, it’s true. Here’s the proof:

    I think she had sumpin going on with her “brother” Louis.

  • Hey Ms. Brocuglio…Do you slip off those two front teeth, when you’re giving head? It might help, bring more interest in those “Friendly SERVICES” you offer! Jus sayin…

  • Love the pics- hey Terry – do you offer dental plan to your new hires? It looks as if Lori may be in need of a good dentist and veneers. LOL

  • @Karma

    Check Email

  • yes do read the news on the kids hit crossing 441 by themselfs good mom
    getting food yea because none in house yes and where was mom and where is that son now i am not sure but last i herd mr rivers took son and ashly moved out


  • Good Mom? I heard you SOLD one of your kids, skank. If she’s such a bad Mom, how come she has your kid? Cause you’re a loser, we all read the reports. I heard more people went down on you then the Titanic you scupper plug

  • The picture you posted lol a copy of my lic and as far as florida so what it was mike ramos and his new bottom feeder who lied on a police report to get a summons for court the lawyer chris harris who was paid to pick up summons
    made arrangements and did not do it yes its a warrent so what

  • Hell, your own KID was on here more or less saying she didn’t care for you, that speaks for itself.

  • NO you skank, it’s a warrant for VIOLATION OF A PROTECTION ORDER, it has NOTHING to do with a summons not being picked up. We’re not as stupid as you Witchy Poo.

  • ok, I am Debbie. You all happy now. So Lori and Terry here I am, give it your best shot baby!!

  • While your at it Broom Hilda, tell us how Terry lost half his thumb. LOL.

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  • @ karma please leave me out of it. I Don’t recall saying anything like that. she is my blood regardless just please leave me out of it.

  • LOL, I say something about her kid, and 9 minutes later, she happens to appear.

    Go play somewhere else, this has NOTHING to do with you.

  • Debbie
    Yes Please I want to know the truth

  • Awe no I’m Debbie….

    And it is funny how Mrs. Ramos is the bottom feeder yet you are the one stealing and going to jail. Funny she is a bottom feeder with no criminal record. And LEAVE THE CHILDREN OUT OF THIS. Goes to show how stupid and ignorant you are having to use children to fight your battles. Stop using the kids and stop trying to hurt the kids ms. Brocuglio as you have been doing for over 25 years..

  • It does if your saying something I did not say ! I ask nice to LEAVE ME OUT of it that is my blood regardless so i have been peeking in to see what is going on.

  • good job on the coloring in and to all of you spineless people who hide behind your pcs yea ok i sold my kid good one ! and as far as my kids leave them out of this back your words so you have a picture of a warrent big deal call ask they know where i am and ask if chirs harris made arrangments to pick up and he didnt thats the truth

  • There you go Lori, throwing the real Ms. Ramos’ kids into this!! How fucking low can you really get?? Can’t you talk without bringing in innocent people? Does it piss you off that Mike found a REAL woman and got rid of your skank whoring ass? The man is happy with a real woman! Terry is the bottom feeder, picking up someones sloppy seconds leftovers. You two deserve each other. You keep saying the past is the past, that you can over look what Terry did in the past and you will stand by you’re man. When the shit really comes down, you gonna stand by you’re man when he’s throwing your ass under the bus!! Every time I see you post, my blood boils because you are despicable!How you can sit there and talk your bullshit! Like I said before, you two are like two peas in a pod. Can’t wait for you to get what you have coming. Karma baby, karma!

  • Wow sucks doesn’t it Ms. Brocuglio. YOU are the one here that brought the kids into this. YOU are the one that can not come up with anything better than to try to hurt people and their kids. YOU don’t like what YOU started.

  • using kids really no one told april to go on site if it is even april and the girls are young women not under age for the record and using kids lol mac farley aka david lets start doing some back ground and dreg up old shit in are closet or maybe back yard !!!!!!!!! –

  • Mike didn’t get rid of me first off i dumped his pot smoking lazy ass
    and he knows it fact is fact people can not even say it like it is

  • Really I started don’t think so better read from the start who started what

  • Alan Bedenko started this, by busting YOU and Mr. Valenti’s LIES!

  • Big bad ass calling names behind a pc !!!!!

  • Are you saying I colored in that nasty ass black tooth of yours?
    You can see it plain as day on your mugshot:

    LOL, that’s NASTY!

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  • What’s funny is what few customers they get, some are coming on here watching her cocaine induced rantings. What’s the chance they’ll be back to that greasy spoon? LOL

  • My dead husband? LOL, I’m a guy, and I’m not gay. And as for people with no lives, that would be YOU, making up stories like being a Hells Angels president, Iron Chef Winner, CIA graduate, the list goes on. Who has no life? LOL!!

  • Umm.. Actually we were craving sweets. I begged my mom to let me walk to the store because I was almost 16 and she was very protective. She kept saying no but I kept begging and she said fine but call when we got there. What do you know you trailer trash. You didn’t know me and you didn’t know my mother. Apparently’ you can’t read either. My mom has always taken care of us and there was always food in our house.

    Yeah I moved out. AND your point is? I saved my money and I bought my own house. Isn’t that what you do when you grow up? Oh wait you wouldn’t know anything about growing up.

    As far as my brother yeah he lives with his father. Again so? Do you know anything about my brother.. No you don’t. He has behavior issues and has been being treated for years. My mom knew when she could no longer keep him safe so she did the responsible parent thing and asked for help… If this is all you got on my mom that just goes to show how great of a person she is…. Now STOP using my name and STOP dragging the kids into this. God you are a low life

  • @ Karma

    Check email I replied

  • Lori, does Terry know you are writing under his name? There ya go, bringing another kid in the mix, and talking about someone’s personal business. Let’s talk about how you got your dental work done, I didn’t know a doctor takes blowjobs as payments for their work. Now that’s class. Is that how you get around in life, giving blowjobs? I guess the front missing teeth let’s cock slide in and out real smooth.

  • Mr. Tough guy thinking your scaring people with your telephone threats about being a President of the Nomads, LOL. Guess you didn’t read the whole books through did you, ass munch. Nomads don’t HAVE a president.

    What a tool

  • WILL YOU STOP with the kids. All of you stop with the kids. walking to the store and that happening could of happen to anyone at that age or younger. Stop putting the god damn kids in it.

  • Yeah, the kids thing is getting old, has nothing to do with anything. Don’t stoop to Lori’s level.

  • No Deb its me, and you should know by this, our last conversation i was pissed at you for josh missing his exam, and that was it, you know what my number is its not changed, cant say i agree with lori all the time but i will stick by her,you and heavy metal have fun, i wish you well, remember i have never bothered you when we split lets leave it that way. And you know its me i never wanted to hang that swing in our room.

  • @ Karma

    Well I hope they throw a real nice party for him. I’m signing off going away with my wife and daughter and stepdaughter for the weekend. Fun in the Sun in Florida

  • I find it intriguing , how Ms. Brocuglio and Mr. Valenti, can twist shit, in such away, to draw the attention off themselves and the original reason all this came to be! Lies upon lies, then some pathetic attempt at backpedaling, then dodging the legal issues by throwing out personal shit, on someone that has nothing to do with the issues concerning the restaurant!

  • I have to say your right, i will stop, just the issues and i have addressed them all. GN

  • No not yet you have Mr. Valenti, but soon, very, very soon you will!

  • So, now your gonna blame this Deb girl for your son’s mistakes? She was not his mother, it was not her responsibility to make sure he went to school! So, dad, where were you? It is your responsibility to make sure your child got his schooling done. Again, there you go, passing the buck.

  • lol ok John you have a great night. Soon very soon lol

  • Again someone is going on about kids wtf enough.

  • OMG fuck off!

  • Thank you everyone for trying to stop the tossing out of the kids. You don’t know how hard it was for me to try and not acknowledge it. I asked Alan to please take off the posts with my kids name in them. The kids have nothing to do with this. I hope he takes them off.

  • You all tell her to stop with the kids maybe if everyone else stop kids wouldn’t be a topic!

  • Soon very soon someone may have a new finger necklace. Are you really STILL threatening people? No one is scared of you at all and it disgusts me the way you talk about women. I cant believe what kind of values your teaching those young boys. Bringing in someones dead husband?? When I think nothing you douche bags say will suprise me, Boom out comes the diarrhea from your mouth. Hey lets make up a “Mock Hells Angels” Can we use your yard? We can draw straws to see who’s gonna be president! Woo Whoo!

  • @Mrs Ramos: That’s how they operate! It’s the quickest way to set a person off, is by attacking their children. Knowing full well, that any “TRUE” Mother or Father, would spark up and respond with anger. I would suspect it was a baiting tactic, to get this alleged Deb Farley to respond. Maybe she really isn’t here?

    As with others, in due time, the cards will be played!

  • MR. Ramos (I cant believe what kind of values your teaching those young boys) That’s still bringing kids up. If every one just cuts out the words kids, boys girls. Then the topic will not included anything about kids.

  • If I had a punt button, I’d sure as shit use it right now! OMG!

  • using kids really no one told april to go on site if it is even april and the girls are young women not under age for the record don’t mess with my girls they don’t need you people upsetting them and using kids lol mac farley aka david lets start doing some back ground and dreg up old shit in are closet or maybe back yard !!!!!!!!! –

  • lol mike, if your not Deb you dont know what i ment, lol and what mike are you mad that you lost in court or because your other son cant stand you, why do you think he calls you mike? but that is between you two just remember one thing, you are his father, and i have always told him that I will not ever let him say or do anything hatefull to you i tell him to call you and he does you just chose not to call back, I am not on here to have a war of words with you or your wife, step up and call your kid, and just talk to him, as his dad and as his friend and maybe the two of you will reconnect. well thats all i am going to say to you he will be home at 10

  • Ok well you don’t and just like all of you I can speak my mind. All anyone can use at this point is kids not everyone is perfect. One thing we can stop is the kids being talked about in anyway shape or form.

  • @OMG go fuck yourself and get off this blog. I hear the short bus beeping in front of your house must be time for school. Beat it

  • Terri shut the fuck up ! about the kids.

  • Lori shut the fuck up about the kids.

  • Everyone else please stop with the kids.

  • lol i am done you have his number use it.

  • I kinda agree with OMG stop with the kids Lori and Terry. You two started with the kids. YOU prove you are human and stop with the kids

  • Terry really don’t bring the kids up again. There not even yours.

  • What? Josh is mine you weirdo please.

  • Nice one OMG

  • LOL, how many times are you 2 idiots going to say: Ok, well I’m done.

    You’ll be done soon enough….

  • What’s that USMC tat on your arm mean? Do tell us that one

  • Really? have you seen it? lol ok keep it up Debbie? lol karmas a bitch lol

  • ok i see how this gets you, just want to read more, lol

  • Yeah, I’ve seen it. Funny, you don’t even have a clue who I am. You’ll remember soon enough, it has to do with my brother.

  • Ass Fucken filthy ass? affa? CHUMP COCK SUCKER T bone or T bag whatever you call yourself.

  • well your son calls me dad

  • Good for you.

  • Have a good night with that one Mike lol now i am out of here bye

  • Must be a slow night at the restaurant. Oh wait, Terry and Lori have the kids cooking, my bad. Just think, soon the place will be closed and you won’t have to worry about cheap labor. I love it how you two can sit on here like you have no troubles or problems to deal with. I think if I was you, sitting on the computer and making yourselves look more like assholes than you really are, you should be trying to get business in there because your going to be needing bail money soon. Oh wait, going to jail and posting bail isn’t new to you guys. Hey Lori, when are you gonna put new photo’s up on yours and Terry’s facebook page? Oh, I guess you need actual customers to up date how great the business is going.

  • I’ve heard you tell your little Angels story at least twice, and a few others. You’re nothing but a wannabe, make up stories because you know you’re a nothing. You laugh all you want now, you won’t be for long. Eventually shit stains like you fuck over the wrong person, well, you did just that.

    What you’ve done to these people on here that were screwed over by you, is going to happen to you. Tenfold.

  • Terry really just shut up if anyone caused this its you there going in on you more then anyone

  • Out of here again? I wanted to be outa here also but its too damn addicting to watch you two numbsculls get what you deserve.

  • Your mothers should have swallowed all of you while she had the chance.fucken hillbillies.

  • Awwww, look, babygirl thinks she’s sexy and funny. LMAO!!!!

    What a moron, grow up. 45 year old babygirl, THAT’S HILARIOUS!!!

  • @Karma

    Omg that is too funny..

  • Your mother swallowed just fine for me last night

  • Bimbogirl maybe

  • I’m with Ms. Ramos, I try to leave but it’s like a bad train wreck, you just can’t look away!! I get a total rush reading what Tweedledum and twiddledumber write there lies and bullshit!!

  • I know it’s consuming our lives. We havent watched tv in 3 days! Were smoking alot less cigs also because we only smoke outside.

  • I bet Alan shakes his head alot when he reads these threads lol


  • Probably so much he’s going to need physical therapy when this is all over. Anyone hear if the labor board showed up today?

  • Whos the 8th brother? I thought you only had 7 brothers? You cant tell the truth about ANYTHING.

  • Lori.are you sure you are a look like a guy I use to work out at the gym with and his name was Louie????????

  • omg that pic lol explains everything

  • @ karma, LOL love the pic! What is she doing, looking for crack rocks in the carpet, or getting up from Terry knocking her on her ass!!


  • And what’s with the 81 on you and Toughguy’s profiles? Not an Angel, but plasters 81 everywhere. What a couple of nobodies.

  • @Moore

    OMG you had us on the floor laughing hysterically (not looking for crack in the carpet)

  • Neither,
    It’s a pic of her opening for “friendly services”.

  • definition of TERRY a short greasy hairy little pigman person, full of deceit and lies,

    definition of LORI a giraffe like stance hinted with a hit of crack stained alligator teeth,

    ……. more definitions to come by more subscribers

  • Thank you, thank you, I will be here all night for you’re entertainment pleasure!! Another good one karma.

  • Is it a slow night tonight Lori? How’s the fish fry going? Couldn’t find anymore at the bottom of the garbage can like it was posted here last week? Oh, I know why, no customers.

  • lol ughhh i was gonna order a fishfry that night to take home too, untill i watched terry tell his other cook to take them out of the garbage and rinse them off,…. ur not a chef, not even a real cook if thats what ur serving,.. u scumbag

  • Hey Lori, Hell’s Kitchen is on, might wanna watch it and get some pointers! Di Terry have a cook off with chef Ramsey and beat him too with his parsnips??

  • oops, I meant Kitchen Nightmares!

  • god bless you

  • Hey Terry, who’s internet are you ripping off? I know you have a habit of using other peoples social security numbers and stealing cabl, phone service etc.Hey everyone, if your his neighbor, beware, he will be stealing what ever is not nailed down in the neighborhood. Oh by the way, Terry loves to go garbage picking on trash night. Oh Terry, make sure you hit up Amvets to shop for your next court appearance too. You piece of shit!

  • Hey Terry how did you like it when I changed the locks on the apartment you were living at in Cheektowaga? What you couldn’t brake in anymore to steel food out of the fridge or steal anymore toilet paper? Buddy your a real joke!!! Does your son know you have used his social security number to turn on phones cause your awesome credit wouldn’t let you have it turned on in your name???? Or better yet how you would go to the Walden Flea Market to buy your imitation Marine Ring that the gem fell out of or how you would go to the Army Surplus Store to buy camo’s that had other peoples names on them!!!! Really man I hope some real “Marines” find out that you try to pass yourself off as a Veteran!!!!Your so full of “SHIT” your eyes spew brown.

  • Damn, uses his kids social #??? Is there anything these scumbags won’t do to their kids!!

  • I strongly suggest anyone who has ever had contact with Terry please check your credit on This guy would rob his own Grandmother.

  • Wow! I knew “T” was a con, but never really the extent of it! I also had the misfortune of meeting T back in 2007. He was the “CHEF” of this little mom and pop place in Crystal River, FL. where my boyfriend and I went to eat. I remember the pan seared ahi tuna he “prepared”. All I can say is that it SUCKED! But, there was ONLY one good thing about meeting T. His now ex-wife. She is the most considerate woman you could ever come to know (Lori…you could use a few lessons from her)! Terri did nothing but lie to her, cheat on her,steal from her and degrade her. When Terri realized she was learning more and more about the “true” T, he decided to hit the road yet once again. Leaving her with a busted up van, mortgage she couldn’t afford and of course….NO CHILD SUPPORT FROM HIM! What a pathetic excuse for a man you are Terri!! In all honesty…T you don’t deserve a woman as good as she is…sounds like you have just what you deserve in the ??? (can’t bring myself to call her a woman) you are with! As far as Don and Sean go…you may not have issues with them…rest assured, they obviously have issues with you or they wouldn’t have called you out on being the scumbag that you are!!!

  • LOL! The list of people these scumbags have screwed over gets longer and longer. Don’t worry folks, It’s going to have a GREAT ending!

  • Amen Karma… It aint over til the crack lady sings

  • @Karma…He has been doing this to people for far too long and it is high time that it all comes crashing down on him. He has not done anything personally to me, however, he has stolen from “Noah” as well as Don(my better half). And I know this to be fact. Don and I were left cleaning up the mess he created for us.

  • It’s amazing how these to parasites touched so many people, in so many ways. I am so grateful for Allan for giving us the opportunity to expose these two for who they really are. It’s sad they couldn’t have done it in a positive way. I am amazed how the list of people is getting longer and longer. Too bad they couldn’t have done something positive and be remembered for the good they did.

  • Where did everyone go?

  • This story just sounds sooo familiar…. Kinda like Jesse James and Kat Von D… Yeah, and we all know how that ended 🙂 Once a scumbag always a scumbag 🙂

  • Pretty funny I am off here for about 10-12 hrs a day and when i get home it takes me 1.5 hrs to catch up…..LOL

  • just joining. but been following since the beginning. i happened upon eviction news from the 14th on… i know someone (who has known LB since about 15 y.o.) who always has some wild story to tell about her. Wow, seems like some catching up and bitn yo ass is happnin. I told my friend about this blog, we have been following it and commenting to each other about how the stuff we have been talking about is all coming out! and I am encouraging that person to share some of the stories — maybe we will see a comment (ahem – storyyyy) soon…hint hint 🙂

    i’m really stunned at TV’s demeanor, as if other than a few ‘white’ lies he told he’s never done anything wrong. and poor LB, really, soo saddd. completely illiterate, yeah, mouth vomit i call it! no need to say more, her issues are obviously all ‘out’ and its scarey. this is her and has been her for her entire life. this is nothing new and no-one else caused her behavior. there are ppl (like my buddy) who have known her since her younger teen yrs – she is absolutely the same now as she was then. period. ppl like this should not be allowed to breed (and if they do get ‘caught’ and push out a few, they should be taken away. fortunately, there are a few free ones of hers out there. unfortunately, because she is soo LB, the affliction has been cast). maybe when they go to jail the children will finally get a chance to live their lives without all the Terri-puss and Lori-crackho drama.

    some say that to be a good parent you don’t have to be right all the time, just be consistent and your kids will be resilient. derr — not even! some serious DSM diagnoses goin on here – just look at the 4 rings on all LBs left hand in the vids — hello Ms. Histrionic (1 of ??) and thats the mild one.

    @ linnealu: i would call them dumb and dumber aka “cracker and cracked”

    @ WTFTOWN: yes, it does take a while to catch up each day. gets sadder but worth it to see justice coming right?

    For the grown children keeping up with this, and those who may see it later — (don’t get me wrong, all these people and i are gonna continue to crack on ur parents, they are clearly selfcentered, selfish, psychologically sick ppl. but NONE of you have to be LIKE either of THEM!). –> feel bad for the kids of these ppl. they didnt ask to be born. and we cant undo all of the baddness they have been exposed to. just hope there is some good influence to counteract and open their eyes to some type of balance in life that is not so dependent on sick behaviors and habits to get through each day. yeah, there are ppl who get up and make it through each day without lying, abusing, scheming, stealing, using — AND thoughts of this type of behavior never even enter their minds. i’m not gonna say its normal or not — what the hell is normal anyway? just that there is relative happiness, coz mostly life is pretty tough. but its the tough times (holding to your morals, working hard to earn your way and pay your dues, keeping your priorities managed) that make all the easy times so sweet. i can have 100 tough things happen to me and the 1 sweet thing can carry me through the next 100 tough things. a genuine life (one mostly without BS) is generally what ppl strive for (just talkin averages here to make a point). someone great said, it’s very hard, but it’s all worth it. i’ve lived it ad nauseum…and it is worth it. believe that you can be better (x1000) than your parents. seriously? yes, i want my kids to be at least 1000 times better than me. any loving, selfless parent would feel the same. one last thing, its simple and difficult – hate the sin not the sinner. which doesn’t mean to condone behavior. read up on tough love. and even though u have the parents you do i’m positive that they love you back – in their wierd, limited, selfish way – they sure aren’t right in all this mess (and all the other messes). but because they are the wierd, limited, selfish ppl that they are, they use u, just like they use every person that crosses their paths. no exceptions with life-timers like TV/LB. they will never change, and they will always be the victims. you must try to break the chain – you CAN do it…speaking from personal experience. like i said, it will be tough, but it can be done – and it WILL be worth it.

    and just a reminder to my buddy — c’mon with it already!

    • I’ll note that it takes a special type of person to live a life of 40-ish years in such a way as to leave behind such a trail of lies,wreckage, hurt, bitterness, and anger.

      It would make anyone with even an ounce of decency, intelligence, and self-awareness seriously rethink how they’re living their life.

  • I agree Alan, but you’re talking about NORMAL people. They’re BOTH sociopaths, their behavior is ALL over this page:

    They have no remorse or empathy for ANY of the destruction they’ve caused over the years. If anyone is on here waiting for these two scumbags to come on here and apologize for what they’ve done, don’t hold your breath.

  • I’m surprised Janice Okun didn’t recommend Valenti’s for this column

  • See told you she needed proper mental care. She is a sociopath. Hopefully that isn’t a defense.

  • Not to sound like a dummy or anything but, last night I asked my wife for the definition of a sociopath. Oh My GOD that definition fits to a T and I didnt realize how many terrible qualities that a sociopath actually may have. They have them ALL!

  • This story has absolutely had me riveted right from the get go.

    But truth be told., this display of drama, charges and counter charges, and other assorted nonsense coming from the hillbillies in Florida and other places wants to make me puke. Mr and Mrs Ramos? Aprl? Deb Farley? Others I might have missed? Along with Lori and Terry, here is the common thread for sure – they all smoke like fiends, the trailers in which they live are strewn with empty beer cans and packed to the gills with Wal Mart crap. The heat is cranked on high when it’s cold and the a/c blasts when it’s hot. The diapers and formula for the babies, the medical costs for that unfortunate car accident, the food stamps, the EBT cards – you, me, the other taxpayers, Petri Hawkins-Bird from Judge Judy. We pay for all this so this collection of lowlifes and moochers can continue to poach booze and pills and sexual liaisons off of each other while the rest of us pay and pay.

    As this restaurant meets its inevitable and justified demise and this soap opera continues to unfold on this Artvoice site, here is what I want to learn…

    —is Melissa Janiszewski, the legal partner a victim or a perpetrator? What is the extent of her investment, and how badly was she scammed?

    —Where is Frank Budwey? Will he prosecute the $3000 bad check? Will he evict? How will all this go down?

    — Will the agencies of government, the health department, NYS unemployment, the NYS labor dept swoop down and intervene on the criminal conduct and fraud that is clearly being perpetrated at this place?

    For the answers to these and other questions, keep it here- same bat-time, same bat-channel. As for the drama of the extended Valenti/Brocuglio/Ramos welfare family… Yawn… Go away.

  • @John

    I had to re-post link for that Papa Roach song. I love that song and it suits these 2 ding dongs to a T!

    To the Valenti’s turn up your stereo really loud and sit back and enjoy..

  • While you morons worry about these two clowns, you are getting screwed.

    Where is the passion about real issues?

  • @sportsroadtrip… Apparently you have no clue about anything. You are apparently a leech that drops in and have no actual knowledge of anything. Do you just need to hear yourself speak?

    DO your research before saying anything about people. I am sorry here but including the Brocuglio/Valenti’s. And Including whoever this Deb person is. Have you been to my house? Do you even know where I live or seen my property? Awe I think not. Do you own your house? I do. Do you have a mortgage? I don’t. Do you own your vehicles outright? I do. Both of them. Do you really actually work? Because I have work 60 hours a week by entire adult life and never taken a hand out from anyone.

    IF you did have an ounce of knowledge as to who I am and what we do you would feel like an absolute moron for including Ramos in your comment. We own everything we have and sorry we don’t drink. And if you DID know me you would know I hate beer and detest any drug. Get YOU story straight before speaking. Just because we are victims of those people does not mean any of us are like those people. If we were like those 2 they would not ever had a use for us.

  • Good morning everyone. Nice to see ya again. It’s another day of surprises, lies, fabrications and just plain BS from T&L. Too bad we are going to have to wait for them to pop in. Running a restaurant can be a full time job. But the again we have to wait for their crack and weed induced high kicks in. I sent a Message to that Debbie girl on her facebook page and sent her the link to this page. I let her know that there were two lowlifes trashing her name and talking about personal issues. I am waiting for her reply. Hopefully she can come on here and shed some light on the situation of what type of garbage these parasites really are. Let the fun begin…………….

  • This is not a political blog. This blog is about 2 criminal people. This blog in my book is just as important as if you allow people like them to get away with everything then the politics really does not matter does it. What is the point of politics and laws if we are just not going to pursue the justice behind them. Now go on back to your own blog and talk politics there. Most of the people here are not even from NY so go push your politics someplace else.

  • Whats wrong with Walmart? I Looooove Walmart.. You must shop at K Mart..

  • Gee Mike, that was a real riveting article you sent there, Assemblyman joins call by activists for IDA reform. I don’t give a shit what happens with the politics in your community, I don’t live there. You call us morons so I’m assuming you are too because you are here. If you have nothing to contribute to the blog, see your way out. Thank you, have a nice day!

  • I love me some Walmart Ms. Ramos. How are you doing today girl?

  • Mr and Mrs Ramos email i tried to find you on facebook but wasnt sure which one……if it is truely you i will reveal who i am

  • @Moore

    You Tell Em!

    Hey sportsroadparsnips we are all kind of like a family on the blog and if you attack one of us you attack us all. Dont start none wont be none.

  • That’s right, we watch each others back in here. Don’t start shit ya can’t back up.

  • Emailed about 5 minutes ago

  • Ms. Ramos, can I email you and tell you who I am?

  • Im confused. The press release states “Executive chef and owner”… but mr. valenti says he is not the owner. But in every publication and tv spot, he says he IS the owner. But then he is not. But then he is. I am so very confused.

  • Maybe Deb Farely is the owner of the restaurant… that MUST be it!

  • Yes however, I do not feel comfortable putting my email out there. I have had to change my number 6 times because of these people and I switched email addresses. I would love to swap talk with you but I can’t put that info on here.

  • He can’t make it known he is working because he doesn’t pay child support, but if you go on their facebook page you clearly see he is doing the cooking. If he says he is working they can come after him for child support. Just another one of his scams to avoid responsibility to his kids! But if you read their website it says right there, Chef Terry and Lori, owners!! See the lies you think they are getting away with! dur

  • I’m with Sportsroadtrip.This has been a fascinating journey regarding the Valenti’s and all their lies and illegalities and harm perpetrated on others and on the North Tonawanda community as well. However, this has veered off sharply into some he said she said, one-upsmanship on who did something to who drama.More like “Sex, Lies and Videtape”, than what it legitimately started out to be.
    So while there were many people harmed and perhaps laws broken that need to be brought forward, that is no longer what’s going on here. It’s simply become a rant and rave session. I think Craigslist has one of those. And I know I can stop reading this and I will, I just thought I would share why.

  • I understand. I will try to find you on Facebook and message you there.

  • Oh wait maybe we can make up a “mock” email! LMAO When this is all over, we all have to get together for a nice dinner. Maybe we can ask Janice what the best place is. Shit with all of these people maybe it would be best to just have a huge block pary! We can use my trailer!

  • Thanks losers, hope you enjoy your day too!

  • Thank you Kathleen for your opinion and insight to how you feel about this blog. All opinions are welcomed. You came you saw, but really don’t like the direction it took, it’s ok, so, thanks for dropping in, it was a pleasure meeting you. Next…………

  • I bet that’s Lori’s son Mikey dropping in to see whats going on to report to Lori and Terry. My, my got to get up pretty early to fool us. Anybody ready for a second cup of coffee?

  • @ Ms. Ramos, your a hoot. We will have to stay in touch for sure! You truly are a nice woman. I’ll bring the still for the moonshine. Us hillbillies know how to party for sure!!

  • I agre to a certain extent the thread has veered off topic,but I think that is due to the emotions of those hurt, burned, conned by these 2 sub-humans.

  • @Moore I don’t know for sure but I think we have a mutual friend. If so maybe that person can give you my facebook.

  • Oh ok, I think I know who you are talking about. Thanks.

  • don’t you shit bags have a bingo game to get too?

  • Don’t you have some cooking to do?? My bad, no customers again today Mikey?? See what failures you’re mom and step daddy are!

  • yup, i am on my way to the spca, we ran out of meat.

  • Cooking for your family isn’t considered customers, but if that’s the only business you can get, go for it. What does spca stand for, Stolen Produce Conned Away? Love the way mommy has you coming on here butting in to something that doesn’t concern you. And she’s the one that keeps saying don’t bring the kids into this. It’s sad, but you are gonna end up just like her.

  • I ABSOLUTELY have no specific knowledge of the Ramos family and their housing and financial circumstances. I can only draw reasonable conclusions based on the rambling comments and counter comments posted here. If the Ramos family never put the taxpayers of Florida on the hook for their groceries, a utility bill or the medical bills for that horrible car accident, well bully for them. I tip my hat to anyone who works, produces and pays taxes. But remember too… These people made babies with the Valentis of the world and now display their sadness and drama for all the world to see. At the very least an epic lack of good judgment.

    My concern? As a wage earner and taxpayer of NY State, am I being fleeced by a restaurant owner who is illegally collecting unemployment? Are employee wages there being accurately reported? Is the food being served there done to adequate health standards? I wanna know. As for Mr. Ramos’ past sexual escapades, and Mrs. Ramos’ ongoing cat fights with the Fetching Lori Brocuglio? Yawn.

  • Sportsroadtrip, why are you talking about the Ramos? This blog is about the wrong doing’s of Terry and Lori. All the posters here have legitimate concerns and well documented truth about these two. We as bloggers are not sitting here dredging up anyone’s past but Terry and Lori’s so why would you come in here and attack the Ramos? I find it quite disturbing that you came in here with such harsh remarks about them. Please refrain from calling anybody out on this blog. If you have nothing to contribute in a positive way or shed light on the wrong doings Terry and Lori did to you, we as a majority would like you to please keep your one sided negativity to yourself.

  • Actually, if that is all you can draw from this you are a bigger idiot than anyone here. I have paid for every single utility bill since I was 17 years old. Noone has ever not once paid for my utility bills or my grocery bills or any other bill for that matter.

    As for the accident leave my children out of this you scum. All medical bills were paid my by health insurance thru work. What they did not pay the drunk that ran them over her insurance paid. So no jerk no STATE money ever paid for a penny of my bills or my children.

    As far as me having a child with the Valentis of the world, just because my ex husband and I did not felt our relationship was one we did not want forever does not mean he or I were bad people. We decided we just should not be together. He is a hard working man and works every single day. So don’t even try to put us in the same category of those people. As me, my childrens father has never accepted a penny of welfare or any other type if hand out.

    As a tax tayer of NY you would think you would look at home and be more worried about Ms. Brocuglio receiving money and help from YOUR local charities and churches. There is where your tax money is going.

    The people are here do rant and rave for sure. However, ALL facts. We all know the truth and have back up before we state anything. Something you apparently lack. Get the facts and know who you are talking about before opening your filthy mouth and actually know what you are saying about people.

  • @Moore

    Thankyou fo all your kind words. I truly would like to meet you someday, you seem like a very nice person. I’m not going to respond to sportsroadparsnips but I cant say that my wife wont.

    @Mike Please dont invole yourself in this, you’re way better than that. Please Mike

  • @ Anytime Mr. Ramos. The nerve of some people. I will always stand up for a friend. They say there is an asshole in every bunch, but apparently we just happen to have more than one…………

  • So they had the time to come on here and start more shit but they never answered my question as to if any of the employees are getting there W2s for taxes?


  • Sportsroadtrip also leave my name out your mouth you know nothing about me and i agree with mr. Ramos and mrs. Ramos and I wanna C. Moore i have tried staying out of this crap but when my name is in it then i will step in.

  • You will go sick if it comes down to it? Yep, ur Lori’s daughter. SMH

  • when it comes to protecting my brother i will wouldn’t you do the same for yours.

  • PMSWITHAHANDGUN “WOW” Sounds almost like the true Mr Ramos, as well
    the man who had his son piss in a bottle so he could pass a drug test. for workers comp the man who was to busy smoking pot insted of supporting his family.
    Mr Ramos who towed for mike’s auto and towing who was fired call and get the scoop from Windsor, CT Scott Ballard who does in fact know the real Mike Ramos
    or better yet serch records on his past life. Parents are from Windsor and i do think if you check the police report on Mike Ramos you will find he beat the crap out of his own brother joe the night he was all cokes up and was arrested
    so before anyone makes judgement get all the facts. want to see more do you really

  • Old friend who are u !

  • I love how the hole fam gets dragged in joe ramos really how bout to look into him! Plz everyone has done things in this family but then again this is not about the family its about terry

  • I do love how people hide behind made up names if you are going to talk shit be you not a made up person im really getting sick of the family that has nothing to do with this is draged into it maybe people need to just stop getting on people and end this crap

  • Actually I do know the true Mr.Ramos. Not some cracked out version that Lori paints him out to be. The TRUE Mr. Ramos is a very kind hearted man that does work very hard for his family. He equally contributes to our home and OUR family. Perhaps you really don’t know the real one.

    That is very odd about Mikes towing because when we were in Connecticut we went there and they were very happy to see him. They shook his hand and talked for a while catching up. Odd… Very odd.

    Go ahead and check his police report of something he did 15 or more years ago. I hope if someone was beating the shit out of me (a woman) that mike would step in and do the same. Yeah exactly. Mike stepped in while his brother was beating the shit out of a girl. So I am proud to say my sweet husband did step in and punch his brother in the face. It takes a real man to defend a womman. Check your facts “old friend” because you are no friend of my husbands.

  • Yes you are right April! BUT ON THE OTHER HAND
    Mr Ramos is not man enough to say it like it is then its his turn, we did do some checking into things and other people who know The Ramos “the new Ramos”
    have alot to say “waldo & Windsor” was a Key Part !

  • See i dont care its not about mike or me or my uncles this page should even exsit if u are gonna run your mouth expose your self im sick of my family being in this shit this is stupid

  • Not at all what the police report states. and it gets deeper Mike Had A long history of drugs long before he meet his first wife.
    How Long have you been with him? Think About it Lori it took 3 Years Before she found out about the man she lay with “sleep

  • I could say a few things about joe but i wont cuz its not for a pafe on the internet

  • April please stay out of this you need not worry call your brother he did not comment up here some one acting as if they are mikey he does not even know its all here ask him yourself i just did

  • I wrote him on facebook he did not replay

  • April i don’t think you know joe they are talking about joe ramos and thats mikes brother please just let it be if you

  • Well allen van u find out whos ip is using y brothers name

  • And you said it “old friend” past life. No one is perfect. This is about current things people are doing. Sure Mike made mistakes. Almost 20 years ago. And no not a history of drugs. You are way off base there. Maybe you should use his middle name in your search so you pull out ONLY him. And stop confusing him with others.

    Point being noone is perfect. However, 20 years ago and he realized he was wrong and became the name he is now since then. Unlike the crackhead who continues to violate every law she can and make herself a huge news story. Why could she just have her nice restaurant and keep quiet and have a good life?

    I actually have his police records. I sent away for them.. So yeah I do know.

  • Report includes from our exclusive premium databases:

    Subject: RAMOS, LORI ANN, Age: 46
    6 unique addresses in Brooklyn, NY
    3 unique addresses in Lake Mary, FL
    1 unique address in Sanford, FL
    1 unique address in Englewood, NJ
    1 unique address in Smyrna, GA
    1 unique address in Jamaica, NY
    2 unique addresses in Mechanicsburg, PA
    1 unique address in Briarwood, NY
    none are me but sure alot out there ????????

  • Who the heck is lori ann Ramos?

  • Ramos, Lorie A

    Possible Aka’s:
    49 Margate, FL
    Watertown, NY
    Apo, AE
    Apo new York, NY
    Fort Drum, NY
    Available Ramos, Evelyn
    Ramos, Eddie
    Ramos, Robert C
    Ramos, Lisa A
    Ramos, Virginia C
    Ramos, Jessica
    Ramos, Jessica
    Ramos, Virginia
    Ramos, Evelyn

  • Perhaps all these postings would make some type of sense if someone searches the correct name. Perhaps Ms. Brocuglio doesn’t know what her name actually is.

  • old employee thats on here is bill ripleys daughter former employee of nikos the last tenant frank did this to claiming niko owed him thousands of dollars we already have ip address and shows about you your hubby worked here and when you needed dipers i do think it was me who ran out and brought you the money so with that said you might wanna ask frank where all the paper work is as he came in and “self help” to all are files and lots other stuff or you can call the lawyers i hired your choice but as far as the bussiness i can not and will not csay a word untill lawyer states i can no one worth that!!!!!!

  • LOL give joe my cell or resturant number if you talk to him

  • You have an IP address that shows someone needed diapers?

  • What does the list of similar names prove? Do you honestly believe everyone else is as mentally challenged as you clearly are? Why don’t you directly answer any charges and questions? You have a habit of deflection, obfuscation (look it up moron) and portraying yourself as a victim of some vast conspiracy. No accountability or self-awareness and a complete absence of anything even marginally resembling a moral compass.

  • I agree with April. this is getting way out of hand! This is about Terry and Lori. Let’s stop bringing in other family members, it’s not fair to them and they aren’t here to defend themselves. April, please stay off this post, thank you. Lori, thought you’re name was Lori Lee, why are you putting Lori A and Lori Ann?? Amazing how you throw stupid stuff out there that doesn’t even pertain to you. Didn’t your mother raise you not to say anything about somebody if you haven’t got anything nice to say? Before you go there, we got documentation on what we say. Let’s not turn this into a three ring circus and cause undo pain to the innocent ones not here.

  • I agree. This is soley about 2 people that constantly break the law and take from others and charities. I vote when jibber jabber is posted we don’t acknowledge it. It will be pretty boring for “some” people that can do nothing but post incomprehensible jibber jabber about anything.

    Stick to the fact of the case and the matters at hand! That is first watching these two dig themselves deeper and laugh hysterically about it and second not let them get away with the many crimes they have committed across our country. .

  • There she goes again with IP Addresses again LOL. I’m surprised she can even spell IP. Try searching Lori Lee Ramos, you effin moron.

  • Lori Lee Ramos
    Race: White
    Sex: F
    Date of Birth: 07/26/66
    Height: 5’05”
    Weight: 140 lbs
    Black Hair
    Brown Eyes
    Wanted for

  • Maybe I need to upload these other documents to refresh your memory, Princess Blacktooth

  • A quote from Ms. Brocuglio: “ask frank where all the paper work is as he came in and “self help” to all are files and lots other stuff”

    Oh now Mr. Budwey not only stole an unsigned check, now he has stolen “Paper work”?

    I’m curious about the “CAMERA’S” in this restaurant, I’d be willing to bet, they are or the tapes, are “SURPRISINGLY” missing!

    I’ve just gotta laugh and shake my head, at this moronic woman!

  • Lol that is awesome. I don’t know Karma! My mind is a little fuzzy! Imagine what her mind is like. Can a person forget all they have done like that? Very odd indeed she feels she is the victim of this entire thing!

  • Don’t worry, these idiots will be the demise of each other. They BOTH think the wrong the other one has done to others over the years is something they wouldn’t do to them. When all the charges start piling up, Broom Hilda will blame Fatass, and Fatass will blame Broom Hilda. Fatass already threw Broom Hilda under the bus, blaming the lies to the news and the PR guy on her. Their both a couple of scumbags who think they’re exempt from the other’s treacherous ways.

  • nope not who u think it is, try again u cracked out bitch,…. i have never had to ask ur sleezy ass for help,…

  • 9 more days till the 30th better get those w2’s mailed,…. b4 u have another charge…..

  • @OLD FRIEND….You have no clue who I am or how I had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting Terry. Terry is the ONLY fuck up that I know in this whole situation. I have no knowledge of the people that you referenced in your post that was directed to me. I said what I did BASED ON FACT…NOT HEAR SAY. Terry has been conning people for a very long time. If you are an “old friend” then you got lucky that he didn’t screw you over as well. The list of people coming forward about Terry and his cons is growing immensely. From South Florida, to Texas to New York. So you “OLD FRIEND” need to get your facts straight!

  • Neither one of these slimeballs have an “old friend”. Neither of them have friendships that last multiple years. They have acquaintances they eventually end up screwing over, then move on. They don’t get into relationships, they take hostages. They’re the kind of scum you see on crime shows that lure someone in with promises of this and that, then fuck them over, rob them of their identity and their dignity, then move onto the next victim. Hell, even Lori’s own daughter refers to her as “she is my blood”, what’s that tell you? It’s plain to see just on this site. Out of 1426 posts, not ONE person has come forward and said “I’ve been a friend of Terry or Lori’s for years, and they are a great person. Not ONE person has come forward to defend them, other then Broom Hilda herself, using another name but the same sloppy grammar and punctuation. That speaks for itself.

    Some of you think you’re going to reason with them, or get them to admit anything they’ve ever done. Don’t waste your breath, it will NEVER happen. That’s the world of a sociopath, THEY are the victim, misunderstood, a target, the list of excuses goes on. Hell, even someone who reads these posts and has never met EITHER of them, can plainly see they’re not mentally balanced. You all need to just let this play out, there time is coming, and it’s coming soon. There’s a lot happening behind the scenes that isn’t even posted here, and I’m sure they’re both planning on how they’re going to pin it all on the other. You all need to stop getting your panties in a bunch, step back, and let them hang themselves.

  • Frank admitted it you fool

  • Just answer the questions Lori. Directly, and if at all possible with punctuation. Even an objective bystander can see what you are doing here. And if you have even a modicum of morality or conscience stop dragging your children and others into this. It is the act of coward.

    You and your fake thug husband are going to understand vindication very soon. In ways you never imagined. Every transgression is going to come back to haunt you. Unfortunately you are too stupid to be scared but you should be. This is going to end terribly for you both.

  • James,
    Stop uzeng bigg werds withe hur she want undrstandz.

  • You sign a check from a closed account to a man who’s been in business probably as long as you’ve been alive, and you’re calling someone ELSE a fool?


  • It’s funny, I actually considered that. Her posts would give a speech pathologist a boner. She demonstrates a clear cognitive dissonance as well as a multitude of symptoms that indicate a severe learning impediment. I can understand that some people have a difficulty with homophones and advanced understanding of grammar and syntax plus the expected misspellings in an informal environment such as a messageboard. Unfortunately, she and Terry go well beyond that threshold. It’s pretty clear they are both clinically retarded. I’m not saying this in a flippant, dismissive way. They are both severely impaired. Not to mention the severe moral lapses they have both demonstrated time and time again. In short, they are a couple of clinically demonstrable morons with no conscience or moral barometer. In terms they might appreciate, a pair of fucking losers.

  • I think Mr. Budwey “admitted”, that he took the check that YOU, Ms. Brocuglio handed him! Maybe Ms. Brocuglio “Handed” Mr. Budwey, their paperwork as well? lmfao

  • first off i dont dont care about how i type to a bunch of people like you and as far as the check lol you have no clue and say all you want the out come going to surprise to you all well maybe not
    and account was not closed get your facts not only where checks taken from office many checks and fact is all was paid at budways have reciepts the store never sent them to franks back office he came over here doing and thinking he can push people around and do as he pleased sat frank pulled whats called a self help crime and helped him self to alot and when he relized he was on camra he took dvr and admitted it to police hahahahha dumb ass what he didn’t know is its backed up tp pc now what do you have to say see sometimes things seem to be differant then they are and thats why i hold my head up high i have nothing to hide i did nothing but trust a dirt bag and for the record alot of my guest that eat here have alot to say about him

  • Another example of how she distorts the facts the manipulate the conversation. She will not address anything directly. Rather, she will make a bunch of static and buy her time, hoping for the best. I almost feel sorry for her except for the fact she far too dumb to even be bothered by this. Having no conscience and being profoundly stupid means you never have to worry about anything.

  • Reading your goddamn gibberish gives me a headache. You are done moron.

  • lol she claims too have quests, she must have taken hostages

  • How are you going to dispute, the altercation Mr. Valenti, and you had in the office/restaurant? or You Ms. Brocuglio on video, stealing out of the cash register or smoking crack? Along with crashing the truck (I say “the” truck, because there seems to be an issue of ownership) into the front entrance? Or the dogs you boasted to a customer, that you bring to the restaurant and allow to run free?

  • That’s a perfect example of the point I was making. Lori, it’s not about ‘not caring about how you type’. It’s a much deeper far more profound deficiency. It’s not just being bad with a keyboard. You are dumb, in a clinical sense. I can’t be sure but if I had to ballpark your IQ right now I would put in a very low percentile. You’re not very bright. The problem is you think you are. It’s going to bite you in the ass, hard. Smarter people are out here and they are sharing information. Long story short moron, you’re fucked. Terry is fucked.

  • no loser none of my business checks bounced i gave frank the check in question here i did not give to frank and its already been proven not my wrighting looks more like franks and he went to bank in person to see if funds where there never cashed it or put through like all the others hmmmm wonder why now why would he do that all of a sudden when i have solid reciepts from budways showing i am paid to date checks go through market never handed to frank has a light bulb turned on yet

  • no and again you people hide behind a pc have such big words to say all words for the truth that would be to boaring for your lifes

  • no frank would be the one trapping people in and putting hands on staff and friends

  • Ms. Brocuglio, if you handle your books/paperwork, the same as you write. Your restaurant will be doomed, by that alone!

  • NYS is dealing with the bounced checks but you have yet to answer my question about W2s?

  • A Cease and Desist order can be used to try to stop the person from spreading the false statements and to force him to retract. Cease and Desist order can be used in cases of internet defamation, work defamation, or false statements made in court papers. This communication is generally used before filing a formal law suit against a party.
    A cease and desist order is a written order to an individual or company to stop doing an action(s). Slander and Libel are both forms of defamation where a party spread lies verbal or written about someone else. The rumors or lies have to be proved harmful to a person’s or business reputation to be considered defamatory.

  • Same boring predictable deflections. It is truly astonishing that you managed to pull off a single, let alone many with this level of intelligence. Your thoughts are beyond comprehension. Again, it’s not about spelling or typos. It is about syntax, grammar, organizing thoughts, etc…You are not just a poor speller. You are functionally retarded.

    Are those forms for the employees in the mail? Yes or no moron. Simple question, even you can get this one. Also, I’m on a mac.

  • that would b great if u wernt a lie’in bitch!

  • your touch calling names behind your mac hahaha love nt

  • hmmm must be a no since shes avoiding the question… its ok guess she likes all the drama& charges being pressed on her

  • well call paychecks if you worked here hmmmmm you would know that

  • Wow, Lori, I can’t believe you can copy and paste that last comment. Now. explain copy and paste in your own words.

  • A Cease and Desist order can be used to try to stop the person from spreading the false statements and to force him to retract.—You can “TRY”!

    A cease and desist order is a written order to an individual or company to stop doing an action(s). Slander and Libel are both forms of defamation where a party spread lies verbal or written about someone else —-You have yet to prove, anything has been a lie. Good try though! That one brain cell, is trying it’s best.

    The rumors or lies have to be proved harmful to a person’s or business reputation to be considered defamatory—This one was detrimental to your restaurant, when YOU Ms. Brocuglio and Mr. Valenti, originated the lies in your press releases, new interviews and the such!

  • So then sue us, you dumb bitch LOL. You have our IP Addresss, you can find us then.

    Lori Brocuglio/Ramos/Valenti//Ramsey/Flay

    Go hit the pipe, you black toothed illiterate inbreed.

  • maybe ask my partner Melissa hmmmm maybe she would know

  • What? English, please. To the best of your limited ability of course. Just focus and try to make sense.

    While I’m here, how’s the restaurant doing tonight? Must be rammed considering you have time to mash the keyboard with your stained fingers and generate something that vaguely approximates a coherent thought.

  • Wow, Lori, I can’t believe you can copy and paste that last comment. Now. explain cease and desist in your own words.

  • wow youra big wig names that mean nothing is that all you have

  • since you used more then 1payroll company do we call all of them? and for the personal checks before payroll the employer has to file so we get mailed our W2s so hmm get to it bitch or learn a thing or 2 about running a business instead of just knowing how to run it into the ground…

  • you will soon see what it means !

  • Her last post before her cut copy paste had NO punctuation at all. That’s a record, even for her.
    I’d say YOU are slandering Mr Budwey, Witchypoo.

  • wow youra big wig names that mean nothing is that all you have

    Comment by Lori — January 21, 2012 @ 9:09 pm

    Is that because you don’t understand what they mean?? Try this:::

  • Your stupidity is mind boggling. For all of your talk about IP addresses you would realize that everything you post her, regardless of how incoherent is is, can be traced. And it will be used in court. Because you are going to court moron.

    Are the employees being mailed the forms they are entitled to or no. Answer the fucking question moron.

  • As you will see Ms. Brocuglio. Our Constitutional Rights for Freedom of Speech, will far out weight, whatever power you feel you have!

  • Hmmm… cease and desist if you are making false statements…spreading verbal or written lies… FROM THE SOUND OF IT… i THINK LORI AND TERRY NEED TO CEASE AND DESIST… and should go far, far away where they will no longer make false statements to anyone but each other… i vote for an island off of Iceland, inaccessable from the rest of the world… one can only dream.

  • I heard when a person is on crack they feel like they can do anything…. Just sayin

  • eye kant beleeve how shee sits theer and sez the chit she sez babigurl, wee ar laffing so hard it hurs u dont mace sens i mite tak up smocing crack becuz it makes u funni i am so glad i found thiz bloog i thout i can mak a funni but u funnier i wish i coud meat u in pursen i luv u babigurl

  • So who owns the restaurant?
    Are the W-2 statements coming?
    Which mama leones, exactly, did tv work at?
    Has anyone been IN the Hells Angels, not in, in, not in… and lived to tell about it?
    How the heck can i get my hands on those tapes? lol

  • She has no power. She is an illiterate loser. Are the forms being mailed or no you snaggle-toothed crackhead? Yes, or no? Seriously, a fucking chimp could respond to this question.

  • @Moore

    That is hilarious. I bet that took some doing writing retard! Believe it or not we read that easier than Lori’s Jibberish

  • maybe ask my partner Melissa hmmmm maybe she would know

    Comment by Lori — January 21, 2012 @ 9:08 pm

    And there’s the twist for Ms. Brocuglio. Just as WhistleBlower stated that they were conspiring to place blame on Melissa!

  • OMG, I laughed so hard I cried between my legs!!

  • I don’t think I could be as incoherent as her if I tried.

    So, Lori do you want to directly answer a single question that has been posed? No?

    Thought so. That’s your pattern of behaviour. The good news is you’re fucked. Everything is coming back at you now. No hiding, no more lies. You and your fake thug husband.

  • @Moore…. you make me laugh!

    @James… you are well spoken… makes me almost feel like its not some crazy WB soap opera I’ve been watching here!

  • The snaggle tooth comment made me really LOL!!!! I wonder if she lisps through those rotten decaying teeth.

    Theath and dethitht

  • James, don’t know who you are, but bro, you make absolute sense!! So tell us, how did Lori and Terry enhance the quality of your life? By the way, they aren’t married.

  • Thank GOD the skank got fixed, can you IMAGINE the intellegence they would pass on to any offspring???

  • no one is blaming her its her as well as me in the business just showing that this is and has nothing to do with the iron chef bs or what ever its more like a personal vendetta or staff that was fired is the picture clear take up your problem one on one weather it be me or terry stop taking it out on everyone

  • Ha, I know. That was a little bit of sarcasm given how they like to play house. To be fair, I have no real dog in this race. Only an acquaintance to some who do. Other than that I’m just a human being watching these events unfold and I find their lack of awareness both fascinating and infuriating. It bothers me that people like this operate in our world and never get called on it. In this case I’m happy to see people have stepped up and that as a result these two will appreciate the comeuppance they so richly deserve.

  • Yes Lori, I agree. The Iron Chef BS is the least of your worries now. So, how are those employee’s forms doing? I assume you’re working on them now, right?

  • Well Lori, you threw her name out there, so it was you who brought that conversation out. Again, blaming everyone but you.

  • maybe ask my partner Melissa hmmmm maybe she would know <<<<< reposted incase you forgot that you brought her up.

  • James, you got stop posting! Stop asking about those damn forms!! I am laughing so hard I can’t breathe!

  • @the Follower i like it now if she knew how to spell the word she could look it up HAHAHA!

  • no watch the video again i said nothing about it !! TRY AGAIN and yes i was very tired that day as we were up every day at 5:30 am to open for 8 weeks straight not sitting on our as hitting spell check

  • and see you in NEW YORK soon M.R LOL

  • Did you just finish signing the forms and had a chance to post that incomprehensible response?

  • not sitting on our as hitting spell check <<<<<<< wtf?? what does that mean in Lori world?

  • WHAT?? Those posts make no sense.. Watch video about what. And what’s see you in New York MR??

  • Who is MR? Mystery place step forward………….

  • Quote from Janice Okun interview: “It was the parsnips that did it,” says Lori.

    I guess you were sleepy, that day too?

  • oops, guest………..starting to spell like Lori.

  • When they did the TV interview, why when you tried to talk Terry jumped in a stopped you? Why was your head bobbing all around like one of those dogs old people put in the back window of their cars? Your eyes couldn’t focus either.

  • wait, doesn’t MR mean your trying to petition the courts for a harassment case against us? oh shit, i ain’t saying no more!

  • When are you coming to NY MR will the Mrs be coming with you? Hopefully the rest aurant will be closed down by then and Mr Budway will lend us the keys. Then we can have a bring your own/ pass a dish party and we can all shake hands and smile. 🙂

  • Lori, the FORMS, are they being sent to employees or not. YES OR MOTHERFUCKING NO? Answer one question directly. I’ll even save you the obvious distress trying to form a thought causes you. Just type Y for yes or N for no. I sincerely don’t know how to make this easier for you. One letter. You can do it.

  • @Moore

    Oh damn she caught us! Lmao harassment order! On who MR! Good luck for what! I would LOVE to hear this one.

  • Idle threats from an idle mind. That moron is the only one who has to worry about justice.

  • @James

    I think I know the problem with your question not being answered by “her”.

    Does she know what a W2 is? This may be the problem and why she is avoiding the question entirely..

  • Damn you James!! My kids are threatening to cut the cord to my computer!! I am gonna have a freakin’ heart attack!! You are too funny!!

  • Wage and Tax Statement. A tax form prepared by an employer and given to an employee to be filed with his/her 1040 form, listing wages earned during that year, federal and state taxes withheld, and Social Security tax information. Employers must provide employees their W-2 forms by the deadline that is set by the IRS.

    Does this help Lori?

  • What is a dead line? Is that like a due date on bill to pay taxes? ooooooooo wait thats what is wrong she didnt do that

  • withholding tax-U.S. tax liability withheld from wages: part of an employee’s wage or salary withheld and remitted to the government by an employer in payment of taxes. that one might come in handy too. jus sayin

  • She got quiet. She must be waiting on customers. Let’s give her a few minutes.

  • Remitted to the government.. Hmmm. THAT’S the problem! Not the pocket or the crack pipe? Well damn!

  • @ Moore….. ya right HA HA HA

  • Waiting on customers with her “friendly services”?

  • All right, you guys just made me laugh.

    So, Lori, W fucking 2’s? How we doing with those? Have you decide which name to sign them with yet? I know, so many choices but the clock is ticking.

  • Yea were still waiting lori….

  • Well now that you used the word “fucking 2” she will be all over then now. Then she will realize what they are and that she isn’t going to get anything out of it after all.

  • sooo shes prob not doing them huh lol

  • I wouldn’t hold my breath

  • I’ll make it even easier Lori. Just type a vowel. Any vowel for yes. For no, any consonant will do.

    Yes I’m working on getting W2 forms to my employees. Any vowel. I’ll even accept the sometimes Y.

    No I’m in the process of further fucking over even more people. I’m a liar and don’t give a fuck who I screw. Any consonant will suffice.

    Come on, we’re running out of options here. It’s like trying to get information out of someone who suffered severe head trauma.

  • To further help in these efforts: a consonant is anything besides a e I o u and sometimes y

  • Thank you, I was giving her the benefit of the doubt but in hind sight…..

  • JAMES!!! STOP IT!!!! If I have to change my panties again from laughing so hard, I am never coming back here. You’re killing me dude!!


  • Emailed you back, you know who

  • I guess that was the only post she understood…

  • I will never give up my name married or not will never change my birth name ever again

  • 10 bucks says wannabe badass ends up in PC after one week in jail. Let’s see you talk some shit then, tough guy.

  • Who cares?

  • The comment. “who cares” was at Lori

  • answered email

  • This has got to be the world’s longest sentence:

    first off i dont dont care about how i type to a bunch of people like you and as far as the check lol you have no clue and say all you want the out come going to surprise to you all well maybe not
    and account was not closed get your facts not only where checks taken from office many checks and fact is all was paid at budways have reciepts the store never sent them to franks back office he came over here doing and thinking he can push people around and do as he pleased sat frank pulled whats called a self help crime and helped him self to alot and when he relized he was on camra he took dvr and admitted it to police hahahahha dumb ass what he didn’t know is its backed up tp pc now what do you have to say see sometimes things seem to be differant then they are and thats why i hold my head up high i have nothing to hide i did nothing but trust a dirt bag and for the record alot of my guest that eat here have alot to say about him

  • Lori, W2 forms. How are we doing? I see the vowel not vowel thing was a challenge and I apologize. Let’s put it in a context you will understand. For yes, type handjob. For no, type blowjob.

  • LOL!!!
    Watch the dumb bitch type anal

  • For anyone who might have missed it, and are in need of a good laugh, listen to this big bag of wind:

    What a wannabe. Someone said he was a thug, he’s not even that. He’s a punk. At least a thug will stand up, Terry just runs.


  • computer thug

    a politically correct writer who says extremely controversial and unfounded statements of history and/or public figures not because they honestly believe it, but more for attention or shock value.

  • “have nothing to hide i did nothing but trust a dirt bag”

    Lori, you talking about terry?? Lol

  • Everyone fell to sleep on that cold, dark night. It was the parsnips that did it.

  • Where did everyone go? Did they stop talking because Lori filed harassment charges?

  • I guess you didnt get the notice

  • Hello everyone.. yes im a old employee too, and yes i want my w2 form too! Lori just so you know you have to send them out by LAW by the 31st thats the latest you can send them. Just so you know if you dont send them you get a huge fine and if you still dont send them you go to jail its a federal affence. Lori why cant you just grow up and be a real woman and do the right thing, i mean you have hurt so many people in your life, doesnt it make you feel like a piece of shit to read what people write about you??? I couldnt imagine people talking like this about me girl you need to wake up and smell the coffee get your shit together. Dont you wanna look in the mirror and say im a good person, not im a looser lier scum piece of shit mother horrible person, Lori i can go on and on forever ans ive only known you a few months what the fuck lori! Thats all i know is you better send out the w2 forms because you dont want my family knocking at your door!! And thats not a threat its a PROMISE!!

  • Ijust want to add one more thing… Lori if i dont get my w2 forms or if my x co workers dont get there w2 forms im gonna get you in so so so so so much trouble you have no idea!! FYI if you think your lawyers good remember one thing mine is BETTER and you better be careful because i know big important people and you know that for sure!! so fuck with me I DARE YOU BITCH!!

  • @employee 2 – How did you feel about the parsnips?

  • Dont worry old employee i got your back. I know who you guys are kiss that cute baby for me… Im sure you know who i am too… Ill give you one clue I did everything there!!! lol … hoped you guys are doing…

  • LOL terry cant even flip a egg let alone beat iron chef… What a fuckin joke he is… I can tell so many stories about these white trash wanna be italian’s ill have everyone laughing there ass off. But be careful who ever went there and used a credit card watch out check your credit score daily… I also know they cant get credit with no one they owe everybody and there mother money, all the food vendors are showing up there to get paid and there hiding in there discusting smelly office… Like i said before words cant even begin to describe these scumbags….

  • OK, this must be where Lori hits the pipe and goes into her drug induced haze. Let it kick in, she’ll be back.

  • @Moore – What state are you from?

  • Employee 2, there isn’t anything you can’t tell us we don’t already know. Some of us have known them for several years now. Yes, we have learned some new things, buts its the same thing happening to all of us in different degrees of cons, using and abusing. Hang in there, they will get it in the end.

  • You know whats funny you guys where all her best friends till you got fired. You all believe them before. now you have a group of people and you want to be bad I find that very funny.

  • A state of confusion when I am on this blog.

  • lol… ok. Just wondering. You have some good info, and I wonder if I know you. But I enjoy your comments, anyway.

  • Well joker, sometimes it takes people awhile to realize they are being used, because they are that smooth at their game. Don’t blame these people for coming on here and enlighten us with there mishaps with those two jokers. Let me guess, you’re here to defend them, try to convince us how good they are, blah, blah, blah. Unless your ass was used by them, keep your negativity to yourself.

  • I can’t say because they will know who I am, sorry.

  • Everyone uses people in this world at some point and second there mad because they got fired.

  • You all come on here like you are perfect.Guess what you all have your own faults no one person is perfect.

  • So I just listened to this. What a rotten person to talk to anyone like that. But you know what is REALLY funny? 19 and 44… 19 and 44… there is NO clubhouse there~! There is a CVS, a Walgreens, and a BBQ restaurant. What a lying bully.

  • Listen Joker i can what ever i want about these scums and no i was never there friends, i just worked there to make money.. You think i didnt know in the back of my head that they were scums well guess what i did! And for the record i just delt with them because i was a great waitress and made great money there, i brought them half there business and no i didnt get fired asshole i quit because im not getting caught up in there lies and crazyness i have to much to loose asshole. So before you come on this site talking shit know what the fuck your talking about!!

  • 🙂

  • Difference between normal human weakness. Totally different story for those who become predators, seek out those they can destroy to simply fill their own wants. Without consideration of how badly the hurt, intimidate and destroy a person’s financial and emotional being. And spend at least the last 20-30 years doing it. Repeatedly.

  • So what do that tell you about your self. You used them to make money even if you knew what they were or were not doing so that makes you scum.

  • Hey asshole no one said i was perfect im just telling you so true facts abouts these loosers and if you dont like it get the fuck off the blog jerkoff… I can say your acting just like terry and lori are you sure your not related? hummm

  • Joker = Terry

  • We didn’t get fired we quit after we found out what scumbags these 2 were and 6of our checks bounced…

  • Fist of you do not know me and second of all your calling me a scum… Honey you couldnt shine my boots!!!

  • Well from the looks you might have been to. Seeing you were there and stayed knowing it all. You are just as bad if not worse for staying there and you did get fired.

  • joker don’t equal terry. I’m being like you and hiding behind a fake name.

  • o so joker is deff lori lol cause shes a joke

  • Not Lori either. Keep guessing. I Could be anyone being a computer thug

  • Let me tell you one more thing joker us Italians we dont talk about things much we make shit happen!!! if you know what i mean… Have a fablous night ciao bella…

  • I’m Sicilian so whats your point.

  • Gee Joker, yes, we all have done things in our past we may not be proud of, but let he who has not sinned cast the first stone. Do you see anyone throwing stones? We have been VICTIMIZED by these two. Sure, we all have told white lies or whatever. What these two have done is outright used people, stole from them, broke the laws more than once, lied, conned, used, abused, etc. So to put us in the same class as them as far as doing wrong, you need to check yourself son. Everything that has been said, has been backed up with documentation. So, are you gonna say we are lying and victimizing them, not even close.

  • Listen jerk off i didnt know everything for sure just found out 2 weeks ago asshole and guess what thats when i quit!!! and heres another thing remember this they need me more then i needed them… Yeah i made my money thats right i sure did…. Once i found out everything was true i quit do you not understand?? terry i think you need to go back to school not only are you a looser scumbag your a dumb as a rock! One more thing the reason i dont use my name is because i dont trust them get it!!

  • Didn’t say everyone is lying. I think some people are and some are painting a bigger picture then it is

  • Oh so you are scared or don’t want to get caught up in the law if they can get you on lying and making stuff up and whatever else they can get you guys on if stuff turns out to be wrong

  • They fucked over so many people in the past but the point is they are STILL fucking people over currently… past records and present prove it…

  • As much shit as they have done, I don’t think you can paint a bigger picture than it already is.

  • oh lets see you can eather be chris the chef or joe the 17 year old cook or you can be colin the 18 year old dish dog or you can be maria the 16 year old waitress or you can be lisa the slave hummmmmmm??????? those are the only employees left. They all work for freee except chris hes the only one getting paid because he does everything. If they didnt have him they would all ready be closed… But from what i see they have no one going there to eat anyways and once frank is back there done i give them to febuary 1st if that…

  • If things turn out to be wrong, I think you should go back to the previous blog and see all the documentation. There is more to come too. I know people who have things on them that can’t even be divulged here or posted because of the severity of it. We aren’t armatures here. We know what to say and not to say. Do you really think we are going to write false accusations to risk us going to jail or be sued, seriously, you must be Terry to even think we are that stupid.

  • Im a good person and i have nothing to lie about and i dont lie i speak the truth even if its bad!! Thats how i roll the truth will set you free… I just want to see justice served with these scums they have hurt and destroyed so many peoples lives its terrible. and if i have to make a few call like i said before i will just to see these 2 behind bars where they belong. i mean come one how could you not want these 2 in jail… do you not see the big picture here!

  • I took the time to call the.. Ahem.. restaurant tonight, I spoke to Miss Lori herself who claimed to be a victim of Terry’s lies and that she plans to open her own restaurant without him. Good luck Lori, in your new business venture 🙂

  • lori claims terry is at fault and terry claims she is at fault,… what a relationship these to scums have,,,, good way to back each other when times get rough

  • LOVE YA WANNA SEE MORE YOU TOOK THE WORDS RIGHT OUT OF MY MOUTH!! COULDNT OF SAID IT BETTER i mean really why would we lie… i worked there from day 1 saw heard everything. I know what im saying is the truth nothing but the truth and i defentally know what to say and what not to say Joker you really need to beat it oh i ment you really need to beat it terry lmao…

  • yea its been stated here terry likes dirty lingerie more than woman what a douche

  • HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHA Lori open her own business she cant even get a car in her own name let alone a business!!! What a joke that is!! Did you guys ever hear the song the 10 crack comandments?? rule 1 never get high on your own supply rule 2 think a crackhead paying your bills for get it rule 3 that god dam credit dead it!!! lmao omg…. Oh she might have one of the customers credit card numbers so she thinks shes got money right now hahahahahahahahaha LORI YOUR A JOKE AND ALWAYS WILL BE IM JUST GONNA WARN YOU NOW I DARE YOU TO TRY AND USE MY SOCIAL I DARE YOU!!!

  • Old employee does your name start with a s? if so you know who i am right?

  • well you all need to take a look at your self’s you all have done things wrong and everyone deserves the chance to change.

  • Yea it’s m and s but I’m not 100% on who you are

  • What happened why did all our posts get deleted? thats weird

  • think real hard i was working there when you started i always helped you and we always talked now do you know? and listen up joker those scums will never change once a looser always a loose enough said get offf this blog because your nothing but a joke!! lol..

  • Good night everyone going to bed check in tomarrow sleep tight!!

  • Ill do as a please! And your a joke mayne u should become a prostitute and use the excuses you did its good pay haha

  • Sorry my friend thought he could play on my phone i didnt write that

  • I been peeping in to see whats gooing on im glad the kids have been left out

  • yea untill u mention the word kids so technically u brought them in it again

  • Well for now April, no kids have been brought up because Lori stopped throwing them in here. So glad it stopped. Never is a good thing to bring innocent children into adult situations.

  • I was just saying thank you.

  • Well im out no need for me too look in anymore

  • A quote from Lori

    “i hold my head up high i have nothing to hide i did nothing but trust a dirt bag”

    Really Lori, Really? So you don’t think Terry is a dirtbag? Please you have nothing to hold your head up high for. Lori, are you not bothered at all by everyone who has come forward and exposed Terry for the true con artist he truly is? Lori, get a clue girlfriend…I know you do not seem like the brightest bulb but you cannot be this stupid. This guy will use you up like everyone else. He had not friendships or relationships with anyone. He is a taker! He will use you like everyone else. Terry, you are a disgrace. I cannot not wait to see you finally get what you deserve. You are pond scum! I know I will never get back the money you stole from me but it will be satisfaction enough to watch you squirm. Are you that dumb Terry to think you could just go on tv and spew lies like no one who really knows you would expose you for the fraud you truly are? Jackass! why don’t you pack your little jack wagon up and skip town like you usually do.

  • Ill do as a please! And your a joke mayne u should become a prostitute and use the excuses you did its good pay haha

    Comment by April — January 22, 2012 @ 1:36 am

    Sorry my friend thought he could play on my phone i didnt write that

    Comment by April — January 22, 2012 @ 1:39 am
    Looks like Joker is April. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree……..

  • I hope Lori has nice leisurely Sunday. Maybe grab a coffee, put on a comfortable robe, snuggle in and get to work on the W2s.

  • @ Joker as far as your comment
    You know whats funny you guys where all her best friends till you got fired.

    Well not all of us worked for them. If you dont know what you are talking about stay out of the topic.

  • @James: Did you not read (or try to read) Ms. Brocuglio’s post last night? She’s placing that responsibility onto Ms. Janiszewski

  • No, I actually wasn’t able to get that from her ramblings. She is so profoundly illiterate it’s nearly impossible to make much sense of what she is trying to say. So, how is this Ms. Janiszewski’s responsibility?

  • Good morning First shift! lol

  • LOL at least we can prove we quit maybe another employee got fired or thats all she could come up with to make herself feel better for everyone leaving them after finding out what scum they still ARE. But since she already came on here and admitted to have all the camera footage on her PC from the 8 cameras why doesnt she just let everyone watch it and see the REAL story and just some of the shit these 2do.

  • I’m still waiting for just ONE person to post how either of these two has enriched their life, that they are both great people who are just misunderstood.

    It will be funny when all they have in court is accusations, when the prosecution has FACTS.

  • You could be waiting a long…….. time

  • Quiet sunday Lori and Terry must be at church. Ha haha

  • April you need to stay out of this, this has nothing to do with you at all! Your mother is a scumbag piece of shit looser! Im not trying to be mean to you but it is what it is… You should be glad shes not in your life just think she would of ruined your life and you probally would of been in alot of bad sistuations that children should be in let alone see!! I just think its best you dont comment on here… Dont worry about your mother she s no good april… Shes in big trouble she has ruined and hurt so many peoples lives its horrible. Be glad you didnt turn out like her!!! Look what she sdoing to poor melissa firt of all she took 1,000 dollars from her for her to become her partner, only because she knew melissa had what she didnt and that was…. great credit a brain and was able to get evewrything lori wanted! She had 2 trucks which she needed melissa to sign for them which means there in melissa name. Thats why melissa was able to come and take them away from her. also she nedded melissa for all the food vendors bank accounts i can go on and on. The funny thing was poor melissa never got a dime from them since she was working there…. They told her no can get paid until they start making money… but it was ok that lori was stealing money out of the drawer to go buy crack which she had delivered to the resturant from some black kid which she smoked in the bathroom with her employee jodi… Then the drawer was always short and she blamed poor melissa which melissa was the nicest person and did everything for them… Then terry was on to lori smoking crack so she blamed everything on jodi and jodi got fired! See april thats just a liitle bit of what your mother did i can write a book on her and i only knew her for 5 months!!! All im saying is justice will be served ill make sure of it… Hey crack head stop smoking and get on the w2 forms we need them…

  • We ALL know what side I’m on in all this. And I agree with what was just stated by employee 2 however, why not just state the facts instead of directing them at April? You want her to stay off the bog yet she keeps being taunted.. I’m sorry but I feel it is not right to tell her one thing and yet taunt her to reply. It is not Aprils problem or fault she was born into a parent like that. Sorry but that’s my feeling…

  • I have been off here all i cared about was the kids aa long as there not in it im out of this!

  • no not at church probaly packing so they can run again…. u know that black and yellowish green mucus u get in the back of ur throught when ur sick,the stuff u have to choke up while u gag ur brains out… thats more respectable than those too scums terry and lori

  • Awwww, what’s the matter, did Broom Hilda and Mr. Tough guy lose their trucks? LOL. What a couple of losers, having to use some kid in her 20’s to get a vehicle. And that skank Lori says she can provide a title that’s in HER name. LOL! You two are the bottom of the barrel scum, the scum you clean off the fish you pick out of the trash to serve customers. Must be driving that piece of shit Joe Dirt looking Camaro with Texas plates. LMAO

  • Still Big Words for people that make death threats with no name and from behind a pc police now have a reason .
    also for you to be begging for a w2 just proves you are and never where on staff
    unless you are ma or sa “really” paychecks says you are the only one’s missing the address to send w2 did you slip up stop acting like people you are not grow up get a life.
    oh and the one who made a verbal threat thank you so much you made all the slander worth while and mrs ramos lol you just helped my case in florida showing you what you really do as it was you who put your self in Ny BUSINESS
    Thank you i knew sooner or later you would screw up Truth always comes forward and it will thank you all have what i need good things come to people who sit back and wait see you soon sunny weather!!!!
    p.s you also have all the wrong ages of the staff yet again can be proven you are a lier have fun . Today we close early going to have some family time
    God Bless all of you !

  • hey old employee 2 heres an email u can email me at others trying to bring down the scumbag cons also welcome

  • Thanks for the update Lori! Hope when you need some stress relief you come back.

  • lol close early cause u have no customers ,…. and all the employees filled out applications with all there info,… u have everything u need…. so get on it cunt

  • o wait she tryed blaming mr budwey for stealing them….. lol

  • Did I miss something people? First what death threat was sent to them? I must have scrolled right past that. And second, what the hell is she talking about mrs ramos lol you just helped my case in florida showing you what you really do as it was you who put your self in Ny BUSINESS.

  • lol@slander. The dumb bitch will look like an idiot when they ask the name of the person, and she has to use a name like karma, old employee, or WTFTOWN. Good think you have our IP Addressess LMAO

  • LOL@Death threat…Seems there’s a recording of Mr. Valenti spouting out death threats. Did you forget about that one Ms. Brocuglio?

  • she took that hit of crack and forgot everything again

  • I see side show Bob is up to her threats again. Yes, you are right Lori, the cops have all they need and soon you and Terry will be meeting them personally. How about we place our bets now as to who goes to jail. I’m not a betting person, but this bet I would win because I know who is going to jail.

  • See you in New York ! as far as my kids dad you know the truth and i know it will eat you up inside thats enough for me and your son who you still never bother to call .
    Made sure i covered all your bullshit lies including drug testing. so when i do get to florida i have everything to back my words and your slander lies just like your police reports oh and the day you fell in the fire did you forget I called 911 and its on record you know the lie you stated in court to get your bs ORDER do you know what a court transcript is you might wanna get them all yor lies in black and white AND STATED I SLAPPED ASHLEY OH THE PICTURES FROM THAT DAY ON LINE and is that why she didn’t go to court she wouldn’t lie for you hahahha the little bar in newberry you where so drunk and puked in your car think of it all the baby you claimed died no hospitol records josh allygood does it ring a bell yes have a ggod day

  • What years, did these alleged allegations occur?

  • lori u dumb cunt, go work on those w2’s …. and stop puking up lies

  • Wow. It appears Mrs. Ramos is a bad person for having a normal social life. Shame shame. Lol

    It also appears to me that Mrs. Ramos has not said anything at all in either blog directly toward Ms. Brocuglio. Looks to me like she simply responded to allegations, threats and unnecessary bs Lori brought up about her children. I don’t see anything in here that Mrs.Ramos did wrong.

    Interesting how Ms. Brocuglio can get past HIPPA and obtain Mrs. Ramos medical records. As she just stated.. Sounds to me as if Mrs. Ramos may have yet another charge on you Ms. Brocuglio.

    Is it a worse offense violating your restraining order across state lines. You have done that A LOT here Ms. Brocuglio.

  • Put your glasses on ! and is it really lori dumb ass

  • That’s how you know she is lying. HIPPA is there to protect the patient. No information is given out without proper identification.

  • let me know when you have the guts enough to say it to my face !SEE YOU

  • Hey lori let me clue you in a little i worked for you for a while and yes i know everything about you and terry…. Wow you actually bealive terry he has hit on every one of your waitress including your dish washers too… you realy think he didnt talk about you well guess what HE DID!! and boy oh boy did he slander you too… lol Slander are you kidding me go ahead i dare you to try anything to me i did nothing but speak the truth… and what does the truth hurt miss lori.. lmfao.. You cant do anything to any one on here its called freedom of speech Iwas friends with everyone at your resturant except for 1 person who didnt like me and you and her were tight.. you bealived everything she told you. i just think you need to do the right thing and own up to all your scams and lies pay frank the money you owe him and start fresh mabie you can get your resturant going on a good note. but i dought that because your a loooseeerrrrrrrrrr

  • Lori,
    Every time you write, I can’t help but think that you have the IQ of a mealworm. As illiterate and stupid as you are, and you think you stand a chance of running a successful business? LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LOL@you going to Florida. The Alachua County Sheriff would LOVE to have you for a visit. I hope an angry lesbian inmate gang gets you LOL.

  • Wow the things that cum out of her mouth.. If someone did have child die at birth or shortly after, then that is truly tragic and my heart goes out to you. I know from experience what its like to loose a child and it hurts (a normal person) terribly. Just shows even more that you truly are a stone cold heartless bitch. Its not like she sold one of her own children or anything, and im not saying anyone did. just saying..

    I dont really feel I have to defend anything said about me, but I just want to say that I never claimed to be perfect, or that I havent made mistakes in my life. Its true I beat up my ouw brother and she knows how terrible I felt about it. Even though I was preventing a girl from being bullied and smacked around, I still felt and still do feel so ashamed of what I did. My brother has permanat facial damage from it and from my own hands. I love my brothers and have always protected them, but back then I would not just stand by and watch a girl being beaten. Im sorry to say that these days I would just turn the other cheek. Its because the night in question my brothers girl said dont worry mike I will make sure everyone knows what happened here tonight and thankyou so much. When they left my house they called an ambulance and the police, The police came to my house and they did arrest me. The case was thrown out in court the very next day. When I saw my brother I tried to tell him how sorry I was and his girl says to him “come on Joe dont talk to him”. I was in shock she would do that and oh yeah the best part is she told my parents that I beat him for no reason. Thats why I am sorry to say I wouldnt ever do that again.

    As far as a long history of drug charges, thats bullshit to. I was arrested when i was aprox 18yrs old for one joint of pot. I had it tucked behind my ear and had forgotten it was there. I was using a pay phone and a lady cop pulled in and asked me if I was staying out of trouble. I said yes ma’am. She said oh yeah? come here. I leaned over to her car and she pulled the joint out from behind my ear and said whats this?? I said OH SHIT!! Yeah I know what a dumbass. Anyway Im sure you can get my social from her she uses it all the time and check my record if you like. What I can say is I havent been arrested for over a decade, Aprox 14 years to be exact. Oh and I just heard a story on the news just the other day. Some douche bag gave his little children oxycodone and would later collect their urine for his p test. What a looser! I think thats where she got that story.

    As far as being fired from that place, I was one of their best drivers. When they bought a new 60,000 tow truck my name was put on the door. Do you think the company would do that for anyone? Nope they wouldnt. I was fired because at the time I had just found out my “wife” at the time was cheating on me with not 1 but 2 cops from my town. I was so ashamed and would have to go and tow for the police. Towing unregistered vehicles and arrests and such. It was hard for me to show my face let alone maybe run into one of the 2 cops in question. Also anyone who has been cheated on knows that your just not in the game when you have something like that on your mind. I was missing time from work because of it and my performance was just not there i guess. However that guy she told you to call and ask is a good friend of mine and I would be shocked if he said one bad word about me. I bet he would have plenty to say about someone else though.

    As far as comming to NY we would love to. We could meet some awsome people and put some faces with those names. I would LOVE to be there on the day of the trial sentencing! See us in the sunshine state? Yeah there’s a pair of braclets and shackles waiting for you when you get here.

    Oh and my wife is an angel in my and everyone elses eyes. She has told me about her entire past not that its any of my buisness. There is nothing you or anyone could say to change the way I feel about my baby. Nothing!

  • There is no need for you to defend anything to pond scum my sexy.

    She doesn’t have anything real and concrete. All she has is bs, lies and personal attacks to use because there is nothing else.

    You are a good man and a wonderful husband and father. The time will come when her vicious harassment will stop…

  • @employee 2 email us at would like to talk

  • Damn Mr. Ramos, I had almost the same pot bust at that age. LOL. 18 years old at a phone booth trying to get my gf a ride, when a cop shows up. Asks what we’re doing, and I tell him. He tells me, “You’re coming with us”. I ask why, and he says, “Look at your jacket pocket”. I had an ounce of weed sticking out, LOL. Who gives a shit about something that happened almost 30 years ago, it’s losers like Lori that don’t learn and just keep on doing what they do.

    Lori, you’re a scumbag, just face it. There’s a reason your ex has your son and you don’t, that pretty much speaks for itself.

  • So far she has brought up someone’s 2 sons committing suicide, children being hit by a drunk driver, and someone losing a child. It just shows you what a pathetic piece of shit she really is. That’s a sociopath for ya.

  • She is incapable of answering a direct question. What a moron.

  • lol Karma and thanks..

  • Oh and she is threatening to go after people for threatening her. What about the recording that was posted on here with Terry threatening some poor family with extreme violence and sending hells angels to their house. Can you just imagine how that family felt with some lunatic on the other end screaming threats in the phone. And that family living in fear not knowing if it was true or not. Before she speaks of people threatening her she should really listen to that recording again with HER OWN voice on it taking part in the threat.

  • Hey Broom Hilda,
    If you and your wannabe bad ass boyfriend head south to Florida, maybe Melissa will let you use one of HER trucks, I don’t think that shitbox camaro would make it. LOL


  • Early quote by Ms. Brocuglio: and lets make it clear terry does not own this resturaunt and never has! he has designed my menu and his recipes if you all would have done your home work you would see terry is not on any of my papper work and terry is a great chefs

    Comment by Lori — December 21, 2011 @ 9:57 pm

    Is it just me, or does it pretty much state, that Mr. Valenti is the chef?
    and if Mr. Valenti is their chef, then I’d have to pretty much conclude, that he’s WORKING!

    What a Laurel and Hardy show, these two are!

  • Wait I’m confused! Lol. Didn’t he state on tv that he was owner and chef? In another tv interview didn’t he state “his” patrons? Very odd indeed! Lmao

  • Another Ms. Brocuglio quote: and if i feel like shutting down the place i will but thats is my choice not the publics move on

    Comment by lori — December 26, 2011 @ 7:34 pm

    I’d have to disagree with this statement, due to the fact, that if no one is eating at your establishment, then YES the public will be the reason you are shut down….Dur!

  • @ John – LOL

  • Quote by Ms. Brocuglio: At this point the drama that bringsy with this place is not worth it the staff have been put through hell it ends tonight thank u all

    Comment by valentis — December 31, 2011 @ 10:17 pm

    Was this comment posted, just before Ms. Brocuglio ran the truck, into the front entrance of the restaurant?

    In United States criminal law, probable cause is the standard by which an officer or agent of the law has the grounds to make an arrest, to conduct a personal or property search, or to obtain a warrant for arrest, etc. when criminal charges are being considered. It is also used to refer to the standard to which a grand jury believes that a crime has been committed.

  • Hey terry whats wrong you had to cover up your fake hells angel tattoos across your fingers!! lmao.. now it says pp with two triangles lmao.. your such a wanna be… i hope the real hellangles come and kick your ass!!! What kind of person will go and have hells angel tattos if there really not in yhe club!! You and your crackhead girlfriend are such loosers and i cant wait for frank to shut your lame ass horrible food dump of a resturant down!!! Thank god mr and mrs ramos have your son lori…. Thank god you guys need to keep that child far far away from them crazy people… Does any one know when there court date is? Im defentaly going to listen and see for my own eyes the truth and ill take pictures for everyone when she is leaving in handcuffs i cant wait!! keep me posted of the court date everyone…

  • LMAO, PP with two triangles!! What’s the matter Terry, afraid of the real Angel’s coming to get you? Coward! Do you still have the skull on your wrist with the eyes that light up? The Angel’s don’t like you using their name like you did. I got this feeling they got wind of it. Maybe worrying about Bubba is the least of you’re problems now.

  • Doesn’t matter, I already sent them the photo someone posted on another site where it shows his AFFA tattoo. He can’t cover up the youtube audio. LOL

    What a little pussy you are

  • HA HA HA What does PP stand for? pecker puller? peter puffer? of wait pretty pansy……

  • what a pathetic peice of shit, didnt have the balls to get caught with that,…. we know the h/a are gonna want him,… it would b even funnier to send word too the outlaws letting them know all the bullshit he talked about them, and things hes claimed had done too them in florida using the h/a name

  • piss pants, poopy pants, pretend playa, proud parent, pipe packer

  • peter pleaser

  • porky pirate

  • @ i wanna c more….its pretend parent***

  • oops, my bad………….that’s what I meant to write!

  • @lmao… you are making ME laugh my ass off. Pretend parent.. they both need that for a tattoo

  • haha yea lori should get a matching one…. but im sure terry can inprint one on her face…..backwards…..untill she looks in the mirror and realizes what she is

  • predator prey, pathetic pig, prison prey, pig’s partner, pencil penis, pipe pounder

  • looking at that pic on that page, i think it stands for pouty pansy. How could ANYONE believe that little turd is a HA. LMAO

  • Since I last tuned in to see how this merry band of hillbillies are faring, here are the updates I gleaned…

    -The lovely April continues to beseech everyone to keep the kids out of it, even though she is the only one continually bringing up the kids.

    -Mrs Ramos really delivered a tongue lashing my way, outraged that I would suggest that she and Mr. Ramos are any less than staunch pillars of the community. A day later, Mr. Ramos comes on here and bares all, sharing his sordid past as a drug user and abuser and someone who also has issues with police and the authorities.

    -Lori continues were her incoherent rants, when at this point silence and ignoring all this nonsense would probably be her best strategy.

    -The two or more employees/former employees are actually delivering the best updates and content here, sharing the ongoing issues happening in real time and the restaurant, the possible lack of W2 forms for the workers and other issues. Contrast that with the ongoing cat fight and name calling happening between the NT Valenti/Brocuglio side and their hillbilly counterparts chiming in from the Trailer courts of Alachua Cty Florida.

    Good stuff…keep it coming, you folks are Springer/Maury/Judge Judy/Intervention all rolled into one, perhaps with a touch of To Catch A Predator and Hoarders wrinkled in who knows.

    Thanks for the entertainment. Oh, and “sportroadparsnips”? Too funny I’ll wear that like a badge of honor.

  • After catching up on everything, that is not exactly what I gathered at all. I do think, Sportsroadtrip, that you are very wrong in your assumptions of people when you admitted to not knowing any of these people on here. SO how can you post the line of crap you do.

    If you have no personal knowledge of these people perhaps keep to yourself? It appears to me you only feel a need to hear yourself speak.

    I do agree with you that Ms. Brocuglio’s rantings are just making her look worse, the same with the posts from Mr. Valenti and their best strategy is to shut their mouth.

    I do not agree with the calling people hillbillies when you have no clue who they are. You stated you do not know these people and that you have no clue what they are like. So why throw trash out there? It is not accomplishing anything but making you look like an idiot for statements you know nothing about.

    I gathered by Mr. Ramos post that HE WAS NOT a drug abuser. And as far as I can see does NOT have an issue with police or authorities. From what I read he had an incident over 20 years ago and nothing since. Don’t worry I actually checked for myself. I am not making stuff up to try to egg on a response.

    I think you are an instigator and a person who thinks he is smart and possible one who lives in a trailer trash community trying to pass off as a reputable individual when in reality you are nothing more than a person who likes to try to stir the pot.

    Perhaps, if you do not have anything to contribute as far as factual evidence and documentation or news about the current events, you should stay off the blog.

  • Bravo Justice! I was thinking the same thing. He does seem to come in here to stir up trouble. He did it the other night and I called him on it.

  • Friend of a "Friend"


    “Don’t Feed the Troll”.

    Thank you.

  • Do any of you work? Writing this much on a blog takes up a lot of time. Probably where Sportsroadtrip got one of his assumptions. Just sayin.

  • A lot of people have access to a computer at work. So, it’s not a matter of if we work or not, It’s what we do with our time to be able to post on here.

  • 1. I DO work.
    2. I work for MYSELF, from home.
    3. My name is not Billy.
    4. There are no hills in Florida
    5. I DO NOT live in a trailer.
    6. I live in a house you could only DREAM of living in.
    7. Unless you’ve been affected by these 2 parasites, STFU.

    Well, it’s back to work for me, good day!

  • What a sad day! Mr. Valenti didn’t dedicate his new tattoo, to Ms. Brocuglio. I’d of thought (seeing as she has bigger balls,) that she would have demanded, Mr. Valenti to change it to Always Lori, Lori Always. I guess he doesn’t love Ms. Brocuglio, quite as much as he says he does. Could this be confirmed, with the statement, made by an employee/former employee, about Mr. Valenti’s promiscuous ways?

    In simpler Ms. Brocuglio language, Cheater!

    APPA, wft does that stand for?

    I’d think, that was yet another insult to the HA’s. Calling them out, as stupid!

  • Another way to look at it: Here you have a guy, with AFFA on his fingers and isn’t entitled to having them (meaning a full fledged member). Then you have him covering them up. If you google the reason’s why a member would be ousted from the HA’s. Either way, it’s not a good scenario!

  • I went and read up on the HA. It takes three years to even become a full member. I guess Terry thought if he got the starter kit, the AFFA tat and t-shirt off ebay that would make him a full member. Just like him to always try and take short cuts in life. Wonder what the tat looks like, old ink with new ink added. Can you post you’re new tat Terry, so we can see it?

  • Now all he has to worry about is a bunch of Marines finding out about his USMC tattoo, the one he has, but never served. Could someone possibly be anymore of a wannabe than this douchebag? LOL

  • Shooot…A trailer!? We live in a “Double Wide” bitch and we prefer trailer park, not trailer court. Sounds a little more “kid” friendly..

  • I was told about this blog, and had to see for myself what you people are saying. It’s the same thing over and over and over again.
    Do you have anything new to say? This blog and the last blog are the same it
    just seems that the five or six of you have no job, no life and just are as simple minded as the threads on this blog.
    To me it seems all of you are way off the subject, this has to do with a business, not family issues or motorcycle batteries, I think that the five or six of you that have nothing better to do find yourself a forum on Craig’s list
    Or somewhere other than here.
    Artvoice is a publication for real people looking for things to do around our area .This is a buffalo community who we will take care of our own, without the help of people from different states, who do not know anything about our town or community and how we do things. Alan you of all people, who we have trusted for a long time with artvoice could let something like this to happen.
    Regaurdless of your feelings, it should not interfere with your journalistic abilities. Artvoice was not developed for personal attacks on people’s lives
    Just fact finding information I can’t believe you would allow people to turn your blogs into something that it is not, and back to what it should be, this is getting old.

  • Well Reporter, if you had read the whole blog, you would have seen all the documentation we have on these two. I am so glad you are so in-tuned with you’re community as well as you are. All’s I can say is, I’m glad I don’t live there. It’s people like you who turn a blind eye and try to sweep things under the carpet. You have criminals living in your community. I guess it’s ok if you have warrants, you rip people off, you lie and say you don’t work so you don’t have to pay child support, should I go on Reporter? It’s been observed many times Lori smoking crack in a place of business where kids visit and Terry smokes pot. They think they are above the law and do no wrong. Is that what you like living in you’re neighborhood? Do not question Allan’s ethics and tell him how he should write his column. If it wasn’t for him allowing the victims to come forth and shed light on these two,your community would have never known what type of criminals you have serving your community. Yes, things are slowing down as far as information, but it never fails because there always seems to be a new one almost every day. So Mr. Reporter, unless you can shed some usable insight to this blog or have nothing positive to say, You might wanna not come here and start something that will not benefit you in away. Now Mr. Reporter, there are many more sections of the newspaper you can read, so, happy reading!


    GET STUFFED! The people on this blog have had their lives severely impacted by Terri and/or Lori. I mentioned the battery and torque wrench, they are only minor things compared to what that shitbag did to me and my friends. I don’t air major dirty laundry on public sites. Terri knows what he did. So PISS OFF. Speaking for myself I hope the Hell’s Angels get him and sets his head on fire and puts it out with a sledgehammer.

  • Well, a least it’s obvious that reporter isn’t Terri or Lori since those vaguely resembled sentences. The fact is, reporter, these people are profoundly impacting your local community much the same way they have ‘impacted’ other local communities. So now people are sharing information and yes, commiserating in their shared experiences because that is what human beings do. It’s called empathy. Also, this whole ‘get a job if you have time post on a blog’ internet trope is so tired and lame. It takes a couple of minutes to post, people work from home, have internet access at work. It’s just such a boring and ineffectual accusation.


    As far as not working. I retired from Texas Instruments after 20 yrs. as a Master Tool and Diemaker at the ripe old age of 38. I also invested wisely and have a 401k worth over a half a million dollars. So again I say PISS OFF!

  • lol@put out his burning head with a sledgehammer!!!

  • Damn Noah, you post all that, Terry’s gonna wanna open up a new business with ya. Don’t worry, you can trust him….

  • @ Karma

    Oh did I mention I’ve also been a NRA certified firearms instructor since I was 21. I wish I could use him as a target. But unlike him I’m a law abiding citizen. I’m believe HONOR IS A GIFT A MAN GIVES TO HIMSELF. Honor,Respect, and Courtesy life is that simple.

  • dora the explorer

    Just the facts sir, just the facts. You all have contributed in some way to presenting facts that may lead to the arrest of these two people. However, I, and I think many of the readers of AV have never seen anything like what has transpired on this blog. Even from another state you can report the crack smoking incidents to CPS in NY. Why haven’t any of you done it? or how about employee? Still work there and not reporting incidents to CPS or police? And in fact if they are guilty of defrauding the State nad Federal government, why haven’t you all reported them? How many times ad nauseum are you going to ask for the w2’s????
    Like the reporter and sportsroadtrip,this has been fascinating but hopefully you all are going to go away soon. But then probably not. Where would you ever get an audience for this who did what to who. It’s worse than the worst country song. Been Hurt, been wronged, write a song and move on. Or do something instead of just bitching. We get it. They’re bad people. The world is full of them.

  • I think Allan did an outstanding job on this story. His journalist instincts and writing knowledge gave him the advantage to know something wasn’t right with this story. He used his skills and no how to investigate this story to get to the truth. I wish more journalists were like him and actually did their job and not just post a story just to get an article done. I hope Allan receives an award for outstanding journalism, because he is a journalist who investigates to get to the truth. Reporter, are your stories as riveting and and as in depth as this one? Post one of your stories so we can see how interesting your reporting is.

  • @ dora the explorer

    Because as soon as he feels a little heat he falls of the face of the earth. The last I heard he was somewhere in South Florida. Now, low and behold he’s in New York scamming and freezing those grape pits off he thinks are balls.

  • Has anybody checked to see if he’s been arrested yet?

  • Dora,
    You’ve used up one cent of your two cents worth.

    It’s really quite simple, if someone doesn’t like what’s being written here, don’t read it. Also, how do you know someone HASN’T filed charges? Like I’ve said before, things are happening behind the scenes, they just can’t be made public yet. It’s gonna have a great ending, that much I CAN say..

    Enjoy the read!

  • Who says we haven’t reported these incidents? There is more going on then you know so until you know the entire story perhaps I don’t know STFU? I happen to know of at least 6 people on this blog that HAVE reported these issues to the proper places. Like CPS, like tax department.

    It is not our fault that people at CPS don’t want to do a damn thing about it. It gets reported they as the children in question, they deny it. So instead of acting all high and mighty, how about properly ask the correct questions instead of assuming ALL we do it bitch and comlain and do nothing about it.

    As it looks these victims did a whole lot about it. There are a few restraining orders out there, a couple warrants and the best is public awareness… So why don’t you do something about it and ask YOUR government why they choose to ignore complaints and allow the children to be subjected to just terrible parenting as the two valenti/brocuglio boys.

  • Well Dora, there are things going on be hind the scenes. We aren’t gonna jump the gun without having all proof to lay out there. We are going to have an air tight case so that these two can’t dispute the truth. Yes, we do kinda get crazy with the joking and pokes, but hey, if all this wasn’t so true, most people would laugh at all this. We have become friends in a way. Helping each other out and trying to figure out how to stop these people so they don’t break the law or hurt any more innocent people. This is not an exploration blog, what brings you here? Shouldn’t you be under the Traveling section?

  • dora the explorer

    Has anyone here reported him/her to the proper authorities if you have direct witness to these incidents you say you have witnessed personally? If not,why not? Especiaally shameful of those of you witnessing child abuse and doing nothing. That is when they will be arrested. When one or more of you who have all this info and eyewitness accounts actually DOES SOMETHING! Sheesh!!!

  • @ I wanna C. Moore

    Dora the Explorer is in the cartoon section if I’m not mistaken.

  • @Dora the Explorer

    Again I’ll say as soon as he feels the heat, Terri is off quicker than a prom dress. You have just used your two cents.

  • Oh so funny! I know who she, a fictional character, like you!

  • @ Follower
    Are you saying that reports have been filed with CPS and ignored? Pretty easily verifiable if that’s the case. I’m with Dora on this one. The government in NY State ignoring children living in that environment with a factual report being submitted with an eyewitness aka Employee as she stated on this blog. Not happening.

  • Dora,
    Are you blind? Can you not read what people just wrote? Some of the people on this thread have been victimized by these people in the legal sense, and nothing was done because THEY PACKED UP AND HEADED NORTH. If you are SO IGNORANT that you can’t figure out on your own that cases are being built on your own, then maybe you need to go back to the funny papers, where you came from.

    Let’s see how YOU’D react if someone screwed you out of thousands of dollars, then you find a blog where there’s a bunch of OTHERS that were victimized by these vermin. You’re witnessing people airing their frustrations by being screwed over by some loser, then they just get to walk and set up shop somewhere else. I’ve read of at least TWO women that had to declare bankruptcy because of this scumbag excuse of a man. Let’s see how YOU’D feel if you was left with a home and kids after a man took you for everything you owned. If I was those women, I’d have his balls in a sling for sure. Me, I’ve done my part, I lived FIRSTHAND what the pieces of shit have done, and they WON’T get away with it.

    In the words of Noah, piss off!

  • @ Karma

    If you still have my email let me know if find out he’s been arrested. I know my friends and I will through a party. If you live in Florida your definitely invited.

  • Margaret,
    Are you saying a reported incident of child neglect/abuse would NEVER go uninvestigated? If that’s what you believe, you are so WRONG. You don’t think cops being called 15 times in a span of a few weeks in itself isn’t enough to check on the welfare of 2 kids? The mother driving into a building “in a breakdown”?

  • @ Karma
    Thanks for the info much appreciated.

  • I love the way Noah gets fired up! Keep them coming!


    Hey Babe

    Me and the old lady say hey. Gotta get together with you and the old man.

  • @Noah
    Nice to see you again… wondering where you had been

  • @ Educator

    went away for the weekend with my wife and kids fun in sun in Florida.

  • I’ve been hurt, shamed, taken for a ride, mistaken, hopeful then let down. I’ve been financially ruined, swindled out of everything, left holding and empty bag. I’ve been cursed at, screamed at, threatened, hurt. I’ve been overwhelmed, scared, ashamed. I thought I was the only one. I thought no one would ever understand. I thought I did something wrong….

  • Amen

    I think his punishment should be the old Arabic way death by a thousand cuts.

  • I sort of like the drawn and quartered idea.

  • There has to be a way the punishment can include parsnips.

  • This ones for the women out there. Kick him repeatedly in the groin while wearing football spikes.

  • Season what’s left of his groin with rock salt,PARSNIPS,and shards of glass. OH I almost forgot the secret ingredient FIRE ANTS.

  • My Question was: Who among you contacted CPS as a result of direct knowlege of these children being in an environment such as was openly described on this blog. who? Anyone? Anyone willing to say they contacted CPS?? Anyone?? After all everyone enjoys being anonymous here right? So who is the righteous “dude” as you like to use the term who contacterd NY State Child Protection Services and was ignored. Step forward and we will honor you and let the govenor investigate the abject failure of one of his most important protect our children. I think that won’t happen because none of you have done it.And if you have in this state and have been ignored after multiple reports as you have described, I think I personally will appraise Governor Cuomo of this total failure of CPS in Albany and we will all thank you for bringing this to light. Child abuse is a reprehensible thing. I have lived in NY most of my life. Believe me it is taken seriously.

  • Sorry don’t live in NY (the communist state of,Thank God.)

  • Hello. “Is there anybody out there?”- Pink Floyd

  • We will honor? Who are you, that you will honor anyone?

  • That starts with yourself. If you don’t have that “FORGET ABOUT IT”.

  • Then its snowballs to family,friends and what is lacking far to much in society is total strangers.

  • “The true measure of a man is how he treats someone that can do him absolutely no good.”
    -Samuel Johnson-

  • I’m still waiting for Terry to get what he deserves! I will never forgot the unforgivable things he has personally done to me and other poor people on this blog. I will follow this story to the end! Don’t think you will get away with anything this time around Terry. Payback is a bitch! If your on this blog and you don’t like what your hearing, GET OUT! You clearly have not be swindled by Lori or Terry obviously. I have nothing but HATE for you Terry. Does anyone know if people are actually eating at Valenti’s Restaurant? I’m spreading the word to EVERYONE I know NOT to eat at this place and let other’s know. Keep this blog going, it’s quite entertaining and informative.

  • He’ll get it. He’s pissed on to many legs and can’t say its raining.

  • Well to all who want to bitch,yes they have been reported. The HA has been notified of his false claims. Also they have a court case pending for the check issue. If you have any more bitches please feel free to call around and do your own investigation or your own reporting to CPS. If enough people call about them CPS wont be able to turn to a new page. So if you are not helping in any way please step away from the keyboard!!!!!!

  • Oh and by the way I just got home from my job. Just incase you were wondering

  • Karma I will agree with you on the fact 1 I never told PR any story ask him

    Comment by Lori — January 20, 2012 @ 1:14 pm

    “every claim Kahle wrote on Valenti’s behalf was told to him by either Terry or Lori.”

    I don’t HAVE to ask him, learn to read, MORON

  • sooo dirtbags…. i called ur payroll companies and they say the same thing…. all of the employees w2 go too u…. so r u acually gonna send them out or not? 6 days left to mail them out, dont give bullshit storys about having them picked up or not having address u have more info 4 employees than u need, and stop blaming mr budwey for stealing them… mail them out on time or suffer the consequences

  • Now she’s saying Mr. Budwey stole the w2’s? That sounds like slander to me

  • lol mr budwey steals everything from them huh

  • I have a question if you women have a problem with Terri,why are you going after her? and I think that says allot in it self, and I have been here she does not do drugs she works all the time.
    As far as arrest yes she has had the staff that was here doing drugs fired and they have orders on them to not come near here that is why they hide behind fake names and artvoice because they would be violating an order.

  • Quote by Ms. Brocuglio: i never stated anything about the iron chef show i did state a master chef

    Comment by lori — December 22, 2011 @ 4:57 pm

    So here we have Mr. Valenti going from being an “Iron Chef” winner, to being a graduate of CIA in Hyde Park NY, to being an Executive Chef (but in the PR video their Executive Chef is Chris). To Mr. Valenti’s only involvement with the restaurant, of that being his input for the menu, to Mr. Valenti stating to the news (over the tenant dispute), that he is an OWNER, to this passed by claim made by Ms. Brocuglio, that Mr. Valenti is a “Master Chef”.

    Here’s an explanation of a “Master Chef”:

    Master Chef
    The highest achievement an American chef can earn

    Most people use the term “master chef” in a casual manner, usually to apply to anyone that’s good at cooking. This isn’t an accurate use of the term. Most people don’t realize that a master chef is an actual professional classification, along the lines of a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). To become a master chef, you must achieve the highest level of certification possible in American culinary arts. Those who receive this classification are given the title Certified Master Chef (CMC). Fewer than 100 people in the country hold this certification. Extensive training and recognizable excellence in several culinary arts programs are required before an individual can achieve this status.

    Quote claims from Ms. Brocuglio: Wow well well lets see, Mama Leones closed in 97 was bought in 94 so get those facts straight,He sure did get letters from his former employers, which i have and will be posting, he is part of hollywood studio networks, look them up, and as far as the Iron Chef is concerened, i do not have all the facts so i will not comment, but hollywood studio network has the ties with all the food shows which i am waiting for a reply

    Comment by lori — December 22, 2011 @ 11:32 am

    Ms. Brocuglio, do you have the stated by you Mr. Valenti’s “Master Chef” certificate?
    Along with the returned reply, from Hollywood Studio Networks, AND the letters of recommendation from Momma Leone’s? or any other establishment Mr. Valenti has worked for?

  • and his timing is so convenient for those 2 scums…

  • Hello everyone i work at Valenties… Just so you all know lori and terry are great people! I have worked for them since they opened, i love that place the food is great! and its a all around great place to work!! I really wish everyone one here knew the truth… Terry is great very nice hard working guy you guys got him all wrong… He would do anything to help anyone exp his workers!! Lori is the best!! she is also a hard worker and a strong woman who has alot on her plate… But she always makes things happen! i love you guys and wish you nothing but the best!!!!!!!

    Comment by server — January 14, 2012 @ 9:08 pm

    LOL@injuncksion, how the hell did I miss that one???

    Comment by Karma — January 14, 2012 @ 9:09 pm


    Comment by server — January 14, 2012 @ 9:10 pm
    Let me guess…..

  • Server,
    Old Witchypoo knows ALLLL about violating orders.

    Lori Lee Ramos
    Race: White
    Sex: F
    Date of Birth: 07/26/66
    Height: 5’05”
    Weight: 140 lbs
    Black Hair
    Brown Eyes
    Wanted for

  • I wonder if the violation order was her forcing someone to have sex with her nasty ass….

  • Comment by Server — January 24, 2012 @ 12:55 pm

    Are you sucking on the crack pipe, or blowing the organ?

  • @old employee AKA Mark and sanja stop calling the business and making threats !
    look in the mirror before you cast your threats, she can pass a drug test can any
    of you? “cps” I was right here when she called and asked them to come here so all of you who are calling or pretending to call, she has called to let them know what is going on . she has invited all of you to front this who is doing the hiding?
    not her.

  • @old employee AKA Mark and sanja stop calling the business and making threats !
    look in the mirror before you cast your threats, she can pass a drug test can any
    of you? “cps” I was right here when she called and asked them to come here so all of you who are calling or pretending to call, she has called to let them know what is going on . she has invited all of you to front this who is doing the hiding?
    not her.
    mail them out on time or suffer the consequences oh they are and consequences yours

  • I can honestly say, I could pass a drug test.

    I could also pass a lie detector test, could you aka slave lol?

  • I know people who take urine from friends and relatives into those testing labs, so don’t even try to say she would pass on her own urine. I think server is a family member trying to make it look like an employee making those comments. Too many employees have come forth with the true so having a family member make such lies up won’t be believed. You two make this blog so entertaining. I know its fake because who ever is writing sure loves using the word “great”!

  • Lori,
    Are you skitzophrenic? Any fool can see you’re posting under multiple names, your retarded grammar and punctuations gives it away.

  • “cps” I was right here when she called and asked them to come here so all of you who are calling or pretending to call, she has called to let them know what is going on .

    Translated means someone called cps and reported them, but wants people to believe SHE called them on herself.


  • Hello everyone i work at Valenties… Just so you all know lori and terry are great people! I have worked for them since they opened, i love that place the food is great! and its a all around great place to work!! I really wish everyone one here knew the truth… Terry is great very nice hard working guy you guys got him all wrong… He would do anything to help anyone exp his workers!! Lori is the best!! she is also a hard worker and a strong woman who has alot on her plate… But she always makes things happen! i love you guys and wish you nothing but the best!!!!!!!

    Comment by server

  • Hello everyone i work at Valenties… Just so you all know lori and terry are great people! I have worked for them since they opened, i love that place the food is great! and its a all around great place to work!! I really wish everyone one here knew the truth… Terry is great very nice hard working guy you guys got him all wrong… He would do anything to help anyone exp his workers!! Lori is the best!! she is also a hard worker and a strong woman who has alot on her plate… But she always makes things happen! i love you guys and wish you nothing but the best!!!!!!!

    Read more:

  • The purple haze, has stuck again!

  • What’s the matter Lori/slave, having troubles cut, copying, and pasting? That somehow doesn’t surprise me.

    Damn, I sure wish I could shave the latest developments I’ve been tipped to, but Mum’s the word! It’s gonna be grand! LOL

  • Wow.. So what I get is: “Terry is very nice and hard working guy” yeah so I have to assume he had updated his job status with child support and is now paying correct. Because he is soooo honorable and a great guy and all…

  • Hello everyone i work at Valenties… Just so you all know lori and terry are great people! I have worked for them since they opened, i love that place the food is great! and its a all around great place to work!! I really wish everyone one here knew the truth… Terry is great very nice hard working guy you guys got him all wrong… He would do anything to help anyone exp his workers!! Lori is the best!! she is also a hard worker and a strong woman who has alot on her plate… But she always makes things happen! i love you guys and wish you nothing but the best!!!!!!!

  • Go take another hit off the pipe Broom Hilda

  • Rather pitiful, when you have to rub your own ego. It happens, when you’ve burnt all the people around you.

  • The title of this photo on their Facebook profile is “our toy”. Shouldn’t it read “Melissa’s toy”? LMAO!

  • We’re up 612 posts. Let’s try to break a thousand again.

  • @Karma: Maybe it should be titled, as it was “great” acting like big shots for a couple of months? lol

  • Noah,
    Check your mail


    • “aka slave lol”, if you run the plate you only get the person(s) to whom a vehicle is registered. They key to owning a vehicle isn’t to whom it’s registered, but to whom it’s titled. So, to whom was the F250 titled?

  • @ Karma


  • slave,
    go back under the rock you crawled out from under. Doesn’t matter who’s name the plate is under dipshit, but who OWNS it. DUUHHHHH Go back and hit the pipe, ye black toothed wonder.

  • I know Noah, too bad we can’t share with the rest of the class LOL. In due time….

  • My guess is the same person the OTHER truck was titled to, which is neither Lori OR Terry. LOL

  • They will be in court Thursday on the bad check charge and Friday for the eviction proceedings. Should be a god show.

  • I wonder who’s name they’ll put the Uhaul in? LOL!!!!!

  • What I think is the funniest is the fact that 2 complete MORONS who can’t get a food vendor account/vehicle/business without someone else’s credit thinks they’re going to run a successful restaurant. Talk about a pipe dream, too bad it’s at the expense of others, AGAIN.

    Terry, maybe you should go back to community school and at LEAST finish ONE semester, maybe McDonald’s will hire you.

    Lori, you should really give up the check writing thing, you’re not very good at it.

  • @ Karma

    That would be Crack Pipe Dream.

  • Lmao the only threat we made was a call to the proper authorities if the w2s aren’t mailed on time and since we both would pass a drug test I’m pretty sure that’s slander right there!

  • They won’t need a Uhaul for prison stripes. They’ll unfortunately still be leeching off the public in jail. They should be stoned to death with real stones not drugs.

  • @ old employee

    The don’t have the money to pay their bills they sure as hell can’t afford a lawyer for a slander case.

  • Why is it that everytime Lori&Terry get called out they backlash by blaming other people instant of owning up to there fuckups

  • lori and melissa

  • Also check your phone records we only called once and that was to ask about W2s so before you start accusing others and pointing fingers you might wonna own up to all the shit you have ACUTLLY done…

  • Look, there she goes, throwing Melissa under the bus. Can’t do it to Terry because that asshole knows not to put his name to anything so when the shit goes down he can’t be blamed for anything, See how Mr. Slick Dick plays his women. Lori so cracked up, she don’t even see it!! That’s ok, because in the end, you both will be going down.

  • Lori did nothing but know that loser !

  • wait and see oh lawyer is in place !!!!

  • wait and see oh lawyer is in place !!!!

    Comment by aka slave — January 24, 2012 @ 6:25 pm

    You’re an idiot.

  • Will that check be a personal check/a business check? and will it be signed or will you leave it where your lawyer can find it (or some mysterious person)?

  • Lori did nothing but know that loser !

    Comment by aka slave lol — January 24, 2012 @ 6:15 pm

    NO, Melissa did NOTHING wrong, but know you two losers (Mr. Valenti and Ms. Brocuglio)!

  • Here’s another business owner Lori screwed over:

    What a loser you are Broom Hilda!

  • Boy, the man who wrote that letter pegged you Lori! Always playing the victim. Stealing from businesses, not paying rent, the list goes on to what a loser you are.

  • Comment by aka slave lol — January 24, 2012 @ 2:33 pm

    Terry is great very nice hard working guy you guys got him all wrong… He would do anything to help anyone exp his workers!!

    So does that mean he is working? Or isn’t working? Or sort of working?

  • They will be in court Thursday on the bad check charge and Friday for the eviction proceedings. Should be a god show.

    Comment by Hard Salami — January 24, 2012 @ 4:31 pm

    Ok, now I’m excited!!!!

  • Babygirl,
    Are you gonna show up to court in a mini skirt and your go-go boots? LOL! You’re past your “sell by” date, you’re curdled!

  • (justin)othergrape

    All this reading reminds me of that gopher game at the amuesment park where the sneaky little gogher disappears just in the nick of time..looks like the town of NT has a direct hit!

  • Terry,
    Now that you have APPA tattooed on your right hand, you should get DICK tattooed on your left hand, and the letter L on your right thumb (Not to be confused with the stubby thumb you “shot off in combat/lost during a forklift accident”.

    The DICK LAPPA is much more believable!

  • Lori did nothing but know that loser !

    Comment by aka slave lol — January 24, 2012 @ 6:15 pm

    Is it just me, or does it seem as if Ms. Brocuglio is going to throw, Mr. Valenti under the bus?

    Seeing as how Ms. Brocuglio, has bigger balls, then Mr. Valenti, she just might be able to do the throwing. The race is on Mr. Valenti! lol

  • @Karma

    Good One. Mind if I use it?

  • @Karma

    “You’re past your “sell by” date, you’re curdled!” is the comment I’m referring to.

  • It would be great if they just each other under the bus, literately, so society no longer has to deal with these low life bottom feeders!

  • Lori did nothing but know that loser! <<<<< so what your trying to say is she sees Terry for who he really is but continues to stay with him, support him and stand by him?? That has to be one of the most asinine comments to be made here. She knew before hand how he was, now she's gonna try to play victim?? Those two were made from the same mold. I will be waiting Thursday and Friday to see how she will be paying part of her penance for what she did, has done, and think she will do again.

  • My opinion is they won’t be there on Thursday & Friday. They’ll skip town if they’re not being held in jail.

  • Melissa worked and made alot of money and got caught collecting, get the facts much more of that will come out later can’t say now! till it hits her and it will.
    So all of you wanna talk shit watch what comes your way oh all of you are such saint’s with a “clean life ” you started with her good luck mark, sanja,dena,debbie,bill,and maybe corrie hmmmm ex’s either way !

  • Melissa worked and made alot of money and got caught collecting, get the facts much more of that will come out later can’t say now! till it hits her and it will.
    So all of you wanna talk shit watch what comes your way oh all of you are such saint’s with a “clean life ” you started with her good luck mark, sanja,dena,debbie,bill,and maybe corrie hmmmm ex’s either way !

    Comment by redbull

    You’re a loser, just face it.

  • I have an idea. I found this link to food blog directory. Scroll down to the United States and pick a state. Let everyone know about these two and at least they won’t be able to open another greasy spoon. What’s the opinion of the Victims and only the Victims on this idea. I’m open for suggestions.

  • You mean Melissa, who owns YOUR trucks? LOL!!!!!

  • You’re always claiming “it will come out later”, but it never does. Your stall tactics don’t work.

    Oh, and I almost forgot, you’re a loser. LOL

  • “it will come out later” What your nasty black tooth!

  • He was wrong for the iron chef and collage lie yes ! what eles did he do? no one wants to come forward only a 47 or 46 named debbie he so called used’ and who let that happen? we seen the letter debbie wrote begging him so hes a man hahahahaha any one eles? you know where lori is open her eyes or maybe they are
    already are!but if he has done nothing to her she wouldn’t know.

  • Whori,
    You look like such an idiot posting under other names, like you think you’re outsmarting us. LOL

  • @ angel4u

    What Terri has done to people in several states has been done to people who were victims. She’s his partner in this according to her own statements concerning the restaurant.

  • As usual, nothing but finger pointing!

  • Not lori ass wipe your so smart goes to show you a dumb ass yea blame her i love it!!

  • Not lori ass wipe your so smart goes to show you a dumb ass yea blame her i love it!!
    You type like a moron Lori, and you want to call someone ELSE a dumb ass? LOL.


  • angel4u sounds like somethin terry would come up with lol being a wanna b and all, and the fact he loves blamin her

  • @Karma

    I think your right. The grammatical nature of it appears to be same,none coherent. Take another hit off that Crack pipe dream.

  • @angel4u

    Can you count your tits and come up with the same number twice. I strongly doubt it.

  • So obviously Lori — so many tells. The constant use of ‘check your facts’ and proclamations of ‘the truth will come out’ stall tactic in addition to the fact you would have to go out of your way to approximate that signature incoherency.

    Listen Lori, you profoundly stupid, disease riddled, snaggle-toothed whore shut the fuck up and listen. You are not fooling anyone. You are not smart. You are not savvy and you are most certainly not right. You and your fake thug, pouty, douche fuck pal are done. You should be ashamed but that would require a degree of self-awareness that unfortunately people as socially retarded as you lack.

    How we doing with the W2s? Did you manage to get that paperwork done? Or, are you literally incapable of doing anything? That was rhetorical by the way. (Look it up moron)

  • How we doing with the W2s? Did you manage to get that paperwork done? Or, are you literally incapable of doing anything? That was rhetorical by the way. (Look it up moron) <<<<<< Don't start James!! LOL

  • There both a strong argument for the Euthanasia proponents.

  • you know where lori is open her eyes or maybe they are
    already are!but if he has done nothing to her she wouldn’t know.

    Comment by angel4u — January 24, 2012 @ 8:20 pm

    Hmmm, so if you are saying you don’t know what he has done and you are innocent, that is pretty messed up. TRY READING THE WHOLE BLOG! It’s pretty obvious that if you are a decent human being or even a substandard one, people DON”T TALK LIKE THIS ABOUT YOU. And really, several states worth of people don’t just make shit up. This is WHO HE IS. This is WHO YOU ARE. Give us a break already with the “poor me, I’m innocent” deal.

  • “aka slave lol”, if you run the plate you only get the person(s) to whom a vehicle is registered. They key to owning a vehicle isn’t to whom it’s registered, but to whom it’s titled. So, to whom was the F250 titled?

    Comment by Alan Bedenko — January 24, 2012 @ 4:03 pm

    Alan…always nice to hear you chime in.

    What is the answer to THIS question?

  • Terry, I hope your intention is to move your circus act to another town, if you don’t go to jail first. Who do you think would actually give you a job in Buffalo? You have screwed over restaurants in everywhere, hmmm let’s see – cheektowaga, West Seneca, Lancaster, Depew, North Tonawanda, Williamsville, Amherst, Hamburg, Eden, and the list continues to grow. As for Lori, I have not been wronged by you personally, just Terry. I know how sleezy he can be. My advice, get as far away from him as possible while you can. He will bring you down, use you up and not look back. He is sneaky and out for himself. If you don’t take my advise then what everyone is saying about you must be true. Save yourself while you can! Terry, maybe you should’ve kept your lies on the down low. What a fool!!!!

  • I still hope the Hell’s Angels get him. That would be a more fitting justice. Eye for an eye or any body part for that matter.

  • @ Karma and Noah
    you can share the great news with me………..
    I am at the front of the class HA HA HA
    and by the way the UHUAL will probally be under one of those credit cards they accepted or an ex employee hell could be some sorry by stander that thought it would be a good idea to fill out an ap and apply for a job with all their info


    I just saved a ton of money on my car insurance. That’s the “GREAT” news

  • @ Noah Me Too!!!!! I got a new agent………LOL
    @ You Know me Thats a pretty big list
    we should all print pictures of them and hand them out to all the restaurants and warn them to only serve them water…. no jobs

  • 1st shift checking in.

  • Nothing good to report, as of yet Noah!

    But it’s a com’n,stay tuned.

  • @Noah. I emailed you 3 days ago.

  • @ John 8:32 Thanks. I definitely plan on it. Same Crack Time. Same Crack Channel.
    @ Justice Sorry I didn’t get back to you. I got the question I had answered. Thanks all the same.

  • tick tock tick tock,,,, here that dirtbags, ur time is runnin out

  • To All the Victims
    I decided copy and paste the two blog pages to MS word. We’re up to a staggering 392 page document. Unfucking believable!

  • @ Terri
    May the sweat of a thousand jock straps be your only water while your in jail!

  • @ Terri
    May you be a Siamese twin with a gay brother and you share a single asshole.

  • @ Terri
    May a male nurse give you a Tabasco enema.

  • @ Terri
    May your rectum shrivel to the size of a #2 pencil, and your turds be the size of an orange!

  • Lori,
    You better stay off the pipe and get a good night’s sleep tonight, you’ve got a busy couple days ahead of ya!

  • That’s if they’re still in town.

  • Can any of the old employees give us an update as far as if they are even open anymore or have been seen around? Did Mr. Budwey ever comeback yet?

  • Hey Terri your Italian. See if you can figure this out.
    Lei e’ un cafone stronzo! Vada via in culo!

  • Ho scritto diversi messaggi in italiano. Non ha mai risposto, quindi dubito che sa italiano. Lui e quella puttana non sanno come usare un computer così dubito che sanno come andare a Google traslater e tradurlo.

  • @I wanna C. Moore

    Your probably right. Did you translate what I wrote?

  • yes, because I couldn’t figure out one of the words.

  • It says He’s nothing but a common turd and f you.

    How did you like the curses above that, because I’ve got more.

  • Italians are all about family, that counts both these losers out. They’re all about THEMSELVES.

    I hope someone on here shows up on court and takes pics, or even better, audio. lol

  • Where the hell are they? They have been quite all day. I sure hope they didn’t skip, that will be one more warrant.

  • If they have skipped, let’s call Dog the Bounty Hunter and see if he’ll do a special

  • The calm before the storm. Maybe this time they KNOW they’re not going to get off scot free.

    I hope Mr. Budwey doesn’t fall for one of Asswhipes cons, and lets them stay there. Probably wouldn’t matter, I’m sure they place is dead LOL

  • Unfortunately they probably will get off with a slap on the hand and continue on with they’re bullshit.

    Graze on a midget’s ass hair.

  • Having time, I’ve been going over the various post/statements, that have been made and found something interesting, or should I say missing?

    On The Valenti/Brocuglio PR release, it states they hale from New York, Florida and Texas, but we haven’t had anyone addressing Texas, except for Mr. Valenti, in his posting. Now I’m curious, as to what Mr. Valenti and/or Ms. Brocuglio’s business, was in Texas. Did they own a restaurant there as well? Did they HAVE to leave, for some reason, that hasn’t risen to the surface yet? Are there, hurt, used, disgruntled people/businesses, left in that state as well?

    With the allegations and/or documentation, from Florida, to the Valenti/Brocuglio fiasco in New York, I’d have to assume so…..

  • @ Karma

    Check your email.

  • @Karma

    Check your email again.

  • @John 8:32

    I knew him, unfortunately, for 3 yrs and he never mentioned Texas, so that’s Bullshit too.

  • @Terri

    May your penis grow to such abnormally long proportions that you have to masturbate with a forklift.

  • @Noah

    Uhoh, the last time he played with machines like that he lost a part!

  • I wonder if the Judge reads this blog. Haha that would be funny.

  • Terry probably never did live in Texas- that is probably a lie as well. Oh what a surprise!!!!Still waiting to see what comes out of all of this. Terry- our BIG F’IN LOSER!!!

  • @Educator

    To bad it wasn’t his head.

    May your socks constantly be drenched in cat’s urine.

  • @ Educator

    Why haven’t you educated the “Judge” to read this? I’m sure we would enjoy his input on this subject.

  • Hello everyone.Heres a little update on that shit hole of a resturant and there slime ball owners.. First things first THERE DEAD!! LMFAO.. SOSOSOSOSOS HAPPY HAHAHAH YOUR GETTING EVERYTHING YOU DESERVE!! They have a slave lisa who works from 9am to 9pm mon-thursday and 7am to 10pm friday-sunday what a joke for 150 also they only have 1 waitress left who is 17 years old and still is in high school her name is maria.. Then theres chris the real chef and josiah the line cook.. oh and terry the FAKE CHEF.. Then theres mike and josh which they are 16 and 15 mike is a cook and josh is the dish slave poor kid.. Thats all the employees that are left all of us quit we werent getting paid it was slow as fuck and terry and lori are both nuts!! I cant wait for them to go to court on friday, i going to see what happens and i might tell the judge a few things she needs to know expecally the fake checks she gave us.. I cant wait for mr budwey to lock the doors on them so excited.. Friday the big day mr budwey goes to court for the eviction process with them loosers, also im going to meet with mr budwey tomarrow to let him in on there plan to steal everything out of the resturant.. whoops BUSTED ASSHOLES… I fuckin hate the and hope they get everything thats coming to them, they screwed over so many inocent people its horrible…The resturant been dead they have no business no money no lawyer no nothing.. The only car they have is that busted up comaro which is gonna die any time now so pretty soon the bike comes out lol…I will keep everyone updated Lori if your reading this get on those w2 forms and stop saying mr budwey stole them…

  • @employee 2

    Thank You for the info. But you got me harder than Chinese algebra when you said, First things first THERE DEAD!!, Please don’t do that again. Unless they’re pushing up daisys somewhere. Again Thanks

  • @ employee 2, so how are they acting now? They still acting all high and mighty, did they mention anything about court tomorrow? Is there actually customers going in there or just curiosity seekers? How many customers do you think go in there now? They haven’t been in here all day or night, well not saying anything, have you seen Budwey yet? @ Noah, I thought the same thing when I read that! LOL

  • Noah i ment the resturant is DEAD silly lol.. I probally should of worded that better.. oh well lol

  • Hey guys sorry about the dead thing i really ment the resturant is dead lmao.. Wow that didnt look good. Of course there acting like nothing wrong, but there scared deep down inside… But you know them they gotta play the role… Theres probally 8 tables all day, and like you said its just people beying noisy.. There reading this but supposinly they have a lawyer lokking into this website, to try to find out who we are and to see if she can get us in trouble for writing shit on here.. But i guess the truth hurts! please excuse my spelling guys lol..

  • Trying to get someone in trouble should be the least of their worries. They should concentrate on seeing how they can get themselves out of trouble! I’m sure if we were doing something illegal Allan would have shut this post down long ago. But it’s kinda of hard to dispute the truth and us posting documentation, we really aren’t doing anything illegal. I’m sure Allan has our back if anything should come up.

  • Someone take a camera …. i want pictures of them in match braclets

  • Me personally I don’t care let them come after me. Because my friends here in can bring a heap of shit on Terri above the law aif he wants to go there outlaw. So bring it on Terri.
    May your manhood be 5 feet long and even the slightest of arousing thoughts would cause it hide in your ass.

  • sorry for the typos I’M FIRED UP!

  • To all the victims
    I’m not one to hold a grudge but my friends are my family. And when you mess with my family, you mess with me. I live by a modified GOLDEN RULE “TREAT ME GOOD I”LL TREAT YOU BETTER, TREAT BAD I WILL TREAT WORSE”

    May flesh eating disease localize itself around the groin and anus.

  • Other than the bad check they really haven’t broken any laws, I’m sure in time the labor issues will catch up them but they’ll be long gone by then.

    For those that don’t know Frank had the electricity turned off today, that was still in his name.

    For those looking fo w2’s contact the IRS for the esimated tax form and you can still file for your tax return.

  • Actually, they have broken several laws, they just haven’t caught up to them yet. Sometimes, an investigation takes a bit. Like ALL of us we make sure we have air tight documentation before we pursue anything against them. Mostly because they are slimy bastards and always seem to slither between the cracks.

    As far as court for the Grand Larceny and bad check writing, I would have to assume that the prosecutor will show the pattern of behavior of worthless check writing over the past 20 years with Ms. Brocuglio. With a pattern of behavior and a definate intent of frauding ALL those people out of money I can’t see a judge in their right mind just allowing her to walk away from all this. Especially, IF there truly has been other reports by employees.

    @Noah.. They DID live in Texas for a short time. I KNOW they did wrongs there.

  • Wonder if they are still open, yesterday they were all dark when I went to Budwey’s at 7pm.

    Anyone know?

  • Kind of hard to cook in the dark is power is off! HAHAHA!

  • It shouldn’t be on the employees to have to contact IRS for W2s when if you call payroll theyll tell you they sent those 2scums ALL the paperwork awhile ago so they have everything they need so now if it’s not done in time they will be charged for it.

  • @Defender of Evil As far as frank he shut down power and it’s not in frank’s name get your fact’s, same as gas. Frank thinks he can do as he pleases, as far as check she will br cleared and you will see the real scum in cuff’s, do you know frank entered building night before removing security system and took many of files “self help” all of you who think you are so perfect will be surprised to the ending, cps ask yourself who will be the one hiding from them?

  • I also can tell you they are going no where, about time someone has the balls to stand up to NT and Frank Budway! which has brocken more laws in the past weeks, and keeps doing so “who is the scum?

  • @ reporter they are going somewhere they just dont know it yet! HA HA

    also it will be hard to stay in business and pay anyone if there are no customers. Also pretty sure Mr Budway will find a way to get them off his property and out of his building.

  • Is anyone going to court today?

  • Frank is the owner and landlord. He has had way too much trouble with them not to have his suspicions about them. The man has been in business for many years and I am sure he has come across people like those two in the past. It has been mentioned in the past Melissa bought the security system. Maybe Melissa is working with Frank and gave him permission to take it. Frank can do and touch as he pleases as long as he has ownership. He can’t touch or remove any personal items of dumb and dumber so until we all know for sure what is going on, we will have to wait and see what the courts say.So reporter, don’t state a fact if you can’t back it up. They are going some where, just don’t know where yet. I’d say it was dumb and dumber who has “brocken” many rules and laws.

  • Reporter,
    Who is the scum? Lor and Terri, haven’t you been following along? Mr.Budwey doen’t have a life long history of conning and stealing, like these 2 sumbags do.

  • Reporter, is none other then Ms. Brocuglio? Jezus Christ Ms. Brocuglio, if you are going to attempt (a feeble attempt at that), to TRY and come across with the tiniest bit of intelligence’s, then do it under YOUR name!

  • Well hell, those poor people, that were waiting in line, to come and eat! lmao

  • Lori must have created that facebook page, the retard can’t even spell Budwey right. You can get the correct spelling off your eviction notice, Broom Hilda LOL

  • Whori,
    Why don’t you post some pics on that profile of the employees smiling now? All taken before they learned you two are losers.

  • Wow Lori, how nice of you to make a facebook page for Mr. Budwey. So what does that prove? It’s pics from when you had customers a month ago, and pics of a truck blocking the front door. You are so childish. You are good at making up facebook pages, I hope Frank see’s the one you made him. Just another one of your feeble attempts to make you look like the victim. Shouldn’t you be getting ready for court?

  • Well Alan said it was closed right now so maybe she is dressed and waiting for her lawyer so she is killing time.LOL

  • Between pipe hits? lol

  • I think the truck parked in front of the door was a customer’s, warning others not to go in and eat that sh*t! LOL

  • I guess she is gonna show those pics to the court to make Frank look like the bad guy. Once Frank presents his evidence to the judge, they will understand why he did that. Frank is an upstanding business man in the community so your pics aren’t going to prove nothing, but it will help Frank prove his case on what type of incompetent business owners you are.

  • reporter,
    Are you referring to the security system that belonged to MELISSA? lol. These assclowns don’t own a thing, they make sure it’s in SOMEONE ELSE’S name.

    Terry, does your Camaro happen to have an 8-track player in it? Gonna start calling you JOE DIRT.

  • They went from sporting around, in a Harley Davidson Ford F250 pickup, to an old ragged out Camaro! I think this RISE and FALL, was the fastest, they Valenti/Brocuglio’s ever experienced! Good on ya….

  • Not so they have trucks ! and harley truck

  • See Lori, you need to stay off that pipe!! Now we know you are reporter. Why are you posting pics of you’re past? No one wants to see those. Oh wait, did you make that page because your trying to say Frank is your husband like the page you made for Terry making it look like you two are married? You need to hit that pipe harder!! You are so delusional right now that you don’t even know what you are posting now. Where is Terry, you know, the man you are going to stand by?

  • Lori, not everyone is a dumb as you. This reporter isn’t fooling anyone. Even if you are totally innocent — which you are obviously — you shuld be locked up for being criminally stupid.

  • Lori, not everyone is a dumb as you. This reporter isn’t fooling anyone. Even if you are totally innocent — which you are not obviously — you shuld be locked up for being criminally stupid.

  • Isn’t Terri the female spelling of the name?

  • I really would like to know how any of you where VICTIMIZED.
    1 Debbie who we read her begging terri to stay and she did it for how many years shall we post the old face book when he left was gone for over 10 months and she still was begging him to be a ‘real family or how she posted airport i will be their, did he force her ?
    and who did Lori VICTIMIZE what a battle between her and her ex husband and the ex friend who took lori”s ex husband when she didn’t want to be with him togeter i think he said 15 years hmmmmmm The more i read the more i wonder if it was them who was VICTIMIZED.

  • Instead of sitting on the computer and hitting that pipe, she needs to go clean up the restaurant for the next new tenants. With no electricity now, and no customers, you can pretty much say the place is no longer open.

  • I wish Niko would say something cause i do think Mr Budway did this to that family as well

  • sorry not lori, and when I spoke with her she was WAS is getting new site ready ass wipe just like everyone accused nikos wife all stated she was on drugs and she was not you people did this to that lady as well why because she said and spoke her mind . can’t wait till you see who your calling lori

  • lets start checking all people and police reports hmmmm this will get interesting real soon including all former staff and mr budway is not so clean !

  • WOW This IS crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • There you go again, bringing things up that don’t pertain to you or us. Do you always have to throw people out there that can’t speak for themselves? What Terry did in his past is not yours or our business. You need to learn the meaning of the word victim: >>>>>>somebody or something harmed: somebody who or something that is adversely affected by an action or circumstance
    somebody duped: somebody who is tricked or exploited. <<<<< This applies to you and Terry. You dupe people into believing you're bullshit lies, cons, schemes,etc. That Debbie girl was the victim, you got that right. Terry duped her. I guess you two are so proud of yourselves. The sad part is, the kids are seeing and hearing everything you and that scumbag are doing to the employees, as well as others. So get off your soapbox and STFU!! Smoking crack and pot around them isn't sending a positive message to them either.

  • The more i read the more i wonder if it was them who was VICTIMIZED

    Yes Whori, we know you feel your a victim, that’s because you’re a sociopath.
    I love the one photo of you and Melissa, does your cheek appear to be caving in because of chronic drug use and tooth decay? You even LOOK like a crackhead! LOL

  • I hate to be anyone that crosses, this Debbie chic. Seeing as how she, has such a long reach, to be a behind the scene’s conspirator, to the demise of Valenti/Brocuglio’s restaurant!

  • I’d like to knnw who this Debbie is she keeps referring too, she sure does seemed threatened by her.

  • Well reporter, if your not Lori, you must be Mikey or Terry. All three of you write like none of you went past third grade. So sad that Lori, as a parent, can’t take the time out to work with her kid to make sure he succeeds in life. No, she picked his career as a cook just like her scumbag man.

  • It’s Lori. You can’t fake that stupidity.

  • I think they should do a music video to the song “Stand by your man”. In the background they can have images of Terri trolling on Plentyoffish, trying to scare people on the phone with his Hells Angels threats, Whori smoking crack out back, her writing bad checks, just THINK of all the images that could be shown.

    I think it would be a HIT (no pun intended, Whori)

  • For those who missed it, here’s the blowhard wannabe tough guy Terri and his claims of being a Hells Angels president:

    What a LOSER! LMAO!!!

  • Since Lori has time to invent another persona and set up another facebook page I can only assume she’s taken care of the W2s. Right Lori?

  • I’m sure this Debbie is a figment of her imagination as well. Probably an alter ego she wishes she could be.

  • Or maybe it’s because Terry got tired of Whori’s tooth rotted garbage mouth and her crack smoking and went back to that Debbie girl and she found out!! What’s the matter Whori, couldn’t hold onto you’re man and now you’re jealous you’ve been dumped?? Just goes to show you, you can’t even stop that scumbag from cheating on you!

  • Thank you Allan for the update and posting those facebook pictures!! I would pretty such say Valenti’s is closed for business!!!! Wow Lori, Allan was nice enough to post the pics from that facebook page you created so everyone could see your handy work!! And yes you created it, I got the ISP number off that account you tool!! Now Lori, who is the victim!!

  • Lol you fools show how fast you blame lori ! Think Again

  • So NEXT QUESTION why you after lori? and whom is? and I will be with the couple having fun so, no “he is not with the debbie person” I do recall he made his statement about that loser and if all of you didn’t split them apart yet i don’t think you can.

  • Apparently you didn’t read Allan’s updated story. The restaurant is closed!! What will you be partying for, the demise of a failed restaurant? Reporter, I mean Lori, we don’t want to break you a you’re man up, silly girl, you two are going down in flames together dear!! If you want to fool us, learn how to write correctly!! Use capital letters and correct punctuation! What are you going to do now that Valenti’s is no more, move on to your next victim and scam?? Please remember to post your next adventure so we can welcome you to that community too!

  • I do recall he made his statement about that loser and if all of you didn’t split them apart yet i don’t think you can.

    Comment by reporter

    Put down the pipe, you’re not making sense again. The only thing that needs to be split apart is your personalities.

  • I do recall he made his statement about that loser and if all of you didn’t split them apart yet i don’t think you can.

    Comment by reporter

    My view of what Mr. Valenti, along with Ms. Brocuglio have stated about the Debbie, is simply that Mr. Valenti USED this woman. So explain to me, how this affect YOU Mr. Valenti and/or Ms. Brocuglio?

    All I can make of it, is that the “loser” (as YOU call her), being the VICTIM!
    Please show the documentation, you have against the “loser” or in the very least, something more recent, then 2009!

  • I guess I have to re-read the posts. I could have sworn that Lori’s ex husband died years ago. Which technically would have STILL been her husband given as she NEVER got a divorce before she “married” AGAIN which is called Bigamy that concluded with an annulment. So really Ms. Brocuglio doesn’t have an ex-husband only a dead one. So what ex-husband is she referring to?

  • How about one showing charges where dropped

  • Lmao she can not make statement yet as far as valentis being closed looks like frank changed locks when they were home sleeping read the laws and what that will bring for him and his crimnal acts in the end they will be the ones in the right yea they could go bust the locks but that would be against the law and it seems they are doing thing according to law while frank does as he thinks he can “WHO WILL LOSE”? YEA THEY ARE SUCH BAD PEOPLE HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH
    and what he did to that women or bye looks of her pictures she allowed it for years and what does lori have to do with her anyway as far as ex husband that would be mike rames

  • How about you showing us where the charges have been dropped. Ooops, my bad, no charges have never been dropped against you. Go read your warrants again from Florida. Pssst, they still open! I guess they will go along with the new charges are facing. Are you gonna have a went out of business sale at your closed restaurant? Oh wait, you can’t, you don’t own any of it!! HA HA HA

  • “How about one showing charges where dropped”

    What the fuck does this mean? What charges? Dropped by whom?

  • Again Lori, he is the OWNER of that building. When the electric was shut off and you didn’t pay rent, he as the OWNER, LANDLORD had every right to change the locks!! It’s called protecting what’s his!! We all have explained to you many times about the laws!!! Apparently you and doughboy have “brocken” so many laws you don’t know what laws are!! Your stupidity just astounds me!!!

  • The sad thing about this whole thing, you’re ex employees are going to have to put you down as their last place of employment. The good thing is, the chances of you or Doughboy opening another business in New Jersey or New York are zero to none! As much publicity that the Artvoice has generated, you won’t have a chance! You two clowns will have to pack up your clown show and move on. Better go back to raising horses, at least you can’t screw them over!

  • reporter,
    If you’re not Lori, you’re as moronic as her. You type like an inbred illiterate fool from the woods, go get yourself an education.

    If I OWNED a building and the tenants slandered me, then pulled a fire suppression system purposely, I’D lock the effin doors too. Who do you think the court will side with, a prominent businessman securing his property, or a couple of deadbeat losers with rap sheets as long as Budwey’s business portfolio?

    Do the math, Forest.


  • I didn’t say alarm, RETARD. Why don’t you go play in traffic.

  • The power was shut off because they’re both DEADBEATS who can’t even get an account with the electric company. LOL, losers!


    A landlord is prohibited from any action intended to force a tenant out of an rental lease or to compel a tenant to give up any rights granted the tenant by law. No landlord, or any party acting on the landlord’s behalf, may interfere with the tenant’s privacy, comfort, or quiet enjoyment of the apartment. Harassment may take the form of physical or verbal abuse, wilful denial of services, or multiple instances of frivolous litigation. If a landlord lies or deliberately misrepresents the law to a tenant, this may also constitute harassment.

    Rent regulated tenants who feel they have been victimized by harassment should contact DHCR. Landlords found guilty of harassment are subject to fines of up to “$5,000” for each violation. Under certain circumstances, harassment of a rent regulated tenant may constitute a class “E felony”. Penal Law § 241.05.

    Further, New York tenants have additional recourse against harassment. Tenants may bring a claim in housing court and the court may issue restraining orders against owners if violations have been found. NYC Admin Code § 27- 2115.

  • What I find pathetic is that Lori feels the need to bring up the past between Terry and Debbie’s relationship. Don’t know how long those 2 were together or what transpired but obviously he broke her heart and ANY woman would say things to try to salvage a relationship with someone she loved. Lori is one classy broad to be posting personal emails between them during that time. This woman Debbie was fooled by someone she loved, who HASN’T been? Oh but I’m sure Lori has never been broken hearted, the pathetic wench, but I guess once Terry leaves her she’ll still have the pipe

  • Only a sheriff, marshal or constable can carry out a court-ordered warrant to evict a tenant. Landlords may not take the law into their own hands and evict a tenant by use of force or unlawful means. For example, a landlord cannot use threats of violence, remove a tenant’s possessions, lock the tenant out of the Building, or “willfully discontinue essential services such as water or heat”. When a tenant is evicted, the landlord may not retain the tenant’s personal belongings or furniture. The landlord must give the tenant a reasonable amount of time to remove all belongings. RPAPL §749; Real Property Law § 235.

    A tenant who is evicted from an lease in a forcible or unlawful manner is entitled to recover triple damages in a legal action against the landlord. Landlords in New York City who use illegal methods to force a tenant to move are also subject to both criminal and civil penalties. Further, the tenant may be entitled to be restored to occupancy. RPAPL § 853; NYC Admin. Code § 26-523, § 26-521.

  • Looks like the only losers are on artvoice on this blog :} Karma to all of you

  • Ms. Brocugli, there is a piece of the puzzle, that has yet to be placed.

  • Tonawanda News “Budways
    July 13, 2010
    New lawsuit against Walmart
    By Neale Gulley
    The Tonawanda News

    — — North Tonawanda City officials reacted Monday to published reports that a fourth lawsuit has been filed against Walmart last week by saying they have yet to be served papers.

    “They know where to find us, they don’t have to chase us,” Assistant City Attorney Bob Sondel said Monday regarding the new lawsuit — which again argues procedural aspects of the store’s site plan approval by the city.

    Attorney David Seeger confirmed the suit, filed Wednesday, this time takes aim at a June 7 subdivision resolution based on Walmart approval, as well as a second claim that a building layout plan was approved illegally.

    “Essentially the city, as it is wont to do … didn’t follow proper procedure,” Seeger said.

    He said the reason the city hasn’t yet been formally served papers is because he is waiting to receive the assignment of a judge and court date needed.

    Sondel said previous lawsuits, including the last one thrown out in state supreme court in late April over the city sale price of three small parcels to the retailer, haven’t once included a judge’s ruling that Walmart can’t go forward with plans to construct a super center on the former Melody Fair Grounds near Erie Avenue and Niagara Falls Boulevard.

    “They’ve pretty much cleared the property. I think their next step is to come into the building inspector’s office with a set of plans for approval for a building permit,” he said.

    Those plans themselves, it appears, may form the basis of one of Seeger’s claims this time.

    Mayor Rob Ortt, who like many in City Hall hopes the store is allowed to build after some four years on the planning tables, said he thinks a lot of people are weary of the lawsuits brought by NT First, the group including Budwey’s grocery store owner Frank Budwey.

    “I think a lot of people have grown tired of this dragging on and on and they’re anxious to have a project that is in the best interest of this city and its tax base,” Ortt said. “Because the whole plan seems to be to delay the project as long as possible, not to stop it.”

    Seeger maintained otherwise, calling Walmart’s bid a bad plan.

    “It’s about the fact that it’s a bad proposal and I don’t think it will ever be built,” he said.

    No court date has yet been set to argue the lawsuit.

    Ortt said he had a conversation with a representative of Walmart in recent weeks who was not the least bit surprised a subsequent suit would be filed. He said Walmart has factored such a suit into their timetable and that the project is apparently still on track to begin in the fall or early winter.

  • State comes calling
    Soon after the state took over, it sent letters to members saying that because of joint and several liability, they—not the state—were responsible for making the trusts whole. Jerry Hahn’s share came to $40,000. Frank Budwey’s was $88,000.

    Read more:

  • After the state asked independent auditors to review the bankrupt trusts, however, they concluded that the deficits were much larger than originally thought. What was initially suspected to be a $178 million deficit is now projected at $600 million—a number that is expected to grow even further when forensic audits of the seven non-CRM trusts are completed.

    The figure represents the amount that the state will have to come up with to pay the medical claims and lost wages for workers injured on the job between 1999 and 2007, according to actuaries’ estimates. Messrs. Hahn’s and Budwey’s debts keep growing; Mr. Budwey is now expected to pay close to $400,000.

  • Wal-Mart’s growing prominence in Western New York has unnerved some independent stores. Frank Budwey, who owns three grocery stores in North Tonawanda, Buffalo and Newfane, has been fighting the new location in North Tonawanda. He estimates a potential 40 percent drop in sales at his family-owned North Tonawanda store once four new Wal- Mart Supercenters open nearby.

    “Wal-Mart has really learned the supermarket business and are doing a very, very good job nationwide,” Budwey said. “They’re going to continue to squeeze out their competitors, especially since they are targeting the Buffalo markets.”

  • Budways is coming to Newfane after all. Frank Budway
    told the Union Sun & Journal he’s bought the former
    Shurfine Food Center from Harold Ford of Andover. A
    tentative deal to lease the building fell through last year
    but Budway said Ford offered to sell the structure
    for a lower price. Supervisor Tim Horanburg says he’s
    excited. He told WLVL Newfane’s in desperate need of
    a full service grocery store and Budway has an excellent
    reputation. He said the town would not provide any
    help but they are working with the County IDA on
    sales tax exemptions for new equipment purchases and
    possibly a low cost power allocation. Budway expects
    the store will open between May 3 and June 1 and
    provide 25 full time jobs and 55 part time positions.
    He told the paper he’ll spend a million dollars on new
    fixtures and another $250,000 on the roof and parking lot.
    He said there’ll be new heating and air conditioning and
    a new register system with scanners. The store will be open
    from 7am till midnight.

  • My husband I are involved in a horrendous corrupt system and failure of local and county system to grant due process and equal protection.

    We have experienced the following unethical behaviors at the hands of city officials:

    1. The city issued a building permit for a fence on our shared driveway.l
    2. The local court judge, Frank Caruso failed to force my neighbors to remove a fence on our shared driveway when we presented facts in the case and they presented only facts that corroborated what we said.
    3. North Tonawanda Police ignore harassment of driveway blocking with vehicles and garbage.
    4. North Tonawanda police refused to make a DMV report involving personal injury in a motor vehicle accident instead just listing it as a “neighbor dispute.”
    5. North Tonawanda Police threatened to arrest me for harassment after trying to get a simple DMV report filed (required by NYS DMV Commission regulations section 600-605).
    6. Judge Frank Caruso refuses to fulfill the decisions of the 8th district Court of Appeals after we won our case, allowing new evidence in the case after appeal, visiting the site after appeal, and not setting a trial on damages.
    7. Judge Frank Caruso forced us to drop a suit against the City of North Tonawanda for the issuance of a building permit even after the city refused to answer the Summons & Complaint.
    8. There appears to be contact between the defendant and Frank Caruso (as the defendants have stated that this judge who has never met us, “doesn’t even like you” and/or he may has contact with city officials in regard to this case.

    We purchased a home with a shared driveway and filed a shred driveway agreement with the county. The person on the other side of the shared driveway was a tax delinquent individual. A woman across the street convinced her mother to purchase the house next to us at a tax auction. She did so and immediately tried to take away our right to the shared driveway.

    The ever-ethical City of North Tonawanda attorney informed the new purchaser that he would allow building permit so they could put a fence down the middle of our driveway and in return he would be rid of the delinquent tax payer. She sold her house for $1 to her daughter even though she agreed to live in the house when she purchased it from the city. This allowed her daughter not to pay taxes (she gave her mother over $20,000 later when she obtained a loan but did not pay property taxes as she bought the house for $1).

    She and her daughter immediately attempted to remove all signs that this was a driveway, they took down fences that proved the property could not have been accessed from the other side of the lot, they removed the garages, they put a fence down the middle of the driveway, they put barrels in the driveway, threw mulch on it, and planted things in it.

    We took these individuals to court. We had over 7 witnesses give depositions that this was a driveway. When any portion of another’s property has been used for more than 10 years it is considered an easement. We had proven its use, through witness accounts, for 50+ years. There is substantial evidence in the design of the property that the easement actually goes back to the date of the home 1889. In their defense they claimed the woman who signed the driveway agreement we had didn’t even live in the house and that this had not been a driveway. Their own survey showed it was a driveway. We had seven depositions, they had no witnesses other than the daughter (and she had moved in across the street only the year prior). We had photos of our car in the driveway, photos of tire tracks in the driveway, pictures of it shoveled, etc.

    One of the things that kept being brought up with their attorney and the judge was that we should settle. Settlement meant paying my neighbor $6,000 for the driveway that we had a right to use for free and not obtaining back any of the money we spent on attorney’s fees. We have had to struggle and pay through the nose while I supported a man on his death bed (My husband was had end stage liver disease at the start of this legal battle) and two children on a meager salary. This means rewarding these people for their ill nasty behavior and punishing the people who live by the law. Must we purchase our rights in addition to our home?

    In the oral arguments of the case their attorney had a rambling incoherent closing argument to his case. He brought up no facts of the case whatsoever and blatantly lied; the proof of which was in the evidence offered in the motion. Much of what her attorney said was proven incorrect by her own deposition. At points he even contradicted himself. The fact that a motion was granted for them that they did not request meant they did not even have to pay for a judgment in their favor but we had to shell out thousands of dollars for a decision that was decided without consideration of the merits of the case. Judge Frank Caruso went so far as to quote their attorney’s oral argument as though it was a fact of the case in his decision.

    After 4 years of stalling by their attorney Judge Frank Caruso found in their favor in a summary judgment even though they had no evidence in their favor and had not even applied for a summary judgment. He claimed that we had not used the driveway in the three years from the time her parents bought the house to the time of the fence building (which would not matter as it takes 10 years of no use to void an easement). He found this to be the case even though she said in her deposition that we used it, friends used it, other neighbors used it, we had photos of our vehicle in it, she sent us a letter to stop using it, and tried to have us arrested for using it (proof of which was available in the case evidence). The City of North Tonawanda was originally in a law suit with us as well because they issued a building permit even though the individual must present a survey. Their survey showed a driveway that they only owned half of. The city of North Tonawanda issued a building permit and the City of North Tonawanda is 1/3 of Judge Frank Caruso’s voting population. Judge Caruso forced us to drop our action against the City of North Tonawanda after the City of North Tonawanda did not even respond to our Summons and Complaint and then he granted my neighbors a summary judgment without any facts. This would make our case against the City of North Tonawanda pointless until after appeal (and at which point it is to late to pursue the city).

    We appealed and won a unanimous decision over turning Frank Caruso’s decision in Kessinger vs Sharpe:…0/PDF/0038.pdf However, here we are months later with a fence still in our driveway being forced to have “settlement conferences” where the judge decides where my neighbors can end the fence that the appeal court stated must be “removed forthwith.” We also do not have our trial on damages yet which the court stated should be, “an immediate trial on damages.”

    Why, I ask you, does the judge who makes the bad unethical legal decision get to continue his bad unethical legal decisions. He went so far as to make a site visit after the appeal decision, allowing new evidence to be introduced and deciding they can keep their fence up to a point of our crab apple tree. This would be okay with us accept that then the fence is allowed to be at an angle which will protrude into the area that was formerly part of the easement. Instead of having the fence at a right angle where it can’t possibly intrude he is allowing these people to have it at a straight angle which will cut off our turning radius.

    Not only have we had to spend $20,000 on a one person household income but my neighbors have continually harassed us. They have parked over the driveway line (until the judge’s visit) for almost the entire duration of the court case, they lined up their garbage cans in the driveway. They filled barrels with concrete to block the front of the drive ahead of the fence hoping we would drive into them. And, she pushed me 3 feet with her car and knocked me over the day before the judge came. The police have refused to help us calling this a “neighbor dispute.” They would not even file a DMV report when I, a pedestrian, was hit and knocked down, inured and treated in the ER. We sent our surveillance film (we have multiple cameras of our entire property) to the DMV and they filed the report based on the video. The police claimed I deserved to be hit (on my own property) because I stepped in front of the car (next to her husband, incidentally). This, would still be an accident and the DMV regulations Sec. 600-604 state that the police MUST fill out a DMV report and gather insurance information when a pedestrian is hit and injured. I have severe scoliosis and cervical dystonia and this incident caused me moderate pain for a few weeks (though not a severe injury). Liberty Mutal, who did a full investigation, interviewing neighbors in three households who were watching across the street, will not pay my medical bills. Based on their investigation my being hit was a “deliberate attempt” to “cause bodily harm” which makes me a “non-qualifying” individual. So, the North Tonawanda Police don’t want to file a report but the DMV says its necessary and the insurance company believes I was deliberately hit. IS this not like the old days where a man was allowed to beat up his own wife and it was called a “domestic dispute” instead of assault?

    Can’t anyone help us get justice in this unethical city of North Tonawanda. North Tonawanda is a Den of Thieves and I wish I had not moved here. But, I love my home and I care for my family, neighbors, and community (with some exception). Ironically, in 1996 I even wrote a glowing feature article for the Tonawanda News on North Tonawanda’s Canine Unit.

    By the time I was 25 I actively volunteered for the community. I raised both of my children to volunteer and my son at just 19 is now a volunteer fireman in North Tonawanda and a student at NCCC. He is red cross CPR certified and certified to use resuscitation paddles. He has also passed NYS security guard training. He has received a Certificate of Appreciation for his Volunteer work at the North Tonawanda Inter Church food pantry. At 15 he raised $500 for Diabetes and rode in the 100 mile Tour de Cure with me. My daughter is a dual graduate (History and Social Studies with a minor in Religious Studies) of Nazareth College and a law student at South Dakota School of Law where she just won their 2010 $1000 award for representing the indigent. In the past she has been a volunteer at Northgate Manor, In North Tonawanda, the Buffalo Museum of Science and she worked as a page for 2 years at the North Tonawanda Library, she also volunteered for the Rochester Schools “Underground Railroad” project teaching inner city children of Rochester about the Underground Railroad. She and I rode in the 89 mile MS bike ride and she raised approximately $500 for MS. I have been awarded the White House’s Bronze Presidential Lifetime Volunteer Achievement award for lifetime service as a volunteer at: Northgate Manor, Heritage Green in Greenhurst, NY, the Niagara Frontier Radio Reading Service, PBS, and the American Diabetes Association, to name a few. I have received a full field security clearance through US Customs for a 6 month internship I did with them at the border. I am an alumni of NCCC and a student at Buffalo State college majoring in Criminal Justice with a minor in French and Political Science. My husband is a Navy Veteran with an honorable discharge. We have our flaws, we are not perfect but these things say a lot about us and our values.

    We won our case – this fence should not be here. This person put up the fence with purposeful intend and deliberately lied and slandered our name. We have had constant harassment while they claim we are harassing them. We have such horrendous things on tape it is just not imaginable what we have gone through. I was hit by a car and the police would not even fill out a report because it was a “neighbor dispute.” We had massive evidence as is proven by our winning on appeal of a summary judgment. Summary judgments are only granted when the facts of the case are not even debatable because they deny a right to a trial. Yet, here we are with a fence down our driveway. We have done service to others but no one will help us. Judge Frank Caruso either does not understand the law, does not care enough to research, or is an unethical “on the take” individual. Please, if he is the only person, still do not vote for him. If he does this in civil law what will he do in criminal law and family court. We do not need this unethical man deciding issues of children’s lives.

    All you have to do is come to see this ridiculous spite fence that goes nowhere but in a straight line down the middle of what clearly is a driveway to know that we have had our rights violated. This is FOUR years while we struggled through my husbands illness, decline, transplant, and convalescence spending money we should not have had to spend because of a woman’s gossip spite, and hatred. North Tonawanda is a Den of Thieves and Judge Caruso is either Lazy, on the Take, or unqualified to be a judge. Don’t vote for him.

  • >>>>No landlord, or any party acting on the landlord’s behalf, may interfere with the tenant’s privacy, comfort, or quiet enjoyment of the apartment.<<< Wow Lori/Terry, you need to read before you copy and paste. Now go to commercial business', they are different. He only has to give you a three day notice. Which I'm sure he gave you when he blocked the doors. I would say reporter is Terry and laws NY IS HIM TOO.

  • NT police are shit bags. Drunk driving is fine if your mom or dad blows the judge or cop. But they keep the blacks out!! Such a proud city.

  • What I want to know is if the judge handed them they’re ass today.

  • Never mind did’t forget to refresh the page

  • Malden, MA, US (IP= well found ip for the face book one down-+

  • local news ny,
    Either you ARE Lori, or you just as retarded as her. Why are you posting rental laws pertaining to residences?

    And as far as Mr. Budwey, he’s not the one writing bad checks, or being evicted, LOL!!!

    Boy that restaurant must stink with all that rotten food sitting out! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

  • Oh look, it’s Whori under yet another name trying to pretend she knows anything about IP Addresses. What a tard.

  • Who’s facebook account is that, the one she made up this morning?

  • umm, if she made it up, then it was hers.

  • If that blonde that was posted on that facebook page was in fact this alleged Debby Farly, I wonder if she’s single now?

    He gave that up for Broom Hilda? LOL!

  • Hey Lori, you and doughboy should get a tat that says: 09/2011-01/2011 R.I.P on your ass in remembrance of the restaurant!

  • @local news ny – your irrelevant and extremely long posts really waste a lot of trees for those of us printing out the blog to use in our own lawsuits against con artists.

    and BTW, that pic of the Debbie girl was HOT

  • @ local news ny
    WTF has your BS got do with anything in this post. Unless you were some how scammed or adversely effected by Terri and/or Lori and have something to contribute to this blog. Otherwise go sell your sob story some place else.

  • @Terri
    May you give birth to a cinder block – even though you’re a guy and it come out your dick.

  • If that blonde that was posted on that facebook page was in fact this alleged Debby Farly, I wonder if she’s single now? No she hooked up with an ex con out of prison, “Biker” lmao you need glasses, or your hard up like the alarm guy .
    Her tits are not real and teeth are not real scares and fat are real. and not a real blond . karma aka debbie or mike

  • @anonymous

    scares? Do you mean scars.

  • I’d say the only hard up guy is Terri LOL

  • In the more severe forms of harassment, when a victim has reason to be apprehensive, perpetrators could do hard time, some as long as four years if the crime includes things like bias or repeat offenses. Many harassment cases, of course, fall far short of that severity. Accordingly, the New York Penal Code defines four degrees of harassment to cover graduated levels of seriousness.

    Second-Degree Harassment
    When someone applies physical force to another person, follows that person around in public places or engages in conduct intended to alarm or seriously annoy the person, this constitutes second-degree harassment (New York Penal Code, Section 240.26). As in all harassment cases, the defendant must have the intent to harass, annoy or alarm the person, and the course of conduct can have no legitimate purpose. Second-degree harassment is a violation, and the maximum punishment is 15 days in jail.

  • First-Degree Harassment
    Harassment in the first degree, a class B misdemeanor, occurs when the defendant’s conduct results in a victim being placed in reasonable fear of physical injury. The maximum penalty is three months’ incarceration and a year’s probation.

    Second-Degree Aggravated Harassment
    Aggravated harassment in the second degree, a class A misdemeanor, can occur in several ways. Someone who communicates or attempts to communicate with another person with the intention of causing alarm or annoyance faces a charge of second-degree aggravated harassment. It may also be charged if the defendant applies physical force because of a person’s race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability or sexual orientation. In addition, second-degree aggravated harassment occurs whenever a defendant is convicted of first-degree harassment for the second time in a 10-year period. A conviction can mean up to a year’s incarceration and three years’ probation.

    First-Degree Aggravated Harassment
    New York saves its stiffest sanctions for first-degree aggravated harassment, a class E felony with a maximum penalty of four years’ imprisonment. Defined as intentionally setting out to annoy, threaten or alarm someone because of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability or sexual orientation, the charge also needs the intent to commit one of the following acts: damage religious property, place a swastika on real property without the owner’s permission, set a cross on fire in public or place a noose on real property without the owner’s permission. First-degree aggravated harassment also occurs when a defendant is convicted twice in 10 years of second-degree aggravated harassment.

    Third-degree stalking occurs when a person intends to harass, annoy or alarm someone and acts in a way likely to cause the victim to fear physical injury, sexual assault, kidnapping or death, either personally or to a family member. This is a class A misdemeanor, which may bring up to a year’s imprisonment and three years’ probation

  • So I guess that means Lori is stalking?

  • Hahahaha Scrape….Scrape….Scrape…..

    Thursday, Oct 21st 2010 at 1:32 am by Carol Costa

    Posted in: Blog, General, Issues, Press Releases

    When you went to your mailbox today, you probably received a special message from our current Town Council President seeking your vote to be the next town clerk. Like most of the campaign literature that comes from the GOP, it is sadly full of personal attacks and mistruths. Since the SDTC has historically been the protector of the truth in our town, consider the following:

    Mr. Budway claims he will save the town $15,000 a year since he will not accept the town’s health care. Our current town clerk does not accept taxpayer funded health care either! Thus, his promise to save money is simply hollow!

    Mr. Budway asserts that he will further save the taxpayers approximately $5000 year claiming he will not accept compensation as the Probate Court clerk. The probate clerk fees are not paid by the taxpayers. They are paid by the executor of a person’s probate estate from estate assets. Yet again, Mr. Budway’s proposal will not save the taxpayer’s of our great town one dime. His “promise” demonstrates a general ignorance of how the probate court operates!

    Two years ago, you may recall that it was Mr. Budway who signed an affidavit in support of his then Public Works Director’s effort to buy back pension credit for his ten years of service on the town council at a cost of $183,000 to the town treasury!! Mr. Budway’s efforts almost prevailed until the SDTC exposed him and his raid on the town treasury.

    Mr. Budway also claims he will work full time and not have another job. Our current town clerk also works full time as your town clerk! In order to support her family as well as keep current and active her hard- earned pharmacist’s license, she works one day per week after town hall closes!! Come on Bob, this promise doesn’t even pass the laugh test!

    Mr. Budway claims that he will establish uniform record keeping and retention policies for all Town Departments – not just those in the Clerk’s Office. In point of fact, all records in the Town Clerk’s Office, including birth, death, probate, and other vital records all must be maintained and retained in accordance with State Law. As for other town departments, the Town Council only has the authority to set such policies! During his tenure, Mr. Budway did nothing to advance his new goal. Why now?

    Mr. Budway has been an opponent of open government since he was first elected to the town council. He accused volunteers who were filming the town council meeting for Public Access TV of being political operatives. He voted against Peg Long’s choice for Deputy Town Clerk after she advertised, posted, and interviewed for the position. Clearly political posturing! He stood silent as his hand picked Council Vice President was fined $1500.00 for violating the ethics code for voting with him in suppoprt of his brother- in- laws pension affidavit –The same one that Budway whole heartedly endorsed.

    It is sad how badly Mr. Budway would distort Peg Long’s record of dedicated, open, and honest service to her hometown of a lifetime. All voters must ask themselves: Can we trust Mr. Budway to be our town clerk if his is so willing to distort the truth? “”””Shame on you Mr. Budway!!

  • Seems the only one guilty of stalking or harassing is Broom Hilda herself.

    Lori Lee Ramos
    Race: White
    Sex: F
    Date of Birth: 07/26/66
    Height: 5’05”
    Weight: 140 lbs
    Black Hair
    Brown Eyes
    Wanted for

    2 things.
    1. That’s nothing but someone’s opinion on a blog.
    2. Mr. Budwey is not the one on trial, these scumbags are.

    Whori will always try to point the finger elsewhere claiming she’s a victim.

    Tell it to the judge.

  • I have yet to see ANY PROOF, that this “Debbie”, has had ANY involvement with the Valenti/Brocuglio restaurant fiasco. NO quotes have been published by the PR company, nor the newspapers. The only harassment, that can be traced, is to Ms. Brocuglio and Mr. Valenti. Both here on Artvoice and with the creation of fake fb profiles. Which only proves that Ms. Brocuglio and Mr. Valenti are in fact, the true harassers!


    This post isn’t about Budway’s run for town clerk. It’s about Terri and Lori.

  • nothing but someone’s opinion on a blog.

  • I just got to laugh, Harassment?? Who’s being harassed? We are stating documented facts. We aren’t harming you in any way, other than the truth, because they say the truth hurts. Yes,we may be smartass’ when Lori and Terry harass us with their juvenile remarks and comments. You two might think we are idiots not to know who you are. If there is any slander being done, it’s you slandering that Debbie girl. >>>>>>>If that blonde that was posted on that facebook page was in fact this alleged Debby Farly, I wonder if she’s single now? No she hooked up with an ex con out of prison, “Biker” lmao you need glasses, or your hard up like the alarm guy .
    Her tits are not real and teeth are not real scares and fat are real. and not a real blond . karma aka debbie or mike<<<<<<<< That has slander written all over it!!! How do you figure we are harassing you? Give examples please. Are we physically talking to you, touching you, writing to you, leaving things at your home or place of business, bothering other family members or friends? I would say no to all. It is you coming on these blogs posting stupid shit and harassing us and slandering us. So see how that turns around right back to you? It is you slandering and harassing us!! So when you speak to your public defender show him all these blogs and see what he has to say about who is harassing and slandering who. Oh Lori and Terry, see how karma is biting you in the ass again!!

  • It’s these 2 idiots grasping for straws, it just shows how desperate they are.

    ps. How’s business today? LMAO!!!!

  • Totally irrelevant.

  • @Terri and/or Lori

    Go jerk off and use your Bullshit as lube!

  • Edit Company Info
    Wayne Brocuglio22
    “Lincolnton, NC” 28092-5832 map
    Wayne Brocuglio in Lincolnton, NC is a private company categorized under Unclassified. Our records show it was established in 2005 and incorporated in North Carolina. Current estimates show this company has an annual revenue of $160,000 and employs a staff of approximately

  • Wayne is Whori’s brother who won’t have anything to do with his skanky sister.

  • So what is the point of this Wayne guys info? All you have shown is YOU are the only moron in your family that can run a business into the ground inside of 4 months.

    I don’t know this Wayne person however, I am betting HE will be pretty pissed when he sees you are tossing his name and info out there. Perhaps you should think before opening those doors you stupid crazy bitch.

  • Lol @ Noah’s comments here I made one up ” May you get owned by a tapeworm and its favorite food is parsnips AND if you try to eat anything else the tapeworm gets angry and chews through your bowels” Parsnips or nothing, chump.. Chuuuuump… Chumpity chump

  • Haha, I laughed out loud at the fake tits comment, I’d rather have FAKE tits than a REAL chronic case of meth mouth. Are you jealous Lori?

  • @Linnealu Me likes LOL

    @ Terri
    May you have to sit in a gay bar with Richard Simmons for a thousand eternities!

  • Lori posted that hoping we’d think she had something to do with a successful business. The limo on her fake Facebook profile was her brothers, she just wants people to believe it’s hers.

    Whori, stop trying to ride on the coat tails of those who have succeeded, you’re a FAILURE, just admit it.

  • LOL!
    @terry “May you find out that Lori Brocuglio was born Louis Brocuglio.” then, it MIGHT become Jerry Springer with the chairs…
    Hey.. Louis, I mean Lori looks like she could lend herself to Faces of Meth, maybe she can help some kids out. That’s your calling Lori, do something selfless for once 🙂

  • Ya. She’s not totally useless she can be used as a bad example.

  • Anyone ever hear of that Courtney Stodden chick? Anyway, she’s got a video on YouTube called cyberbullying. Lori, you aren’t alone…. :'(


  • @terry
    “May a mob of heroin junkies play darts on you with dirty syringes and turn you into a walking biohazard.”

    Noah, this is just too fun, thinking of all the scenarios..

  • @Terri

    May you become sexually irresistible to men at the same time as being stricken with muscular dystrophy and thus unable to reject their advances.

  • Lori, shouldn’t you be at work instead of stalking on the computer? Oops, my bad, you don’t have a job. Whatcha gonna do, claim unemployment now and continue to take from the citizens of NT? Wow, you can’t claim unemployment either, you WERE the employer! I’m sure McDonald’s and Burger King are hiring. You might just get hired with the your experience in the food industry.

  • @ I wanna C. Moore

    McDonald’s and Burger King food is bad enough lets not make worse.

  • Lori and Terry,how can so many people come to hate you guys so much? Lori you are someones daughter,mom,grandma.How could you do so many bad things to so many?Don’t you worry that someday someone will do this to yours? Same with you Terry.The only way out of this mess you’ve made of your lives is to make things right and undo some of the things you have done to all these people.Otherwise this will follow you wherever you go. It may follow you guys into prison which can in itself be bad, but hated like this could make it pretty rough.Stop denying all the wrong things you did. Don’t just do it for yourselves, do it for your families who are so embarrassed for you. You can’t be very happy like this. You have ruined lives and the lives of the people who love them. You not only have those directly affected by your greed hating you, you have their family and friends hating you.I could be right next to you texting.People are watching you all the time.Help yourself.Do what is right.For once in your lives do the right thing and maybe you will find what you want so badly in this life.Success,happiness,family, and friends.

  • @A Mom

    Nice Words.But they lack any form of empathy for their follow man. They self-centered vultures.

  • @Terry
    May you and Chaz Bono be the last two surviving people on planet Earth after the 2012 “apocalypse”. And may you both be uncontrollably horny.

  • @ Linnealu

    Good One. But I have a question which one’s the papa and which one’s the mama or is it optional.

  • Well, the latest I’ve heard is that Chaz is saving up money to buy a penis, so by that time there may not be a chance of little Valenti’s and Bono’s running around!

  • @ Linnealu

    Bite your tongue the world doesn’t need either of them propagating.

    ‘May your ass turn orange and fall off at an inconvenient moment.’ Ancient curse.

  • @A MOM
    Those were very nice words and I couldnt have said it better myself. Unfortunatly those words will go in one ear and out the other. It is truly sad for all the victims,friends of victims, children, grandchildren and so on. It is truly sad for Lori and Terry having gone thru life doing so much destruction and causing so many people soooooo much pain.. Take A MOMS advice cause it is very good advise. At least try, try to dig down deep and find just a smallest bit of dignity, the tiniest amount of self respect. WTF come on already! Fuckin tell someone your fuckin sorry already! Be a fuckin human being for christ sakes! You are someones mother! You are someones fuckin grandmother! WTF!?

  • Lets try to keep on track and not make this a Dr. Phil moment!

  • I would love to see Terry’s resume or be on his next interview for a job. “So,Mr. Valenti, it says here on your resume you were the owner of Valenti’s restaurant.” “NO, I was not an owner, per say.” My girlfriend opened the restaurant. We hired a chef and her son would do the cooking. “But Mr. Valenti, if you are a chef, why would you have others doing the cooking?” Because If I claim I was working, I would have to pay child support. it’s a long story. “So Mr; Valenti, it is written here that you were on Iron Chef, can you explain that one?” ‘No, I wasn’t on the REAL Iron Chef, it was a mock Iron Chef. “I don’t know why people get that confused.’ “I was never on Iron Chef, the mock one I did was with a friend Robby Slay.” “Maybe that’s why people keep getting confused.” “You put you worked at Disney World, did you work in one of their famous restaurants?” “No, another misconception that was stated about me.” “I worked as one of the Disney characters and then cleaned the park at night after it closed.” “I did have the honor was being the dish washer in one of their restaurants.” “Did you actually do any cooking at Captain Hiram’s?” “YES, I did cook there.” “But I will admit I did lie and said I worked at Mama Leone’s in New York.” They thought I meant the ORIGINAL Mama Leone’s, I worked at the one of many they had.” ” I didn’t have the heart to tell them it wasn’t the original, so I just ran with the lie, because in all honesty, it did get me a job.” “So Mr. Valenti, did you go to any recognized culinary institutes for training?” Well, I visited CIA, does that count?” ” I went to few cooking workshops in the neighborhood, and watched a lot of cooking shows!” “I do all my own cooking too!” “Ok Mr. Valenti, I will keep your resume on file and will call you if you qualify for a position at Domino’s pizza.”

  • They have done no wrong, that’s how sociopaths feel. Only those with a conscience will understand those words, you may as well talk to a wall when it comes to these 2 lowlifes.