Two and a Half WTFs

UPDATE: I am making this post sticky for the time being, as I will be speaking with Shredd & Ragan on WEDG 103.3 on Tuesday morning  (click the link to listen live) around 8am regarding the Valenti’s Restaurant saga. Follow-up posts exist here, here, and here.  As with any story, if you want to provide information confidentially, send an email to buffalopundit[at]

Yes, it’s media criticism Monday.

On Friday, The Buffalo News’ venerable, legendary restaurant reviewer Janice Okun gave a new Italian red sauce joint in North Tonawanda, “Valenti’s” 2.5 stars.

(I don’t know why literally every single Okun review involves a half-star, either.)

In that review, which was predictably yet unfortunately devoid of good feedback about the food or its flavor, Okun made the following observations:

Co-owner (with his wife, Lori) and Chef Terry Valenti is a Western New York boy recently returned home from Texas and Florida — he cooked at Mama Leone’s in Manhattan and in resorts in Daytona. In 2003 he took on uber-chef Bobby Flay on the popular “Iron Chef” program. Knocked the socks off him, too.

“It was the parsnips that did it,” says Lori. For the show, Terry produced Chilean Sea Bass stuffed with that vegetable (and artichoke hearts for good measure). He even dreamed up a Mango Parsnip Ice Cream that went over very well.

In the days since that was published, we’ve established the following:

1. Iron Chef America (featuring Bobby Flay) didn’t exist in 2003.

2. The list of Iron Chef America episodes reveals no competitor with the surname “Valenti” challenging any Iron Chef, ever.

3. The list of Iron Chef (Japan) episodes reveals no competitor with the surname “Valenti” challenging any Iron Chef, ever.

4. The aforementioned episode lists from America and Japan reveal that there has never been an Iron Chef “battle parsnip” in either series.

5. Mr. Valenti claims to have graduated from the CIA in 1993 and then became head chef at Mamma Leone’s.

6. Mamma Leone’s closed in January 1994.

7. A March 2009 health inspection of Captain Hiram’s, where Valenti had been working for 4 months at the time, is shown here. These should be made public for New York eateries, as well.

Aside from the massive question marks over the chef/owner’s alleged backstory, can someone explain to me why the photos that accompany these restaurant reviews seldom show the actual food? The Valenti’s story depicts four women outside the restaurant bidding each other good-bye, two of whom have to-go boxes. All I can gather from the image is that Valenti’s has a nice sidewalk. As for Okun, she gushes over the comfort of a restaurant’s booths, but we have no idea whether the veal is any good.


  • Terry Valenti is a career con artist. I know him PERSONALLY, and know some of his “claims”.

    There’s a REASON he’s not in Texas OR Florida anymore, but that’s all I can say about that. It’s AMAZING that the author of that article would even BELIEVE such a claim without even verifying it.

    As for his “supposed” wife, and the restaurant not having a liquor license, maybe it’s because she’s a fugitive from FLorida:

    Her REAL name is Lori Ramos, you’ll find her on the above page.

    I give this restaurant 6 months, tops.

  • If there was even a partly reasonable explanation for any of this, I would have to imagine that Valenti, his wife, so some supporter would have replied via comment on the Buffalo News website by now. There is no way they are unaware of doubts that have been cast on Valenti’s background.

    As for Okun, I am planning on opening a restaurant, despite my complete lack of credentials. It will feature booths the size of firetrucks. The food will be terrible, but that no longer seems important.

  • For #7, your link to the health inspection is to something else ~ Hiram’s — or did I miss something–?

  • The mere fact (if true according to decrepit Janice Okun) that a winner of Iron Chef would we running a red sauce place in a northern Buffalo suburb made her article factually baseless from the get go…

  • “The mere fact (if true according to decrepit Janice Okun) that a winner of Iron Chef would we running a red sauce place in a northern Buffalo suburb made her article factually baseless from the get go…”

    Exactly. I don’t particularly care if a guy wants to fudge his resume — he’s not a public servant, and in the end his restaurant will live or die based on its merits. But it amazes me that Janice Okun — who is supposed to be something like a journalist, and is supposed to know something about food — would accept a story so absurd on its face and not bother to investigate.

  • it’s rare that you can trust a restaurateur’s representation of him or herself in the first place, but this is beyond ridiculous.

    and her review makes me wonder whether or not she set foot in the restaurant at all. i mean, aside from scoping out the always high priority booth situation.

  • @Pundit – Yeah, I got that. But your link in Point #7 sounds like it will be a link to a health inspection of some kind; instead, it just takes me to that Treasure Coast Photos promo item, which I already saw over the weekend. Which makes me wonder if you intended to use a different link in Point #7–?

  • It looks like they took out the part about the alleged “Iron Chef” appearance, but left the paragraph that discusses what he supposedly made on the show…. who the hell’s the web editor on that site?

  • “Co-owner (with his wife, Lori) and Chef Terry Valenti is a Western New York boy recently returned home from Texas and Florida — he cooked at Mama Leone’s in Manhattan and in resorts in Daytona.

    “It was the parsnips that did it,” says Lori. For the show, Terry produced Chilean Sea Bass stuffed with that vegetable (and artichoke hearts for good measure). He even dreamed up a Mango Parsnip Ice Cream that went over very well.”

  • Link fixed, RaChaCha

  • You can add to the above list the fact that The Culinary Institute of America has no record of this person graduating from, or even attending, the college.
    Jeff Levine
    The Culinary Institute of America
    Hyde Park, NY

  • I will never eat at Valenti’s because, according to Bedenko’s Web sources, the proprietor claims to have served in the Marines but never actually deigned to enlist.

    I do not patronize small businessmen who steal valor. There are too many restaurants out there owned by authentic veterans who serve great food and appreciate my business.

    Or, there are plenty of businesses out there owned by non-veterans who don’t lie about serving their country. (I prefer to support a veteran’s business, if I can.)

  • I can definitely say that Valenti is Liar! In the video he is also claiming he worked for Disney and that his teenage son works for him. He was definitely never in culinary school in the 1993. He could hardly hold a job and didn’t want to do side jobs to help his first wIfe support his son. She ended up divorcing him and then he shaved his head and was telling people he had cancer. One of the reasons he probably came back to Buffalo is his son is now in his 20’s. So therefore, Terry doesn’t have to pay child support. I’m just wondering how he got approved for a business loan? When you watch the video 5:30 and on , especially when he tells the reporter that “Iron Chef opened a lot of doors” that is his bullshiting face!

  • Really !!!! if anyone wants to listen to the bad things posted on here and its links . please do get the facts i have them please stop in and see me !! anyone can make up copy and past and make things look real most of this is coming from
    a women that was obssed with terry her lies and stalking will not stop she follows us every where ! i have the emails and message from 2009 ! and as far as our beer and wine we are gettin that ! not that its anyones bussiness but the florida postings is from the ex and a nasty divorce case and the courts sending a summones to a wrong address !!! so you can either listen to this trash or come in and make your own mind up!!! are we follower’s of internet trash or truth . and lets make it clear terry does not own this resturaunt and never has! he has designed my menu and his recipes if you all would have done your home work you would see terry is not on any of my papper work and terry is a great chefs come in see for your self! also we will be posting you the debbie farley web site with the heart brocken women! who will not get on with her life also we will be making statement to police and buffalo news and rebutal when i have all the documents with that said we will pay no mind to this .

    Thank all of our guest for your support!
    lori lee and its not ramos for the record !!!

  • But tell us more about Iron Chef & the CIA.

  • Well, I think that after reading that stirring reply, we all owe them an apology.

  • I’m reminded of that great Rolling Stones tune – “Heart Brocker (Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo)”

  • reply to “joel” lol debbie farley whom has so much to say yet hides behind a pc and fake names ! as far as our teenage son “MIKEY”THE ONE TERRY MADE STATEMENT ABOUT ! he is very proud to follow in daddys foot steps and our other son josh who will be joining his brother and father and myself in the family bussiness !
    It takes a special person to try and hurt children and not think before they make comments with out facts !
    all of you know where to find me LORI LEE VALENTI any question you have i wouldd be happy to talk with you ! debbie farley and her new boy friend oh which is an ex con “yea do your home work ! oh and he has even stated he is a grate hacker come see me all i can say ! and as far as child support it age 25 in NY ! people focus on the great food and dining, not the attack on us! I understand debbies hurt, as she is watching her dream not living it !!!with that said just come in be your own judge and jury not a fool who feeds on internet stander! now we are two days from xmass and terry and i have a big family dinner and that is where we are focused its not we are ignoring this our kids are first this will be delt with after new years !! god bless happy hoildays !!!

  • Here’s one of his citations:

    He NEVER worked at Mama Leones either, just another one of his MANY claims

  • Shorter Lori – “We lied about CIA, Iron Chef, Mamma Leone’s and Disney as a result of the devious machinations of a spurned lover.”

  • Wow well well lets see, Mama Leones closed in 97 was bought in 94 so get those facts straight, He sure did get letters from his former employers, which i have and will be posting, he is part of hollywood studio networks, look them up, and as far as the Iron Chef is concerened, i do not have all the facts so i will not comment, but hollywood studio network has the ties with all the food shows which i am waiting for a reply, so Jack aka Debbie and Ron will be seeing you in court the rest of you who if you want to know more please feel free to contact us. and the Capt hirams resort inspection really, read it all lol terry didnt have his managers card because the class needed to be held at the resort for all management not just him, and the violations if you read it were for the whole resort not just the kitchen, oh and by the way there are 3 kitchens there and he did not over see them all. get facts before you try to hurt people oh thatas right you dont live here.

  • Mrs. Valenti, by the looks of your wanted status, I wouldn’t threaten anyone with court. According to what I just read, that warrant is still valid, that was December’s roster.

    Why not answer to Mr. Levine’s statement that your husband NEVER even attended the CIA? It sounds to me like you and your husband don’t have enough credibility, so you make it up.

  • was sold to the resturaunt group in 94 closed doors in 97. and hollywood studio networks is part of the net work studio in cali. do your homework. and once again I own Valentis not terry.And please i told you all the postings will all be put up after new years. And as far as me, im not wanted by anyone that is for failer to pick up a summons because it went to a wrong address from my divorce, once again do your homework before you talk.

    • I did do my homework. The New York Times and Los Angeles Times dispute your 1997 claim.

      Mamma Leone’s was sold to Restaurant Associates, Inc. in the 60s. (Here’s a second source). According to the New York Times, it closed its doors for the final time in 1994. Not 1997. It found a new location in 1987.

      I don’t care about the personal nonsense with ex boyfriends and divorces and all that garbage.

      I want to know (a) what episode of Iron Chef America did your chef appear on, (b) when did he graduate from the Culinary Institute of America.


  • Restaurant Associates was bought by Compass in the 90’s, who still owns the brand today.

    Here is one of the many articles that details that, though RA talked about reopening Mamma Leone’s after its January 1994 closure, the restaurant had not (and did not) reopen. This article is dated 1996, and a source in the article is RA’s Chief Executive.

  • With apologies to Monty Python, it appears that Okun’s BN column is one for lying down and avoiding, not reading and keen for those who’re big on regurgitation.

  • why cant you guys just let them be and be the judge for your self!! great fish frys ! just let them live out there dreams.. come on a nice resturant in north tonawanda imagen that?? give it a try instead of thinking what u want.. maybe you will fall in love with it!!

  • Dear ‘leeah’,

    Judging by the apparent lack of anything beyond a third-grade reading level and excessive use of exclamation points in your post, you’re probably Lori. Nobody wants to go to your restaurant because it’s not good and you have repeatedly been outed as a liar. The few people who did go to your restaurant had terrible service and terrible food (see comments section of the Okun article: Furthermore, if you were such a big believer on the merit of your restaurant, you (collectively as a couple) would have had no need to lie about professional credentials and the quality of food that you offer at your establishment.

    If you are looking to live out your dream and improve your future, I suggest you start by learning the difference between there, their, and they’re. And stop lying.


  • Really! now you will try to say its me commenting goog one i use my name i don’t hide behind a pc. and what do you do for work? as far as lies my comment was i was not with him in 2003 you would have to talk to him !!


  • Lori states:
    “And as far as me, im not wanted by anyone that is for failer to pick up a summons because it went to a wrong address from my divorce, once again do your homework before you talk.”

    The Mugshots Gainesville website at states:
    “Wanted For: Violation of Protective Injunction Against Repeat Violence, Sexual Violence, Or Dating Violence”

    FOR THE MONTH OF DECEMBER. You’re wanted, believe me, I’ve done my homework. Shall I post some more legal documents to back up my claim?

  • Just leave this poor couple alone. You have all made your points, why do you have to torture them? Does it make you feel so much better about yourself? I do not know these people, but I saw the same thing happen to our Holiday Market in NF. Poor Zilly, may she rest in peace, Alan’s hate and 12 hours days gave her a heart attack. Good work people.

  • @mike: “Poor Zilly, may she rest in peace”?? Perhaps we should be careful about starting rumors here. Zilly has 2 tweets on her feed today — one with a photo she took on her way the the holiday market. No tweets about a heart attack or anything remotely like responding to tweeps concerned about her health, etc.

  • @RaChaCha Sarcasm was the intent of the comment, do not know many 28 year olds having heart issues. Idiot! Go back to fact checking the cook.

  • @mike Idiot?! Nice to see you in the holiday spirit. Although I felt her dustup w/Pundit was kinda silly, Zilly is great and an important part of the community — so when you suggested she might have had a heart attack or worse it merited checking out (and someone who wouldn’t bother checking might have gotten the Buffalo rumor machine cranked up). I have no idea how old she is (and there’s plenty of people who have heart attacks at way-too-young ages). 28, huh? Or are you making that up, too–?

  • Does anyone understand the concept of educated publicist here? The intellectual ability, profound thought development in responses, and stellar grammatical ability from Lori simply make we want to say ” WHOA DADDY ! ”

    You two clowns are busted… time to pack up the Revivalist-Televangelist Circus of Culinary.. and jump on the next train back to whatever rocks you both were previously living under..

    May you and Box-Car Wille get a better fabrication together in the next 1- horse town you decide to set-up shop …

    Now Giddyup’ and don’t come roun’ here no more ya’ hear ?


    You sit on a THRONE Of LIES…

    If I were WKBW’s Jon Summers or Buffalo Snewz’ Janice Okun.. I’d be embarrassed, humiliated, and disgusted with myself….much like the Valenti’s should be..

  • “mike” = mike the chef at cantina loco?

  • for all of you reading number one i never made the statement iron chef! as i said i was not with him in 2003 !!! going by what i was told as well as all of you.
    That is a dead subject anyway !!!!!! i have my proff and either way it don’t matter to me about 10 years ago !!! as far as me being wanted thats a lie its an old summons my ex and his girl friend lied on a police report to attempt to get a injuncksion because he took my son from his bus stop in nc the summons not charges was sent to a florida address and is couple years old i have not been back to florida is all but shortly i will and you will all see how full of shit you and debbie farley is. good luck with your life’s as far as the as i told you fakes and lier post on internet, me i have told you all got something to say thats truth face me like a man or women grow up and get over it !! and if i feel like shutting down the place i will but thats is my choice not the publics move on

  • You DID make a statement about the iron chef, you said in the interview that it was the parsnips that won it, lol. I just visited that mugshot site, and according to the site, it’s a CURRENT warrant, NOT an old one. And according to the charges, you are a dangerous, unstable woman. Nevermind what caused the violation, it shows the ORIGNAL charges, I’ll be sure to stay clear of your establishment.

    I find it funny, Mr. Valenti, you claim, is NOT the owner of the place, and according to the news video, he’s not even the executive chef. That speaks for itself in my opinion.

    ps. You should take some basic grammar classes, I’ve seen 5 year olds that can spell and type better than you LOL.

  • I found this using some of the info on this blog:

    Issued September of THIS year. Status: ACTIVE

    You really don’t know how to be honest from all that I’ve seen and read here.

  • Why so much hate for these people? All they are trying to do is to make a living. You would think they were in the mob or something.

  • I don’t hate anyone. Personally, I kind of pity Lori, who seems to have been conned worse than anyone. From what I could tell, it sounds like she met this guy, heard all kinds of outrageous lies and is now willing to bankroll his restaurant. We got off lucky – we can just find somewhere else to eat.

  • Hey John: your link isn’t a hard link to information. The destination website directs your link to a search page. If you want us to see what you’re talking about, please repost with a link to the search page as well as a case number or numbers to search. As for the search page, I think this is it below — but you can confirm since you already followed the trail once.


  • Alachua County Clerk of the Court ( case# 01 2010 MM 004989 A. Under the Alerts tab, you will find that the warrant is “active”. Ms. Lori Lee Ramose aka Lori Lee Brocuglio,now trying to hide under the name of Valenti (no marriage), along with Geno and a number of variations to her name.

    What Is a First Degree Misdemeanor? Definition

    A first degree misdemeanor (also known as a “Class A” misdemeanor) is a crime for which the penalty is up to one year in jail and/or a fine of up to $1,000. First degree misdemeanors generally involve crimes against persons.

    @Mike Chmiel: Empathy wasted on people that are liars, cheats, thief’s, abusers and clearly delusional!

    As for “Mike”: if these two were actually an honest, hard working couple, just striving to be successful in life, I too would share in your compassion, but they are not.

    Note: I do believe, that the New Year is going to bring about something “great”! (Check the word Lori, it’s the correct spelling)

  • @John OK, got it. If you go to the “Parties” tab on that case, then click “Case Hist.” there are several more cases, including one (closed) from May 2011.

    There is also a (closed) case vs. Terry Valenti: 01 2011 DR 001138

    WOW. Moral of the story: if you’re a couple with an extensive history in one state, and are trying to make some kind of fresh start in another state, don’t draw attention by sending out press releases with wild claims that aren’t going to stand up to even casual scrutiny.

  • @Ra Cha Cha: Under the “alerts” tab, you will see the warrant is “active”, for Sept 2011 and this has been confirmed with a phone call. It is also a State Wide warrant for Florida.

    Statute 784.047: Penalties for violating protective injunction against violators.—A person who willfully violates an injunction for protection against repeat violence, sexual violence, or dating violence, issued pursuant to s. 784.046, or a foreign protection order accorded full faith and credit pursuant to s. 741.315 by:
    (1) Refusing to vacate the dwelling that the parties share;
    (2) Going to, or being within 500 feet of, the petitioner’s residence, school, place of employment, or a specified place frequented regularly by the petitioner and any named family or household member;
    (3) Committing an act of repeat violence, sexual violence, or dating violence against the petitioner;
    (4) Committing any other violation of the injunction through an intentional unlawful threat, word, or act to do violence to the petitioner;
    (5) Telephoning, contacting, or otherwise communicating with the petitioner directly or indirectly, unless the injunction specifically allows indirect contact through a third party;
    (6) Knowingly and intentionally coming within 100 feet of the petitioner’s motor vehicle, whether or not that vehicle is occupied;
    (7) Defacing or destroying the petitioner’s personal property, including the petitioner’s motor vehicle; or
    (8) Refusing to surrender firearms or ammunition if ordered to do so by the court.

    I do agree with you RaChaCha, making such claims, as winning the Iron Chef, both in the review and on video (which could be easily verified), along with the attending of a local culinary school, was what placed them under the microscope of scrutiny!

  • So what? That’s all? Man you would think they were terrorists or something. Guess no one here was ever pinched. Did the IDA give them money? How many lies do we read daily from the IDA, but that’s fine? You sick people need to turn you energies toward the real criminals.

  • I have never been pinched. I am going to guess that most of the commenters here can make the same statement. Not sure why you feel that deceptive business practices are okay if you refrain from accepting IDA money either.

    No one is saying that they are criminals. But they are trying to encourage people to pay for their service (i.e., food) by lying about their credentials. The vast majority of restaurants choose to compete honestly.

    How would you feel about going to a doctor that claimed to have graduated with honors from Johns Hopkins, only to find out later that he finished at the bottom of his class at a Caribbean medical school? Would you simply brush it off as a guy “trying to make a living”, or would you feel betrayed? I doubt you would return.

  • @MikeChmiel well put, my sentiments exactly. I do not enjoy being defrauded, and I do not feel that anyone who defrauds consumers is ‘just trying to make a living’. They know what they’re doing is wrong, they’re just using emotional appeals to lessen the backlash of being called out on their shit. Grow up.

  • “Mike” = Mike Hudson. Betcha ten thou. Mike–?

  • With a light attempt at valor, sprinkled with a hint of protection, I’d say “Mike” = “Mikey”! The Son that wants to follow in “Daddy’s” footsteps?

  • Bobby Flay’s version of American Chef started in 2004, and Mr. Valenti beat him in ’03? lol

    Read all the episodes here, NO mention WHATSOEVER of Terry Valenti.

  • Oops, I meant “Iron Chef”, not American Chef.

  • I new this would all catch up to him, just didn’t think it would be this soon.

  • debbie obessed with terry !!! read your self words desprate woman or was i just the babysitter? and spent my dead husbands money to find a boyfriend who used me. debbie farley posting lies about terry to get back at him here is my message to him in 09
    my name is debbie i live in florida in a log home which is a pig pen cause i hate to clean to busy on internet trying to destroy terry as he used the shit out of me and i was to desprate or stupied to see it i was his slave and now i live to destroy him and her along with his new life i sit and follow him on the internet and watch him make the dream come true with out me .no its not me never was !!! i tryed everything to get her away from him but failed now they own there own bussiness raise a family and have the life i was so desprate for wish it was me all i ever wanted i begged him but that didn’t work i told everyone we would be a family in march on my facebook !a real one but i was wrong !!!! so women make sure you know who your with before you make a fool of yourself to the world as i did now i am with a new man but i still spend everyday trying to post lies and bullshit about him and her !!!!! i even pretended he bought me a ring but truth is it was my ring from my husband who passed away !!!!! check back on my sight i will post the messages where i begged him to love me ! some day ill get over it and move on !!!! but being used is no fun don’t let it happen to you the debbie farley story karma is a bitch !!!!!!! here is one of my pledings from 2009 i sent him on face book i was a fool

    from Debbie Farley

    to terry
    Happy Now????

    I hate feeling as if I have to HIDE from your supposed biker life style or the possibility of one of your back up bitches finding out! This so SUCKS! I want to SCREAM it to the world and show how PROUD I am to have you in my life, but again…I’m told to SHUT up about it! I thought this was kind of a break through for us, along with the “restaurant possibility”, but as I sat next to you last night, making out a list of things I was willing to sell, just to come up with the money, you were too busy with facebook. Terry, I have SUPPORTED you with a number of these ventures, “I have given up mine and Mac’s life savings/future for YOU, because I BELIEVE in you. You will never know how EXCITED about the possibility of opening a restaurant with YOU, but now I get the feeling it’s just another carrot, dangling infront of me, only to be snatched away, because “IF” you get some funding from another source (and you KNOW what I’m talking about here) I once again, will have to be a BIG secret….. Terry, I was a secret with the first asshole I dated (a year), then I was for 2 years with my bed buddy,and now you I so wanted to get away from that and hold my head up HIGH and show people I was IN LOVE and had someone PROUD to be in love with me…..This is all so familiar to me, being a whore, but only getting half a life with you, I just don’t know what to do!! … I dunno, but I did as you “TOLD” me to do and removed MY NAME from your profile.yet you post your picture with her I can’t sit here and CRY about this, I have things I need to get done…..Sorry I upset YOU with MY desire to SHOW the WORLD I am in your life not a babysitter thought we were a couple, I’ll NEVER make that mistake again!!!

    A little FYI….. You got me so upset, I threw my phone across the room! I’m not sure if it’s working now or not.

    Enjoy your day and your sites….. The lonely soul…Debbie 2009

  • good luck to you and yours !!!!!!!!!!!

  • this is going to get real ugly !!!!!! people grow up !!!!!

  • just a cook but work w/chefs

    I have never been pinched. I am going to guess that most of the commenters here can make the same statement. Not sure why you feel that deceptive business practices are okay if you refrain from accepting IDA money either.

    No one is saying that they are criminals. But they are trying to encourage people to pay for their service (i.e., food) by lying about their credentials. The vast majority of restaurants choose to compete honestly

    Read more: to this in fact a chefs are on line at the place and they can back it up

  • just a cook but work w/chefs

    . I am going to guess that most of the commenters here can make the same statement. Not sure why you feel that deceptive business practices are okay if you refrain from accepting IDA money either.

    No one is saying that they are criminals. But they are trying to encourage people to pay for their service (i.e., food) by lying about their credentials. The vast majority of restaurants choose to compete honestly

    to this in fact chefs are on line at the place and they can back it up

  • At this point I’m confident that Lori is insane, mentally retarded, or both. Nobody cares about your personal drama. If you are going to post, please limit it to why you and your boyfriend/husband/whatever repeatedly lied and address the questions posed to you by Alan and the other posters. I cannot emphasize enough how little I care about your inane rantings around someone named Debbie, and I’m pretty sure everyone else here shares my sentiments.

  • Comments section has gone totally Jerry Springer — without the chairs.

  • I know. Plus, Lori’s butchery of the English language hurts my brain when I try to read it.

  • Bullshit.
    Jesus wasn’t on until ’85. That was George Harrison and he kicked your ass.

  • lmao!!!! this is great!

  • Wow finally see the site everyone about
    And to be honest do not care what you have to say
    This is Lori and as far as terry I know the same as all of you at this point .
    How ever will be setting a press release .
    Cause I do not know about the iron chef show in 2004
    Nor do I know what school he went to I was not with him and untili have facts no comment.
    Thank you all happy new year

  • Has anyone tried the veal? Did you ever ask your grandmother where she learned to cook? Her secret ingredent was she never washed her hands. All I got to say is they make a great Gnocci.

  • Hey, don’t Gnocci till you try it.

  • Report A Warrant Tip

    Thank you for submitting your information. If you wish to speak directly with someone in the Sheriff’s Office about a warrant or a fugative, please feel free to call the Warrants Division at (352)367-4138. We sincerely appreciate your willingness to help us capture suspects who have outstanding warrants or who are wanted to questioning.

    If you know of anyone who has an outstanding warrant, or is wanted by the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office for questioning, please contact us. You may call us at (352)367-4138 or use the form below to report a tip. You can provide your name or report anonymously.

    Remember, it is always in a suspect’s best interest to come in and talk with the ASO rather than try to evade capture. Fleeing from an investigation, or skipping out on a warrant, will only make the situation worse.

  • yes please do call tell them i am at 537 division st i already have and debbie grow up we know its you and as far as this whole thing was about the iron chef and now you make it about bs go for it i can back my words how about you !!!

  • I hope this blog doesnt ruin this great place to eat. Not sure how many people even read this paper, but I do know the people are real fat and love to eat.

  • At this point the drama that bringsy with this place is not worth it the staff have been put through hell it ends tonight thank u all

  • It was the parsnips that did it,” says Lori. For the show, Terry produced Chilean Sea Bass stuffed with that vegetable (and artichoke hearts for good measure). He even dreamed up a Mango Parsnip Ice Cream that went over very well

    Read more:

    if you get the facts it was not lori who made this statement nor was it lori who made any statements or said she was a chef from cia

  • Co-owner (with his wife, Lori) and Chef Terry Valenti is a Western New York boy recently returned home from Texas and Florida — he cooked at Mama Leone’s in Manhattan and in resorts in Daytona. In 2003 he took on uber-chef Bobby Flay on the popular “Iron Chef” program. Knocked the socks off him, too.

    “It was the parsnips that did it,” says Lori. For the show, Terry produced Chilean Sea Bass stuffed with that vegetable (and artichoke hearts for good measure). He even dreamed up a Mango Parsnip Ice Cream that went over very well.

    In the days since that was published, we’ve established the following:

    1. Iron Chef America (featuring Bobby Flay) didn’t exist in 2003.

    2. The list of Iron Chef America episodes reveals no competitor with the surname “Valenti” challenging any Iron Chef, ever.

    3. The list of Iron Chef (Japan) episodes reveals no competitor with the surname “Valenti” challenging any Iron Chef, ever.

    4. The aforementioned episode lists from America and Japan reveal that there has never been an Iron Chef “battle parsnip” in either series.

    5. Mr. Valenti claims to have graduated from the CIA in 1993 and then became head chef at Mamma Leone’s.

    6. Mamma Leone’s closed in January 1994.

    7. A March 2009 health inspection of Captain Hiram’s, where Valenti had been working for 4 months at the time, is shown here. These should be made public for New York eateries, as well.

    Read more:

  • I can definitely say that Valenti is Liar! In the video he is also claiming he worked for Disney and that his teenage son works for him. He was definitely never in culinary school in the 1993. He could hardly hold a job and didn’t want to do side jobs to help his first wIfe support his son. She ended up divorcing him and then he shaved his head and was telling people he had cancer. . I’m just wondering how he got approved for a business loan? When you watch the video 5:30 and on , especially when he tells the reporter that “Iron Chef opened a lot of doors” that is his bullshiting face!

    Comment by Joel — December 21, 2011 @ 3:24 pm

    Read more:

  • Wow well well lets see, Mama Leones closed in 97 was bought in 94 so get those facts straight, He sure did get letters from his former employers, which i have and will be posting, he is part of hollywood studio networks, look them up, and as far as the Iron Chef is concerened, i do not have all the facts so i will not comment, but hollywood studio network has the ties with all the food shows which i am waiting for a reply, so Jack aka Debbie and Ron will be seeing you in court the rest of you who if you want to know more please feel free to contact us. and the Capt hirams resort inspection really, read it all lol terry didnt have his managers card because the class needed to be held at the resort for all management not just him, and the violations if you read it were for the whole resort not just the kitchen, oh and by the way there are 3 kitchens there and he did not over see them all. get facts before you try to hurt people oh thatas right you dont live here.

    Comment by lori — December 22, 2011 @ 11:32 am
    This Comment was not made by me. was made from someone eles

  • It’s plain to see the above post by Debbie Farley was made by Lori Valenti. I also notice Lori is talking about Iron Chef 2004, not 2003. This woman is definetly not all there. I asked a friend about this new place, he told me I should read this blog before eating there. Good thing he did, I think I’ll stay away from the place.

  • It’s over hope all of you are happy !!! and thank you who ever brought the truth in front of me !! the one’s who suffer are the children good job everyone !!!!! Happy New Year!!!!!!!!! yes the family has split up day 1 of 2012 !!!!!
    I would have rather not found any of this crap out !!!!!

  • I found this on the original article:
    Note: Information previously in this review was removed after The News learned information provided by two sources was incorrect.

    I’m sure the 2 sources would be Mr. and Mrs. Valenti. I couldn’t imagine having the nerve to lie to a reporter, and think it would’t be checked for verification.

  • I think it’s pretty obvious at this point that she did not know the truth, questionable as her character may be. My guess is that he bragged to her about a bunch of bullshit and, once she proudly repeated it to the press, he couldn’t take it back. I would just really love to know why Mr. Valenti was dishonest, and about so many things. It just baffles me as to why someone would think they could get away with so many big lies. I doubt that Okun puts much (read: any) stock in fact checking, as her articles read like the ramblings of a drunk 8th grader. I would say we should all start drinking every time she uses the word “unusual” or doesnt describe the restaurant beyond what one could glean off a website with a menu, but that amount of drinking might just kill everyone in Buffalo who has a decent palate and isn’t borderline retarded.

  • Seriously, somebody get the b* an effing thesaurus.

  • happy new year too the con artist, maybe you can tell the truth this year….

  • good luck guys, maybe you should buy a food truck.

  • Yea time for em to get their act on the road and to the next town

  • My last statement to you all i never lied to any reporter !!!!
    get the facts please and i am not going any where !!!!!
    at this time.
    I don’t run from bs i face it head on and thats what this is bs you can attack me all you wantSAY WHAT YOU FEEL we do live in america and i will back my words when the time is right and lies will always surface in the end it may take time for the truth to come out>and it will when and only when that happens we will then see who runs and hides
    now either shut up or send me the proff hideing behind a pc onlys states your words are full of bull as are you now back off and wait it out always calm before the storm and the dust will settle very soon.

  • All the proof IS posted that you BOTH lied and only saying “time will bring the truth” is a stall tactic because the only one that can’t back up and prove their claims are you too. Also I’d like to know why the only person that has nothing to say for himself is Terry Valenti. You claim Terrys not part owner yet your own Valentis website has a picture of you both saying owners “Terry and Lori Valenti”. Trying put blame on this Debbie person is just pathetic&childish and with everything you’ve stated about your own “husband” you are just turning into the next Debbie for him. And NT residents have all right to get this establishment closed because it is there town that all this reflects on and is happening in.

  • Drove past Valenti’s Italian Restaurant this morning, Signs are down and the doors locked.

  • Mondays they close at 3 & whys are the signs down??

  • Jerry Springer meets Twin Peaks. Wasn’t NT once the lumber capital of the world–? Gotta be a Log Lady in this story somewhere.

    “Diane, if you ever get up this way, that mango-parsnip pie is worth a stop.”
    — FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper

  • “The owners are not what they seem.”
    — The Giant


  • I ate there on Friday just to see what all the fuss was about, the food was good.

    The intersting point, Terri was cooking and the scrap book on the counter still brags about iron chef and parsnips and all his other experience. If she was not in on the “con” why are they still on the counter when you check out? If I was “conned” I would not have him in my place nor would I have a scrap book about it for the public to read.

    On a side not NT does not like people trying to make them look like fools.

    The sad part is we would have accepted you graciously iron chef or not. Its a gold mine for someone with a good business sense, large elderly population that eat out a lot, good location, lots of parking. To bad once you have burned someone in NT its over for you. Kind of sad, I think I could have liked this place.

  • You’re kidding me, a scrapbook?

    Ok, let’s recap some of the comments, commenter’s, and links that have been posted:

    1)It has been proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt that Mr. Valenti, did not participate in any Iron Chef, let alone beat out the famous Bobby Flay (I wish we could get a few words from Mr. Flay).

    2)It has been proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt that Mr. Valenti, did not attend The Culinary Institute of America.

    3)It has been proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt that Ms. Brocuglio/Ramos/Valenti, participated in the misconception, that Mr. Valenti won the Iron Chef, with the accompanying comment about the Parsnips!

    4)It has been proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Ms. Brocuglio/Ramos/Valenti, is wanted for more, then just a missed summons.

    Other observations:

    1)Ms. Brocuglio/Ramos/Valenti’s link to Facebook, was created by one in the same person.

    2)Ms. Brocuglio/Ramos/Valenti has the knowledge and skills demonstrated in #1, so I’d venture to say that she also, has the capability to create clippings for said scrapbook.

    3)That Ms. Brocuglio/Ramos/Valenti is not an innocent victim, but is knowingly and willing to participate in deceptions with Mr. Valenti.

    4)Ms. Brocuglio/Ramos/Valenti, also demonstrates (through her comments and actions here), that the bs she wishes to face, is none other than her own!

    Ending note:

    All this craziness, was not built upon some scorned woman, but brought about with words that came from Mr. Valenti and Ms. Brocuglio/Ramos/Valenti’s mouth. So, stop with the finger pointing and own up to the fabricated, totally blown out of proportion, ego trip, just to boost the reputation of your restaurant. If you can’t do it based upon your own merits’s and feel this is the direction you need to take in order to succeed, it will be of your own demise.

    If fabricating a scrapbook, credentials, and profiles is this easy, maybe the Heath Inspector should investigate their certificates?

  • yea the health inspector should investigate more than just there certificates,… id be more concerned with the food…

  • Its a scrap book of the newspaper articles from around here, and some cut off version of something mentioning iron chef. It also has their first customers, etc. The items in it are not made up they are the real articles from the Buffalo News Janet Okun, the Metro, and some other misc. things from before all the fabrication was uncovered. They were open today BTW, just correcting some info.

  • Thanks Mrs T. I knew you cant believe the internets, going tomorrow need my fix of parsnips.

  • John 8:32 can you email me at I need to set a few things right and I think you can help.

  • This is getting ridiculous. Just boycott the restaurant. They’re never going to own up to it.

    BTW, John? If you read all of Lori’s history at that website she also has been evicted once or twice for non-payment of rent, and has a long history of writing bad checks. It also seems to detail that her ex husband took out a restraining order against her on behalf of their child, which it looks like he has sole custody of. I don’t think anyone disputes that these people are shady and dishonest, but they’re never going to admit to any of it.

  • Again, thats all you got? Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Now if you told me the Niagara County SPCA was selling them cat and dog carcuses then we would have a problem. No IDA money involved, mayor snot nose kid gave them no tax breaks, so let them be.

  • @”Mike”: I got it now, due to their not getting a tax break from the Mayor (probably due to the establishment being funded out of state, do your homework). It’s ok to be more or less a fugitive on the run, have a record, violent tendencies, and devious practices, are all OK in your book? Let’s not forget, everything stated is “public record”, unlike Ms. Brocuglio’s sad and pathetic attempt, to point the finger at another woman, due to her own insecurities, but that’s all ok? These are just two good people, that had some bad things happen to them, right? I stand corrected, it’s due to their not getting a tax break!

    “Mike” do me a favor and keep your head up your ass, dreaming of rainbows and butterflies.

  • There big fakes and the sooner they admit it the sooner they can move on.

  • According to public access records that I made copies of and have the court documents if anyone wants to email: Lori had a tresspass order on her in February 2010 from her ex’s property when she came to try to take the child. When she finally got her hands on the child when the father wasn’t looking she ran with the boy to North Carolina. Dumped him off with people he never met and then she returned to Sebastian Florida. It took months for the child’s father to find him. When he finally did he drove all night and when the child was returned he was very sick and his teeth were rottening out of his poor little head.

    In March 2010 a restraining order was finallny put on her by Michelle Wescott, According to public record. In April 2010 Lori Violated that order and the vicitm only asked the officer to call and remind Lori. However, Lori claimed there was no such order and continued to harass this poor woman. She made this womans life hell for by the look of the records a very long time. Finally a warrant was issued in October 2010 according to public record. The sheriff office served her at her Florida address however, she dodged service and even called stating she was going to make arrangements to come pick up the summons THEN she bolted to texas.

    Lori continued to harass this family. All noted and recorded. The state’s attorney has copies of phone conversations of Lori and Terry threatening the family and the lives of the family members.In the public record it shows how much of a liar she is and how she can’t tell the truth in a 5 minute time span. She says something or even writes something and moments later claims she never said those things.

    One day Lori found the boys school and called the school screaming at them. They were so frightened for the boy’s safety they called the police and testified in court about the incident and a restraining order was put on protecting the child from further contact from Lori. According to court records this was in April 2011. WIthin days of this order Lori violated this order as well, repeatedly until the Alachua County Sheriff had enough on her to issue a second warrant in September 2011. There are 2 warrants for her arrest out of Alachua County Florida.

    I almost forgot to mention the divorce she claims she missed the paper work for. I am sure you can get the transcripts to these proceedings to listen to. Anyway, that “divorce” according to public record ended in an annulment because Lori was married to 2 men at the same time. A Gineo and then Mr. Ramos. Technically Lori had no right using the Ramos name. She attaches whatever name is most convenient for her. Is she really married now?

    Bad things do happen to good people. However, when bad things start in the early 90’s with Ms. Brocuglio and continue into 2012 I would certainly say it is her. I didn’t even mention all of the other charges I found most of which have been mentioned.

    To recap: She is scum as is he. She needs to just go as far away as possible and shut her mouth and leave people alone. IF she truly wants a new life she needs to accept her past and deal with it OR do away and keep a low profile and leave people alone.

    She has 2 active warrants and 2 actrive restraining orders on her becasue she is mentally unstable and incompetant. They refer to her (where I called to get info) as the Crazy Horse Lady.

    • (Note: The comment regarding legal papers – I have seen them. To the extent it makes statements of fact, they appear to check out. As to any nicknames or statements of opinion, they are the commenter’s.)

  • Mondays we are closed and the high winds blew signs down!!!!!

  • Ms. Brocuglio birth name yes/Ramos ex married name yes/ is not an innocent victim, but is knowingly and willing to participate in deceptions with Mr. Valenti this is bs.

    This is not True as far as deception. I myself did not know about any of this till debbie farley posted it and was brought to my attion.

    as far as her web site that her pictures are posted that is her link if you go back you will see that was the first post that started this whole mess, to again try to destroy terry the link to unity biker is her boyfriends site do your home work.

    as far as my ex and and the split up it was very ugly and the injunction was put on him would you like a copy of it ? as far as non payment of rent lol
    get facts when i took the children and left because he would not go away and leave us alone i broke the lease and they held me for the entire lease yes that is very true !! so what my personal life has nothing to do with this bs

    and oh thank you for the heads up on scrap book !!!!
    and i can not admit to what i do not know no facts have been proven !!!!

    I do not and will not make judgement till fact’s are in !!!!
    as far as the place it’s just not worth my boys and destroying home life!!!

    what ever happens happens !!!!
    The only fact i can Tell you at this time is what ever the outcome is on the iron chef or collage I will stand by him the past just does not matter it’s the up coming that i will make choice on what i will do so for now valenti’s
    will remain open other peoples life’s involved “the staff” who depend on the income all of you do and say as you feel it’s ok by us !

    we both have told all of you if you want to know we will sit with you
    ‘we are not hiding you all know where we are” think that says enough. !!!!

  • This thread should have its own website. Fantastic entertainment.

    Anyway, I nominate Valenti’s for the next Buffalo Cash Mob.

  • Isn’t it sad that because she has to pull people that have nothing to do with HER getting herself into a bunch of trouble into this mess. I have checked out the ex you speak of and it does show where you TRIED to get bogus restraining orders on him however, the claims were all unfounded and baseless. I assume you had nothing better to do with your time other than to bring someone else down and try to drag them to your level. Otherwise, you would not be able to control that person. I am happy to see that it appears in public record that this ex of yours didn’t put up with YOUR bs and stand for YOUR lies and stood up for himself and the welfare of HIS son. Children need to be protected from people like you. BRAVO Mr. Ramos. Good for you for standing up to scum and low lifes and not letting them drag you down.

    As far as North Carolina I did find where Lori called the police stating Mr. Ramos kidnapped the son however, the report says unfounded. INTERESTING. The only reason for that is because the police knew SHE did not have the right to just take that child. How old was the boy 7 or 8. SHAME on you Ms. Brocuglio for treating your children this way just to be a vindictive bitch. YOU should never have children. Although, from your record and the way you treated your older kids when they were young it is no surprise at all. You grew up in Hartford Connecticut correct. Interesting when you take ALL your names Gineo, Brocuglio and Ramos and search court records what you find. SHALL I SAY MORE or are you ready to sit back and shut you mouth full of lies. YOU wouldn’t know the truth if it hit you in the face Ms. Brocuglio. Although, it does look like something did….

    This shows its personal not about the matters at hand and now i do know for sure who this is because the record of the kidnapping is not public at all and case still open you just sliped on that one lol

    when you want to come out from the pc and face me please feel free !!
    and no i never lived in Hartford SORRY OH MAYBE YOU HAVE WRONG PERSON

  • The Channel 7 TV piece also indicated that Terry appeared on Iron Chef. Janice Okun also wrote that he appeared on Iron Chef, against Bobby Flay. You were quoted as saying “it was the parsnips that did it.” Iron Chef America with Bobby Flay did not exist in 2003.

    Of course Okun did a fair review, all you need is comfortable booths and big portions.

  • Ever Wonder if The Iron Chef is the one doing this to you ? Think About it!

  • @john832 are you joking money from out of state? Wow if we had more people like this coming here we would be in great shape. But noooo, we get people from out of state, but they come here for the hand outs our wonderful state constitution give them. Any crimes you accuse these poor people of would not your savior forgive them? And anything they may or may not have done is pale to what your clergy is guilty of doing to young boys.

  • That previous comment was not made by me, and as it didn’t make any sense it was likely made by Lori. Please don’t falsely comment under my name. Furthermore, I think we all would appreciate it if you returned from whence you came, you white trash loony. Go away.

  • May everything you have done to people – be multiplied -and done to you- by those closest to you.This curse will follow the Valentis especially lori for the rest of her life. Karma’s a Bitch baby…..

  • Actually, Simply reading this entire blog it appears to me that if Lori would have simply kept her mouth shut this would have blown over in less than a day. Obviously, someone really hates Terry and while they were at it decided to do some checking on Lori and well then everyone got involved. It is very interesting what you can find by search public records. I am not sure if you realize but YOU do not have a say on what is public information. ANY upload on court websites such as the alachua county clerk of court documents and records are viewable by anyone, anywhere. I know you don’t understand that not everything happens only when you say so. . I don’t know you however, I think it is very interesting at how much you lie and how much you obviously hurt people. EVERYTHING that has been said is 100% true. ANYONE can see that.

    Proof Ms. Brocuglio means that you have actual evidence about something. Such as court records, photographs, statements and police reports. Not hand written bs you make up. PROOF is in the court records. They ARE valid and they court is not going to make up some outrageos lie just for YOU. Stop flattering yourself.

    Now, as far as the kids living with you, according to the public record, THAT ANYONE CAN SEE, I know it is hard for you to understand, the father provided proof to the court of having the child in his possession since 2008. I believe I saw a statement IN the packet from Child Services stating BOTH children lived with the father starting 2008. Also there, I saw a paper from Child Services AGAIN dated earlier in 2008 stating the youngest child was living with the father. And has done so since according to public viewable record…. So the KIDS as you stated did not live with you. The father has proven with the information he submitted to court (PUBLIC RECORD) that the child in fact has been with him.

    As far as my havign the wrong person, I don’t. Like I said if you would shut your mouth people would not have tried so hard to take you down. You are LORI LEE Brocuglio, GINEO, Ramos. Well not really Ramos as court records also show you are a bigamist. . BUT in court records you are known as Ramos. .

    You have several counts of check fraud, also you have a case against you by a man for eviction. Oh and 2 restraining orers, and 2 warrants, and on and on. Before Florida you lived in Connecticut. Do I still have the correct person? WHere you have 3 charges in court there. WOW public view… Hmmm let me see, awe right there… Assault, Interfering with custody.. wow and that was way back in the 90’s. There is more. Shall I post the court page for you to jog you memory of trying to kidnap your child from foster care??

    Oh and back to North Carolina, case still open. You are funny and so full of it. Did you know you can get copies of stuff just by asking as it is PUBLIC record. Click my name it will bring you to a website of all the papers I have collected. I have mailed and asked for copies. I am still waiting on the dismissal of the unfounded restraining order you tried putting on Mr. ramos in North Carolina. When I receive that I will also upload that file. For now take a look. In the Photo Gallery there is a copy of the police record I got from North Carolina. Look close at the bottom Ms. Brocuglio… It says “case closed” “Unfounded”….. Why keep lying when it can all be proven you are a liar? Do you lie so much you do not know what the truth is? I bet you forget your own name half the time because you lie so much.

    If I need to post the records from Connecticut I will. I have not sent off for them yet however, I may just drive over and get them. Meridan I believe… Not far for me. . .

  • And to clear the record of Mr. Justice. I am a Mrs. Just for the record.

    And It would be hard to have the wrong person when your face is plastered on Alachua County’s Most wanted. You were also featured in the Alachua Today in a full page ad for Alachua County Most Wanted.

    The June 16, 2011 edition. That was for the FIRST warrant before the second warrant came…Maybe when you make you statement to the police you should have all YOUR facts straight. Perhaps someone will get sick enough of your BS to just copy all of this off and bring to your local police. MAYBE they will come have a chat with you. Maybe remind you of what a restraining order means. OBVIOUSLY, you don’t know how to follow them given there are 2 warrants out for your arrest for violation of BOTH.

  • LMAO… everything has been proven are you really that stupid and ignorant to try and keep denying it? Because all the facts are printed clearly or are you to uneducated and cant comprehend it? If that’s the case your definitely not qualified to be a business owner. Anyone standing by these two scumbag con-artist only shows your true colors as well. As for it being a family establishment, HA, its clear your own children hate you and rather have you out of there lives. And in this case it probably is best you have no contact with your children. Maybe you should stop and figure out what the word family means cause as for everything I’ve seen and heard your pretty much a crackhead that has no problem ruining her kids lives and lieing to everybody constantly. Its pathetic! Yet you are stand by this two faced “husband” Terry Valenti, again says a lot about you.


    They have been doing this for years and jumping states with these lies and cons. It has been going on long enough and ALL of the proof is right there in plain print!—December-12th-135459533.html

    “You can add to the above list the fact that The Culinary Institute of America has no record of this person graduating from, or even attending, the college.
    Jeff Levine
    The Culinary Institute of America
    Hyde Park, NY”

    Even a statement from the CIA was given! Just scroll up to one of the first comments of this blog and youll see. Now what more proof are you waiting and asking for? Really you two scumbags should pack up this freak show and move it along to the next town.

  • She can’t run a business. She ran a horse farm into the ground. Claimed to be an expert yet she is dumb as can be around horses. one time she tried convincing people she won a horse show and the only photo she could provide was one so far away you could not tell it was her. because it wasnt her. If I won something like that you bet your ass I would have all sorts of pictures to show off. Close ups. She is a con. She ruined the property, destroyed the rental house and stole most of the supplies that were on the farm. I believe that is in court records as well.

    She is a perfect match for this person she is with. 2 peas in a pod. She is a nobody. Just a trouble maker and a thief.

    She can’t leave people alone. If she did that she would have no drama in her life. She lives on drama. So she must create it for everyone else. And hurt people.

  • @MEEEEEE: You said: WHAT EVER WITH YOUR LIES AND TWISTED STORY AND THE FACT THIS WAS ALL OVER THE IRON CHEF AND NOT ME EVEN MORE SHOWS ITS THE EX MR JUSTICE AND GINEO LOL WOULD BE MY DAUGHTER LORI JOE. … Really are you honestly claiming all the records found are for your daughter Lori Joe? Are you really throwing your own daughter under the bus by saying it was her that did those things? And Lori Gineo in searches are your daughter and not you. WOW you are one sorry person to try and put that on your daughter. You are so disgusting and sick… You can’t even own up to your own mistakes without blaming them on your children.YOU have confirmed how much of a worthless human being you are.

    Anyone with a brain would know when looking at court records would know you are LORI LEE Brocuglio/GINEO/Ramos. Not Lori Joe. . . As anyone can see by court records an intellius search shows that YOU LORI BROCUGLIO married JOE GINEO becoming Lori Gineo…. And you never divorced him.

    You are a shameful woman for trying to get people to think for one second that OH IT WASN’T ME IT WAS LORI JOE my daughter….. Wow is there even a place for you in Hell??? There certainly isn’t on earth….

    Updated website…….

  • Looks like Terry Valenti and his “wife” Lori have been exposed as liars PUBLICLY:

    I guess your press release wasn’t such a good idea, huh Lori? LOL!

  • BBN Page 11, you’ll find the interview:

    Seems Mr. Valenti has a longer history of coning restaurants (with misleading information), then first thought. What’s interesting in this article, is Mr. Valenti doesn’t mention his big “parsnip” win over Bobby Flay.

  • Interesting how Mr. Valenti loves to take credit for others hard work. After reading the story in the Brevard business I did some looking and yes there have been a few Valenti’s involved with the California Bike Week however, NEVER a Terry. There has been a Keith, Fabia and others. However, interesting enough NEVER a Terry has been mentioned. Valenti Classics is involved however, odd they are not associated with a Terry Valenti.

    This is sad how 2 people can just bring themselves to ruin with so many lies. I sincerely hope one does not blame the other more for what has come to light as it seems they BOTH had equal part in this downfall.

    What I do not understand about these 2 “people” is WHY lie SO much? You do not have to be a Iron Chef or a graduate of CIA to own and operate a business. So WHY lie and take something that could have been great and turn it into one of the largest scandals and downfalls… Just WHY? Is truth even an option for the two of you? How can you lie so much and actually sleep at night. .

    I would suggest both of you seek some psychilogical care. Perhaps intense therapy. Maybe even get on some medication of some sort. I am not sure if there is a truth telling medication but there has to be something that would help you. As, if you continue like this, it will all consume you.

    I read earlier how the SON was going to follow in Terry’s footsteps. All I can say there is GOD I HOPE NOT….. Poor child. Maybe child services should step in here and take a look at this poor child. Maybe there is still hope for him.

  • I think it would be hilarious if some called Hiram’s for comment…

  • I’d like to see him talk about his sexual harassment charges at Captain Hirams. He’s such a liar, he never worked at Momma Leones, I know this for a fact. He didn’t work for most of the businesses he claims. I know him personally, he’s a lying sociopath, a nobody that has to pretend he’s someone else.

    He likes to scare people by telling them he’s a Hells Angels, go into the restaurant and ask him to see the AFFA tattooed on his fingers. He tells people he was a president of a nomad chapter. Anyone who knows the biker world knows, there is NO SUCH THING as a nomad president, LOL. He also claims to be the son of Sonny Barger, the founder of Hells Angels. Alot more will come to surface with this clown, just watch.




  • They might be real but NOTHING is real about Terry and Lori and that’s a proven fact.

  • Like I said, there is NO SUCH THING as a PRESIDENT of Nomads, NOMADS ARE NOT WITH ANY CHAPTER.

    Funny, FYI types the same way the illiterate Lori does. And whiles someone is in the restaurant, ask Terry to see his Marines tattoo, then ask him where he was stationed. What kind of lowlife claims to serve for his country, when he never did?

    I think it’s time to upload some court documents so people can REALLY see what this Lori and Terry are all about.

  • A source has suggested this allegation after conducting their own research. They were unable to find any information that would suggest Valenti appeared in an episode of Iron Chef.

    Metro decided to open an investigation in order to determine whether these suggestions were true or false.

    After contacting the Food Network, and the production company in charge of producing the show Iron Chef, Triage Entertainment, Inc., both companies indicated having no record of Valenti appearing on the show.

    “We have a master list that shows every competitor that has appeared on the show,” said Courtney Mattox administrative assistant at Triage. “There is the possibility that his name slipped through the cracks but we keep pretty good records.”

    After trying to contact Valenti to provide him the opportunity to prove otherwise, Metro was only able to contact his wife, Lori, who stated “I will not comment on this matter, I will have Terry call you back.”

    Terry never called back.

  • @Karma… Someone did post documents to a website for people to view.

  • The Follower,
    Most of the photos on that site are scanned too small to read.

  • LOL now she has you for posting documents anyone can make a complaint agaisnt the second party and its filed but why did you not post the one where all was dropped what i thought and as far as lori i do think she see’s him for the truth . and why would you be trying to hurt her when it was never about her
    Again proves why this is taking place and all ip address will be seeked out so keep going .


  • LMAO… people have the freedom of speech and have a right to post all of there comments and trying to threaten them with tracking them down is just plain pathetic on your part. So you can dish it out but cant take it huh? Well first off heres some common sense, people arent going after you personally but as acouple because you BOTH lied and ALL of the facts are there in plain print and video. Not sure how many times the facts have to be pointed out to you before you get them through your thick skull but its only showing your lack of mentality and maturity. Second all that anyone wants here is justice but all they are getting from Lori and Terry Valenti is another run-around game but from public records and common sense its all pretty clear what the real deal is. They are just scumbag con-artists. Maybe after reading everything and seeing the people actually taking a stand and not willing to subside they will get the hint to leave sooner rather then later.

  • LOL at IP addresses.
    More to note:
    According to Niagara County clerks office, the restaurant was opened 9-15-11, in the names of Melissa Janiszewski and Lori Brocuglio. The news video names SOMEONE else as the executive chef, not Mr. Valenti. So this man that beat Bobby Flay is neither the owner OR the executive chef of “his own” restaurant. Why? Because he’s a deadbeat dad that tells DCF he’s not working, he just thinks he’s being clever. The fool forgets the fact he’s on video AND in an interview ADMITTING to working.

    I bet this is all going to get more interesting soon……..

  • You will find Lori Valenti/Ramos/Whatever she calls herself wanted by the law on this site as well:

    Lori Lee Ramos
    Race: White
    Sex: F
    Date of Birth: 07/26/66
    Height: 5’05”
    Weight: 140 lbs
    Black Hair
    Brown Eyes
    Wanted for

    And she thinks she’s going to get a liquor license? LOL

  • Maybe after a Hells Angels sees that police report where Mr. Valenti claims to be a president, and threatens peoples lives using their club name, he won’t be so quick to tell stories.

    Read that report, we should be worried about this couple conducting business in our community.

  • Defender of Evil

    @KARMA. This is where things get interesting. Melissa Janiszewski is the young
    hostess/waitress that works there she’s the only one they could find with a good credit rating and took advantage of her. She’s the co signer on both of their vehicles at the very lest. Unfortunately her credit rating will destroyed when Terry and Lori finish with her.

  • Defender of Evil,
    Maybe someone should direct her to this blog so she knows what’s going on, and how she’s just another in a long line of those duped by these lowlifes

  • This is too funny!! This is worthy of an Oscar made movie!! It’s truly amazing how you guys get this information and post to back up your story. I stopped watching my true crime stories on A&E. You got your stuff laid out there in black and white. I see Lori stopped posting. I guess it is hard to dispute the true when everything is recorded in the courts. It is sad when I read the part where she would stand there and laugh as her child was getting hit from that scumbag. Good parenting there. How they can show their face in public after all that has been published, is beyond me!! I hope the Hell’s Angel’s see this!! I think someone should send all of this to the local news station so the town can see what is living in the neighborhood. They even conned one of their own workings into their hell!! Hope the girl finds out soon. Even if they did close down, they would move on and pedal their lies some where else. Kudos to you guys for bringing this to the public and exposing these two for the trash they are. Will look forward to the next installment of “Oh No They Didn’t!”

  • To all of you reading this, I am a friend of lory’s and as far as the melissa women, lory told her to stop collecting unemployeement and that she would not lie to them as the heaering was coming in couple days,and asked her to leave the business because melissa was working at the place and claimed to be a freind and wanted lory to lie to unemployement lory refused to, melissa got scared because she had already been collecting funds and her lie had surfaced.
    Lory’s statement was she would not put the bussiness or staff at risk for her to collect unemployement. melissa then left and we have not seen her or herd from her since as far as the chef lory did not know and it has destroyed her world she is at this time doing the best to get back her life yes looks like she feel for a real dirt bag and if you really do your home work all starting happing to her when she was snow balled by this so called chef.
    I think the chef should come clean its not up to her she belived in him is that a crime ? and i was at the place the day she learned of this and i will tell you she don’t know what to think as no one will come forward about this chef.

  • please everyone just stop this nightmare its over……….

  • The last two comments from “friend” and “just stop” come from the same computer.

  • Federal Law; No More Internet Slander
    By Lance Winslow

    In a Bill signed into law it prohibits using a false identity to otherwise annoy, slander, libel or harass anyone on the Internet. Some who are posters on Blogs decry this because they say that that it is a violation of free speech, unfair and it should not be a Federal Crime.

    Indeed interesting comments. Yet chances are we have all be slandered and libeled on the Internet by vindictive, nut cases. If we own companies, we have had competitors do this. Most often someone will make up something and make a fake name and try to destroy your brand name, personal integrity out of jealousy, competitiveness or simply spite.

    If such slanderous attacks and libel were to be stopped all at once, we could have better quality communication and maybe people would not be so fast to attack someone if they knew it could be traced back to them? The Internet is the greatest communication device in the history of the human endeavor, we need to protect its integrity, so people should use their true identity, especially if they wish to slam another or libel them. Think how upset you were last time someone attacked you?

    What if they didn’t wouldn’t that have the best for all concerned? So if it makes people think twice, it could turn out to be a very good law. I know why the law was created, because politicians would get attacked via slander comments from opposition, no wonder they all voted for it? They are tired of being attacked. So, that abuse now is coming back on those who falsify their identity only to slander, annoy or libel. So, anyway, some flipside comments for the debate here. Think on this in 2012

  • How can you “throw out”, the very person that co-owns the business? Along with co-signing for these twos, vehicles? (as stated by another poster) And now Ms. Janiszewski is the escape goat here. Once again, a sad and pathetic attempt, to shift the blame onto someone else.

    I have a direct question, for you Ms. Brocuglio: Just how many, different personalities do you have?

    @friend: you forgot to add your !!!’s.

  • Thank you Mr. Alan Bedenko, you gave me a great chuckle and you are my hero! Two thumbs up, to you sir!

  • What are the elements of a defamation claim?

    The elements that must be proved to establish defamation are:
    •a publication to one other than the person defamed;
    •a false statement of fact;
    •that is understood as

    Is truth a defense to defamation claims?

    Yes. Truth is an absolute defense to a defamation claim. But keep in mind that the truth may be difficult and expensive to prove.

    A private figure claiming defamation—your neighbor, your roommate, the guy who walks his dog by your favorite coffee shop—only has to prove you acted negligently, which is to say that a “reasonable person” would not have published the defamatory statement.

    ***Given how every post here has been backed up with absolute proof and TRUTH and it is very obvious that a “reasonable person” WOULD have been able to publish the statements I would have to say GOOD LUCK with your effort to try and sue people. I see at lease 15 people who have on their own found and posted court verified material. It is pretty reasonable to say that this information is not that hard to find out by a reasonable person.

    I suppose you should have kept reading when you were copy/pasting your argument. Before suing other people perhaps you should clear up all of the issues against you first. Then perhaps suck up the fact that you messed up your life and try to start fresh and HONEST… Honesty refers to a facet of moral character and denotes positive, virtuous attributes such as integrity, truthfulness, and straightforwardness along with the absence of lying, cheating, or theft. Just in case you didn’t know…

  • Can you track all those comments, coming from the same computer, to a trailer wrapped in aluminum foil in NT?

  • Thank you Justice. As long as the proof is being shown, there is no slander or false claims being made against Lori and Terry. If they were not liars and went to the news and press, this would not have come about. If Lori had kept her comments to herself, half the stuff that has been posted on here would have never been found. And people hiding behind fictitious names on here could not be helped. I read the transcripts from the posting last night, I sure as hell don’t want him sending the Hell’s Angel’s to my house!! As far as Lori being duped by Terry, please, she knew exactly what type of con artist he was.Talk about your two peas in a pod!! They were made for each other. Maybe Terry backed handed her a few times and she gave up writing her posts,or it’s because too much proof has been posted and realizes it’s not worth adding more lies. Once the dust settles and the postings stop, they will breathe a sigh of relief and continue their lying and deceit and live happily ever after!!

  • Here’s a review of Terry Valenti’s cooking skills:

  • In addition to apparently coming from the same computer the post from friend also contains Lori’s signature phrase “do your homework.” I believe she has mentioned that in each of her posts. Pretty pathetic to be continually posting under aliases. Hopefully the only two people hurt in this whole mess are those repsonsible for it.

  • Jesus Christ…. I’ve finally gotten to the bottom of this Rabbit Hole.

    Now I’ve got some “homework” to do.


    I think this shows what happen to her and her meeting this chef.

  • Friend,
    Lori Ramos/Valenti/whatever alias she’s using was wrecking people’s lives long before she met this loser. Like someone said above, they’re 2 peas in a pod. Lori is FAR from being a victim.

  • Hasn’t it already been stated, that Ms. Brocuglio met Mr. Valenti on a dating site? Biker or Not, I do believe.

    I think it was also added, that Ms. Brocuglio (the loving, caring mother), left her “boy’s” (with strangers), in NC to pursue Mr. Valenti?

    I very well, could have my sites mixed up. There are a number of blogs and forums following this.

  • GOD BLESS YOU ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • God bless you too Lori. When you go to church this weekend make sure you go to confession. Remember, the truth shall set you free. I saw the new website where it says right there, Terry and Lori owners…..Remember, if you’re gonna lie, don’t post the opposite of what you said. I can’t believe you still have a staff working there. The funny thing about this whole thing is, we all know the truth because too much has been posted as far as court records. You made your bed, now lie in it.

  • Lori, you and Terry are the most vile, disgusting parasites that slithered on the face of this earth. You and your fat assed other half think that you can get away with what you’ve done but there will be no rock you’ll be able to hide under. Bloggers, stay tuned because the truth is coming.

  • Just had dinner with mayor Ort there, it was wonderful. Sorry folks, but the roads in NT suck worse than Niagara Falls and I told him this too. Ort gives them 2 thumbs up!

  • Another one of Terry’s delusional stories is he’s the son of Sonny Barger, the founder of Hells Angels.
    Oh, and those “resorts” he boasts about working in Florida are senior citizen communities. LOL

    He DID work at Captain Hiram’s, but too many sexual harassment charges got him canned.

  • Wow, maybe if Mayor Ort read this blog, he would have given them the boot they so deserve. People can put on the best show to empress anybody they want like these two clowns are doing. I told you, these two deserve an Oscar for their outstanding performance of lying and conning people. Bravo Lori and Terry!! Enjoy your fifteen minutes of fame, because you’re past is going to catch up with you!!

  • Correction: in Texas

  • The people and staff that work here are great people and they have done nothing to any of you so back off them ! and my past was never part of this place thats between my ex and me did you here me saying i was so big time chef or anything at all no so go after the one your mad at the only reason you would screw with me is if its deb don’t blame me if anything thank me ! lol

  • The people and staff that work here are great people and they have done nothing to any of you so back off them ! and my past was never part of this place thats between my ex and me did you here me saying i was so big time chef or anything at all no so go after the one your mad at the only reason you would screw with me is if its deb don’t blame me if anything thank me ! lol

  • my brother lives in nc get your facts right i lived in nc

  • we also do not live in NT !

  • The people and staff that work here are great people and they have done nothing to any of you so back off them ! and my past was never part of this place thats between my ex and me did you here me saying i was so big time chef or anything at all no so go after the one your mad at the only reason you would screw with me is if its deb don’t blame me if anything thank me ! lol

    Ok Lori, I will show you how to write this one time because reading what you write astounds me.
    The people and staff that work here are great people and have done nothing to any of you, so back off! My past was never part of this place, that’s between me and my ex. Did you hear me say I was some big time chef or anything at all, no, so go after the one you’re mad at! The only reason you would screw with me is if it is Deb, don’t blame me , if anything, thank me! LOL

  • we know where Eden is.This may be the last time you pull this one on anyone ever again lowlife.

  • something i seen while working …. fish being taken out of the bottom of the garbage, and out of the dirty ass dish water… rinsed off with cold water then cooked and served for friday fish frys,…

    not one of the cooks uses gloves or any utensils to prepare the food….
    and i have never seen anyone wash there hands in the kitchen

    ive witnessed terry himself stick his hands in the food while suffering from severe cold/flu symptoms…. also not wereing gloves….

    more than half of there food sits uncovered and undated….

    raw meats and fish are left on the same tables as clean dishes and already prepared food,..

  • Oh you might also want to add the times when…
    -A customer got up and left after picking up the parm cheese shaker and half of the cheese was covered in mold.
    -Or when a plate of spaghetti & meatballs came up and the meatballs rolled off the plate, on the counter/floor and got placed back on the plate.
    -Or when they ran out of bread and started digging through old scraps and off old tables for new tables.
    And the list only goes on and on, there’s cameras all throughout the place so if an investigation was tobe opened there’d be alot more coming out!

    As for employes since noone brought them into this but you maybe everyone would like to know about how you tryed to put restraining orders on 2 of them or how you withheld pay from others.

    Now how are these 2 still open!! It’s messed up that all these other established resteraunts lately are being closed down while these scum con artist are still going strong? WTF think it’s about time this starts getting taken seriously and a stops put to these two!

  • Truth of taken innocence

    Kind bloggers you will know soon.

  • What will we know soon? The fact is 0.0% of ArtVoice’s readership would ever consider frequenting a shitty Italian Restaurant in North Tonawanda. Whatever you claim is going to be “known soon” isn’t going to change the minds of anyone who’ve read your lunatunistic ramblings. Just keep duping Seniors Citizens like Janice Okun.

  • What will we known soon? The fact is, 0.0% of ArtVoice’s readership would ever consider frequenting a shitty Italian Restaurant in North Tonawanda. Whatever you claim is going to be “known soon” isn’t going to change the minds of anyone who’ve read your lunatunistic ramblings. Just keep duping Seniors Citizens like Janice Okun.

  • Wow, the shit is gonna get real now!! Now you have a disgruntled employee!! Gee Lori, karma is just biting you in the butt every day!! I don’t think there is ever gonna be an ending to this story! There is enough here to write and book!! All’s we need now is Bobby Flay to comment!

  • Ms. Brocuglio, has been quiet today. I wonder if they are busy, with the food and health inspectors? Or Mr. Valenti, took away her computer/phone privileges?

  • WOW, I’ve never seen a restaurant review as harsh as the one above, and it’s from an ex-employee at that! LOL

    Lori is a narcissistic sociopath, she can’t stay quiet for long.

  • Three things I noticed about their website at :
    1. The illiterate baboon Lori must have written the copy for it; Tue,Wen&Thur – 7am-9pm
    Wen? What the hell is a wen? In the literate world, Wednesday is abbreviated Wed.
    2. Terry himself, is narcissistic as well, you can see it in some of his dishes:
    Tortellini ala Chef Terry
    Chicken ala Valenti
    This one is the most fitting; Pasta CON Pesce

    3. In the photo of the parking lot, the maroon car on the right seems to be giving a review of the food as well, out their side door!

    I guess they give the joint 2 1/2 chunks :^)~

  • I wish Lori would hurry up and post on here, then she could tell us what the Cole-salw and German pot salad on the site is, I bet they’re delish!

    I found this to be an interesting review of the place, AND of Lori:

  • Daily special Breakfast Lunch and Dinner!! “Daily” usually covers breakfast, lunch and dinner!! You should have just wrote, Daily Specials! I thought the place was on Division St, you wrote, Divinson St. If I had used the address you wrote, I would have gotten lost. Get spell check on that computer!

  • Gee, I wonder who wrote the 2 positive reviews on this site:
    It’s plain to see with the broken english and bad grammar, it’s Lori.

    You can also see her lashing out at people for leaving bad reviews here:

    Once again, it’s her 6th grade eduMAcation that gives her away….

  • lmao @Alan Bedenko….Mahir, also uses excessive exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!

    Could Mahir be Lori’s long lost twin or maybe yet another, of Lori’s personalities, let loose on the internet?

    @I Wanna C. Moore: I learned to spell in school and if I didn’t know the correct spelling, I’d pick up a dictionary. In the age of computers, a little line appears, when you’ve misspelled a word, kind of like giving you the heads up, that you just might wanna check the spelling.

    Is Lori’s time way to valuable, to waste time on such nonsense? or does she get easily confused, by all the voices in her head?

  • Products of our New York public schools? Just wonderin, I really feel sorry for these dumb people.

  • Speaking of bad spelling/grammar, could Terry Valenti be writing online reviews for his own restaurant (or whomever owns it)–?

    Reviewer “terrval” set up an account on Urban Spoon on Dec 12, and has reviewed only one restaurant to date — if you guessed Valenti’s, go to the head of the class.

    A very positive review, but 1 use all kind bad grammer & speling:

    My wife and i went to valentis, we had a amazing dinner meet some new people and booked a xmas party all in one night, our food was fresh and hot, and we cant wait to go back.[SIC]

  • Seems the deadbeats are already behind on rent, and their landlord doesn’t care much for them:
    And her name is BROCUGLIO, NOT Valenti. What a couple of deadbeat losers.

  • Had the strangest desire for a parsnip-based dessert last night…
    2 1/4 pounds parsnips, peeled, trimmed and cut into 1/4-inch dice (about 6 cups)
    1 1/2 cups milk
    2/3 cup sugar
    1 cup heavy cream

    Combine the parsnips, 1 cup milk, and the sugar in a 4-quart saucepan. Bring to a boil over medium heat. Reduce the heat to a simmer. Cover and cook, stirring occasionally, for 20 minutes, or until the parsnips are very tender.

    Put the parsnips, cooking liquid, the remaining 1/2 cup milk and heavy cream in a blender. Purée until very smooth. Transfer the mixture to a metal bowl. Chill, covered, for 2 hours, or until cold.

    Churn the parsnip mixture in an ice cream maker.


  • I am so not surprised with the landlord having issues with these vile scum suckers. Not with 6 worthless check evictions in the Alachua County Courts and at least 2 evictions. One resulting in a huge battle between her and her landlord. It appears by looking at the the file she damaged the property upon leaving it. I wish Mr. Budwey better luck in hopes she does not destroy the property there too….

  • Oh bad check Betty, is at it again!

    Psst Ms. Brocuglio: It’s a “turn key” operation, not an open key. And NO, it does not include changes YOU make.

    Curious: Where was Mr. Valenti? Ahh.. the MAN (hiding) behind the WOMAN scenario..again!

    @Parsnip Master: Careful, their devious ways, are penetrating your brain. I think it’s all subliminal, through Ms. Brocgulio’s bad English/Grammar/Spelling!

  • Wow, now we throw the landlord into the mix!! I’d say it’s coming to an end for them. Ten thousands dollars is a lot of clams! Time to stat placing your bets folks!

  • I think it’s time to call in chef Gordan Ramsey from Kitchen Nightmares!! Maybe he can go in there and show them how it’s done. But then again, Terry might add to his credentials how he beat Gordan in a cook off! Ok, maybe not such a good idea.

  • This landlord was NICE enough to give them 2 months rent free, and this is how they repay him. They accuse him of assaulting 2 of their employees, and make up lies about him. What landlord in their right mind is going to be responsible for a restaurant’s utilities? Just another of Lori’s lies.
    I heard the landlord won Hell’s Kitchen in 1967!

    • It’s clear they didn’t read/understand the lease they signed. It’s clear that the landlord wants them out, and describes them as a “nightmare”. It’s clear that they have no clue how to run a restaurant, given that part of their debt stems from obtaining supplies from Budwey’s. I wonder why they don’t have an account with Sysco or Guercio’s or some other food wholesaler – why are they buying retail? Note that they bounced a check to get the doors unlocked. This appears to be a massive con, from the Iron Chef claims, to the CIA claims, to the Mamma Leone claims, right down to trash-talking the help and cheating the landlord. Unbelievable.

      And I absolutely detest people who lie on their resumes. It’s the lowest form of con.

  • Someone should do some checking on if they are paying for the house they are living in. Or did they scam those poor people too!!!!

  • The 12/12 has to be Lori!! Again, with the grammar, no caps and run on sentences, I’d say it’s her. See Lori, you might wanna look into that program where you speak and it does the writing for you.

  • According to this article, the police were called twice this week. Looks like the deadbeats are going to lose their truck as well. Terry Valenti is such a bullsh*t artist:

  • 4 months in business and they’re already being evicted. LOL!
    Looks like the first comment on this blog was right on!

    • EDITOR’S NOTE: Unauthorized posting of personal cell phone or home phone numbers will not be condoned. Your comment will be deleted and you will be banned from commenting on the website.

  • My, my, looks like Valenti’s will be no more. Good luck Terry and Lori on your next adventure!

  • The rent is only $1500, and they owe for December and January, both of which are late. No wonder Budwey is pissed.

  • Don’t forget, they also owe Mr. Budway for utilities and product purchased from his store.

    They also mentioned a dispute, over the ownership of a truck. I wonder if Ms.Janiszewski, was there the previous day, to reposes the vehicles she signed for?

    Is this the end of all the publicity and involvement with the police? I think not!

    It’s not smart, to burn a bridge, that you depend upon!

  • I guess when your not making any profits it is kinda hard to pay the bills. I am curious to know, how many customers were asked to leave when the landlord tried to close it. Hmmm. At the end of that news piece, it was an epic shot. An empty parking lot with tumble weeds blowing by. The landlord has every right to close them down. He’s gives them two free months then they stiff him with bad checks. Not very business savvy are they.

  • For Mr. Valenti NOT being an owner, it sure is showing in print a lot, that he IS and in the video, Mr. Valenti, even states “HIS RESTAURANT”!

    Another point to be made: Here Ms. Brocuglio (which also shows in PRINT, not as Valenti!), that the writing of bad checks and jerking the landlord around, is a argument, she can no longer argue!

    lmao.. Maybe they should change the name, of their restaurant, to BARREN-A-Lot?

  • What Terry is holding in the video is his OWN receipt book, he can write whatever he likes, it proves nothing. It shows $1500 for December and January rent, according to him. He wants people to believe they rent the place for $750, and that includes his utilities?? LOL.

    He could have written $24 million, it really proves nothing. I’m sure his employees have been in the dark the last couple months, I bet they start bailing on him now.

    ps. Who pays rent with petty cash? It looks like Terry has eaten too much of his own Pasta CON Pesce

  • You can see Lori lashing out at people for leaving bad reviews here:

    Look for the posts from “your a cheap a-s”

  • @Karma, I also noticed that the only proof Lori had was a copy of a petty cash slip. That really proves nothing, meanwhile I’m sure Mr. Budwey has a copy of the bounced check.

  • Dear Lori and Terry,
    I’m here to bite you on your asses.

  • A discrepancy: Budwey says Ms. Brocuglio wrote a check for “$3,000.00, so why does the “petty cash” receipt, show an amount of $1500.00 (which is questionable as well)? Plus, when you run a business, you have a BUSINESS CHECKING ACCOUNT, so why are they “allegedly”, paying out of “petty cash”? Plus, isn’t petty cash…CASH? Plus, If they have cash on hand, why aren’t they paying their bills?

    Inquiring minds, would like to know Ms. Brocuglio!

  • Issuing a bad check in New York is a class B misdemeanor by itself, but when the market value of goods crosses $1,000, $3,000 or $50,000, it’s a felony with a penalty of up to 30 years in jail.

    Hopefully Mr. Budway has the drive to push this so this National Nuisance is taken off the streets.

  • I’m sure he will The Follower, I forwarded her past charges of passing worthless instruments (checks) onto Mr. Budway. I also emailed the local police department in NT and let them know about her outstanding warrant in Florida.

  • @Alan Bedenko… They understood, full well, what the terms and conditions were. What is being missed here, is that these two are “professional con-artist”!

    Mr. Valenti has owned 1 or 2 restaurants and still to this day, owes for products received! Mr. Valenti also has held managerial positions, in a few restaurants, not saying he’s any good at it, mind you, he has been released from each one of them! Ms. Brocuglio’s contribution to the restaurant biz, is that of a server, with the added knowledge of writing bad checks, working the system on rental property, and the ability to rant and rave like a lunatic, (just like her “co-owner” Mr. Valenti) in order to intimidate!

    I’m sure, these two candy coated the deal, by promising Mr. Budwey, that they would purchase goods from his store. Thus Mr. Budwey, seeing it as a win/win situation. Little did he realize, just what he was getting himself into! Mr. Valenti, nor Ms. Brocuglio have the credit or financial backing, to apply and get credit with Sysco or Guercio. Seeing as Ms. Janiszewski, was needed (used) to co-sign for the place, along with co-signing for Mr. Valenti and Ms. Brocuglio’s vehicles.

    @The Follower: I don’t see Mr. Budwey, being one to take this lying down!

  • This is some funny stuff, couldn’t happen to two nicer people. Terry and Lori when you guys finally decide to move out in the middle of night be nice and don’t steal things that don’t belong to you.

    I may stop bye tomorrow and maybe we can share a good chuckle.

  • And before I forget don’t use the Iron Chef story anymore. It’s not working.

  • Here’s a screenshot of the receipt book:

    If they were paid in full, why did Lori give Mr. Budwey a bogus check on Wednesday? RIGHT!

    It almost looks like the 1 was written AFTER the 5 was.
    I wonder if that’s supposed to be Mr. Budwey’s signature? Could they possible be into forgery too? Lori HAS been known to sign other people’s names before.

    It’s funny how early on in the thread, Lori was disputing claims being made about her, like burning past landlords, writing bad checks, etc… things that have been reported about just this week! LOL

  • @Karma,
    In one of your posts, you commented how Lori bashed people who gave a negative review of Valenti’s which was on North Tonawanda Topix. I’m one of the people she took issue with, even calling me a putz. Oh death, where is thy f-ing sting? After reading her posts on this forum, I can truly see why this establishment is on borrowed time. When a business owner has a single digit IQ, the place is doomed. I have cut and paste my review of Valenti’s I posted on North Tonawanda Topix so readers of this forum can get a detailed description of the meal my wife and I had. This is what I wrote on topix:

    This place is horrible! Obviously, the two favorable posts are from owners(or their relatives) of this dump. My wife and I went there the week it opened. I try to support local business especially in this economy. What a mistake we made going to this rat-hole. The only good experience was the waitress. She was polite and prompt with the service. The food, portions, and price were God-awful. We began with an appetizer of bruschetta bread. How can that be screwed up,right? Oh, but they did. The bread looked like someone held the bread under olive oil for about ten minutes and plopped tomatoes and onions on it. Basically an oil drenched sponge with veggies on it. F’in yuck!!!! We were served salads on little bread plates. The salad was …….. lettuce. That’s it!!!! No tomatoes, carrots, etc. We ordered Lobster Ravioli. This main course, again, had a very small portion size and tasted like very cheap imitation ravioli you might find in the frozen section in Tops. Very poor quality all around. My wife and I are by no means prudes but, holy shit, make the dinner worth your while! So you may ask what this crud meal cost?$42 dollars and some change!!!!!! For that kind of money, you can go just about anywhere locally and enjoy a much better meal with real portion sizes and MUCH better tasting food. A restaurant should be embarrassed when a couple spends that kind of money on a meal and has to make a run to Mighty Taco to curb hunger pains from a lack of portion size. As I said, I’m a strong proponent of local business and enjoy seeing a locally owned business succeed. However, that success depends upon satisfying your patrons. Valenti’s failed big time. In fact, no self-respecting fly would be caught dead in there. We have not been back and never plan on going back. The best advice I can give you is spend your money elsewhere if you want a satisfying meal.

  • I saw a question posted on another page asking how North Tonawanda would deal with it…lets just say we deal with this by the empty parking lot. NT is dealing with it.

    Unfortunately its not even about the food anymore, its about NT and we don’t like people you come in and try to make fools of us, and take advantage of the businesses that DO support our community.

    I am sorry it turned out this way, but even if you are not evicted in a timely fashion, you certainly won’t be making any money while NT waits for the process to happen.

    Oh yeah and the two months free were because there were no booths, maybe you should check outside, those look an awful lot like booths, in fact they are very similair to the ones Anderson “used” to have on the inside, just saying, and could be wrong. 😉

    They can’t even have enough respect for themselves to see they have been uncovered and leave. No honor to be found here it seems. Isn’t honor something they teach in the Marines…oh wait that’s another topic.

  • I was in there the day they opened and I sat at a booth, and they are the same ones sitting outside in front of the restaurant.

  • Why did Terry submit a picture of him and his mother. I would have thought Lori would want to pose with him.

  • Love it.Ha Ha

  • Wowzeers!! Every time I come to this page Ia swear I hear circus music. I noticed in all the pictures she never smiles. Does she have teeth?? I thought the same thing Mama Bear, I had to look twice because I thought it was his mom too!

  • There will come a time, when one or the other,will be thrown under the bus. I wonder, which one it will be?

    Spin the wheel and place your bets…..

  • In Ms. Brocuglio’s defense: She was involved, in a head on collision, thus they had to do surgery on her face.

    (She should have sued the doctors…imho)

  • I heard a rumor Lori got arrested and was bailed out of Niagara county jail today. I’ll update when I get the story verified.

  • Well, looks like we know who got thrown under the bus………….


    Definition of a Psychopath/Sociopath = this couple

  • someone who worked there, before the truth came out

    so just wanted too mention lori’s secret sniffing addiction,but shhh she hides it from Terry, her little resturaunt backroom drug habbit,…. so they lie to each other as much as everyone else dont feel bad people…. its rumored there house they live in is not supposed to be lived in, due to a bad well…. the house does not pass inspection and the town of Eden needs to look into that,… if it was the city it would b fine there used to squatters and addicts but eden is supposed to b decent and quiet….

  • lmao! this is great

  • One little problem that confronts you,
    got a monkey on your back.
    Just one more fix, Lord, might do the trick.
    One hell of a price for you to get your kicks. (hell, yeah)So take another toke, have a blow for your nose,Ooh, ooh that smell
    Can’t you smell that smell?


    a pic of nico’s inside while they where open(note the tables are the same as now for valentis… and the booths are the same as the ones outside of valentis) sooo lori and terry can not say the dining room was empty when they got the place…

  • for the record. I have often been misrepresented by writers. Credits get confused, some new ones get added, and so on and so on. I know nothing of the food or Mr Valenti. I do know however that I have no “Comedy Central” credit, nor have I ever claimed to, But its been written twice about me. You can’t control what they write.

  • They’re a train wreck, and we can’t look away! LOL
    I think I’ll contact Buffalonews and give them details they don’t yet have. Like for one, Lori’s current warrant for her arrest in Florida.

    Looks like their life of lies and deception is about to end, at least for a bit. I think I’ll also contact Department of human services and show them ALL the articles about Terry’s restaurant, while he claims to them he’s not working, and pays no child support.

    I hope the woman that was naive enough to buy into their bullsh*t and go into partnership sues them for slander. It’s funny, Lori says on here they let her go (didn’t know you could LET GO of a partner) for unemployment fraud, but Terry says it’s because she was stealing. It’s TERRY that’s engaged in unemployment fraud, maybe that will surface next.

  • GRAND LARCENY: Lori L. Brocuglio, 45, 9003 Gowanda St., Eden, was arrested Friday for fourth-degree grand larceny and issuing a bad check. She is being held in lieu of $3,000 bail.

  • At this point the drama that bringsy with this place is not worth it the staff have been put through hell it ends tonight thank u all

    Comment by valentis — December 31, 2011 @ 10:17 pm

    Written the night she drives her truck into the building, her “break down”, as Terry Called it. I guess she was going to put the staff out of their misery by mowing them down?

    Then the psycho goes right back to ranting the very next day on here, LOL.

  • This is where Mr. Valenti and Ms. Brocgulio’s expertise come into play, in order to run the system. In his statement, he “claims” that Ms. Brocuglio didn’t “SIGN” the check, then in the next,they gave Mr. Budwey “CASH”! There’s the disputing twist, right there! Now, they are saying Budwey gave them “3 MONTHS”, free rent, but there isn’t anything written to that affect. This is where Mr. Valenti uses his twisting words, to contradict, Mr. Budwey’s generosity, by giving them 2 months start up time. Now, we have the “secret 3rd party partner”, when Ms. Brocuglio HERSELF, stated “ON THIS FORUM”, that Mr. Valenti IS NOT AND NEVER HAS BEEN AN OWNER, of Valenti’s restaurant. Along with saying Mr. Valenti, is NOT on any of HER paperwork.

    Closing: I do agree, Mr. Alan Bedenko! If it were not, for this forum and pointing out the “FACT”, of false statements, made by BOTH Ms. Brocuglio and Mr. Valenti and NO ONE ELSE, you do deserve credit! Bravo!

    To Ms. Brocuglio: You made a statement “Karma Bitch”, just remember, when you are pointing a finger at someone else, there are 3 pointing back at ya!

  • Lori should of just offered rent sex!

  • Samuel A. Jackson

    Kudos to Artvoice for allowing this forum to continue and expose the truth about these individuals. Don’t hold your breathe for credit from the Buffalo News, but you deserve all of it in my opinion.

  • In hindsight, perhaps they should have opened their restaurant in a Red State, some place where people are statistically more likely to welcome and embrace deception.

  • After defeating the Iron Chef, Valenti claimed to have turned to pro wrestling, where he defeted the Iron Sheik for the WWF championship.

  • She has been known to have a sniffing problem. They should test her now they have her. Not her first breakdown…. She has done several similar things in the past.

  • OK so the Buffalo News ripped you off, but did you really uncover this whole deception or did you also lift a little from someone?

  • Suggestions for working title for the book on all this? How about the Electric Mango-Parsnip Nose-Candy Breakdown Test?

  • LoL! cant believe the uproar….Been hearing in some circles that the 1%ers are getting tired of hearing his name…this should get interesting…

    To Lori, Sorry i couldnt drop off the “package” for you the other day, too many damn cops.

  • Buffalo news said she was arrested Thursday and reased.
    Tonawanda news said she was arrested Friday and was still being held. I wonder which is correct.

  • It just gets worser and worser! Thank’s for the heads up on this place! I don’t think I’ll be visiting this place anytime soon!

  • how do they have 3000 to get lori outr but they dont have money to pay Mr. Budwey?


  • thats lori and terrys car,… since the other once are prob repo’d now

  • other ones**

  • You’d make for a good detective, Mr. Bedenko!

  • Lori said she was the owner and not Terry, She stated that many times. She is in charge of signing everything that comes through the restaurant. Checks, bills, deliveries, etc. That was a stupid move. Now, when ever shit goes down, guess who pays for it or goes to jail, yep the owner! See how Terry is smart enough to con her into not letting him be owner? Good job Terry. Instead of being a man and stepping up and you go to jail instead of your “wife”, you sit back like you did nothing wrong. Pretty soon you two will be at each others throats with bickering and fighting and finger pointing. A woman can take only so much BS from a man before they snap. Lori was arrested, she has a lot of crap on her plate right now with more to come. You two have done nothing but lie, con, and manipulate people and stepped over them. time is ticking away and pretty soon this train wreck will come to an end. tick, tock, tick, tock!

  • You can listen to the Niagara County Sherrif’s police scanner online, stay tuned! LOL

  • was that link when it happened ? or do you need to go to archives to hear it?

  • and no i never lived in Hartford SORRY OH MAYBE YOU HAVE WRONG PERSON

    Comment by MEEEEEEEEE — January 5, 2012 @ 7:35 pm
    Lori Brocuglio in 1991 in Hartford. Must be a coincidence.


    Charged for issuing bad checks in HARTFORD in 1999

    Never lived in Hartford? I guess you just committed crimes there

  • Brociglio, Lori L
    Ellington, CT
    Hartford, CT <<<<<<<<<<
    Windsor, CT
    Windsor Locks, CT
    Clearwater, FL
    Gainesville, FL
    Newberry, FL

    Now now Lori, you don't want that snout of yours growing anymore, better start telling the truth.

  • Married in Hartford, too.

    From an 8 foot train, to a train wreck LOL

  • Wow, you don’t hear from Lori for a few days but when you do, she tries to make us look like the liars!! The facts are there, they can’t be disputed Lori. Next time you post, try telling us something we don’t know or can’t find and post against you. So,how was it in jail yesterday? Meet any future friends in there?

  • The last legal document at the yolasite page is from the judicial court at Hartford, and at one of her previously-linked-to facebook pages she lists her hometown as being in CT. Just wanted to point out that it’s already been proven she lied about that.

  • State of Connecticut Judicial Branch

    Brocuglio, Lori L. Birth Year 1966
    Docket no: N07M-CR97-0181332-S
    Court: Meriden
    Arrest Date 10/24/1997

    Conspiracy to Commit Custodial Interference 2nd Degree.
    Assault 3rd Degree
    Failure to Appear 2nd Degree

    Docket No:N07M-CR97-018249-S
    Arrest Date 8/6/1997
    Court: Meriden
    Criminal Trespass 1st Degree

  • from the Tonawanda news:

    GRAND LARCENY: Lori L. Brocuglio, 45, 9003 Gowanda St., Eden, was arrested Friday for fourth-degree grand larceny and issuing a bad check. She is being held in lieu of $3,000 bail.

  • This must be another scam of theirs, it must be part of their resume:

  • lori brocuglio is with the growing business Valenti located in linconlton, NC and is interested in talking to potential investors in the United States.

    Oh, I bet the IS interested in talking to potential investors.

    Go on take the money and run

  • WOW, the place looks hoppin! LOL
    How are you adding photos to your posts? I tried to use the <img tags, but it doesn't accept html tags.

  • That empty parking lot has been a common sight for a long time!!!

  • I just called the restaurant, what “executive chef” answers his own phone? LOL, they must have shut the dump down. He’s probably planning his next con to raise up witchypoo’s bail.

  • Come on now, it might be too cold to go out and eat. Dinner doesn’t start until 5.

  • Police have been called to the restaurant six times since Jan. 6 and 15 times since October— not including about half a dozen false alarm calls. Most were for landlord- tenant disputes, but others involved clashes between the two owners of the restaurant. <That last line: Between Ms. Brocuglio and Mr. Valenti or Ms. Brocuglio and Ms. Janiszewski? Not sure just who the "OWNERS" are!

    He said he became particularly alarmed when Brocuglio drove a truck into the building on New Year’s Eve, causing window and door damage. Valenti said his fiancee was experiencing “a breakdown” at the time. < Break down or chemically impaired? Oh and notice Mr. Valenti states Ms. Brocuglio as his "fiancee" Not "wife".

    Valenti, an Eden resident, has denied other accusations by Budwey and said he was baffled by Budwey’s words and actions.“I like Frank,” said Valenti, 44. “I don’t know what’s happened in the last two weeks.” <This statement is just too funny! Oh we were to pay rent? I thought we had an unwritten agreement for free rent. Oh we gave you a bad check, I thought if you wrote out a receipt, it meant it was paid. Oh the utilities aren't included? Along with the product we purchased from Budwey's? But still, why has Mr. Budwey been so upset and acting strangely the past two weeks?

    Finally, there are issues related to a supposed “third partner” in the business who is now claiming to be victimized by Valenti and Brocuglio. Valenti has accused this third partner of stealing. <Oh yeah, I believe this one and why wasn't this "third partner", not named?

    As the police and courts sort through the accusations and counter-accusations, credibility is likely to become an issue. <Well, this should be a short case, if it's based on the "credibility"! Here you have two (lets say for sake of argument) career criminals, defrauders, con-artist, bad check writers, lacking parenting skills, on the run from the law, coming up against a REPUTABLE business man. I wonder who will be credible?

  • Where did you find that? I would like to see the article. Do you have a link?

  • Trying to be the 300th commenter, so I can win the $20 Valenti’s gift certificate (suitable for framing).

  • lmao@RaChaCha

  • Yikes!! Does this mean I’ll have to practice my “duck” position when I go shopping at Budwey’s???

  • Lori made the comment that we were hurting the children, to stop this so the children aren’t hurt. Hmmm. I guess you don’t let them watch TV where YOU are on there arguing over the rent. Would love to know what you told them when you went to jail. Hmmm. So, Lori, who’s hurting the children?

  • An Observation: Did anyone notice, that Mr. Valenti had a big mouth full, of chew? I wonder where he spits it?

    Another reason, I wont eat there!

  • I wonder if Ms. Brocuglio, is adding all these news clippings, to the scrap book that adorns the counter?

    The mugshot should be interesting to see. I wonder if she’s smiling as big, as she did for the Alachua County one?

    If anyone has access to the Tonawanda mugshot, please post it.

  • I heard Terry will be featured on the cooking show Chopped. While the other chefs will be cooking in studio , he will be cooking live via-satellite as a trustee in the Niagara County Jail. Chef Valenti…….. You have been chopped.

  • The only show they should go on is To Tell The Truth!!

  • How did I miss this post?
    How is the chicken parm?

    Greatest blog post of all time.

  • @ I Wanna C. Moore,
    How would that episode of “To Tell the Truth” turn out?
    Will the real Lori Brocuglio, err, I mean will the real Lori Ramos, wait, will the real Lori Lee Valenti,ummmm no, that’s not it either!! Dammit Lori, just pick one last name and stand up already! Own up to this mess!

  • “injuncksion” ????? what the h*** is that!

  • Hello everyone i work at Valenties… Just so you all know lori and terry are great people! I have worked for them since they opened, i love that place the food is great! and its a all around great place to work!! I really wish everyone one here knew the truth… Terry is great very nice hard working guy you guys got him all wrong… He would do anything to help anyone exp his workers!! Lori is the best!! she is also a hard worker and a strong woman who has alot on her plate… But she always makes things happen! i love you guys and wish you nothing but the best!!!!!!!

  • LOL@injuncksion, how the hell did I miss that one???


  • lol@ server! I guess all the courts, police, and past victims have them all wrong too! LMAO

    That must be Lori, she like’s her excklumashun marks (spelled so she can understand)

  • WOAH! I feel another “breakdown” coming on. Better double up on your meds Ms. Ramos/Valenti/Ramsey/Flay

  • LMAO@Karma

    Then her next personality appears, what a trippy bitch!

  • “she always makes things happen”
    Yes she does, usually at the expense of others.

  • Damn, I was going to go watch tv. Think I’ll stick around and watch this psychological meltdown instead.

  • White Powder, will make ya do that and I’m not talking about snow (from the sky).

    Sorry, I had to clarify for the illiterate.

  • Lori,
    Would you give the county jail food 2 1/2 stars? I heard the head cook in the jail beat Julia Child in the great 1967 cookoff.

    It was the parsnips that did it.

  • OMG…LMFAO@Karma

    Cheers to your good work!

  • Whoever runs this blog should install the “latest comment” widget throughout the site, so people on the whole site can see how active this thread is, and to be warned before eating at the world renowned Valenti’s.

  • OOPS! I retract my statement, a new source says it WASN’T the parsnips that won over Julia.
    It was spit.

    So was the food good?

  • Is 325 comments, on one blog a record, for Artvoice??

  • I think I’ll call and order “parsnips” to go!!!

  • Can anyone imagine dining in that place now? Plate full of spit and chew!

  • KARMA… you have me peeing my pants… so funny

    SERVER… you say “Terry is great very nice hard working guy”… if you are not Lori and really a server there, then you still have something he wants and he is using you. You also say “Lori is the best!! she is also a hard worker and a strong woman who has alot on her plate… But she always makes things happen!”….sure… like how she drives into the building when she is breaking down…


  • I’m just going to put this out there: if I worked as a server at an establishment but could not even properly spell the name of said establishment, my days of being employed would probably be numbered. #justsayin’

  • The only thing Lori has on her plate is spit, parsnips, and chew!

    I wonder if this will end with Lori finally speaking, simply saying “Mmmmm, juicy fruit”.

    Then she rips the sink out of the wall, throws it through the window, and escapes from the cuckoo’s nest, never to be seen again.

    Stay tuned folks!

  • I guess that server is gonna turn a blind eye to all the true that has been posted. Or maybe she shares the same snow as Lori. Say what you want server, we are not blind to the true!! You may have to eat those words when they turn on you!! And as far as us getting a life, it is up to us, (the people) of this community to expose what type of people that are living in the neighborhood. Apparently you don’t see the same thing the other server posted about them. Either you work in a different restaurant, or they paid you or made you promises they won’t keep! If you have no proof to back your claim up or nothing to contribute in a positive way, then stay off this blog.

  • @server: is there a trailer parked out back?

    Just curious…..

  • Spit, Parsnips and Chew: I give that 2 and 1/2 stars!

  • Let’s call Janice okun and ask her opinion

  • I just reread what server wrote. I would have to say that’s Lori. No caps on names,run on sentences and the fact she said everything is great!! The sad part is,we do KNOW the truth! >>He would do anything to help anyone exp his workers!!<<< What word were you trying to use with exp? Were you trying to spell especially? I guess big words aren't part of your educational back ground. You're right, that is the place you should work at. Next time you need to write the word Valenti's, run outside and read the big sign!

  • Listen you loosers melissa i know your karma its pretty obvious! I wish i can get my hands on you and break your neck! I should of kicked your ass when we were working together, but i promised lori i wouldn’t dam i should of!! another thing bloggers you guys only know gossip did you know mr budweys both sons killed them selfs.. That man is crazy he came in the resturant when customers were in the middle of there lunch eating screaming jumping up and down like a fat old man saying.. get out! get out! everyone out then he tried to block the doors with trucks ect.. But little did he know he was not allowed to do that so he had to remove them and we were able to open back up also mr budway pushed customers out the door he is such a looser who would hurt a old lady mr budway would… so everyone i can go on and on but i know the truth i was there for everything and saw everything that went down so karma and wanna be mind your business and leave terry and lori alone they have enough to deal with right now with all these lies…

    • Which lies?

      You mean the ones about Terry beating Bobby Flay at Iron Chef and graduating from the Culinary Institute of America?

      Because so far, server, those are the mother lies.

  • Yes, that’s definitely Lori. She would be cold and heartless enough to bring someone’s suicide into it for her own benefit.

    Lori, is it true you sold one of your kids? It will be so fun to watch you burn in the court system. I also hope Mr. Budwey goes after you 2 losers for slander, saying he attacked your customers.

    I can assure, my name is not Melissa, I don’t think my father would name his first son that. LOL

    Now go back under the rock you climbed out from under. From what I’m reading, we know what that rock’s made of. LOL

  • Dear Lori/server: what’s it like to be mentally retarded?

  • Watch out people, an illiterate server, might kick your ass!

    Do any of you, begin to think about this video, when the “supporters” come out?

  • OMG this is sooooo entertaining!!! Breakdown maybe? The more upset she gets, the more she misspells!


  • let’s see…..their business involves feeding the public, so yeah, I think this is fair game.

  • Oh well, excuse us server. Thank you for shining the light on this whole situation. I feel like total shit now! I was blaming everything on Terry and Lori for their devious lying and conning on them instead of blaming Mr. Budway! How dare that man go onto his property and try to collect payment on what was owed his!! That bastard should burn in hell!! Terry and Lori have been the victims all along. Wow server, why be mad at Melissa for telling the truth. At least someone has the balls to stand up for what is right. And you know that assaulting someone is against the law. I think you are just upset that you will soon be out of a job. We have documented evidence of everything posted on here. Apparently you don’t know how to read or too stupid to realize you’re working for very deceptive people. Two thumbs up for Melissa!!

  • ^5 Sue!

    @Server: go be illiterate, with your “friends”. However many, you have in your head. I must add, you did handle the issue of not capitalizing, by keeping the caps lock on… Good Show!

  • @ alan bedenko…. you are the best

  • Damn, dare I say that reading through this entire thread has been far more entertaining than watching the NFL playoffs and the Sabres tonight.

  • I think someone should donate Hooked On Phonics to Valenti’s. But then again, it could be a requirement, you must not be more educated or be better at grammar than the owners.

  • I don’t know if it’s been brought up, but if you “read”, their webpage, for their restaurant, it says “Friendly SERVICES”. I wonder what the services are? That’s why I’m asking about a trailer, parked in back of the restaurant!

    Do you remember, what services you performed there, Mr. Valenti?
    Go ahead, ask him Ms. Brocuglio.

  • Im craving parsnips…. wait a minute… no im not… they are GROSS

  • Go to the Erie County Clerks website, search the public records for these two clowns…

    Mr Valenti has 2 Pages of liens and judgements, as well as 2 DBA’s for failed restaurants in Erie County dating back to the early 90’s…..

    I found this without even trying… He’s been sliming people since he was old enough to walk…


    NOTE TO EDITOR: Take a look at the liens, seems Mr Valenti has liens from previous food supply places from other failed ventures… Some liens are upwards of 35 grand!!

    Type: 447
    File No.: 2011124673
    Date/Time: 6/14/2011 14:24:41
    Book Type: Q
    Book/Page: 237/3113
    Pages: 2
    Consideration: $0.00

    Type: 447
    File No.: 200411180730
    Date/Time: 11/18/2004 2:13:19
    Book Type: Q
    Book/Page: 138/7777
    Pages: 2
    Consideration: $0.00
    Long Legal:
    Prop Type: 1

    Type: 108
    File No.: 200401060236
    Date/Time: 1/6/2004 9:56:40
    Book Type: Q
    Book/Page: 125/8621
    Pages: 2
    Consideration: $11,019.09
    Long Legal:
    Prop Type: 1

    Type: 104
    File No.: 200211191112
    Date/Time: 11/19/2002 1:42:54
    Book Type: Q
    Book/Page: 110/9119
    Pages: 3
    Consideration: $11,083.50

    Type: 447
    File No.: 200110241127
    Date/Time: 10/24/2001 3:06:51
    Book Type: Q
    Book/Page: 97/2353
    Pages: 2
    Consideration: $0.00
    Long Legal:
    Prop Type: 1

    Type: 100
    File No.: 200403170065
    Date/Time: 3/17/2004 9:23:46
    Book Type: Q
    Book/Page: 129/186
    Pages: 3
    Consideration: $929.15

    Type: 100
    File No.: 199611150738
    Date/Time: 11/15/1996 12:54:29
    Book Type: Q
    Book/Page: 30/611
    Pages: 5
    Consideration: $4,553.43

    Type: 200
    File No.: 200210030649
    Date/Time: 10/3/2002 12:59:13
    Book Type:
    Book/Page: 0/0
    Pages: 0
    Consideration: $0.00
    Long Legal:
    Prop Type: 1

  • latest inside scoop from another employee is that, Terry told her Lori has made all these lies up about terry and forced him to go along with it…. but yet from what ive seen,… his false claims were made before they even met,… and trust me the way terry beat up lori in the back office room i doubt she makes him do anything…..

    o and i have just been informed by the place where i cash my checks,… every check from valentis has bounced, looks like another felony charge is coming up shortly for check fraud

  • i think someone should have the town of eden investigate there house situation,… im pretty sure the building is not supposed to b lived in as it did not pass inspection due to a faulty well,…. and well with the kids and all there saftey is at risk and if the kids are not stayin there, then who are they with,…. are they going to school? are they safe?
    someone should investigate this matter….

  • @ server( Lori), I wouldn’t make documented threats on a post.

    “Listen you loosers melissa i know your karma its pretty obvious! I wish i can get my hands on you and break your neck! I should of kicked your ass when we were working together, but i promised lori i wouldn’t dam i should of!!

    Kudos to Alan, and all of you bloggers 🙂 This is the best sh$& I have read in awhile. Love it!!!!!! What I was wondering is
    How did Lori get back on the this blog if she’s supposed to be in jail? I thought she is still wanted in FL for a warrant according to your posts. BTW loosers is spelled Losers.

  • Wish I could scrape that look off his ugly face

  • @ Server – are you that stupid that you wouldn’t think that the names of everyone who worked at Valentis, both on and off the books, could be obtained and that you have now made a physical threat to Melissa on a public forum? Are you also that stupid not to realize that your IPS address could be traced to your computer to verify your identity? You’d better hope that Melissa doesn’t so much as break a nail because the police will be at your door faster than you can look up some of these big words in a dictionary.

  • Damn, there is something new every time I come back!! Terry bitch slaps his wife in the office?!?! That’s a real man for ya!! He probably did it to stop her from posting and adding fuel to the fire. LOL It surprises me they are giving employee’s bad checks, NOT!! Blow can be pretty darn expensive. I’m sure their house will be investigated. There is way too many eyes reading these blogs. The news article stated it. If there is a movie to be made, I would pay to go see it!!

  • All we need is some folding chairs, a midget in diapers, be married to our 1st cousin and in desperate need of serious dental work and we would have a 2 hour Springer Episode!

  • wow, gets worser and worser!!

  • I wonder if they are sitting around planning tomorrow’s menu or planning their great escape!

  • Retards? common people, do you have to stoop so low? That is such an ugly word for people who have family members who suffer from mental issues. This would be like me coming into the artvoice offices and calling the writers homos,faggots, fudge packers etc. Yes it may be true, but gezz, wait pull my finger!

  • There is a difference between using a word correctly by dictionary definition and using a list of slang words that solely have a derogatory meaning just to make a point. You should read words for their meaning, not your emotional interpretation of them.

  • Terry doesn’t make Lori do anything, and vice versa. They are BOTH habitual liars, con artists, sh*t stirrers that found each other online. They are both bottom of the garbage can scum, you can see by their records and pasts. They deserve everything that is coming to them, it’s called karma.

  • Actually, they can be called any derogatory (oops! too big of a word for Lori/server) name there is….they started it my misrepresenting their business with the Flay thing.

  • I wonder why Mr. Budwey did not file a destruction of property complaint as it has been admitted by Mr. Valenti himself that his fiance drove a truck into the restaurant causing damage. . As for the bad checks to the check cashing place, I wonder if they will also pursue the worthless check charges. Looks like they really have themselves in a pickle this time.

    I assume the server that has been commenting (Lori) is as blind as they are. Lies? hahaha Lies would be if ALL this was not backed up by concrete COURT documented proof. I highly doubt that police and courts in 3 states are all scheming and plotting together JUST to make you to look bad and conspire against ONLY you. You must think a lot of yourselves to believe that you two “special” people are victims in all of this and all 3 states are lying or misunderstood you since it appears the early 90’s…

    False Police reports and court documents. That is hilarious. . . At the very least come up with SOMETHING that you can actually prove. Seriously…

  • Well, it truly sickens me to read the ignorant crap in this thread!

    I honestly DO NOT CARE what anyone says about their credentials – he truly is a CHEF, despite what any of you who have OBVIOUSLY NEVER bothered to eat there have said. The food is AWESOME! I have been there a number of times and have not been disappointed. What is disappointing is that we FINALLY have a good restaurant in the area you people decide to drive them out with this BS.

    If Terry was going to be on Chopped, I would watch it! I was hoping they would stay in business and we could get Diners, Drive Ins and Dives there to do a sopt on them, although it didn’t seem to help Pizza Junction.

    This is a well orchestrated witch hunt designed to put them out of business. Good job all of you haters!

    I will be there eating great food up to the day they close the doors – it sucks that you can’t look past the BS and just try the food, if you did, none of this would matter, you’d be back time and time again.

    I don’t care about someone’s past, only what they do now…and Terry is a fantastic Chef – period.

    Well, for those who might try to say I am someone else, I assure you, I am Bridget from the Town of Tonawanda and have eaten at Valenti’s and let me taste buds be the judge of his credentials.


  • OK Bridget, looking past their “past” that THEY brought into their present with CURRENT present lies of Iron Chef and graduate of CIA… Let us take a look at their current PRESENT.. No past… Where shall I start? Oh Yes, Ms. Brocuglios attempt to cheat the landlord out of rent and utilities. Ms. Brocuglio’s recent arrest for Grand Larceny and bad check writing. Ms. Brocuglio’s temper and driving a vehicle into the restaurant. Mr. Valenti’s recent current PRESENT representation of being on the Iron Chef on a news story as well as a graduate of the CIA. So sure let us not look at the past for a second and see their current lives and how they display themselves. They sure are FINE upstanding people, even if you do look past the “past”…..

  • Why would I try the food at a place that can’t open an account with any of the trusted purveyors in WNY due to bad credit and liens?

  • There are millions of people who know how to cook in this workd. People have told me many times I should open a restaurant because my cooking is that good. Does that make me aw chef? Did I go to culinary school, no. Just because I know how to cook doesn’t make me a chef. Terry didn’t go to school but knows how to cook, so that makes him a chef? Until he gets culinary credentials from a cooking institute the right way, he is always just going be a cook! Most businesses build themselves up on accomplishments they have achieved to get where they have gotten. If Terry would have kept his lies to himself and opened the restaurant on his cooking talents alone, he might of made it a good place to eat. As you can see, even without these postings they have screwed things up on their own. Bad checks, driving a trunk into the business, not paying rent, etc. So Bridget, next time I make my to die for scrimp scampi, come over and let me make your taste buds dance! Could you call me chef too! Thanks.

  • All, I can say is the food speaks for itself! Why try the food? BECAUSE IT IS GOOD! Again, who cares where he got the money to open his doors, he is a great chef! You cannot take away his true talent, period.

    There are two sides to every story and you are not asking the right questions, only assuming these people are terrible because they inflated their resume. Have you ever heard of Robert Irvine? The chef on Food Network who, OMG no, padded his resume. He was the chef and host of Dinner Impossible. The network removed him only to find out people loved him! They ended up bringing him back and he now has 2 shows.

    Try the food, then JUDGE. I don’t care if he says he is John Lennon’s love child, the fact is, the guy can cook.

    As for the police issues, there are 2 sides to that as well…I do not hear one of you mentioning the illegal moves of Frank Budway breaking into the restaurant, blocking doors and throwing patrons out. Nope, let’s not look at all of the facts. Ask Niko or Andersons about the “business” tactics of Mr Budway.

    None of it can take away from the fact that the food is great – try it!


  • They are terrible. There is no assumption needed. Just facts.

    So is the right question.. Lori, WHY did YOU commit Grand Larceny and write a bogus check to Mr. Budwey? What is your side of repeatedly writing bad checks? Your side must be very good because you have been writing bad checks for over 13 years according to court records. However, as a victim of your own life I am sure there is a valid explaination of why you write bad checks, drive into restaurants (destruction of property), drag others into your mess and violate restraining orders. So WHY do you do all these things? I can only assume one of your personalities does not believe there are actual laws that pertain to you.

  • Utterly amazing, Ms. Bridget! No, let’s not figure in the “FACT”, that they obtained, this restaurant, false pretenses and on the blood, sweat and tears of another…NOOOOO! Let’s also not figure in, that the BIG trucks they drive, (you know, the one that Ms. Brocuglio, ran into the front of the restaurant) were also obtained, through another, ruining their credit, just so Brocuglio and Valenti, can PLAY the part of high rollers.

    Ms. Bridget, I would venture to go as far as saying, that your wool pulled eyes, are due to the charms of Mr. Valenti, being bestowed upon you! Those secret “friendly SERVICES” are gonna cost you!

  • Gee Bridget, the only thing you can harp on is the food. Food is not the only thing that makes a restaurant. I am old school Italian and can cook the best Italian food ever, but it doesn’t make me a chef! I watch a lot of cooking shows to perfect my cooking skills, still doesn’t make me a chef. Just because Terri can imitate dishes he makes or see’s in books or shows, does not make him a chef! I go to many restaurants and love the food but if I hear the restaurant has a bad reputation behind it, I don’t go there, as well as other people would do. If you had read an earlier post where an ex employee stated that the workers don’t wear gloves or wash their hands while preparing food. It was stated fish was taken from the garbage and then washed and then cooked. Yep, that’s the restaurant I want to eat at! If Terry and Lori had not lied to the papers and news with their fictitious claims, they would have failed on their own, as you can see is happening now.

  • I don’t care how good the food is.

    The executive chef of the business has put forth obvious and verifiable lies. There are public records showing he has had problems handing money for years.

    – How do I know they won’t steal my credit card number when I pay for my meal?
    – How do I know my food is being prepared in a safe, sanitary kitchen that passes a health inspection?
    – How do I know the components of my meal have been acquired from reputable, safe sources?

    Based on only the verifiable information out there, I can’t be sure of any of these questions.

    There are plenty of places to eat in WNY, and NT specifically. Why would I waste my time eating here?

  • Yes, there IS 2 sides to every story. There’s Terry and broom Hilda’s side, then there’s the truth.

    Terry didn’t PAD his resume, he outright LIED about it. He states it on TV and in news articles, that shows how stupid he is, like no one would check on it. They’ve both been screwing people over for DECADES, and there are court documents to prove it. They’re both low bottom feeders that leech off others, not caring at all who they hurt. They deserve everything that is coming to them.

    As for Mr. Budwey, I’m sure he read about all their past problems and illegalities, and made a bad decision to remove them. I hardly believe that old man roughed any customers up, just another slanderous statement from these 2 scum buckets. He has a long standing reputation in the community, these 2 gypsies have no credibility whatsoever in the community. There will be LOTS more legal repercussions around all this, wait and see. There will ALSO be charges stemming from their past wrongdoings, mark my words!

  • Sorry, I don’t frequent places that misrepresent themselves- I don’t care how good the food is.
    How does one actually know what’s in the food? The bread may taste good, but it possibly could have came from the floor- or possibly another patron’s plate.
    The lies speak for themselves.

  • Looks like these people don’t think he’s much of a chef

    You have to pay EXTRA for meatballs with your spaghetti? LOL

    Fish and chips means just that, fish and potato chips! LMAO! I wonder if Bobby Flay serves potato chips.

  • After spending hours reading this epic thread, I haves one thing to say about these “restauranteurs”: Meth is some powerful shit.

  • Bridget: I was one of the unlucky people who ate there. You must think cheese in a can and pizza in a cup is gourmet food.Did you say the food was AWESOME. I have had better food that came in a bag and had a toy with it.

  • That’s like saying Tim Horton’s make great croissants when you’ve never had a real fresh croissant made by a pastry chef. If you eat garbage and don’t know anything better, then of course garbage tastes good. I personally can tell their food is crappy (or at minimum, below my personal standards) from the local tv spot they did – those ingredients were quite obviously neither quality nor were they fresh, and that isn’t something that is really fixable. The tomatoes werent even red. This is also confirmed for me by the overwhelmingly negative feedback from people who have eaten there (and I’m talking before the news broke about Valenti’s work history being a complete fabrication). I can also tell that Valenti is a cook (and a lame one at that), not a Chef, based on his menu. Broaden your horizons, Bridget, and then talk about what’s good and what’s not

  • I was one of the patrons at the “diner” when Mr. Budwey came to close the doors. We were just walking in and about to sit down for a sandwich. Mr. Budwey came in, and was speaking with the buffoon cook, whom immediately became irate, then some woman came and started screaming obscenities and telling everyone to call the cops… She actually grabbed a patrons phone off their table… AT NO TIME was Mr. Budwey Nasty, he repeated that he was not responsible for their utilities, they are… And from what i overheard they owe him 2+ Months rent and over $6.000 in gas/elec/water.. The reason Mr Budwey asked everyone to leave was mostly due to the fact the owners (Terry, the one whom claims not to own Valenti’s-Was screaming at Budwey telling him “I OWN THIS PLACE, SO GET THE F*&K OUT” and the Witch was running around screaming obscenities and threatening him with physical violence. Mr Budwey was concerned for the patrons safety and felt that this was escalating to a dangerous situation and deemed it appropriate for the patrons to leave until the cops came… WHAT WAS NOT MENTIONED IN ANY FORUM IS THAT MR BUDWEY OFFERRED TO PAY FOR EACH AND EVERY PATRONS MEAL TO APPEASE THEM FOR THE INCONVENIENCE. No one mentioned that. So Meanwhile you have a couple psychos running through the diner screaming and yelling about their ownership and how Budwey was trespassing, However Mr Budwey was very calm, and the main reason he wanted the police to show up was that the Witch had KNOWINGLY given him a bad check (ON A CLOSED ACCOUNT) and he wanted to force the police to arrest her. Funny thing they claim they paid rent (If you count the bad check) but had no proof EXCEPT the bad check, and they claim they have no money, but the next day Terry (COOK-Not Chef) Bailed her out on the bad check charges. I have it on personal Knowledge that when she goes back to court next week she will have to pay the $3000 to Mr Budwey for the bad check, and that same day they will be in court for the eviction. Mr Budwey has hired 3 Private Security officers to watch that diner 24×7 until they move mainly because one of the ex-employees whom worked for Niko’s and then Valentis advised him that they told her when they get evicted they are taking EVERYTHING out of the diner, ovens, equipment, everything, and they are going to sell what they dont need and put the rest in a new place somewhere else….. Mr Budwey is well acquainted with their reputations, and he is concerned for his property. I dont blame him for what he’s doing, he’s a Business man, and in it to make money….. I feel bad for all the employees, Alot of them cash their checks at FAST STOP on oliver street and EVERY CHECK IN THE LAST 3-4 Weeks has BOUNCED. 2 of the people have had the police show up due to fast stop wanting their money…. Its a bad situation all around, But seems that cook Terry and “just a key bump please” Lori dont care, look at their records of liens etc and realistically they screw everyone they come in contact with, because they know that the worst that could happen is a judgement or lien against them….. SCUM OF THE EARTH, One can only hope KARMA gets em.

  • Thank you customer for sharing the truth with us. I had my doubts that Mr. Budwey would be so rude as that to treat patrons that way. He is a business man looking out for his investment. I would be irate as him if I had people screwing me over as well. The eviction is coming no doubt. Why they continue to open every day for business is beyond me. It’s done, it’s over for the both of them. Karma came, it saw, and conquered.

  • That sounds like a more accurate description of what happened that day then the snowjob Terry tried to sell on the news. I hope they get charged for EVERY bounced check they gave to their employees. They ARE scum, and everyone that has crossed their path over the years knows it. They burn people, and when the people retaliate or defend themselves, these two LOSERS make up lies about the person, so that THEY look like the victims. Terry isn’t a man, he’s a coward that hides behind women, and let THEM fight his battles. He’s a NOBODY, that has never, or WILL never, amount to anything. THAT’S why he makes up stories, because even HE knows he’s a nobody. Any MAN that claims to people he’s dying of aids for sympathy, isn’t even a SUB human. Yeah, that’s another of his stories he’s told. He’s a dirtbag, and he deserves the dirtbag woman he’s with.

  • I guess my biggest gripe is that when we were there the Cook (Terry) didnt have the reciept he brazenly showed to the media, the only argument i heard was that the check bounced because she didnt sign it. One of the lamest excuses ever heard. The reciept was most certainly made up between the time the cops were called and they showed up. Further, what does it say about Mr Budwey that hes offering these dirtbags hundreds of dollars in cash-for the inconvenienced customers meals- to these degenerates that OWE HIM thousands of dollars? He even gave them free rent! MONTHS OF FREE RENT! I dont know Mr Budwey, Never met him till that day, However i do know that he has 3 Stores that even expanded in todays piss-poor economy, Hes out thousands of dollars from these degenerate low lifes, and hes a sucessfull Businessman. I can say without any hesitation that he is a man of integrity and honesty, and feel bad for him and the thousands hes losing…. As a side note, Mr Budwey was outside the diner when we left, and he noted we hadnt eaten yet and offerred to have us go into his “Floras Cafe”- for some fresh cooked hot food, “Whatever you want” On him…. We declined but i can tell you this, i will be frequenting his supermarkets more often. He is a genuinely likable man with great compassion for the people whom frequent his stores. Further, I am familiar with the previous tenants (Niko’s) his brother owns Nicks, a familiar greasy spoon on amherst street. Niko and his wife shut the diner down prior to Valenti due to familial problems, as well as economical. They left on good terms with Budwey. Funny thing is all the booths, well-theyre there. all the equipment is there… The DAY Valenti moved in he called the police on Niko because Niko was removing the LCD TV’s on the walls (they were his, i installed them) and Valenti came in with his ever present Witch, and immediately started threatening everyone in the place about the TV’s (and Direct TV recievers) being part of his lease “Frank Said they come with the joint” well, obviously they didnt and Valenti immediately started throwing around his affiliations (alleged) and threats…Niko walked outside, Valenti couldnt (or didnt try) to get a hold of Budwey owners, and Nikos wife showed up with the Reciepts and the police allowed him to retrieve his property… Of course Valenti and the freak were just the nastiest people the entire time….. Right then and there, and the fact that the Conned budwey into leaving the utilites on in Budweys corporate name “because we cant get them turned on-they want HUGE deposits!” Budwey regrets doing that. This is gonna end ugly, theres gonna be courts/lawsuits and people are going to win hundreds of thousands off these dirtbags, and guess what? LIENS. Theyre just a piece of paper….. next town, next crowd, theyll do it all over again somewhere else….

  • I’m sure his “affiliation” is regarding the Hells Angels. He’s been using that line for years. Truth is, he’s nothing more than a pimple on the ass of society. He’s NOT a member of HA, never was, and never will be. I bet by now the whimp has had the AFFA on his knuckles covered up. He’s nothing but a lying coward, looks like he’s finally getting what he deserves.

    If any of the ex employees are reading this that received one of their bounced checks, report them to the authorities, let them get what they deserve.

  • They can move from town to town with their deceit and lies, but you know what, as long as there is the internet and freedom of speech, they can never hide from their past. As long as the courts publish their dirty deeds and crimes, they will always be found.

  • Funny, they said the Valenti never claimed he was on Iron Chef, It was Lori that did… Well, Alans video clearly shows him saying he was on Iron Chef. Whats even more interesting is analyzing the Psychological aspects of what was said… Its known that pathological liars (as Valenti most assuredly is) When under pressure tend to have odd eye movements and object fixation when lying.. Further, Notice he started stuttering and stumbling over his words upon the mention of Iron Chef. Hmmm… And they were pushing the gift cards HARD. If you got one might I highly suggest using it, NOW! Or give it as a gift to your in-laws, or the annoying co-worker… Im thinking they wont be any good very soon.

  • Myself and my daughter went to this restaurant a few times. I really liked it. The food was good for the price and our experience with the staff was a positive one. I do not know the chef or his wife. This is just a objective observation. The yams with the camel/walnut sauce was awesome! My daughter is a picky eater and she finished most of what was on her plate. Our experiences were positive ones. I understand that in these tough economic times it is hard to make ends meet and I bet it’s hard to keep a business in the black. I do feel this chef has talent aside from the unnecessary drama that has seemed to pop up. I wish this business the best of luck, and hope they can get back on there feet. That link about the wife and a problem in Florida comes up blank.

  • Damn, would someone please get this to Bobby Flay! He said right there he was on Iron Chef. He never worked for Disney either!! I hope he isn’t sending his son to the culinary institute he went to. Oh wait, he never went either. I guess daddy is showing him how to be a cook like him. Lori sits there all coy and batting her eyes like she so innocent. I noticed he didn’t let her talk either. She was probably laughing her ass off inside when the reporter introduced them as Mr. and Mrs. Valenti. That’s the only time she’ll hear that announcement. It’s truly amazing how he can sit there with a straight face and lie like that. Bravo Terry for that outstanding performance. Let’s see if you can pull it off in court next week.

  • The yams with the camel/walnut sauce was awesome! <<<<<< Camel walnut!?!?! I don't think I have ever heard of that. Maybe Terry can go on Iron Chef and prepare that with camel nut ice cream to boot!!

  • 400th commenter–? Still trying to win that gift card!

  • @RaChaCha: That gift card, would be as worthless, as the checks they write!

  • @I wanna C. Moore: I think they have their wording mixed up. He wants to follow in Daddy’s footsteps and be a CROOK! You have seen BOTH, illiterates write…easy mistake.

  • I could be wrong, but maybe he did work at Disney. He was probably one of the Disney characters that’s walks around scaring the little children, or he could have been the dishwasher in one of their restaurants. He never went into detail as what his job was there.

  • What he means by Disney, is he’s @#&!ing goofy. (Goofy being Broom Hilda)

    From their menu:
    Roast beef on weck “you won’t find better” $6.95
    Our award winning roast beef, served on weck or plain with chips

    What awards did you win with that Terry? LOL. Everyone knows, an award winning dish is ALWAYS served with potato chips……LMAO

  • Rachel vs Guy vs Valenti Celebrity Cook-Off ????

  • Very sad to lean of this. I really enjoyed this restaurant. Too bad everything went awry. Mr. Budway did seem like a nice guy on TV, and I really love his supermarkets. Hopefully everything will be resolved in a peaceful manor. Too bad that a good chef conducts himself in a dishonorable manor. It’s up to him to save face at this point. Doing the right things could help to reverse some of this. Using foul language is never the right choice. Wondering if there are more people who witnessed what happened we have heard from the person calling him/herself wanna c. moore many times.

  • I think Jeff Levine should drop by and see how one of their CIA graduates made out after graduating from their institute. Terry could cook the dish he made on Iron Chef or he could make a big ol’ bowl of crow and eat it!

  • Lori said she was closed Mondays and a sign was blown down by the wind, but her web page states that she is open:
    Hours :
    Sunday and Monday :7am-3pm
    Tue,Wen&Thur – 7am-9pm
    Friday & Saturday : 7am – 10pm

    Does anyone notice that “Chef” Terry NEVER smiles in any of the photos in this restaurant?

    Does this kid have working papers?

    I would also like to know why no one has turned her in – she’s wanted in Florida

    yet lives in West Seneca:

  • I watched the video Alan posted and I’ll comment on things I noticed:
    Clearly, the reason Terry did the talking instead of Lori is because she is stoned off her ass!! Her eyes rolled around her skull like a couple of wayward marbles. There were no patrons in the place not because they close at 3:00 like was stated but because word of mouth was getting around as to the place being a shit-hole. And yes, it’s clear Terry is lying about the Iron Chef crap. He did stutter and his eyes were shifty as hell. These two goobers are the type that lie so often, they end up believing their own lies. Why didn’t John eat anything while he was there. His food review is about as accurate and in-depth as Janice Okun’s. Oh, and they had to have those dishes catered in from another restaurant because when my wife and I ate there, nothing looked that good. These gaytards could burn water if given the chance.

  • He never worked at Disney. He never went to CIA. He never worked at Mama Leone’s. They are not married. He was never on Iron Chef. He is not part of the Hell’s Angels. They have both been in major trouble for check fraud, judgements, restraining orders, and domestic problems. He never owned East Eden Tavern. He says he owns this place but he is not on the DBA as recorded in the Niagara County clerks office. She is on the lam from warrants in another state. The worker’s claim disgusting habits. Find anyone in either one’s past and you will get an earful. Only once in a long while does a person come along to the caliber of these two, and now they are a couple…the poor teenagers that live with them…what are they doing during mommy’s breakdown? And what business has ever had the cops called 15 times in 4 months?

  • Pssst…. when ever he lies, he clears his throat a lot…. just sayin

  • LOL, Lissin, that was funny! I thought she looked baked but didn’t want to pass judgement. It looks like Terry is holding her up from sliding down under the table! If you listen, you can hear Terry stumbling over the hours the restaurant is open. You would think being the owner he would know what the opening hours where. And to hear Chris describe the dishes, it seems like it was the first time he ever saw them because he was kinda stumbling there too. I am truly gonna miss this post when the place gets shut down. Met some nice people here, had a few good laughs and shared some great stories.

  • Janice Okun is clearly insane as she listed this under “Second Helpings”

  • @Karma: If you eat at Pasquale’s in West Seneca, meatballs don’t come with spaghetti:

  • I’m hungry. Someone call Valenti’s and place an order of Chilean sea bass with the artichoke stuffing. I wanna try the parsnip ice cream too.

  • Psst@shhh-I must correct you, if Mr. Valenti’s lips are flapping, it’s pretty much a safe bet, that he’s lying!

  • His boy that is supposedly in culinary school is only 14. What a lying idiot he is.

  • Here’s another video of Terry Valenti telling a pack of lies:

  • That’s not right Karma, to insult The Swiss Chef, like that! Shame on you

  • @rachacha fine print disclaimer (in male announcer voice): gift card not valid for purchase of “actual” menu items

  • @john I’m pretty sure that kid is not his son, I think he’s Lori’s older son with another dude based on what has been posted here. The kid is 14, it’s not his fault child protective services hasn’t removed him from the home. Can you imagine living with your cokehead mom and having to call her douche boyfriend daddy? Whether or not the kid turns out to be a scumbag is up to him, but he’s still only a kid. More than likely he just tells his mom whatever she wants to hear to appease her.

  • I think child welfare should be brought into this, there’s enough information DOCUMENTED to warrant an investigation. Unfit home, mom having “breakdowns”, GOD knows what else they’re being subjected to. If you read the complaint against Lori and Terry from her ex, Terry would beat her kid while she stood there and laughed. There’s a reason some of her kids aren’t with her.

  • If you look at Terry and Witchypoo’s Facebook profiles, you’ll see they have the number 81 in their username. 81 stands for H=8 A=1, used by the Hells Angels. They’re nothing but wannabes.

    Or should I say, nevergonnabes

  • not too mention the kids are forced to work, they dont have a choice,… they have no working papers and there working rather than in school at ages 14 and 16,… at this rate they wont have a choice in life they will have to b like there parents,… shitty choice huh…

  • Child Protective Services

    If you have suspicions of child abuse or neglect to report or you are concerned about the

    health or safety of a child, please immediately call: The NYS Child Abuse Hotline at


  • Kinda hard to go to school, when your mother, is dragging the poor kid, from state to state, perusing MEN! Mommy’s Priorities!

  • John, good point. This kid has probably never had any kind of positive structure in his life because of his train-wreck mother. All of our blogs cover things that are seen and heard by most everyone because of their restaurant. Can you imagine the kind of BS he has been exposed to that nobody else knows about. He probably has enough dirt on her to write three books

  • Isn’t it Lori who said the only thing this is doing is hurting the kids and didn’t want them hurt in all of this?? Hmmm. I think she is doing a mighty fine job of it all on her own. Between being in the news, in the papers and put in jail, it’s seems she is doing just fine job on her own hurting them.

  • Last night(Saturday night Jan 14), I had to stop at Budwey’s to buy a couple things. This was a little after 7:00p.m. which as everyone knows is in the peak of a restaurant’s dinner time for business volume on a Saturday night. There were absolutely no customers inside Valenti’s and the sign said they were open. That crappy Camaro was parked in the customer area of the parking lot rather than where employees park( I refuse to call them workers!!! Does not apply to this place). That has been the case even long before the legal issues surfaced. The first week or so, they had some patronage including my wife and I. It’s not as if nobody gave them a chance. Word of mouth travels fast around here if a place is good or bad. Back in October, I was told by a reliable source that Terry told the owner of Roman Cafe that Valenti’s would shut down every Italian restaurant in the area including Roman’s. Fast forward to now and we are all seeing how smug, arrogant, and grossly incompetent Terry and Lori are.

  • Thanks for that reminder Chris, just goes to show how out of touch this old lady has become. They must not of kissed her ass enough or maybe the pepper mill was not tall enough. Or they didn’t give her a booth.

  • Comes across, as more of a restaurant inspection, rather then a “FOOD” critic!

  • I’m so glad others won’t be duped into going to this place! Whenever I went to Budwey’s, I never saw many cars there to begin with. Way back when they first opened up, I remember someone writing on Budwey’s facebook page that Valenti’s was terrible. I knew then it wouldn’t take long for it to close.

  • Normally I would feel bad for a new establishment that fails, but when it involves 2 LOWLIFES that step on everyone’s toes to get what they want, I find it just.

  • What’s that saying: “Give ’em enough rope, and they’ll hang themselves!!” And I’ve got plenty of rope. Signed: Some of your victims.

  • Well I guess this post has finally come to an end. I think justice will be served in court when Lori goes this week. With no customers now, the place is sure to close.

  • Oh, it’s not over yet, just you watch and see.

  • I agree with karma. She just can’t help herself. Obviously, look at her record.

    I am hoping someone close by goes to the hearing and records it. I would love to see her flipping out in the courtroom at the judge. Cause she’s all that and laws do not apply to precious Ms. Brocuglio. It will be nice if some justice is brought upon her. Some jail time for the Grand Larceny. . Within a few days she will be withdrawing from her sniffing hapbit. Maybe they will get her some mental care. Although, if they did that she may never come out of there.

  • Wow Karma, unless you know someone that we don’t know, that will totally blow our minds as well as this story, I’d have to say, it’s over.

  • @Moore: It’s not over, by a long shot! These two, honestly believe, they are in the right! They will, ride this roller coaster ride, for as long as they can. Having the expertise of loop hole leaches and masters of manipulation (both people and the system), steaming way back to the early/mid 90’s. They both, have the stunning ability, to play out the part of victims!

  • i have all the dirt on the valentis! i know EVERYTHING! What would u like to know?

  • It’s sad to say, but it’s people like them that always get off easy. I have a family member who did the crime, but never did the time. How do you explain that these two have been breaking the law since the 90’s and never have paid for their dirty deeds? They both have records but were still able to open a business. Like it was said before, they will pack up and move on a open another business else where. i guess they will lead a Bonnie and Clyde life and hurt whoever they want a long the way.

  • Tell all, Whistleblower

  • well, now the plot thickens, due tell Whistle Blower.

  • I would like to know, whistle blower, who has the bigger balls, Lori or Terry?

  • IP Check Please… lol

  • ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that u have ever wanted to know about the valenti’s, I HAVE THE TRUTH ABOUT EVERYTHING! (inside information,personal information) the truth is FINALLY here. NO info is too sacred! NO info will be spared! @WhistleBlower..then type question.

  • terry has no balls. he preys on women for a living. he seeks out unsuspecting women on personal ads,craigslist, artvoice personals..ect. if they have ANYTHING of value to him, he will say or do anything in his power to milk this poor sucker out of EVERYTHING she has, then its on to the next one. he is no stranger to physical violence and battery when things arent going his way. he beats the shit outta lori at the restaurant. any male that assaults and preys on women has no balls,in my eyes. Therefore lori wins by default!

  • We all knew that WB, it’s been posted several times how he hits Lori and preys on women. Nice try tho, we’ll call you if we need you.

  • Just came back from Budwey’s; place appears to be closed; not sure if it’s open or not on Mon. I just hope things wotk out with Mr. Budwey and these two clowns!

  • I don’t condone violence, but I do not feel that Ms. Brocuglio “wins” by default!

  • @WhistleBlower: Do you have any proof? Such as links to for mentioned ads? Mr. Valenti’s ID that can be verified? Also, these “unsuspecting women”, are they other then Ms. Brocuglio, that you have “proof” of?

  • Whistle Blower is just talking smack. He thinks he can come on here and post crap we all will believe. It’s probably one of Lori’s friends thinking they are cute and funny. Isn’t funny how he suddenly appeared. Ignore him.

  • I do not condone physical violence either, however when one puts themselves in such situations and seeks out violent men, they have to expect it. Especially during one of her phsycotic braks.. she may need a good smack aside the head to calm her down.

    Of course he smacks her around. I am sure the situation goes both ways knowing Lori. Between her mouth and her temper.

    Faithfulness has never been either of their strong suits. They know the meaning of that about as much as the meanign of Truth. I am betting neither one of them have even caught on to the meaning of John 8:32 they are so stupid.

    I have no doubt you know the Valenti story well. They way you are making Lori look like the victim… With the same writing pattern as her. Yeah. . Lori is far from a victim. She may get smacked around, not saying it is right but… However, she has done plenty on her own to NOT be close to a victim. She got the 2 arrest warrants from Florida ALL BY HERSELF. As she did the 2 restraining orders, as she did ALL the worthless check charges, ALL BY herself. Without Terry’s help.

    FYI everyone, Florida can not extradite from New York on misdemeanor warrants. It is not in their budget. North Tonawanda DID in fact call the Alachua police to inform them of her arrest there. I had thought briefly of taking up a collection for the poor people she has victimized in Florida to get her returned there after she serves some WELL DESERVED time in New York becoming someone’s bitch in jail.

  • frank budwey broke into the restaurant before he chained the doors. he wanted to make sure all of his property was still in the building. there are cameras in the office and in the restaurant. frank seen the cameras, and in fear that he might be caught on tape, stole the DVR that contains footage of him in the restaurant. When the doors were unchained, terry and lori noticed the DVR was missing and immediatly contacted the police and frank. little do the police or frank know that on that DVR is footage of terry beating lori, over and over! frank is currently on vacation. the valentis r doing everything in their power to retrive this DVR and delete it.

  • @Moore: Psst, I know! It’s most likely Lori herself, trying to get that craving fix of empathy! Go clink your drink, against the mirror you use…Cheers!

  • Damn, now that my friend is news worthy! Why would Frank have to break into his own building? Isn’t he the landlord? Why is it you saw the video of Terry hitting Lori and not Frank? I’m sure Frank would have looked at the video as soon as he got it back to his place. How were you able to view before Frank??

  • How does one break into a place, for which they own?

  • Ok Mr. Budwey is getting ready for court, but has went on vacation? How odd is that?

  • @Alan Bedenko: He must be out, watching the video! lmao

  • I would agree that is was Lori being the WhistleBlower… but…. do you notice the correct spelling, fair grammar, and lack of exclamation points? I would like to know more about this WhistleBlower and who he/she thinks they know so much.

  • Told ya WB was full of shit. He’s here to spread lies so we will feed off of it and add to it. Unless he shows us the video, he’s not worth our time. WB, we are here with documented facts to back us up, talking smack won’t work here. Please refrain from posting on here.

  • lori is FAR from the victim. she is explioting the fact that she is a victim of domestic violence in order to get money out of womens charities. she has recieved money from church groups and women against domestic violence groups. melissa, if u r reading this, feel free to chime in at anytime. seeing that this was partly YOUR idea. lori has a crack addiction. not coke. the whole reason for the cameras in the restaurant was to catch her stealing money. her and one of the servers would smoke crack in the restaurant and even in her truck when her son was 3ft away pumping gas! former employee, back me up on this.

  • @Educatore: auto correct on their phone?

  • @i wanna c moore, belive what u want. i have no reason to lie. u r the one who wants the truth, im just giving u what u want.

  • @WhistleBlower: Why haven’t YOU reported Ms. Brocuglio?

  • LMAO… they don’t need it to watch the video footage all they have todo is goto the website of the camera provider and type in a username&password and can watch all the footage off any computer!

  • I just sharpened the pencil for the next chapter of this saga, stay tuned!

  • Ok WB, that’s more believable. Apparently you are one for the workers there. You are taking a big chance my friend by exposing yourself like this. You know Lori reads this. It is nice of you to share, but please keep yourself safe from those two. Melissa has posted on here but haven’t heard from her in a while. How do you know whats on the DVR? How were you able to see it? You might want to take it to the police and show them. Again, please be careful what you write on here and make sure you can back it up. Stay safe.

  • Do you know the username and password to that camera and the website?

  • To Moore: Very observant. Lori has a tendency to cause such chaos, nobody knows what to believe. Keep on track and stay the course. It’s too bad that Mr. Budwey became victim, like so many others, from these two con artists. Hopefully, it’s not too late for the two teenagers involved in all of this mess.

  • @ former employee they bought the camera system at bjs. how can i get the website? do u care to back me up on any of these FACTS, former employee? as far as reporting her,like stated before florida does not extradite for non felony crimes. frank budwey didnt BREAK into his own building, he used his key. budwey is in jamaica as we speak. i informed frank about the DVR and he will hand it over to NT police when he gets back.

  • @whistleBlower: I wasn’t talking, about reporting her to Alachua County, but YOU reporting her for drug usage around underage kids and endangering their lives!

  • i havent seen the DVR myself. only overheard terry telling lori how FUCT he is if that info got out. it wont be long now before they close the doors. the walls r closing in on them and the bottom is about to drop out. i know lori reads this blog, she is the one who showed it to me. i hope melissa DOES read this. i would LOVE to tell her what they r planning on doing to her!

    • I can confirm that another source has told me that the BJ’s DVR system exists and that the video could be seen online. I don’t have access though.

  • @WhistleBlower,
    I’m not buying it. How would you or ANYONE know if Mr. Budwey stole this DVR? Now he’s a stealthy cat burglar that is criminal enough to know to steal the DVR?

    Why would Terry and Witchypoo be worried about someone seeing her smoking some rock on the video? If they were that worried and knew it was on there, they would have deleted it.

    Sorry, it all sounds like a crock of sh*t to me

  • @WhistleBlower,
    If they are planning to do something to this Melissa, you SHOULD post it here. Then if anything actually happens, it would have already been documented on HERE before the fact, and would implicate these 2 idiots.

  • @Alan Bedenko: TY for confirming, at least some of the newest light shedding. Do you have access to this online site? If so, I maybe able to help fill in the open spaces….

  • @john, belive me- ive tried! she would make her drug deals from the restaurant phone. we even went so far as to call the number back,say we were lori, and place an order for crack. i tried to have it delivered to the restaurant so i could bust them both but he wouldnt deliver. i could have had her busted a couple of times, but the most they would have found was a crack order for me to have a case w CPS the kids would have to blow her in but they r to scared to end up in foster care or on the streets. i have been at there house when terry has hit her in front of the kids, and while she smoked in the garage.this is routine for the kids. they see this every day and r used to it!

  • BJ’s sells a Q-See security camera that can be monitored on the internet OR a compatible cell phones.

    One thing I DO believe, is that they are scrambling because the walls are closing in. I’m sure the hustling for their next con already. I’m not a betting man, but I’d put a million bucks on it.

    There’s about to be a BIG explosion, just WATCH!

  • @ karma the DVR does not show them smoking crack, it shows terry beating the fuck outta lori. if the police see this, they do NOT need lori to press charges, the state picks up charges. if terry goes away lori will lose everything. listen, im not posting bullshit. im TRYING to give u the other half of the story that u r trying to get to the bottom of.

  • Wow, just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse!! Someone needs to get a hold of the father of those kids and let him know whats going on!!! I knew he liked to hit women, but to do it in front of kids is so wrong. Now those boys are gonna grow up thinking it’s ok to hit women!! DCF needs to be called in and those kids given back to the father. Those two have taken on a whole new low in my book. Both those assholes should be buried under the jail!

  • @ karma. u can either work with me or against me. trying to discredit me seems counterproductive, seeing that we r both working to get the same outcome!

  • @WhistleBlower,
    If what you say is on the up and up, that’s cool. I already know the bottom of this story, I’m Jack, the one who made the first comment on this story.

    None of this is new to me, save the few bits here and there posted. I’ve had my run in with these 2 losers, long before they graced the town of North Tonawanda. I like to log on here and see some of the new updates, but believe me, I’m behind the scenes arranging my own puzzle pieces….

  • @ i wanna c. moore, i couldnt agree with u more! lori lost custody of her kids to their father, lori had a restraining order against her. she packed up all her stuff, went to her kids school, and basically kidnapped her own kid. at least thats my understanding of the court document.

  • So if Mr. Budwey is going to return the DVR to the police, I wonder if they have probable cause to view what’s on it without permission from Iron Chef and Witchypoo.

    If Mr. Budwey DOES return the dvr, he’s implicating himself in the theft of it. Whether he owns the building or not, he can’t go without notice to the tenants.

  • the DVR does NOT belong to terry or lori. it was purchased by melissa. they cant legally get it back. but yeah, its kind of a catch 22. implicate urself and expose terry or hold on to it.

  • I wonder if this Melissa knows it was taken? If so, she needs to contact the police and give them authorization to view what’s on it. Let’s see the great Iron Chef talk his way out of video footage of him beating a woman. He’s a pussy, I’d love to see him charged for it, too.

  • @WhistleBlower: What can Ms. Brocuglio lose? SHE HAS NOTHING INVESTED! She is a con-artist, right along side Mr. Valenti and used this poor girl Ms. Janiszewski, to get the restaurant, due to Ms. Brocuglio having no financial backing or credit. Ms. Janiszewski, also will have her credit ruined, with the co-signing of vehicles for the two of them… so tell me… what is Ms. Brocuglio losing?

  • MELISSA, if u r following this, i NEED u to respond! i need to know how to get that dvr code so i can post it online. u bought it, u can have the code reset as well as the user name. i aslo want to inform u about the legal shit storm that terry and lori are trying to pin on u!

  • @WhistleBlower,
    Is the lease in this Melissa’s name as well? I was thinking, if her name is on the lease, and it’s HER dvr, unless she presses charges against Mr. Budwey (Which I doubt), he’s ok as far as being charged.

    I’d love to see Terry in jail, he’ll be able to learn how to have his salad tossed, he can put THAT on his resume! LOL

  • frank budwey hates lori! the only reaso he is allowing terry to keep the doors open is because he told frank that her name is off everything and she will no longer be a part of the restaurant. frank will not deal with lori. so in order for her to keep on stealing every dollar that comes into the place she needs terry. not to mention that she lives in his house.

  • the lease is in lori and melissas name.terry isnt even listed as an employee. melissa is STILL a part of this restaurant. until her credit is %100 destroyed. but the only reason that the venders still deliver is because of melissas credit . NONE of these bills r being payed,NONE OF THEM. all the money that comes in to the restaurant is being taken by lori so when the bottom drops out, she can move to another town and put a deposit down on another restaurant, she has already stated that was her intent

  • Why would this Melissa let the vendors continue to deliver goods when the accounts are in her name?

    Terry thinks he’s being clever not having his name on anything, that way he doesn’t have to pay child support. The idiot forgets the fact that he ADMITS all over the place he’s a PART owner. At the very least, he’s admitted he’s working, even video footage of it as well. He thinks he’s going to slither away unscathed from this, but he’s wrong….

  • Now that sounds about right!

  • they still have all of melissa info,SS# , DOB and address. they can open up credit cards in her name as well as vender apps.

  • @RaChaCha: Still hoping to win that Valenti Coupon?

  • All’s we need now is the mafia and Hell’s Angel’s thrown in the mix and we have one hell of a best seller. Even the best crime writers couldn’t come up with a story like this.

  • i have lived in NT my whole life. i am disgusted that they r doing this to frank budwey and to the town. i have been here through the whole niko episode and now this! frank budwey is a friend of my parents and a pillar of this community. i cant help but feel that i have somehow betrayed them by continuing to work for these crooks. i just want this to end!

  • @WhistelBlower: How did Ms. Janiszewski, get mixed up with these two?

  • @WhistelBlower,
    Did you quit, or did they make up an excuse to fire you? Did they give you checks that bounced? If so, I’d have charges against them.

  • melissa worked at WENDY’S where she met lori, who also worked at WENDY’S. lori told melissa of her and terrys plan to open up a restaurant. they told her that she could be a partner for $1.000, .

  • Ahhh… Wendy’s! Where she was the Manager, over “ALL” of them, right? lmfao that’s the rumor I heard.

  • i didnt quit, i am STILL there. they pay me cash. i have a time card that i fill out, but it doesnt really matter how many hours i work because they NEVER pay me for anything over 40hrs. no matter how many hours i worked that week. i only make $4.60 an hour. they even go so far as to take TAXES out of the cash that they pay me! LOL

  • Oh this is just too much! Taking taxes out, when they are paying under the table! This really is a tale that has to be put into print, but would it be fiction or nonfiction?

  • WB: Hopefully, Melissa has called all of the food vendors and stopped the delivery of food. Her credit, I’m sure, is already ruined. And beware, if Lori has Melissa’s SS# etc., she WILL use it to set up shop in another state. Melissa is not Lori’s first victim. Her victims range from CT to Florida to Texas.

  • So is Valenti’s still open or not??? I knew of Frank Budwey when it was “Budwey Bells”! Not that I’m showing my age or anything!

  • @WhistleBlower,
    Why would you post all this on here KNOWING they read this? Also, don’t be gullible enough to believe that these two assclowns aren’t plotting behind YOUR back to pin some sh*t on you, too. If anyone there think’s they’re safe from Lori and Terry’s plotting and scheming, they’re WRONG.

    Sounds like the labor board needs to be brought into this

  • @Hangman,
    Do you know these 2 idiots personally? Have you had run-ins with them too?

  • @ whistleblower i think u should text us,… we know who u are and u know us both as well text our phone,… text us asap

  • @WhistleBlower: How long after the opening of Valenti’s Restaurant, did Ms. Janiszewski realize what was going on, or when Valenti/Brocuglio, pushed her out?

  • Lori is known to steal people’s information and use it. The only thing I suggest is Melissa and every employee put a block on your SS numbers. You can do this through equifax. She is scum. And I am happy to day: I told you not to fuck with people who are smarter than you Ms. Brocuglio….

  • valentis is STILL open! LOL i remember budwey BELLS! we used to shop there when i was a kid! yeah, they pay almost everyone in cash! i know they pay their cook/chef cash because i dont ever see a time card for him. plus it was rumored that he quit because they couldnt afford to pay him! i dont make much per hour so i dont care that they dont pay over 40hrs. i figure, they need it more than i do!

  • @whistleblower… can’t thank you enough for the info you have uncovered. And yes, you need to be careful. Neither have a conscience and do whatever they have to for themselves. As for any implications about the children… they come from two different families…one from her, one from him. Legal systems and CPS ARE following this case from New York as well as Texas and Florida-they just need enough info to make their move. Con artists can be hard to catch so they have skated for a long time. This info needs to be reported as soon as possible. Additionally, if you find out they are trying to put something on you or another employee, remember that cons work best when they can keep secrecy. This whole blog served to prove that once the communication gets out there, they cannot hide any longer.

  • @ john. melissa left before the holidays. so she hasnt been gone that long. i do know that she was collecting unemployment while working there. so she wasnt recieving a paycheck.

  • What jail did Lori go to? Did she at least do an overnighter? I’ve been looking for her mugshot, but come up empty.

  • @WhistleBlower:Why did Ms. Janiszewski leave?

  • @ karma, whats the worst they can do to me? fire me? this restaurant is sinking faster than the titanic! either they fire me or i jump, either way im gonna end up in the water sooner or later!

  • LOL, this scam of Terry’s has gotten big! If you go to Google and start typing his name, Google will autofill with the most searched terms. Terry Valenti Iron Chef is showing! LMAO!

  • at $4.60 an hour, I wouldn’t lose much sleep if they DO fire you! How busy has the place been this last couple weeks? I think I know the answer.. LOL

  • not sure what jail she was in or is she even went. i do know that she was back at the restaurant later that same night, so NO overnight. melissa left on her own. she had an arguement with an employee, she called lori to resolve the issue, lori told her to quit being a bitch and to go home! this was the last straw to melissa, she put her keys to the restaurant on the counter and left. and that was the last time anyone has seen her

  • the place was dead friday night, we thought it might be the result of the newspaper article or the weather. but i DID make some money saturday, so maybe it was the weather.

  • There’s 4 Melissa’s on Facebook with that name, is she one of them? She could be contacted there if she is.

  • Trust me when I say, the father knows. He may not know of this blog I can’t comment on that however, he knows how Lori is and how the son is treated. He has managed to keep the youngest son safe and free from her craziness after her taking off with him. He will always remain free of her. He has tried with dcf and has failed. The son lies to them. Says everything is great and nothing is happening.

  • Just to let everyone know…
    “POWOPS” was never followed through and opened up as a buisness.
    I just wanted to clear my name.

  • what is POWOPS?

  • @WhistleBlower: It was a business associated, with Mr. Valenti’s name

  • Sorry, I ment “POLWOPS”.
    It was a buisness that Terry wanted to start up with me but I didnt go through with it.

  • CONsider yourself Lucky Paul.

  • at least one person knows better BY NOW

  • Paul must not have liked the Parsnips….

  • I bet he’s busy catching up on the blog lol

  • I have nothing bad to say about anybody…I just wanted to clear my name.

  • I wonder why Terry didn’t move back to Rochester, considering that’s the chapter of Hells Angles he’s with.

    It’s because it’s a con he’s been lying about for years, and knows if he goes there, he’s liable to get caught out.

  • Apparently, I am being blamed for all the posts on this blog. Apparently, I have posted every comment on here. According to Lori’s recent violation of a court order by contacting MY husband, she is accusing ME of posting ALL the documents and all the information on here. Well let me tell you all this , I DID NOT POST A GOD DAMN THING ON HERE. Even if I did I would not hide from the likes of you and your sorry ass.

    However, IF you want me to start adding MY opinion to this blog I will be MORE than happy to do so. IS THAT what is wanted. I do not mind taking the blame for something I DID do, however, I certainly will not take the blame for something I didn’t do. I was simply sitting back enjoying the AWESOME reading of this Wonderful blog watching some filthy scum get everything they deserve.

    I am not afraid of anything that can be done by these people. I have and will stand up to anything they can throw at me. FREEDOM OF SPEACH… So, since I have not posted anything and I am being blamed for all of this by Ms. Brocuglio, I can only assume she REALLY wants me to say something. Don’t open doors you can not shut….

  • Wow, I googled his name and was amazed at all of the articles on him. That is one sad looking page.

  • WOW, I bet Mrs. Ramos could tell some stories about old Broom Hilda! LMAO

  • @mrs.Ramos, how did lori violate her court order? r u the NEW wife of loris EX husband? can u give us some info ?

  • Oh I can tell so many stories. Many probably unbelievable if not for her current issues. I am Lori’s ex’s wife. The ONLY Mrs. Ramos. Given how this marriage ended in an annulment because she was married to two men at the same time.

    My maiden name which was mention before on this blog is Michelle Wescott. I have a restraining order on Lori that she violated causing the 1st warrant for her arrest.

    She violated a court order AGAIN by: In the annulment states parents shall have NO contact. And just like the restraining orders this has no effect on her. She continually keeps calling and texting. We have ignored it for the most part however, tomorrow warrant number 3 will be on it’s way to being issued.

  • @ whistleblower – The ONLY ex husband Lori had was Joe Gineo who died. Probably the only peace he ever had since meeting her. I can’t say that for fact, I never met the man. MY Husband was NEVER Lori’s husband.

  • What!?!?!You are Lori’s ex wife?? She is gay too!! This just gets better and better!!

  • I SAID.. I am Lori’s ex’s wife. Meaning Lori’s ex annuled husbands wife

  • I read through the blog and I can say that everything said about Ms. Brocuglio is 100% true. She is insane and I very much hope she gets the mental help she deserves to hopefully overcome her bi-polar. multiple personality issue. It is very sad to watch someone sprial down in such a way as she has. She totally deserves all she gets from her actions. However, I do hope she gets some court ordered help. Which is why when I was asked what I would like to see happen out of the violation of my restraining order I asked that she not JUST be put in jail rather a mental facility so she can receive the help she obviusly desparately needs. Along with drug intervention.

  • confused? r u aware of the shit that her and terry r doing in NT? r u aware of her CRIMINAL history? can u please fill us in on any scams or anything else u may know of? can u testify to her character? we r trying to expose them, but its hard to do on what little we know!

  • As far as Terry, All I know about him is the emails he sent to my husband threatening me. The recorded phone conversation of Terry screaming at us that he is a Hell’s Angels. I believe the transcript of the conversation is somewhere in this blog. And YESSS I have the original. He said many bad things. As far as any other actions or things he has done in his life, I do not know about any of that. Just that what I do know is NOT good in any way.

  • The warrant’s mean nothing until she steps foot in Florida, which I doubt she is planning anytime soon. She’s in enough trouble as it is in NY, so I think you don’t have to worry about the witch too much. I’m sure MORE charges will be brought up, I can almost count on it. That slimeball Terry won’t walk away unscathed this time.

  • i am aware of her mental condition w the bi-polar and all, but thats no excuse for her actions! forgery, grand theft the list goes on…. r u planning on pressing charges on her? is there anything that u may have on her that could help put her away for a LOOOOOONG time? she is DESTROYING peoples lives every day that she remains free. any help would be HREATLY appreciated!

  • Yes we are aware of what is happening in NT. We keep a watchful eye not to worry. Her criminal history appears to be in the records that have already been posted in this blog. By reading this blog it looks like you have quiet a bit. It appears you have every thing on her since the 90’s. Have you clicked the links in this blog? It is awesome. I have sat back laughing at how much information everyone has been able to gather. I am very impressed actually.


  • u mentioned that tomorrow u r filing a 3rd warrant? is that a NYS warrant?

  • Well, if we left anything out Mrs. Ramos, and it will help us, please share it with us if you want.

  • Charges are already put on her. We have gone through this exact thing as has a few people here. One exact situation to Mr. Budwey’s. However, other than the history and the court records that esablish a pattern of behavior there is not much else as what she does to people in Florida has no barring on a case in NY. Other than the establishing a pattern of behavior.

    She will go from state to state and do this exact thing. Unless she conducts a scam over state lines then I am afraid it is up to the locals to handle. TRUST me I don’t like it any more than you do. DO you know how frustrating it is knowing that she is out there doing what she wants hurting other people when there are 2 warrants waiting for her to step foot in Florida?

  • My greatest suggestion would be that someone establish the pattern of behavior. You have the tools.. Put them together. You guys have her in a place I never could get her.. RIGHT in the corner. All the records are here. There are 6 worthless checks she was charged with in Florida. There is a pattern of crazy behavior with the 2 restraining orders and the 2 warrants. There is the same scam she tried pulling on Allen Stine with a Horse Farm and ended up in court with that. I have ALL these documents. Would you like me to email them some place?

    Grand Theft in New York carries a 4 year prison sentence. IF you can show a pattern of behavior she will not get off with a slap on the wrist. Or face as it looks like she has been.. I am afraid from here all I can do is help you by telling you how it is.

  • so….just to clarify, were u and lori romantically involved?

  • Are you trying to make me sick?

  • @WhistleBlower: Where does this forgery come into play? I don’t remember reading anything pertaining to that.

  • just trying to clear up the whole “i am loris ex-wife” thing. sometimes she makes remarks tward me that i dont know how to take! it would make alot of sense if she was bi ! thats all im getting at

  • @WhistleBlower,
    Who mentioned anything about forgery? For someone who can tell all, you sure seem to be fishing for answers.

    Did YOU ever appear on Iron Chef?

  • John 8:32 is leery of WhistleBlower

  • it will come out soon john, she has been signing melissas name on half the documents in the restaurant! after this is all over, it will ALL come out.

  • So that’s how, they keep the venders delivering?

  • Actually, forgery is nothing new either. I can’t reveal all my moves as they are still open and about ready to conclude however, forgery is another quality of hers.

  • Mrs. Ramos,
    I’m aware of her signature skills (or lack of). The man behind the curtain is working his magic, the heartless tinwoman and the cowardly lion have a BIG surprise in store!

  • yep!

  • LOL, u know what i just thought of!?…… a couple months ago, they put an add on craigslist for servers and kitchen help, there was a couple people who applied. all of them putting down their SS# DOB and st. address. lori has a whole stack of potential credit cards!

  • How ironic, that they employed the services of a PR company, to get their NAME out there, for the grand opening of Valenti’s Restaurant.

    They also made commercials, does anyone have any access to them?

  • I used to ride with Terry, I bet the idiot doesn’t even know who I am on here. Yeah Terry, you screwed me over, and I don’t think you are even aware that I caught on to what you did.

    I stopped hanging with him when I realized what a scumbag he REALLY is.

    You’re going to get yours you fat little loser, just wait and see

  • I so very much hope you guys can finally put these people where they belong. Oh just the breath of freedom! If I can help you I will. If you need anything from me just ask.

    Not to worry.. I am far from done myself. Just waiting on a few more ducks to line up in the row.

    Just so you all know, Mr.Budwey, whom I never met seems like the sweetest man, at least to me he was.. That’s all I can say until this is over. I have been sitting back and watching. I’ve been reading and laughing. Never posting until now. However, I never said I’ve been quiet!

  • Mrs. Ramos,
    I’m getting my OWN ducks in order, you’ll be surprised at what’s coming down the pike for these two.

  • I met him a few years back. Wish I could of punched him in the face when I had the chance!! Him getting what he deserves now will make it all better.

  • Oooo I can’t wait. It sounds so exciting. I wish I could know! The suspense! Is it good? Something that will be worth waiting for?

  • Karma… i wonder if we met before.

  • Mrs. Ramos and Karma
    I as well, am getting MY ducks in a row…I wish you both the BEST OF LUCK.

  • I’ve got to wonder. I know my laws. However, I wonder if this scam of theirs since they did it in multiple states could become a federal thing? I think we should research this!

  • Did you guys happen to notice Alan’s update next to the photo at the top of all this?

    UPDATE: I am making this post sticky for the time being, as I will be speaking with Shredd & Ragan on WEDG 103.3 on Tuesday morning around 8am regarding the Valenti’s Restaurant saga.

    LMAO, way to go Alan!

  • When the walls
    Come tumblin’, tumblin’
    Crumblin’, tumblin’

  • Odd…Whistelblower, just suddenly disappeared!

  • I’m wondering about Educator myself.

  • sorry, was in the tub. i look forward to shred n reagan tomorrow. i just might call in!

  • @Moore: Me too… K.S.?

  • Too bad we won’t be able to hear. Hope Allan records it so we can hear it.

  • @ alan, r u going to talk about this page? can we call in?

    • Yes, and yes.

    • Incidentally, I should add that the Valentis have made calls to Artvoice about this thread, making threats about litigation. However, they always call the classified sales department, which tries to redirect them to editorial, but they leave a message with the salespeople anyway.

  • Can Valenti and Brocuglio call too? lmfao

  • I’ll see what I can do to record it.

  • My radio will be on…………LOL
    Cant wait hehehe What time is court? – so i can plan my day?

  • Awwwww, you mean they feel wronged? How DARE we all expose the truth, is there a law against that? LOL

  • if terry or lori is reading this, this MIGHT be ur one chance to explain urselfs and to come clean! maybe the town of NT will have sympathy for u…….but then again , i doubt it, they HATE u

  • Typical scare tactics, these two use often.

  • Too funny!! They gotta lot of nerve talking about litigation. That’s the least of their problems!

  • why would they make threats of litigation? isn’t it proven fact that they dont show up for court cases……LOL

  • homework time,tty after the show tomorrow, good night.

  • I wonder if Lori can spell ‘litigation’?

  • @Aly:even with spell check, she’d get it wrong!

  • I think the only squiggly line she can follow, is one on a mirror!

  • anyone know when court is?

  • I’m sure the dingbat will just go in and plead innocent, give her more time to scam and scheme.

  • I’m sure we will hear all about it tomorrow. I wonder if they are sitting there reading this.

  • Maybe if Terry goes to jail he can apply his culinary skills in the prison kitchen.

  • @WTFTOWN: Rumor, was this week. I’m searching through the court site, but haven’t found any information. I’m sure someone, will give us an exact date.

  • i will b calling in live from the nt police station as i press charges for 6 more bouned checks to me and my wife

  • “Karma moves in two directions. If we act virtuously, the seed we plant will result in happiness. If we act non-virtuously, suffering results”

    Sakyong Mipham

  • @AnOldEmployee: Did Ms. Brocuglio, forget to sign them?

    Time to get the old Petty Cash Receipt book out!

  • That’s funny, one employee says they pay in cash, the other claims in checks.

  • no she signed them

  • @AnOldEmployee: How is it, that WhistleBlower is getting paid in cash, but you and your wife, are receiving pay checks?

  • if someone can get a court date and time ill go sit in the court room with my phone recording

  • there were some weeks where we were told checks were not rdy and we had to b paid in cash…. but for the most part we received checks befor we quit that is lol

  • Hey gang, I just thought of something that’s got me scared shitless now. When my wife and I ate there, I paid with a credit card. What’s the chance these turds have a skimmer that will record and store credit card information so they can open up bogus accounts with my info. To any of the folks on here who work or have worked there in the past, please shed some light on this.

  • there scammerz but not that smart,… and i doubt there allowed to buy one using monopoly money and checks done in crayon

  • @AnOldEmployee: Are they all signed by Ms. Brocuglio?

  • yes all signed by her and there is multiple spellings/signed names mrs brocuglio, mrs brocuglio valenti and mrs valenti

  • Business checks, or personal checks?

  • business checks

  • I hope you REALLY DO go to the police department tomorrow to press charges. Hang that witch, too bad he can’t go down for it too. He’s got his own mess coming soon 🙂

  • How sweet would it be to see Call 4 Action get after these assfaces? Would Lori and Terry sue channel 4? I bet those idiots couldn’t spell litigation let alone start one.

  • Shaken my head, in amazement! I guess that 4th degree or was it 3rd degree Grand Larceny, is going to change some degrees!

  • Wow, she is signing it Mrs. Valenti when she’s not even married to Terry? Is that legal???

  • @ Karma, what mess does he got coming soon?

  • In most states you can use any last name you like, as long as it’s not for fraudulent reasons.

    She’s idiot enough to think she’s in the clear as long as she didn’t sign Lori Brocuglio. LOL

  • Please do. They need to be stopped once and for all. It takes one to start the ripple (me) however, it takes strong people like all of you to make a wave. Do not sit back and allow this to continue.

  • Well, it looks like under any name, writing bad checks is fraudulent.

  • I’ve got my recording software all set up to record the interview in the morning. I’ll upload it somewhere so you guys who can’t listen live, can listen later. Maybe we can all listen together and have a good laugh LMAO!!!!!

  • By your side, Mrs. Ramos and ready to blow the trumpets of victory!

  • But isn’t it fraudulent to use a name that is not yours legally?

  • @Moore: Read what Karma wrote, in regard to the use of last names.

  • I hope she won’t be able to use mentally unstable as her defense so she can walk away from all of this. Several of you have already said she is bi polar and has mental issues.

  • Bipolar isn’t a defense. If it was, 90% of the American prison population wouldn’t be in prison.

  • @Moore: NO Not many have said that! Only ONE person said that and that was WhistleBlower. Everyone else, just said she’s f’n nuts….lol

  • If you’re on a mobile, be sure to check out their lameass version of a mobile site:

    I hope whoever set that sloppy site up charged them up the wahoo. They probably think they’re big shots because they have a mobile version of their site. Too bad their stupid enough to know there’s sites where you can set it up yourself in 5 minutes for free.


  • Thanks Karma 🙂 Terry has a son. The kid is 19 yrs old or 20. His son is a good kid, and has no association with him or the ex wife anymore from what I have heard. Terry’s parents owned the East Eden tavern. The only time he has ever been at Disney is when is ex mother-in-law paid for him to go when his son was little. Supposedly when he was in “Culinary School”.

  • From their site:

    James Marcinkowski

    Be sure to congratulate James as he enjoys his FREE dinner this week!!!

    James VIP Quote of the Week!!

    “There’s only two perfect things in the world bald heads and bare butt’s ! now there’s three. Valenti’s is awesome !

    LOL! You know the illiterate baboon Lori typed that out; spaces before the exclamashun marks (spelled for her to understand), missing comma, and sentences starting with lower case letters.

    What a couple of classless MORONS!

  • @VforVendetta: Correction-East Eden Tavern was owned by someone else, Mr. Valenti only managed it.

  • Checking out, for the night.

  • @Karma
    And that baboon put an ‘s at the end of the word butt. An apostrophe is supposed to show ownership. What does the bare butt possess? Does James Marcinkowski receive one of those BS $20 gift certificates for being a VIP? We got a Valenti’s gift certificate from my in-laws on Christmas Eve. We were gracious even though my wife and I smirked when we got it. Didn’t have the heart to tell them we wouldn’t be eating there after our last abortion of a meal in September. I think I’ll use that certificate to line a bird cage or potty train puppies.

  • Mark Moore was the owner of East Eden Tavern and Terry only ran the kitchen.

  • My gift certificate didn’t have a picture of Terry or Lori. Would have been nice to see puppies drop logs on their faces.

  • I know Terry all too well. He is con artist. He tells people he was in the Marines and his thumb was blown off in combat. He also has committed insurance fraud to collect money on a back injury, has stolen recipe books from other restaurants he was fired from, cons women for money, cars, cell phones, rent, what ever he can get. He beats on women and tries to intimidate them. He is a liar, thief, loser, weirdo, con artist to say the least. I want to see this loser burn in hell. He never went to CIA or take care of his children, he is a drifter who carried his clothes around in a garbage bag LOL. Hey Terry – now that your so successful now, why don’t you pay me the money you owe me you loser! Oh by the way, Terry has done jail time too in NY. Hey Lori, get out while you can. I should have put Terry in jail when I had the chance…

  • Oh My God. I go away for a few days and come back to so many new posts. I am speechless! I also see Mrs. Ramos has joined the group. And she is being smart by being careful what she does say. Good for you Mrs. Ramos. I know how frustrating they can make a person. So Lori is blaming you for all these posts and comments? That is hilarious given how in this blog she is blaming someone named Debbie Farley. She is a wack job.

    I will stand up for you and say I am NOT Mrs. Ramos so all the posts made by me have nothing to do with Mrs. Ramos.

    I am totally tuning in to the radio show today. I KNOW they will call in. They will not be able to help themselves.

  • Lori threatens to sue every body. I have never heard her use the word litigation. More than two syllables and all, however she always says she is going to sue me for putting a restraining order on her, she is going to aso for taking police reports, she is going to sue the alachua courts for violating her civil right to do whatever she wants. She talks a big talk, at the end of the day she has nothing to sue for. She is the one doing the damage. All we do it sit back and watch her dig the hole deeper and deeper. When we must, we stand up for ourselves as citizens and make sure the laws are followed.

    It is not a civil right to harass people, to haunt them, hurt them, to cause physical and emotional harm. That is why there are laws. What pissed Lori off the most about me is I was one of the first ones to step up and face her head on. And I would not back down no matter what threats she made toward me or what threats she had her “man” make toward me.

  • lol@the interview. I recorded it, I’ll convert it to video and upload it to youtube.

    I hope the losers caught wind of it and listened in, I bet they’re fuming!

  • Mrs Ramos if her son, that is with her now, IS a son from your now husband I hope he finds him soon as we all think she will be on the run again soon. In the long run it would be a better choice for him.

  • A missed opportunity on 103.3 this morning. I’m glad the radio world was informed of the Valentis lies, but why the shift of focus to Janice Okun? She is the least important part of this story. I feel like Alan used this story to plug the buffalo spree and art voice and embarass the buffalo news instead of helping terry and loris victims.

  • Yikes! sorry, that was yesterday guys…

  • The issue is the son wants nothing to do with us at all. He was with my husband and he made up lies to get back with his mother. He was very angry his father made him go to school and his father did not allow the way he would talk to people. The son said some very cruel comments to my husband. My husband actually tried to contact the son last night and the son said everything is great. Nothing is wrong and everyone was fine. My husband called to hear his voice to verify he was ok and the son basically said the same thing and denied everything. Then basically said who’s father are you? With lori and terry’s mouth in the background.

    Unfortunately, dcf can’t do much as we have tried because the son denies all allegations. The best thing for him is if she goes to jail and he is put in a job corp type of program and get some structure and an education of some sort. She has not made him go to school since he was 13. Mikey, the son has had opportunity and opened doors for a normal life and he refuses it. We have tried. Even in Texas, the people in texas said it wasn’t their problem.

    After my husband tried to have a conversation with his son, Lori immediately started texting him. Saying what did you hear. Everything is fine. Don’t believe what he hears it is all lies and she is handling it. She is going to prove the lies. Then immediately started blaming me for all the postings on the blog. Which I had nothing to do with. I didn’t even know about the blog until a friend sent it to me on january 5th via email. If I want to say something I would use my name.

  • Lori has brain washed the poor boy. She has pounded into his head that SHE is the victim and that everyone is out to get her. It is not her fault. YEAH ok. That is why the same issues follow her from state to state as she draggs the boy with her to run from laws and hook up with men.

    I read something earlier about issues in Texas. What legal issues did they have in Texas and what scams did they pull off their? I tried to find something on them however, I can’t seem to find anything. I could not even find a court docket posting for the North Tonawanda court. I wish we knew when the court day and time was.

  • It wasn’t a great interview, but it got the Valenti name out there. It was more like an interview to talk about Okun’s inability to to make a believable review on a restaurant. Let’s hope we get better results if she goes to court today.

  • Lori also text last night that she was wanting to come back to Florida. I told my husband tell her she will be welcomed back to Florida with a couple pair of metal bracelets…

    She also believes after everything she has done and violating a no contact restraining order from the youngest son that she is going to be able to get him back with her. Let me just say I will never ever allow that to happen. We gather every piece of evidence of her continued life style. We have printed off this blog and every link in the blog. She would first have to clear warrants and then convince a judge she is not a danger to the child. As it appears she has only got worse. If we could get the court judgment that would add to our case and make it stronger.

    She will never get her hands on this child. He is smart, happy and goes to school every day. He is a very good boy.

  • Oh momma I’m in fear for my life from the long arm of the law
    Lawman has put an end to my running and I’m so far from my home
    Oh momma I can hear you a’crying you’re so scared and all alone
    Hangman is comin’ down from the gallows and I don’t have very

    The jig is up the news is out they’ve finally found me
    The renegade who had it made retrieved for a bounty
    Never more to go astray
    This will be the end today of the wanted man

  • @ Karma… Such a fitting song! Renegade.

  • Okay – so what do you bet. Here’s how this will play out. Lori claims to be the battered wife and was forced to do these things or just plain denies it. Terry will be cleaining out the restaurant and skipping town, only to set up shop in another town. Lori, the victim??? Please. Time is running out and the walls are closing in. Everyone has to put their two cents in and make sure they do not get away with this again!!!

  • Good one Karma. I have been looking for songs lately to post to fit this blog, that song says it all!!!

  • I received this email from another of the loser Terry’s victims.
    Its a shame that there is alot of missing information on this windbag. Who while working at the Harley Store in Ft. Lauderdale he claimed he fixed motorcycles and he was a stock boy ordering and stocking parts. He also conned someone into taking out a loan which was supponsed to be in his name and it was flipped into her name and he stole the bike. Has been running ever since. He was fired from harley for that he needed to go to Melbourne to escape all the heat. He steals from woman and then intimidates them by saying he’s going to burn their house down if they do anything bcuz he’s a Hell’s Angel.

    He claimes he was a Gunnery Sgt in the Marines and he was shot in the back and was discharged. Or the other story is that he has cancer in his back and he takes pills for the pain and smokes pot for the anxiety. He even had a poor guy named Dave who worked at the Harley dealer convinced that he was going to let him rent one of his apartments that he had inherited over in Sunrise. He said it was perfect for Dave since Dave was in a wheel chair. He needed to go get an psychiatric eval a couple of years back where he admits taking drugs and drinking. He is the most dispicable peice of garbage I have ever seen. He even had the guys from the tatoo parlor down in Ft. Lauderdale beach by Primantis convinced that he was a gang member and that they were too and they could only wear his colors. There is alot of proof of his lies and crap. His trying to meet women to live off of them and then steal as much as he can steal they’re personal info banking info and everything he can to be able to steal money and whatever things he’s interested that this poor person owns. What comes around goes around and he’s gonna get his for the bad things he’s done to innocent woman. His whater thing he’s with now better watch herself he’s only with her cuz she put up a resteraunt for him. Sooner than later he’s find a way of taking it from her. Leaving her in the lurch. I wonder why he’s not in Florida anymore did he burn all his bridges here, does everyone Doc and all these poor guys know he’s a lying conartist. Now he moved on to con somewhere else.

  • Knowing her: It is not her signature. She didn’t sign the check someone forged it. She is going to hire a handwritting expert. LMAO… She is hardly a victim. It will be funny if she does claim victim blaming Terry. Especially when she didn’t even know Terry during her worthless checks in Florida or her worthless checks in Connecticut and who knows where else.

  • BREAKING: After hearing Pundit’s radio interview, Okun flipped and drove her SUV into a restaurant. Police are estimating the damage at 4 1/2 stars.

  • Here’s part 1 of the radio interview, pt. 2 is uploading now.

  • What’s that saying? Oh ya, “move on folks, nothing more to see here”.

  • Oh, there will LOTS more to see here.

    • A call to North Tonawanda City Court reveals that no eviction case has yet been filed. A call to Mr. Budwey reveals that he is currently “out of the country”.

  • Budwey is having brunch in Ft. Erie.

  • Karma, there has been so much revealed here I don’t think much more could be said of these two. This blog is pretty much done as far as people stepping up with information. We just have to wait now to see how the Budwey situation plays out.

  • All I can say is good luck to all you guys and BE CAREFUL!! This crap isn’t goona happen in my backyard!!

  • I worry about Mr. Budwey. I know most of this went down close to the weekend so he has not had the time to file for eviction. On the other hand, it is an odd time for him to disappear. I worry that Terry’s Hell’s Angels Biker buddies may be harassing him.

  • I was thinking the same thing Justice. I find it strange he would leave so abruptly like that.

  • Terry doesn’t HAVE any Hells Angels biker buddies, that’s just another of his cons. I’m sure he’s never met a HA in his life. Seemingly a club in Florida was questioning him about his tattoos and claims of being an angel, and he snuck out the door like a little girl. He has NO backbone whatsoever, he’s just a loser that needs to make up stories because he knows deep down, he really IS nothing.

  • I don’t know why you think his leaving is so abrupt. This all happened at the end of last week, Mr. Budwey probably had plans for months to go on vacation at this time. If he’s been a businessman for decades, chances are he’s got people doing things for him here while he’s gone. He sounds like a man that covers all bases.

  • terry doesnt have real biker buddy’s and no real club,…. Terry is just a weekend biker who trys to hard

  • Is this the “Calm before the Storm”?

  • But then comes the storm before the calm………

  • hehehehehe..It is always quiet before the tornado hits.

  • Well in the eye of it anyway… When you think everything has calmed down and you are safe and then……………

  • I find it interesting Lori hasn’t made an appearance in a while. Could it be she and Terry are plotting their next move……..hmmmm

  • Good evening everyone… well i worked at valentis since they opened and yes everything is true about these crazy people! Lori is the biggest lier scumbag on the face of this earth… Everything she does and says is a lie right on down to the color shirt she has on! Terry and her belong together there the perfect couple there both loosers! If theres anything anyone wants to know please ask i know everything!! Well hopefully lori in jail by now because she had court today at 2pm… She has not yet to return to the resturant… Lets everyone pray god has punished her like she has punished all of us.. I really hate to be on her writing about them but enough is enough these people have screwed me with money ect… and i feel like they deserve everything thats coming to them. According to lori everything at the resturant is great!! lol.. Im so sure it is… The parking lot has been empty for days as a matter of fact the only people coming in there are the people wanting to use there gift cards, because if they dont use them there not gonna get there money back for them… They are so broke they cant even pay there workers i guess there working for free… I also was a witness to terry beating the shit out of lori and lori writing bad checks lori stealing money out of the drawer to smoke crack… I can go on and on and on but i just want everyone to know how bad these people really are…. Ifeel bad for the boys mike and josh there great kids they just have fucked up parents hopefully they stay in school and make something of them selves and get the hell out of that disfunictal house… GOD BLESS EVERYONE

  • Sounds like it’s old employee’s wife…

  • no me and my wife use the same name too post under,… i have no clue who employee 2 is

  • @ Employee 2 – Were the boys present while he was beating her up? When she smokes crack? Has anyone there called CPS???

  • How would you like to have THIS resume? LOL

    Love those results.

  • Karma great job w the link 2 shredd and reagan. How did u only upload a portion of the show?

  • the whole show is posted above:

    I had to upload in 2 parts because of youtube’s 15 minute length restriction. Their already showing up in Goggle results, just adding to the online resume.

  • I hear the law a com’n, it’s com’n around the bend…..

  • Does anybody know how it went in court today?

  • @Moore: No reports, as of yet.

  • Burn, baby, Burn

  • LOL>… how about we all call the restaurant and order some AWARD WINNING PARSNIPS

  • I heard the same tune in my head john 8:32. Another one I like to humm to myself at times of hahahaha is from the wizard of oz. Do you know which song I speak of? Lol

  • It’s almost quittin’ time, they’ll be busily cleaning up, after all the customers and setting up for another busy day tomorrow. lol

  • @karma on any givin day, can I upload a random portion of the SnR show that has already aired? And if so, how would I go about doing it?

  • Wonder if Lori is in charge of counting the nights receipts.

  • They archive their shows, so you really dont need youtube. They didn’t have this episode on their site when I made the audio recording.

  • If you got bad news
    You wanna kick them blues
    When your day is done
    And you wanna run

  • I love that some one is finally calling these assholes out. Chef terry(wanna be jax teller) and his skanky bitch(cher on crack)are nothing but pathological lairs. Poor frank budwey has a better chance of seeing that so called chef on an episode of chopped than seeing the rent. I think i saw guy fieri from diners, drive-ins & dives over at valentis today. They were going to rename the show for this one episode. Dumps,derlicks and dousche bags…. a perfect fit for these two assholes… did someone give that place an enema and thats what came out? Valentis resturant?

  • Hell, from what an employee/ex-employee wrote, Ms. Brocuglio took from the register, whenever she felt like it!

  • Someone said the only people going in there are the ones using the gift certificates. Can’t be making much money to support her habit. Terry is gonna have to use some of his winning from Iron Chef or money he conned women out of.

  • Damn, I’m starting to think not to many people think highly of these two. LOL

  • I would like to see chef terry go head to head with the chef from louies texas hots. I thik emril lagasse started his career at the east eden tavern as well

  • I would like to see Terry boil water!! Anybody can throw food on a plate. Hey, I cook, so you know what, I officially give myself the title Chef!! Wow, that was easy. Now I see how Terry can call himself a chef! Everyone who posts here, if you cook,you are chefs as well!!

  • Hey Al,

    I know them and would gladly take you to lunch at Valenti’s and hold the camera while you interview them….they would die if they knew who I was and would love to see what they had to say and give them the opportunity to answer some of these claims! Loved the interview today made me chuckle!

  • I wanna see the “cook” Terry, go up against a sledge hammer! lmao

  • HI everyone sorry i didnt get back right away i was trying to get some info on the court saga today. I went to the resturant to check on them to see what was going on and she has another court date shes in big big trouble!! Icant wait to see her crumble… Who is old employee?? I dont recall a husband and wife working there except for oh its you guys whats up guys im sure you know now who i am… Yes her kids are only there on the weekends mike cooks and josh does dishesim sure there aware of terry beating up lori it happens like every day… Terry and mike are close from what i see josh is the black sheep they treat him like shit i kind of feel bad for josh hes like a loaner poor kid…. Yes lori has major issues she steals money all the time and now all the pieces of the puzzle are coming together she would steal money and blame it on poor melissa. I feel so so bad for melissa she did so much for them loosers and its too bad she had to learn the hard way! I just hope she puts a hold on her social security number so they cant use it any more, they tried to make me fill out paper work with all my info on it and i did but put the wrong address and wrong social im not stupid… I have great credit and if you think im gonna let them even know what the first number of social is helll nooo…. Thank god i was on to them i just worry about the people thaat use credit cards there i dont trust them not one bit…. I hope franputs them both in jail hes been nothing but good to them and all they did was lie and be shady towards him.. I just hope frank is on to them i have a funny feeling there gonna take everything outta the resturant when they leave im sure there already packing

  • Terry- I hope you get everything you deserve you piece of %^$#@!!!!! Karma, I totally agree with everything you said, fits Terry perfectly. I don’t know Lori but she sounds like a loser who is a great fit for Terry. Terry get out of Buffalo, we don’t want you here either. Ladies, watch out. Terry is broke and on the prowl for women with large wallets. He is a sociopath who belongs behind bars where he can no longer con people. I could NEVER figure out how the heck Terry ever got custody of Josh. Poor kid, he will never know right from wrong with a Dad like this.

  • No this is the first time i posted on her but i have been reading it and following everything. I was a little nervous to post on her should i be?? If so ill email alan private so i have no trouble i have to much to loose to get involved with there drama… I just wanted everyone to know what the real deal was these people need to be stopped for once and for all this is crazy what there doing to people… You guys have no idea what it was like to work there words cant even describe it!! I will keep everyone updated daily thanks everyone…

  • I totally agree with you how do you know terry? hes defentally a slime ball and he is so broke!! hahah.. good that cum sucker.. He is for sure looking for a woman with money i know that 100% and yes poor josh hes such a nice kid i so feel for him someone should call cps on them scums does anyone know if any body called on them let me know because those kids are living a horrible life with them… my concern is those boys they need a good parents who work and do the right thing in life they need a good role model…. keep me updated on the kids if anyone knows anything else

  • @alan, can I email u directly? And if so, what’s ur address?

  • Hey Al, let me know if your gonna go there a do a interview i can meet you there i would love to comment on the interview and tell the true inside story from me ive worked there since they opened… let me know asap..

  • I feel sorry for Josh. He would have great potential if he wasn’t with those two. They treat him like the black sheep, gee why does that sound so familiar. I don’t believe in men hitting women, but all the crap Lori did and put people I know through, she brought it upon herself. She was hell bent to get him and now that she has him, I hope he is everything she thought he would be. She thought she got the last laugh, but looks who laughing now!! Hey Lori, what goes around comes around! I guess you’re cuddlebear, babybear turned into the beast from hell!! I hope Josh’s father reads this and comes and gets him!! You are a vile, evil,manipulative putana. Thank God you and that sideshow pezzo di merda are getting whats coming to you.

  • IF joshs dad is reading this please come rescue your son please.. he so needs a good father and mother in his life this poor child…

  • just so everyone knows its true some people got paid cash and some got checks..

  • josh’s dad is terry…. he needs his mom to find him and fast or he will be gone with the wind
    they do not have a good track record for stickin around for court and i have heard they are already planning on leaving from peoplke who were at their house

  • Child Protective Services

    If you have suspicions of child abuse or neglect to report or you are concerned about the

    health or safety of a child, please immediately call: The NYS Child Abuse Hotline at

    You can call and leave an anonymous tip. If something happens to this kid, and you knew abuse was going on but didn’t report it, do you want that on YOUR conscience?

  • If these two should bolt, they better never, ever show their faces again. With the warrants in Florida for Ms. Brocuglio and now the Grand Larceny in New York, to be busted for anything else, would surely mean “jail” time. Mr. Valenti has really nothing on him “yet”, but to bolt with Josh, would bring about his name in the courts, along with new issues developing, that would also land him in Jail!

    So, is bolting a good idea?

  • Pride is an excessive belief in one’s own abilities.
    Envy is wanting what others have, be it status, abilities, or possessions.
    Gluttony is the desire to eat or consume more than you require.
    Lust is a powerful craving for such as sex, power and money.
    Anger is the loss of rational self-control and the desire to harm others.
    Greed is the desire for material wealth or gain.
    Sloth is laziness and the avoidance of work

    Looks like these two are screwed by more than the law….

  • You know in some states, depending on how a custody agreement is written of course, A person even having sole custody of a child STILL can not take said child out of the jurisdiction of the court and out of a 2 hour range of the other parent WITH OUT the other parents AND court approval.

    Doing so could result in contempt of court and an immediate return to said jurisdiction. Possible charges for violating the order as well as DCF all over the violating parent. Just saying….

  • For the record, Terry’s culinary education consists of community college, and he didn’t even finish the first semester.

  • That little asshole started making pizza and subs at a place called Kenyon’s variety on losson road in cheektowaga.that is all the training he has had.don’t blame everything on him because this started in his early years as a pisspot and being in a home were !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happens.

  • I think i know who employee2 is but maybe all of us old employees should just meetup with Alan at Valentis and have an all out on the table interview, so you can really see&hear all the sides of this story.

  • Here’s another con of Terry’s. He claims to be a President of Hells Angels, and uses this for the basis of his con:

    Scroll down to the part about a guy named Terry. He claims that’s HIM. According to that, he was patched at the age of 5!

    What an idiot, I guess he doesn’t see the year 1972 there. Terry, you’re a complete loser that will NEVER amount to a piss hole in a snowbank.

  • And before the loser Terry tries to deny it, here’s an audio clip of him claiming it:

    Be prepared Terry, I’ve got more clips I’m putting together now, and they’re going to be sent to the Rochester chapter you claim to be president of.

  • And you all, thought this was a dead blog! lol

  • I hope Bobby Flay heard yesterdays radio cast with Allan. That would be the ultimate reward to this whole story!!

    • Two things.

      1. Terry Valenti called Shredd & Ragan yesterday and Thursday morning around 7:45, they will be airing what he told them .

      2. After they play the tape, I’ll be on the phone with them again to react.

  • I am wonder who is going to not get paid for the large lit signs on this building.anybody know, Just wondering.!!!!!!!!!,

  • Here’s another clip of him threatening people, claiming to be a PRESIDENT of Hells Angels:

    Now to email the links to some VERY interested people…….

  • @Alan: When will this be taking place?

  • @Alan: have you been given a preview?

  • Oh this should be a riot!! It will be a comedy show at best!! Thank you Allan for letting us know!!

  • Does he threaten Shredd & Ragan with the Hells Angels? LOL!

    • I haven’t heard the audio yet, but I know more or less what he said. It’s a 7 minute long tape. Hopefully, I’ll be able to post it here later on tomorrow.

  • Just when you think Terry couldn’t dig his grave any faster, this should do it!! For you people who have never met him, you’re in for a treat!! Listen to how the lies will roll out of his mouth and make himself the victim! I do hope he let’s Lori talk too. I can’t believe he has the balls to go on radio and dispute what has been written here. Karma, please record it!!

  • It will be posted on their site to listen or download

  • Regan was into this issue and shreed just kept saying that some people enjoyed the rest food.the only peeps talking about good food r Lori and a couple other assholes who must think that shit is good for your digestive track.

  • @ karma, i knew he was gonna call the show, i just didnt know when. thats why i asked about uploading a random segment of the show.

  • @WhistleBlower,
    WHat’s new at the campus today? lol

  • @karma, dunno, i dont work today. i am hearing reports of the labor board being there today.

  • That doesn’t really come as a surprise, I’m sure there will be MORE agencies coming soon.

  • i heard they only had 4 tables last night, and a REPO truck was seen in the parking lot around 6. LOL what more can they take!??

  • @ school r/n, ttyl.

  • Breaking rocks in the hot sun
    I fought the law and law won
    I needed money ‘cos I had none
    I fought the law and law won
    I lost my girl and it feels so grand
    I guess my race is run
    She was the craziest bitch
    That I ever had
    I fought the law and law won
    I lost everything and all of my fun
    I fought the law and law won

  • I hope they asked him about the Iron Chef claim, I’m sure his answer is “my proof is on it’s way”. I hope they asked him things that made him squirm like the little worm that he is

  • Hey Terry.. Are those henna tatoos or are they real? Heres an idea. A little more bill paying and alot less moneyon making urself a human doodle board… You really are a tool……

  • @Richy Rick: LMFAO!

  • Sorry Rich

  • Ask him about his Marines tattoo LOL

  • While asking that question, ask how he lost his thumb! Compare notes: It was a forklift accident…Shhh our secret!

  • a forklift? He tells everyone he did it in battle while serving. You mean he lied? LMAO!

  • I will neither confirm or confirm, that being a lie!

  • Oh wow and here I assumed it was from crotch rot from recent company. I guess I was off! Thanks for clearing that up for me.

  • You’ve heard it wrong! While cleaning a gun, it accidentally discharged. Kinda like other rumors I’ve heard.

  • @Mrs. Ramos: That could be the cause of the other rumors? Crotch Rot…lol

  • Do he ejected prematurely? Is that correct? Lmao

  • @Mrs. Ramos: That’s the rumor. Maybe it’s time for the blue pill? The Other blue pill, I mean.

  • Ops misspell.. I met to say So he ejects prematurely. I mean so ejected the gun prematurely.

  • It will be interesting to hear. So far, all we heard were Lori’s illiterate ramblings here. My bet, he either tries to act all big and make them believe its all true, or… he will throw people under the bus to make himself look innocent to it all. I wish I wasn’t working then, I would love to listen. It’s going to be hard to wait all day to hear it.

  • He could of chopped it off from all that cooking he does. It was the parsnips that did it! LOL

  • For many years, decades even, there have been many, many people all shaking their head’s, wondering how one man could have taken advantage so badly of them. Guys and girls. He has used people non stop, caring only about what he wants and never about the destruction he causes to the lives he destoys, both financially and emotionally. We have all waited a long time, wondering how someone so bad could always skate free.

  • It’s called Karma

  • There needs to be a carbon copy of Anonymous statement, because it’s an exact fit for Ms. Brocuglio as well!

    This is exactly why, these two are meeting their demise. They are both, cut from the same cloth!

  • Just wondering… if you are a deadbeat dad, not paying child support for the past 6 months, not a cent… and you cry the blues that you are not working, can’t afford it… poor me… and you put all your stuff in your girlfriend’s name to avoid having to TAKE CARE OF YOUR KIDS… and almost made it work… but then went on TV and RADIO AND NEWPAPERS AND RADIO MORNING SHOWS SAYING YOU ARE THE OWNER…. i wonder how that would affect your child suppor….cuz OF COURSE you aren’t working…

  • @Florida girl: I guess, all his money, went into his new business, with his new family!

    I’ve read, many descriptive words, for Mr. Valenti (along with Ms. Brocuglio), but they seem rather kind, after reading your post.

  • Because he is a career con and liar. People like him are so good at it, that people believe him and her. because it’s their way of life, that they actually believe their lies. They prey on the vulnerable and people who have hearts and make you believe what they say. They build you up and then bring you down without you realizing it and the damage is done. It’s like how a lion that will watch a herd until they can find the weak one and move in for the kill. They are nothing but predators! But like it was said, give someone enough rope and they will hang themselves. If it wasn’t for this blog and for all their victims to come forward, who knows how long they would have carried on their lying and conning.

  • His finger got bite off by his old woman char.she had real ratty teeth and she may have thought it was his was a know fact that the little guy had a little thing.I also found out that Lori has feet that are like mother teresa and this takes a relationship to a whole new level.

  • ewww. little guy with gnarled feet witch… lol… i think i may be sick

  • I hope Alan mentions his lunatic ranting and threats about the Hells Angels recording, I’d LOVE to have the right people hear it. It’s been emailed, but this would be the icing on the cake! Be sure to tell the listeners to come join our witch hunt here on the blog! LOL

  • I just wanted to say that i made a call to Mr. Budwey for they chef… it wasnt looking too good. Frank told me that if the chef does not come up with the back rent that he was gonna split him from his neck down to the crack of his ass….just remember chef……thats the budwey way..

  • @Num nuts: I don’t get your reasoning, for attacking Char? She has nothing to do with any of this, except for the fact, that Mr. Valenti, also put her life through hell. This woman has had NO contact with Mr. Valenti, along with keeping her son safe from him. So lets not bring in other people, that don’t have a direct dispute with Mr. Valenti or Ms. Brocuglio!

    A question for you: How did you see Ms. Brocuglio’s feet? Do you have a foot fetish and was sucking on her toes? You also state it as a “fact” about, the little guy, with the little thing, have you personally experienced it?

    Not nice, is it?

  • Hey john8:32. Maybe num nuts was enjoying a shitty overpriced meal at valentis on new years eve when mario… i mean lori crashed into the joint. When she hopped out of the car she had no shoes on.. come on lori, your not in bedrock. So go get yourself a ped egg and take care of those flintstone feet.. then the chef could save some money and mix the hoof shavings in with the parmesan cheese…

  • i have also emailed the rochester chapter of the hells angels, too let them know of all terry’s claims in their name

  • Just so everyone knows the labor board was there today…. Its over now im so excited finally, finally these scums are going down!!!!!! THANK YOU GOD ALL OF US EMPLOYEES DESERVE IT. They need to be caught once and for all…

  • What did the labor board do? I ma surprised they were even open!!

  • @Richy Rich: Thank you for the great chuckle! I’ve heard derogatory comments, about her face, missing teeth, out of control crazy hair, the slutty way she represents her self (both with her vocabulary and clothing attire), right down to the dedicated tattoo’s to her previous lovers, but that was the first, I read about her feet! lol

  • She has really obscenely long dirty cracked feet. All boney and bleck. You ever watch harry potter? You remember buck beck? Yeah those feet were designed in their favor.

  • Butter face?

  • Tattoos. I wonder how mr. Valenti likes looking down at that tramp stamp of her ex boyfriends name delfino or whatever. The ex boyfriend from 2009 that currently lives in williston florida with his two sons and owes a landscaping business. That must really burn… Or the travis taoo on her wrist in a heart. Hey where is your tattoo Terry? Or maybe you just like to look at other men all over your bitches body.

  • Rough crowd tonight! LOL!

  • @The Follower: If/when Mr. Valenti goes to jail, he’ll be prepared for what he see on Bubba’s ass or will Mr. Valenti, be sporting a Jail House Tramp Stamp?

    I vote, the latter of the two. lol

  • The labor board fined them 25,00 dollars they have so many days to pay the fine due to so many violations…. They also had a 16 year old kid as there day cook lol.. He cooked lunch from 11 to 4 till the real chef came in at 4…. They were also fined for not paying quatorly taxes and wage reporting there done they better just shut there doors ill find more scoop out by the weekend hopefully friday fish fry will be busy so i can make some money since we dont get paid there we basicly work for tips….. I dont know what there gonna do now there son mike is only 15 and he is one of the main cook on friday the labor boad said they will be back on friday to check in with them i guess they have so long to produce some sort paperwork that the labor board need from them…. Im sure crazy gonna try to talk her way out of this one too…. These people are a JOKE they should just close the doors and call it a day be done with it why do they even bother opening theres NO CUSTOMERS!!!! LORI YOU CRAZY FUCKIN UGLY TOOTHLESS LIER and terry you need a good punch in the face mr wanna be hells angel your a big JOKE TOO some one needs to kick your ass…. Ill try to find out more info im working tom too i forgot lori called to ask me to work lol she said its been so busy , but im sure thats just another one of her LIES Will update tom after work i better get to bed its gonna be soooooo busy!!!!! LMAO…..

  • Lol!!! Looks like the jig is up you LOSERS!

  • Karma are you a old employee too i feel like you are??? are you a woman or a man? if you dont want to ancwer thats fine i just feel like i know you!

  • Wow, a 15 and 16 year old doing the cooking! And to think Terry wasted all that money on culinary school. Looks like Terry is gonna have to bite the bullet and actually work and do some cooking. How sad is that you make your kids do your work. Do these kids not go to school? Real chef?, as apposed to a fake chef like Terry? I’m no psychic, but I do see someone going on the run real soon. I bet Lori is hitting that pipe fast and furious now.

  • just cause they got fined doesn’t mean they r gonna pay it,…. or maybe they will get out there petty cash receipt book and write them another b/s excuse lol

    cant wait 2 c what the fat little turkey, and strung out gazelle do next….

  • old employee i think i know who you are do you know who i am?

  • i think i might lol do you have an email i can msg you at?

  • or just tell me the first letter of ur first name….
    ours is m and s

  • Payment of Wages

    Penalties: A first failure to pay agreed wages and fringe benefits in accordance with the requirements of the labor law is punishable as a misdemeanor. The maximum penalties include fines of up to $20,000 and imprisonment for up to one year for each violation, as well as payment of restitution. A second offense is punishable as a felony, with a maximum fine of $20,000 in addition to imprisonment and payment of restitution.

    Employment Of Minors Fourteen Or Fifteen Years Of Age:

    The employment of minors fourteen or fifteen years of age in connection with any trade, business or service is prohibited when that minor is supposed to be in school, that is, during the hours when school is in session. At no time may minors of this age be employed in a factory.

    When school is not in session, minors fourteen or fifteen years of age who have obtained an employment certificate may be employed in most occupations. An employment certificate is issued by the chancellor in the city school district of the city of New York and by the superintendent of schools in other school districts. Application should be made to the principal of the school the minor attends or last attended.

    Notwithstanding the above, minors of this age may engage in the following occupations without an employment certificate: caddying, baby sitting, casual yard and household work.

    Employment Of Minors Sixteen Or Seventeen Years Of Age: Generally speaking, minors of this age may be employed under the same conditions and circumstances as fourteen and fifteen-year old minors, with the exception that at sixteen, factory work is permitted.

    Prohibited Employment Of Minors: No one under the age of sixteen may be employed in painting or cleaning the exterior of a building or structure, in a factory or operating washing, grinding, cutting, slicing, pressing or mixing machinery. The law further specifies an extensive list of high-risk occupations from which all minors under the age of eighteen are barred. Persons considering the employment of minors should consult with the New York State Department of Labor or the office of the Attorney General to ensure that the proposed employment is permitted.

    Duties Of Employers: Employers must maintain an employment certificate on file at the place of employment for all minors there employed and must make that certificate available for inspection by any person authorized by law to examine such document. At the termination of the minor’s employment, the certificate should be returned to the minor.

    Penalties: Violation of the child labor laws will subject an employer to civil and criminal penalties.

  • This is the best blog ever.. chef terry you are a real turd. The best part of you ran down the crack of your mothers ass…. and for lori your mom should have swallowed .. losersyou while she had the chance

  • Nowhere to run to, babygirl
    Nowhere to hide
    Got nowhere to run to, babygirl
    Nowhere to hide

    Each night as you sleep
    Into your head we creep
    You wake up feeling sorry you met us
    Hoping soon that you forget us

    Nowhere to run to, babygirl
    Nowhere to hide
    Got nowhere to run to, babygirl
    Nowhere to hide

  • I’ve got a feeling this radio broadcast is going to be entertaining LOL



  • Interview: What year did he declare, winning the “Iron Chef”,2003? and What year did he work for Captain Hiram’s,2008-2009? Check the dates!

  • Oh, now it’s a MOCK Iron Chef he was on? LOL. He can’t even backpeddle right. Listen to the news interview, he was claiming it was the BOBBY FLAY Iron Chef, “It opened lots of doors”. How is a mock setup going to open doors? LMAO

  • What a moron. Oh I guess I shouldn’t have said it like that. Seriously. He FLAT OUT stated he was on the Iron Chef… So yeah THAT IS WHAT HE SAID. Moron. NOOO I am not a Hells Angels. Good save Terry as you claimed you were in many many places. Wait there is a recording above. I think that recording should be REPOSTED.

  • You don’t claim to be a Hells Angels? You’re a lying piece of sh*t!

    and MORE proof:

  • Another Observation: Seems as if Mr. Valenti, was throwing Ms. Brocuglio, under the bus, for all the problems they are having.

    When it comes right down to it, they will BOTH turn on each other. Just you wait and see!

  • Oh yeah. I can’t wait for it…

  • Damn, I missed it, was it any good John 8:32?

  • Now his employess know what a lying sack of sh*t he is, I’m sure they’ve heard his claims of being a Hells Angel.

    I love it when some assclown is given a chance to redeem himself, but he ends up digging himself deeper. What a MORON! LOL

  • Interview: So, Mr. Valenti DIDN’T, tell the news, that he was a graduate of CIA, so did they just pulled that information, out of their asses? Along with actually NAMING Mr. Valenti’s competitor on “The Mock Iron Chef” as being Bobby Flay? Could this be just more misinformation, produced by others, rather then being on “tape”, coming from Mr. Valenti’s mouth? Correction: it was Ms. Brocuglio!

  • Terry wins the award for “most inept” business “owner” ever. Did anyone else catch that Terry said they supposedly wrote Budwey a 3000 dollar check, did not sign it,left it on the counter and then accused Budwey of stealing the check. If I were Budwey I’d be talking to my lawyers this minute. I’m sure making false and libelous statements to the media would help speed up his case for eviction.

  • @Moore: My view of the interview, was lacking in “BALLS” and way to candy coated! Along with the radio station, NOT giving Mr. Bedenko, more time for his rebuttal

    About the only thing that came from it, was showing Mr. Valenti’s lie, piled atop even more lies.

    Good luck to their latest Attorney! They have two other Attorney’s, that they faltered payments.

    BTW: The Florida interview, with BBN was not reveled until “AFTER”, this blog was created. So, nice try at pointing the finger, at the PR company!

  • There was a very hard word posted above so for the benefit of Ms. Brocuglio I thought the definition should be posted. This way she can understand it is NOT a compliment. I imagine it must really suck to be stupid. We are all here to help!

    inept [ɪnˈɛpt]
    1. awkward, clumsy, or incompetent
    2. not suitable, appropriate, or fitting; out of place

  • That morning team really blew this interview with Harry or terry or whatever his name is.they were so soft on this and did not let Allen get some hard fact going and now I am done with shreed and regan.a real interview would open things up and now I am only turning to news from when and bauerle and sandy beach would have eat this lyin moron up in sec.

  • Anyone have a link to listen to this mornings interview?

  • I thought that “Shreed and Regan” did a fine job. They questioned him about every single statement and elicited more lies. What else did you want?

  • I’m sure they’ll have the audio otheir site in a bit

  • Mr. Bedenko: Could you please “RE-POST” the “LIVE” interview.

  • I didn’t mean the televised Iron Chef, I meant a MOCK Iron Chef
    I didn’t mean the FAMOUS Momma Leone’s, I meant one of the other 20
    I didn’t mean HELLS Angels, I meant CHARLIE’S Angels
    LOL! What a tool you are Terry!

  • What I don’t understand is, Lori is the owner, not Terry as they keep saying. Why is Terry calling the station instead of her. You would think she would want to clear things up and defend her man. They both could of talked this morning. I guess when you got a monkey on you’re back nothing else really seems to matter.

  • @Alan: I was wanting the NEWS interview, with Mr. Valenti, Ms. Brocuglio and their “executive chef Chris”. Scrolling this HUGE blog, is a bit time consuming. lol

  • I would bet a million bucks they have a stack of credit card numbers from customers they saved to commit even MORE forgery and grand larceny, and I’m not a betting man. I know of at least ONE con they used with someone’s social security number, the employees better watch their backs AND their credit scores

  • Probably because Lori can not control herself and will act all crazy and screama and yell. And she would ramble on about shit that has NOTHING to do with this situation at all. Like she would bring up something from outer space.

    Makes you wonder though: How the families of the Valenti’s and Brocuglios feel about all this good publicity. And how much they support their rantings and wrong doings. How PROUD are these families to know that Ms. Brocuglio is a liar, thief, domestic abuser,abuser of her own children and has no contact orders on her and acts like a crazed lunatic driving into buildings and all that.