Carl Haz a Sad

I aspire to someday find my name on the side of a decrepit, crumbling eyesore and embodiment of a bitter millionaire’s land speculation.

When the Paladinists aren’t recommending burning periodicals with which they disagree, their leader is busy sending out this sort of thing.

Also, this:

Without directly addressing the little put-upon millionaire’s temper tantrum (if the piece was so off the mark, why mention it, Carl?) wouldn’t it be great if a group of, say, #OccupyBuffalo protesters took a bunch of Artvoices every week and hawked them outside the perimeter of the Ellicott Square Building?

Herman Cain Defeats Team Rocket

Congratulations to Herman Cain. In leaving the Presidential race Saturday, he:

1. Gave an inspirational speech taken from the hit movie Pokemon, spinning this as some big win for him;

2. Blamed his victims;

3. Reminded us that the accusations against him were untrue, but bowed out anyway; and

4. May someday be lucky enough to make it onto a Trivial Pursuit card.

To Catch a Predator

The only thing missing from Carl Paladino’s newest ironic sign, (placed on the side of a building recently cited for multiple code violations), is a Palinist gun sight, AMIRITE?

I’ll bet he wishes that billboard was bigger.