Jack Davis Expected to Form a Pro-David Bellavia SuperPAC

In the Republican race to take on Kathy Hochul in the newly reconstituted NY-27, the main advantage Chris Collins has over David Bellavia is related to the size of his bank account, and his willingness to use it. 

Not so fast. 

Look for curmudgeonly Akron industrialist Jack Davis, who ran for Congress in 2006, 2008, and 2011 as a Democrat, under the “Save Jobs Party” banner, and finally as a Republican to set up a pro-David Bellavia SuperPAC within the next few days. 

As we’ve seen in the presidential campaign, the SuperPAC is free to spend unlimited, undisclosed sums of money to actively support a candidate for federal office.

I suspect this isn’t good news for Mr. Collins, who was counting on obliterating Bellavia with expensive TV time and mailers.