Fashion: NYC vs. Buffalo


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Courtesy Marquil at, the newest editorial cartoonist for Newsday‘s Hudson Valley sites.

They Paved Paradise

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Mixed Martial Arts Albany

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Kodak Moment


I will never, for the life of me, understand why Kodak couldn’t have pivoted into becoming a digital imaging giant. I haven’t developed a roll of film in ten years, and Kodak owned tons of digital imaging patents. I’ll never understand why Canon, Nikon, Leica, Minolta, Pentax, and other foreign camera makers thrive on excellence and innovation, but Kodak couldn’t get it together to make a quality digital imaging product that people around the world would use. It was all unnecessary and myopic.

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Buffalo Billions

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The New Category of New York Taxpayer

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Albany Santa

New readers may not be aware that I oftentimes post editorial cartoons done by an extremely talented artist/commentator living in the Adirondacks named Mark Wilson.  His pen name is “Marquil”, and his work can be found at his website, EmpireWire. I think that his art and editorial content rival anything you’ll find in any paper, anywhere. 

I don’t post all of his submissions, because some of them don’t really have any WNY relevance, but I hope you enjoy them and give him some love. I think they’re excellent. 

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