To Normal People, Rats are the Good Guys


Michael Cohen, convicted felon and former personal attorney to President Donald Trump, is no longer in the thrall of Trump or the eponymous MAGA cult. Liberated through his admissions and pleas, Cohen is now free to tell the truth and “rat” the President out. In the past, Cohen lied to protect the President. He now has no such mandate. 

While the President and his cult assail Cohen for being a “rat”, they forget that, to law-abiding people, the rats are the good guys – the ones who turn state’s evidence to expose an organized criminal enterprise. Some assholes pulled the wrong message from The Godfather and Goodfellas. 

Politico published Cohen’s prepared Congressional testimony, and every sentence is a bombshell insofar as it confirns what we already know about Trump – that he’s a “racist”, a “conman”, and a “cheat”.

What a difference some cooperation with law enforcement, a conviction, and some genuine checks-and-balances oversight make. 

Instead of recounting each and every of Cohen’s revelations – he brings receipts for most of them, lest you accuse him of fabrication – I highlight one relevant to the Buffalo Branch Trumpidians. Cohen will produce inflated financial documents that Trump submitted to Deutsche Bank in an effort to secure a loan to buy the Buffalo Bills. 

Cohen is not directly accusing Trump of fraud, but the subtext is plain as day – in an effort to secure the Bills, (which the genuinely fracking-rich Pegulas bought for $1.4 billion in cash), Trump resorted to inflating his assets to secure a loan from the only bank left that would entertain his applications

Hell hath no fury like a “personal attorney to Donald J. Trump” scorned.