Burgerfest Guy With Hillary Casket: Fuck You

Here’s an article someone sent me regarding the Hillary Clinton in a casket feature at the 2016 Hamburg Burgerfest I referenced here. A reporter from the Dunkirk Observer interviewed the owner, John Giordano of Dunkirk.

In the midst of one of the most hotly debated political elections in history, nothing seems out of bounds – or at least that’s what Dunkirk’s John Giordano thought.

Giordano has been cruising the classic car circuit in Western New York for years, and he’s well known for his vehicle, “Blown T, ” a 1920s Model T Ford with a custom paint job and “accessories” that make it one of a kind. But at the Hamburg BurgerFest in June, some people thought he took his personal statement too far: the Model T pulled a casket mounted on a trailer with a dummy of Hillary Clinton inside.

Fuck your “Blown T”, fuck your accessories, fuck your casket, fuck your trailer, and fuck your dummy Clinton corpse.

“(The person who complained to the Burger Fest Committee) took it seriously, Hillary in a casket. She thought it was disgusting. But she was the only person who snapped, or whatever you want to call it. There were about 1,000 people there, and no one else complained. Everyone was giving me the thumbs-up all day; they loved it,” said Giordano.

Fuck the Burger Fest.  Fuck your casket. Fuck your “whatever you want to call it”. Fuck your “no one else complained”. Fuck your thumbs up.

This tweet posted by Nick Veronica for the Buffalo News shows Dunkirk’s John Giordano’s car and coffin with “Hillary” in the casket.

Giordano added that it wasn’t meant to be offensive. “It was more or less a joke,” he said. “Political satire.”

Fuck that tweet. Fuck the Buffalo News. Fuck Dunkirk. Fuck John Giordano. Fuck the car and the coffin. Fuck the puppet in a casket. Fuck what you meant. Fuck your “joke”. Fuck your “satire”. Satire of what, the fuck, exactly?!

Usually, Giordano has a different passenger: Chucky, the nightmare-inducing doll that “starred” in so many 80s horror flicks. There’s even a small coffin-like box mounted on the back of the Model T in addition to the full-sized coffin on the trailer, a fittingly horrific place for Chucky to “rest” when he isn’t riding shotgun.

” I always have Chucky with me, but this time it was Hillary. I just made a swap – two devils,” he joked.

Fuck your passenger. Fuck Chucky. Fuck 80s horror flicks. Fuck the small coffin-like box. Fuck that Model T again with Chucky’s duck. Fuck the bigger coffin. Fuck the trailer. Fuck Chucky riding shotgun. Fuck your swap. Fuck your devils. Fuck your joke, you unfunny fuck.

But Giordano doesn’t want people to overestimate his criticism of the Democratic nominee.

” I didn’t say she should be dead or anything like that. It’s just that what you see is what you get. If you don’t like it, don’t look.”

Fuck your logic. Fuck your overestimation and your criticism. Fuck your “she shouldn’t be dead or anything like that” when you fucking put a goddamn motherfucking Hillary Clinton puppet in a goddamn casket. What the fuck you do you think that “says … OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT?!” Fuck your “if you don’t like it, don’t look”, you sadistic fuck.

Some festival attendees mistook Giordano for a Trump fan, but he said that’s not quite correct, either.

” To be honest with you, I don’t want either (Trump or Clinton). I think he’s got a better vice president to help him out, but what he really needs to do is keep his mouth shut and listen to (Mike Pence).”

Fuck your inane political opinion.

Giordano knew that at least one person had complained about his display, but didn’t know the story was going viral until he saw that there were countless Twitter and Facebook posts and comments about it. The message he wants to get out is that at least for him, this was just a display of creativity.

Fuck your creativity.

“I won Best Presentation (at BurgerFest),” he said, indicating both his car and his Hillary display. “All the judges and the people at the desk were giving me thumbs-up all day; then they kind of denied it after they knew some people got upset over it. People complained because (the festival) was supposed to be a family-friendly event, and they thought (my display) wasn’t family-friendly. (They) also complained that there were beer taps on the side of the coffin … which are just for looks.”

Fuck your display and your thumbs and your coffin and your goddamn beer taps.

Giordano said he has put tons of work and countless hours into his car and his displays. The coffin is real. He got it as a “scratch and dent” special, then painted it and customized it with the beer taps. The lid is motorized so that when he pushes a button, it opens. He got the Hillary mask at the Paper Factory, where customers can also buy the caricatured faces of Trump and Bill Clinton. But everything he does, Giordano explained, is to put on a show.

HAHA funny show to portray the funeral of a contemporary political figure who also happens to be the first-ever female nominee for President from a major political party. Fuck your coffin and your refurbishment and your motorized lid and the Paper Factory. Fuck your caricatures and your shitty show.

“I’m always kind of the centerpiece when it comes to a (car) show,” he said. “The theme behind my car always stands out. Last year, a week before Christmas, there was a show (with) a Halloween theme. I had Chucky there and was giving all the kids candy. They loved it.”

Fuck your candy.

The BurgerFest committee put this statement on its Facebook page:

“The BurgerFest Committee is reviewing an incident that occurred at the Classic Car Show, where a vintage car included a display of a ‘dead Hillary Clinton’ in a coffin. Although we support an individual’s right to free speech, this display was felt by many to be in extremely poor taste. We strive to be a family-friendly event and this was not an appropriate display at our venue. We apologize to all who were offended by the display. The BurgerFest Committee will meet with the organizers of the Classic Car Show to review the show’s guidelines to ensure that this does not happen again in the future.”

Fuck you, BurgerFest. Fuck you for not realizing right away how disgusting this depraved display was. Fuck you for awarding it a goddamned award. Fuck you for realizing that it’s fucking disgusting for some asshole to stick a Hillary Clinton doll in a coffin and wish for her to be dead. Fuck everything literally about this mealy-mouthed bullshit. You had the fucking gall to let him enter this piece of shit in the show, you gave him a win and an award, and only now you realize that it was inappropriate? Fuck you and know that there’s plenty of goddamn places to get a fucking hamburger on any day of the week, and I sure as fuck don’t need to go down to Hamburg to stand in line for tickets so I can stand in line for a hamburger I can get anywhere on any day. Fuck you.



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