December Accuser Sues Evander Kane


While the local news is focused on allegations of Buffalo Sabre Evander Kane’s alleged criminal conduct at a Chippewa bar in June of this year, a lawsuit filed a few weeks ago has been largely overlooked. In December, Kane was being investigated for an alleged “sex offense”. That investigation was dropped in March, with no criminal action taken against Kane. It was reported, however, that the alleged victim had sought medical attention the next morning and had no memory of what happened.

In a complaint filed by her lawyers in state Supreme Court, the plaintiff Rachel Kuechle says that on the day after Christmas 2015, she met Kane at Encore Restaurant on Pearl Street, and he bought her some drinks. Early on the morning of December 27, Kane invited Kuechle to his room at the Harborside Marriott, “under the false pretext of attending a party” in Kane’s room. Kuechle alleges that Kane instructed his driver to take the pair to the Harborside Marriott’s employee entrance, where they entered the building. 

Providing no further details of what happened in that room, Kuechle’s complaint alleges that Kane committed a “violent, offensive” “battery” upon her, causing her to, “suffer bodily injury including lacerations, extensive bleeding requiring multiple surgeries and blood transfusions, and serious emotional trauma.” She goes on to bring causes of action against Kane for intentional infliction of extreme emotional distress, “unreasonably endangering” Kuechle, and negligence. 

Kane’s lawyers have not yet filed any formal Answer, and Kuechle’s accusations are just that. Kane likely will deny these allegations and will have an opportunity to litigate them as the process goes on. Although Kane’s insurance carrier may defend him on the negligence allegation, it probably won’t cover the intentional torts like battery. The complaint, however, provides some insight into the nature and severity of the allegations:

Lawsuit Against Evander Kane by Alan Bedenko on Scribd


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