The Public & Me

Beginning today, my blogging will primarily be taking place at the Public ( The direct link to my author page is here:

I’m really excited about this opportunity, and offer special thanks to Geoff Kelly, Aaron Lowinger, Cory Perla, and everyone else at the Public who are trusting me with their creative and innovative publication.

It was Geoff who originally set Chris Smith and me up at Artvoice, and I’m beyond pleased to be working with him again.

This site will continue to archive my content. Follow along at the Public and on Twitter @buffalopundit.

Thank you!


  • Great! Any chance The Public would use additional comment opportunities other than Facebook?

  • Alan, I hate facebook. Can’t there be another way?

  • Not at this time. Unfortunately, no commenting system is perfect and the Facebook method is clunky at best, but for the time being that’s all there’ll be.

    I will note that content that goes up at the Public will be cross-posted here, usually about a day later. (Public uses Drupal and all my archives are WP, so I want to maintain some continuity), so feel free to comment here!

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