Kim Jong Un Dictates to Sony

The Interview is a satirical work of fiction that apparently so angered the hermit-like Stalinist North Korean regime that it famously unleashed its crack hacking squad on Sony Pictures.

An astonishingly un-American series of reactions took place throughout the day Wednesday when Pyongyang’s hackers invoked 9/11 to threaten moviegoers. First, Sony said it would let cinemas opt out of showing the movie, and major chains including AMC and Regal announced that they would not screen it.

Later in the day, Sony decided to pull the movie altogether and has no plans ever to release it.

What kind of bullshit is this? We’re letting Stalinist hackers dictate what American moviegoers get to see? North Korea – which made no such complaints against Team America : World Police – is now censoring American motion pictures? Are there any other programs or movies that Pyongyang would like me to not watch? Should Kim Jong Un be on retainer with the MPAA to rate movies as “PA” or “Pyongyang Approved”?

Jeff Simon in the Buffalo News is absolutely wrong. The Interview doesn’t “go too far” – it’s a comedy, for God’s sake. It’s satirical. Who will be the arbiter of what does and doesn’t “go too far”? A Stalinist dictator who inherited his post from daddy and grampa?

When a crazed, heavily armed lunatic shot and killed 12 and injured 70 in an Aurora, Colorado movie theater, the studio didn’t pull “Dark Knight Rises” from American cinemas.

We hear a lot about how diplomacy equals appeasement, which isn’t at all true. Appeasement is appeasement – unilaterally pulling a movie (with no quid pro quo), ¬†succumbing to blackmail and threats is appeasement. North Korea wins because Sony is obviously run by idiots, and next time Kim Jong Un gets a diseased bug up his ass about something in America, he’ll make more threats because, apparently, that sort of shit works. Maybe theaters and studios will just pull any movie that receives a vague and anonymous threat.¬†This Esquire piece is spot on: this is simply idiotic and gutless.

All of this has proven Seth Rogen and James Franco right. They clearly saw, from the beginning, what the monster in North Korea fears most: to be ridiculed. They will no doubt soon be venting their rage against the companies that have blocked and delayed their movie, and their rage will be justified. Everyone is ridiculous except them. That may turn out to be the deepest irony of the Ridiculous War of 2014: that Seth Rogen and James Franco, a couple of Hollywood stars in a gross-out comedy, are the only two people involved in the whole affair who have emerged with their dignity intact.

Remember: North Korea didn’t intimidate anyone into killing this movie:


  • If the six people in North Korea who have access to electricity can get a major motion picture yanked, what happens when other, larger and better financed players do the same thing? This is shameful and sets a ugly precedent. Grow some fecking balls Sony.

  • Sony, et al., made a business decision. The movie is their property. Whether or not people support the decision is irrelevant. At the very least, Sony put lives ahead of profit. One could argue they took the moral high road.

    • Nay, their lawyers did and I dare say it’s probably in fear of the promised “Christmas Gift” the hackers are promising. The US Government, local law enforcement and Sony are all well aware that there is almost zero threat of violence from NK goons at any of these releases.

    • The moral high road in Hollywood is the one they took to buy some new boxers.

  • Poor Tom Bauerle almost had a mini stroke over this yesterday. What does anyone expect from Hollywood movie weasels? They have a long history of spinelessness, shallowness, greed and generally low character shitty behavior on all fronts It’s no stretch that they’d shit their pants and run from a fat toadlike little bully like Kim,

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