Weppner: We’re On a Mission from God

It took Kathy Weppner over a week to get around to thank her volunteers and the people who cast a vote for her. A modicum of decorum and grace would prompt someone in her position – having been blown away by a popular incumbent – to do the thank yous sooner than this.

While Weppner made a campaign issue about how Higgins “refused” to debate her, she made it clear through her campaign’s tweets and other declarations that they knew full well how to get in touch with Higgins and his people when it suited their needs.

As of this writing – a week after Election Day – Weppner has not called to concede or congratulate the victor, nor has she publicly congratulated Congressman Higgins in any way.  Instead, petulance:

So, here is Weppner’s “thank you”:

The signs are finally all down and eventually things will return to “normal.” I wanted to say thank you and tell you all how much it meant to spend the last eight months with you. The decision to run was a quick one and I decided early on that money was not the thing that would win this. The numbers are reality. So I would talk about our country’s tremendous debt, economy, immigration, Obamacare and all of the issues that Mr. Higgins is on the wrong side of, with as many people as possible.

Is Higgins on the “wrong side” of the issues she lists? 71% of the electorate seemed to disagree with her conclusion.

I want to thank all of the Democrats I spoke to all summer. Most of you were very polite and many more appreciated the information. My reports on these issues will remain up on my website. Candidates must respect the voters. Those running for office should consider their rights, as Americans, to be given the information so they can make educated choices when electing their leaders. A Republic depends on these leaders being of great character and of integrity in order for the Republic to remain.

Her “reports” staying up on her website means that pre-2014 Kathy is gone. No more “Str8t Talk” website or radio archive. Her past will remain sanitized for her protection. She talks of candidates respecting voters; that’s nice. But they should also respect the voters’ intelligence.  I’ve got loads of evidence that she didn’t – that she was more than willing to spout falsity and nonsense in order to score points in a quixotic battle in a Democratic district with a popular incumbent.

The privilege of running for office was unexpected at this time in my life and I continually prayed for God to send me the people needed to help me do this. It started with Laura and continued to build a group of people who were unlike any I have experienced. They gave up their beautiful and fleeting summer days and weekends, to walk lawn lawn fetes, parades and festivals 305 times. Thank you so much! The campaign was going to be about conversations. Hopefully those conversations were carried over to kitchen tables and family rooms.

And blogs. But watch this: it’s not Kathy’s fault she lost. It’s your fault.

There are solutions to the problems we are facing but we must fix ourselves in order for these problems to be fixed. This will not be easy. One third of the people who voted wanted solutions to our national problems; two thirds just don’t believe we have these problems. Lack of information caused by filtered news is a serious problem.

Seldom have I seen such self-important, arrogant delusion.

All summer long I heard from fans of Mr. Higgins about his great conquest and development of our waterfront. The truth is that it is because of Mr. Higgins we have the highest electricity rates in the country instead of the lowest. His fans don’t know this. This impacts every Western New Yorker every month when they pay their bills. We all have less money in our wallets because of him and it is for the next fifty years. Shame on him. This lump sum payment for him to use, instead of cheap electricity for all of us everyday, has given him the ability to buy all of his elections with no bid contracts and developer friends who employ his friends and relatives. This is all taking place while the country is in trouble and the world is on the edge of evil winning out over good.

Well, no, dummy. We don’t have the “highest electricity rates in the country” because of Brian Higgins. New York was  already paying high electricity rates before Higgins forced NYPA to reinvest a ton of that money here in western New York. But, as point of fact, Hawaii has the highest electricity rates in the country, and customers of Con Edison and other companies pay much higher rates than Niagara Mohawk and NYSEG customers. As a federal representative, he has little actual ability to dismantle a New York State public authority, but he certainly has the clout to force changes.

The country is always “in trouble” depending on which paranoiac you listen to, and the notion that “evil” is “winning out over good” is downright idiotic. A veritable electoral trouncing has taught this woman nothing.

The people suffer from no debates to participate in, a newspaper that picks the winners and assures victory and television studios that do not report on the candidates. They all come together to actually cover races where their chosen candidate is behind but otherwise not. This only gets fixed if we fix it.

Whaa whaa whaa. I’ve heard less whining from Caillou. There was a debate. Government AP students ran it.  Weppner whined  and was rude about it, never missing a chance to don the mantle of victimhood. No one reported on this race in any serious way because it was an incredible joke, and the results proved that.

Thank you to every Western New Yorker for sharing a part of your summer with me, but especially those who walked literature, made calls, and prayed incessantly not only me but for our country. We will continue to pray for our leaders. Throughout history, those who live under the threat of genocide, starvation and terror, have always prayed that Americans would show up to save them. We were the world’s hope. We cannot become the hopeless.

Finally, I want to thank my wonderful family. God blessed me with parents who loved me dearly, embraced how very different I was and were and are always there. Mom and dad I hope I have your energy when I am eighty. Eighty years old and walking door to door and in parades all summer. To my “Once in a lifetime,” husband who talked me into running: I can’t believe God sent you into my life at 17 and how amazing you are. I am so blessed to have you each and every day of my life. Thank you for loving me so much. To my beautiful children who put t-shirts on and walked with me and recruited friends when necessary, I love you all so much. Thank you!
God Bless You and may God watch over us.

Thank God indeed. Thank God this clownshoes campaign is over and everyone can get back to the important work of calling into Limbaugh and WBEN to regurgitate crap that a simple visit to Snopes would disprove.

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