Jefferson Street Shul 1903-2014?

Text of a press release:

Rabbi Drorah Setel and David Torke, activist and writer of fixBuffalo, will chain themselves to the threatened Jefferson Street Shul at 7am this morning at 407 Jefferson Avenue. The shul, constructed in 1903 and designed by A.E. Minks and Sons, is the oldest Jewish religious structure in Buffalo. An emergency demolition order was recently signed by the City, and demolition equipment has arrived on the site. All media are invited to witness this last attempt to save Buffalo’s oldest synagogue building.


  • I will only worry if they put a Mosque up in its place

    • I see! The only thing you hate worse than a Jew is a Muslim. My oh my, what a profoundly distasteful person you are. Alfred E. Newman would be ashamed of you.

      • Apparently the city of Buffalo hates Jews even more, They went a head and demolished it

      • Actually I hate them both equally. I hate that they both kill in the name of their God and people all over the world are forced to take sides or die. I would be very happy if the replaced the Shul that was neglected by those who chained themselves to it with a garden

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