Bucky Gleason tl;dr

Kim Pegula, as described by the Buffalo News

Buffalo is so thankful that naïve, pussy-whipped Terry Pegula and ice-bitch-queen Kim Pegula will be buying the Bills. 

I could go on, but this article nicely sums up the culture war that’s being waged by and against women, and how women are winning. 

(For the uninitiated (remember BobbyCat?), tl;dr stands for “too long; didn’t read”) 


  • Really, the firing of a Mets exec ’cause she had a baby out of wedlock (time machine back to the Mets supporting Stephan Phillips when he was acting badly); the non-investigation of FU Qb — (although his colleague was suspended for a year for being the cameraman — oops don’t capture evidence you moron!!); of course Ray Rice and the herpetic sore Roger Goodell; the boys who were just being boys in Ohio — and the cretins who defended them. Lean in — but do it daintily; be forceful and with a cute little pout. I’ve been working a long time — and saw this @#$% a few decades ago – so little has changed. Yes, we get it on youtube and twitter. But really, so little has changed.

  • I sub-contract for a company that has many female site managers. While certainly not rampant, the behind the back whispering is alarming. Often by 20-30 year olds that should know better. I remember as a kid my father telling a female bank teller she should be home making babies. I’m not like that nor is my son so..progress. But yeah it is a long hard slog.

  • I’ll make this short and sweet: FUCK Bucky Gleason, OK?

    Bad enough that we have to put up with this crap load of an article, but even worse that WBBZ gives him and Jerry Sullivan one hour a week to vomit forth sports takes when two guys in a bar would be more entertaining and likely have better takes.

  • I was nice on TBN and got censored anyway. Bucky is officially the worst. Worse than Jerry Sullivan, who I classify as the premier whiny sports columnist in Buffalo. Maybe Kim can burn both of them at the stake when they piss on the new Bills logo that gets installed on the locker room floor next season…… Having said that, someone take his editor out to the woodshed for pencil whipping the approval for that article. WOW.

    I am traumatized that you brought up Bob Catalano though….. If i had a penny for every one of his comments that caused a face palm be either me, my girlfriend or co-workers, I would be rich enough to pay myself back for all of the time I lost reading his bullshit…..

  • On a scale of 1 to 100, with 100 being the most important concern, Bucky Gleason’s comments rate about a 2.

  • This is Bucky Gleason, for “The Weekly World News”, signing off. “Go f*** yourself, Buffalo!”

  • If Kim had made the money fracking, and Terry was running the Sabres, Bucky the Misogynist would never had a problem with Terry being a prick.

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