Kathy Weppner’s Moral Depravity

There is depraved, and then there is Kathy Weppner depraved

Leave it to WNY’s most delusional and intellectually malignant political clown to fundraise and recruit volunteers over the severed heads of brave American victims of genocidal terrorists

Weppner is busy accusing Brian Higgins – a minority member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs – for bringing ISIS/ISIL about.  The Committee is chaired by a California Republican. Weppner isn’t just insinuating, but stating in her commercials, that to defeat ISIS you have to “change your congressman”. What self-important and ridiculous nonsense. Is Weppner assuming that she would ascend to the same committee if elected, as if by noble right? What is it, precisely, that she would or could do differently from anyone else on the issue of the ISIS lunatics? 

Also note that Weppner’s commercial is in direct and obvious violation of federal law requiring ads for federal office to indicate that Weppner “approves this message”.  Pursuant to 2 USC §441d(d)(1)(A), any radio communication “shall include, in addition to the requirements of that paragraph, an audio statement by the candidate that identifies the candidate and states that the candidate has approved the communication.”

What part of “shall include” do you not understand? 

So, in one breath, Kathy Weppner, the endorsed Republican candidate for NY’s 26th Congressional District, has outrageously accused Brian Higgins of enabling the rise of ISIS, has disgustingly tried to raise money and recruit volunteers over the murders of two American journalists, and violated federal law. 

That’s pretty good for Wingnut Wednesday. 


  • I don’t know why but this reminds me of Michelle Bachman asserting she would provide $2 per gallon gasoline if elected president.. The foundation for these claims are so baseless to be plain stupid.

  • A candidate that has to resort to Facebook to get their message out pretty much sums up where their campaign is going…..NOWHERE!!

    • Well what methods would you use to get the word out? Haven’t you noticed that the democratic party uses social media quite a bit? And there is nothing wrong with that.

      • How bout a commercial on local TV. How bout getting out there and actually shaking hands and going door to door to introduce yourself to your supposed constituency. As someone who has worked on many campaigns since childhood ( my father was a politician) I can tell you that other than political junkies like yourself, myself and possibly the few nutcases that listen to WBEN… nobody knows who she is, or that she is even running a campaign. She has basically no name recognition and no chance in hell of unseating Higgans

        • I just asked my wife who is not a political junkie or listens to WBEN if she ever heard of Kathy Weppner. She thought a moment and said, “I think I worked with her at Jenss.” I think you have a valid point.

      • In addition this is not a dem or rep thing. This is about how you run a campaign. FB is not a sole method yet and may never be, for running a campaign…..

      • I think i want to chime in and correct a few things: Democrats (and sane republicans) use social media CORRECTLY quite a bit. There is nothing wrong with that. Kathy’s social media team is a bunch of rank amateurs who think Rush style shock jock posts will drum up support. All they are doing is feeding Alan with plenty of cannon fodder and showing the rest of us how severely out of touch this nutjob is. 99% of us are not polishing our AR15’s and adjusting our tin foil hats in preparation for the end of times here……

        • You are right they are amateurs, but they are people who never worked on campaigns and are new to social media. I give them kudos for doing things outside their comfort zones

          • Which is fine, but for the love of something, hire a mentor to help. Nobody will ever fault you for not knowing everything, but they will have fun lambasting you for doing something so terribly wrong it is laughable.

          • Small campaigns cant afford to hire people like that and this is a problem. Money buys politicians.

          • If she had believers and a sounds platform she would have money.

          • the short version of my long answer!!! Brilliant!

          • so you are telling me that this , and I use the term loosely, “former talk show host”, doesn’t have the contacts to find a “PROFESSIONAL” volunteer to properly run her social media campaign? I call BS. I paid a marketing person i knew $1000 to run my companies twitter, FB and blog feeds for 6 Months….in her spare time. And she knew nothing about the industry the company was in and still nailed it. Actually scrap that thought, I’ve had INTERNS that could put better content together and be rewarded with free coffee, lunch and a good letter of recommendation when they were done. If you can’t muster $1K-$2K together to pay someone to run a vital cog of your campaign, then you shouldn’t be running, period. Between this and her Shaky Cam youtube posts…yeah, just wow. Hell, if I agreed with ANYTHING she believe in, i would volunteer for her and fix that trainwreck. But, she is too far off into outer space for me to even consider it…..

          • Aw, a Republican candidate for Congress in the post-Citizens United era, one which is seeing the Koch brothers’ millions poured into thousands of ads around the nation this election cycle) can’t afford to mount a serious campaign. Waaaaaah.
            I know establishment Republicans will throw money at just about any crackpot who’s got a rage hard-on for the President, but could it be that this particular candidate is too wack-a-doodle for even the GOP moneymen?

          • Should they get a ribbon for participating? This is a campaign for a seat in Congress, for Christ’s sake, not a three-legged sack race.

          • Well said! Anyone that cites loss of jobs a economic decline must not be paying attention to the local news. Thus making themselves look uninformed. Yes, we still a long way to go but one could make a sound argument that we’re on the road to recovery.

  • Wow. That is….classy?

  • Like other right-wing yahoos, Kathy believes that laws that don’t agree with her political outlook are obviously unconstitutional and therefore null and void. Aside from the failure to include the “this is Kathy Weppner and I approve …”, her speed-read of the commercial has to remind a listener of one of those car or drug commercials where whatever is being said can’t even be understood.
    Raising volunteers or money off of the beheading of American citizens is as low as you can get. The real story here, however, is that we are now past Labor Day, with a little over 8 weeks to go til the election, and no one in the congressional district beyond Langworthy, Lorigo and Kathy’s family even know that she is running for something. So that’s something to be thankful for.

  • I am no fan of Kathy but…..

    Why not highlight why Brian should be reelected. What has he accomplished that make you say “I want to have him in for another 4 years” other than he is a democrat.

  • Came by looking for some Weppner news. Was both not disappointed and horribly disappointed.

  • I am huge fan of Republicans who can’t seem to remember any terrorist attacks occurring before Obama’s election. Particularly any that may have occurred in or around 2001.

  • I’d feel safer if the two beheaded Americans were Weppner supporters. I sort of doubt they were, though.

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