Kennedy-Grant Debate

Courtesy of’s “Buffalo Live”, here is the video of this week’s debate between Senator Tim Kennedy and Legislator Betty Jean Grant.  The debate was held at the Burchfield-Penney, and was sponsored by the Buffalo Association of Black Journalists. Kennedy and Grant are battling in a Democratic primary for State Senate District 63


  • WOW – She kicked his butt again!!!!!

    Betty Jean Grant is sooooooooo sincere, she has sooooooo much energy and enthusiasm. I just don’t know how anyone could pass up a chance to give this remarkable lady a chance to be our new State Senator. She has my vote without any hesitation whatsoever, and watching this debate for the second time (I also was there watching in person, too) just reinforces my hope for a change here in the 63rd district representative.

    Betty Jean projects a vibrancy not seen around here in a good, long time!!!

    One every question, Betty Jean outshines Senator Kennedy. She has new ideas, speaks with the utmost passion and knowledge. You can hear it in her voice – her heart beats with righteousness!!! In Senator Tim Kennedy, we saw someone who took a lot of credit for things other people initiated, except for the one bill he passed about CPS telephone reporting where he lit up with pride – so you know he did do that all by himself. LOL But, is that enough to earn my vote? NOPE!!

    Tim Kennedy’s problem is he’s always “fighting” as he continually states. Heck, someone should count the number of times this guy wants to “fight.” Isn’t that all he does around here, in politics, is fight Democrats? Oh, and he’s always fighting the good Democrats, to boot. That’s sooooooo 1970s and 1980s – “elect a fighter.” Guess what? People are simply sick and tired of politicians who are always fighting. Just ask folks about Kennedy’s political mentor Steve Pigeon.

    And Chris Collins?????

    It’s Kennedy who was lying about that part of the debate. Tim still doesn’t understand the reality of those Collins’ cuts to safety-net programs, Library and cultural funding, and on and on. Or, how Kennedy helped usher in a GOP majority in 2014 – with the firing of a lot of good Democrats from the staff – when Kennedy AGAIN was “fighting” Democrats.

    Collins was playing Tim Kennedy all along in 2010, or more accurately, Collins’ chief-of-staff Chris Grant was playing Tim Kennedy with the “reform coalition” at the County legislature. Collins used Kennedy and spit him right out, because once Collins had the legislature (as Betty Jean Grant correctly states) Collins pretty much went on a rampage of slash and burn of programs dear to Democrats.

    Mr. Tim Kennedy also LIED about what he called “restorations” of these programs. Hmmmm? Mostly because the truth is that much of those cuts were not restored until Collins left office and Democrats had full control of the 16th floor and legislature – years after Kennedy “escaped” to the State senate, as Betty Jean said. The health clinic at 1500 Broadway just recently reopened after Collins closed the clinic (on his own and without any need for a vote of the legislature). Daycare funding was not restored until Mark Poloncarz and Betty Jean Grant assumed control in early 2012. This was AFTER the reform coalition was voted out of oiffice.

    What Kennedy was referring to was library funding restorations, put together by Betty Jean Grant, Maria Whyte, and Lynn Marinelli – not Tim Kennedy. All Kennedy did that year was vote for the restoration of library funding, just like all other legislators did.

    Kennedy did create a Frankenstein in Chris Collins, and once Collins was empowered by Kennedy, Collins pushed Kennedy to the side like a weak puppy. He was used by Collins and Chris Grant, plain and simple. They “played” Tim Kennedy and Kennedy STILL doesn’t realize it.

    You can hear it in Betty Jean Grant’s voice that she will be a champion of the people, and not the politicians. Tim Kennedy sounded programed and boring, and why not, his real passion is getting in with the Albany power brokers, the lobbyists, the Steve Pigeon types, the funders of political campaigns, the pay-to-play crowd. Just look at his campaign financials and you will see that his main interest is retail politics, not public policy.

    • That’s a lie Tim has been doing nothing but good things in the 63 district and that’s coming from a republican. Tim is out protecting are kids with JJays law and protecting adults with Jackies law. Tim deserves to win and continue to do good in the 63 district. The only reason Grant is in office right now is because she runs unopposed every election. She has not proved like Tim has that she has what it takes to be in the ny senate

      • Excuse me, Jack!

        Legislator Grant did have an opponent last year (and in earlier campaigns, too) and in 2013 it was Joyce Wilson Nixon, who by the way, was funded by Senator Tim Kennedy in what many say was not only illegal in campaign funding by Kennedy, Christy Mazurek and Steve Pigeon, but also telling in that Legislator Grant was viciously attacked in that Dem primary in campaign literature paid for by those three idiotic idiots.

        TK was just trying to damage BJG so that she would be a weak opponent this year. HaHa, I guess that backfired. Didn’t it?

        And if you actually followed any of these folks, you would know that it was Legislator Grant who was standing up for children concerning the CPS problem waaaaaaaaaaay before Senator Kennedy.

        Taken together with the racist mailings also paid for last year by Kennedy in Cheektowaga in support of losing County legislature candidates Rick Zydel and Wes Moore in which Kennedy, Mazurek and Pigeon used Legislator Grant’s photo with Lynn Dearmyer and Winnie Fisher – which called Grant a “radical” and other code words linked to racism, I would think that your support for Kennedy is totally short-sighted.

        It’s a bit too late, as well, as most people are not on this page anymore, LOL; so you, too “Jack Panek,” are not that swift in your support for the senator.

        Nice try! I guess your first comment is a bust. LOL again. LOL

        • I love how people make stuff up to help a person win election. Tim didn’t break the law ever and wants only to make mine and yours and the 63 district lives better and that’s what he’s been doing. And I don’t think it was Grant who got jjays law passed and signed by the governor and put In place. I support Tim all the way and since your comments are false I’m not going to continue to respond to them. I’m a republican and I would vote for Tim to represent me over any republican.

          • Oh, I see why you are supporting Tim Kennedy, because you are a Republican. Most likely one Republican supporting another GOP type. I bet you worshipped Chris Collins, too, Naturally, it’s your choice to support anyone you want.

            As far as my accurate content is concerned, you could simply review the scores of stories on this site to see the truth for yourself. Start with a search of the words “Awful PAC.”

            And interesting choice of a screen name, too, Mr. Panek. Sort of resembles Mr. Kennedy’s campaign at this point: PANIC.


          • I actually don’t know who chris Collins is and your just full of it you keep making excuses on why I like Tim. Its not because I’m a republican it’s because tim has been,doing a great job away Better job that Grant could ever do. So lol to your false comments.

          • Oh, then it’s all clear now, Mr. “Tim Kennedy is in Trouble” Panic.

            You don’t know who Chris Collins is. You probably did not search on here “Awful PAC,” as I suggested. Heck, you probably also did not search “Kennedy, Mazurek, Pigeon,” either. How about “Erie County Legislature Reform Coalition?” That one would tell you a lot.

            In other words, you don’t know much about WNY politics? And, you are a Republican. Hmmm, a perfect Tim Kennedy sap, err, supporter.


          • I don’t need to know who chris Collins is to be a republican or to like Tim and let’s me adults and not keep saying lol

          • If you don’t know who Chris Collins is, and you purport to be a WNY Republican, then you’re not who you purport to be, or you’re dramatically ill-informed.

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