Carl Paladino: The Pride of Buffalo

Carl Paladino loves to send emails. Here’s one that went out Monday: 

I don’t really care about the substance of Paladino’s whining to his party’s state chairman. I couldn’t care less about Paladino’s political desires or expectations any more than I care whether Ed Cox is running that statewide gun dealer masquerading as a political party. 

What I care about here – aside from a licensed attorney not knowing how to spell “versus” – is Paladino’s endless hate parade against gay people in general, and State Senator George Maziarz in particular. In this case, he reckons Maziarz would be raped in prison, and wishes for him to be beaten by guards.

In 2012, Paladino stooge, liar (or criminal – one or the other), and perennial candidate for somethingorother Rus Thompson accused Maziarz of being gay, and that they would soon “open the closet”

Libeling George Maziarz ca. 2012

There was no closet to open, and there was never anything that these dummies could put forth except accusations and innuendo.  Maziarz may have a lot of faults – some of which are leading to his resignation from the Senate – but whether or not he’s gay is (a) irrelevant to anything he does in Albany; (b) not a bad thing, if true; (c) an accusation that Thompson and Paladino vomited in order to engorge the vicious gay hatred held by members of western New York’s tea party. 

Without a hint of irony, these malignant assholes don a mantle of good government purity yet throw around wild, false accusations and smear enemies based not on facts or policy, but on make-believe and hatred. Think: what is it about Maziarz that led Paladino to single him out as “not doing well in prison”? Why would Libous fare any better than Maziarz?

Paladino is harking back to his and Rus’ 2 year-old effort to smear Maziarz as gay. Not only is Paladino suggesting that Maziarz would be raped by other prisoners, he is reveling in that notion, going on to wish physical harm on Maziarz, hoping that he’ll receive “very special treatment”, whatever that means. Is Paladino just being a straight-up sadist, wishing not only imprisonment, but violent anal rape against Maziarz? 

What do you think Is the genesis of Paladino’s acute hatred and fear of homosexuals?

Paladino’s invocation of “Dannemora” refers to the Clinton Correctional Facility. Although conditions were found to have improved by 2004, in the 1990s, Clinton was notorious for extreme violence and brutality. Evidently, Paladino is not only hopeful that his foes be anally raped, but also that they be beaten by corrections officers for Mr. Paladino’s amusement. 

These are the twisted words of a sick, sadistic individual. Yet we in WNY treat him and his company like pillars of the community – at worst a crazy uncle, at best a point of civic pride. Check yourself, Buffalo – Carl Paladino repeatedly exposes himself for being unworthy of your respect.  

It takes a special kind of megalomania to demand “cleansing” of a statewide party committee that has to take into account not only the virulent homophobia of influential upstate millionaire emailers, but also of downstate moderates. 

It wouldn’t be a proper Paladino rant if there wasn’t a smidge of racial animus thrown into the mix. Yes, of course, Astorino should ignore leaders in the African-American community and only stick to the upstate fairs, this despite the fact that 4.6 million of New York State’s voters live within the 5 boroughs of New York City, while 7.1 million live everywhere else. Erie County, for instance, which has the biggest county fair in the state, boasts 612,000 registered voters – less than 10% of the 5 boroughs. The state’s largest concentration of minority voters is in New York City. 

Paladino lost to Andrew Cuomo dramatically in 2010.  Who is he to give Astorino advice? 


  • Just to save time, Y U NO WRITE ABOUT [insert hobby horse issue here]!!!!!

  • I’m not going to support Astorino, and Zephyr Teachout lost me by holding a “Cuomo resign” presser with Astorino.
    It’s high time we stopped demanding resignation and impeachment every
    time a politician does something stupid or with which we disagree. It’s
    stupid and childish.

    Alan: I’ll give you the benefit of saying the things above at a time before Cuomo showed the level to which he will go. But, I think it’s rather curious how you do not publish an objective assessment of the Teachout candidacy vs. Cuomo. I’m not in love with some of Teachout’s positions, and Astorino is a joke, but Cuomo’s level of corruption is showing itself so vast that it’s hard not to pick an “Anything-But-Cuomo” candidate.

    One could wonder if your quote above is a neat political trick to avoid going there.

    • There is no reasonable alternative to Cuomo. I’m not sold on Teachout because she’s willing to join with Astorino to attack Cuomo. She should do her own dirty work. I don’t vote minor party, and for what it’s worth, Cuomo has paid ridiculous amounts of attention and thrown crazy money at Buffalo and WNY, Moreland notwithstanding.

      • I think the crazy money he’s thrown at us is just a small fraction of money he stole from us. The attention is just part of a formula for looking good as a candidate for higher office (i.e. POTUS). It would not look good if everyone upstate again didn’t vote for him.

        IMO … there’s right and there’s wrong. He’s proving to be, like the majority of politicians, corrupt. I’ll vote against that any day. Cuomo will undoubtedly win, but by showing displeasure at the polls only will make him provide us with more attention.

      • So there you go Buffalo…vote for the criminal cause he is a democrat and he is “throwing crazy money” at Buffalo (all to try, ala Chris Christie, and win the election by a giant margin in order to create the impression that he is a viable national candidate for president) and he is the least objectionable candidate….

      • Refusal to vote for a minor party candidate plays right into the hands of the 1 party system with 2 factions.

      • I see exactly where you are coming from with Kathy. So what is wrong with Astorino?

        • Maybe because he carries the banner for a intellectually bankrupt party that counts Michele Bachmann as one of its deep thinkers?

          • She’s nuts. But then again we can bring up some people Democratic Party carries the flag for if you would like.

          • you can “bring up some people Democratic Party”? Jeez, are you having a stroke?
            Be my guest…plenty of knuckleheads in the Democratic Party….only difference is the Democrats don’t put them in the leadership and trot them out as serious Presidential candidates every 4 years. And parade them on the house organ, Fox News, as vanguards for the movement.
            But tell me again for the hundredth time how Hank Johnson said Guam might capsize. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

          • Tequila Mockingbird

            Two words: Maxine Waters.

          • four more words: so the fuck what?
            She once said the Tea Party can go straight to hell…I think she deserves a medal for that

      • Why is it “dirty work” to ask Cuomo to resign because he breaks his promise and claims immunity from an ethics commission he said he would be subject to? And the guilt by association with Astorino is silly. If Astorino advocates tooth-brushing, will you stop that, too?

        Zephyr Teachout is not “minor party”; she is trying to get on the Democratic ballot, though your man Andy is doing everything he can to keep her off it. And while he finds time to go over to Tel Aviv to smooch with Netanyahu, he can’t find time in his schedule to debate Teachout.

        So Cuomo’s willingness to spread some money around over here is enough to make you overlook his softness on corruption and his distaste for electoral democracy.

        Ah, Buffalo city politics! There is a spirit walking among us, and his name is Jim Griffin.

  • Good ol’ Crazy Carl. How can you not love him? He “tells it like it is”. Didn’t you know that? He isn’t afraid of being not “PC”. I live in the suburbs with many, many guns and have major problems with everyone who didn’t come here on the Mayflower. Carl is my voice!

    Carl is going to “Clean Up” the Buffalo schools of their “problems” if ya know what I mean (wink wink). Carl is a hero for maintaining that super awesome billboard telling people at BN whats up on one of his intentionally neglected slumlord…er…under-utilized and city management hobbled building by I-190. Carl totally hates all the things I hate! It’s not 1958 on Buffalo anymore and Carl knows why – and he’s not scared to blame all the responsible boogeymen!

    Carl is the answer. Yes.

  • Alan? Don’t you think what Cuomo has been up to is a larger issue than posting up an email that Carl sent out?

    This is what you should blog about.

    Why is the Cuomo Administration Automatically Deleting State Employees’ Emails?

    • You telling me what to blog about is only mildly less ridiculous than Paladino telling Astorino how to run for governor as a Republican.

      What I really ought to be blogging about is why Gia Arnold abruptly dropped out of the Republican primary to succeed George Maziarz, supposedly over an “extramarital affair”. The same crowd that loves Gia loves Carl, and Carl’s got a whole extra family, so I have a hard time believing that family values has anything to do with it.

      • I’m not telling you to blog about it. I’m saying you should blog about it seeing you tend to post up people’s email.

        • Sir, YOU ARE LYING.

          You SPECIFICALLY said “This is what you should blog about”, did you not?

        • There is only one way to sum up the instant contradictions in that post…that is to quote the classic “True Hollywood Stories – Rick James” sketch from Chappelle’s Show. Quoting the man, himself

          “See, I never just did things just to do them, c’mon I mean, what I’m gonna do just all of the sudden just jump up and grind my feet in somebody’s couch like it’s something to do? Come on, I got a little more sense than that.
          [three seconds later]
          Yeah, I remember grinding my feet into Eddie’s couch.”

    • As a former system administrator, I can tell you that this policy is wide-ranging and very subjective. I personally would agree with 90 days for a variety of reasons, both technical and administrative, that I won’t go into here. There is no perfect solution, and it’s well within the realm of reasonableness. My former employer deleted after 30 days.

  • Team Carl was such a bevy of campaign ingenuity and savvy strategy in 2010, of course the state GOP should hang on his every word!

  • At least Carl speaks his mind, which allows you to support him, or not. If more politicians spoke their mind, we would probably all be better off.

    • Carl speaks his mind? So did Mussolini!

    • The outrage many direct at Paladino isn’t so much about Paladino as it is due to the absolute amazement that so many WNY’ers overlook what a creep he is just to feel validated in their own twisted, prejudiced beliefs. It’s sad an pathetic.

  • Has anybody ever investigated exactly how that weirdo treats his horses?

    • No, but now that Paladino is now a partner in buying up Fort Erie Race Track, maybe be can bring his e-mail horse pron fantasies to life….

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