DiPietro’s Campaign Finance Disclosure: Incomplete?

In late April, Assemblyman David DiPietro held a fundraiser where a bunch of guns were raffled off. Because NY SAFE Act, and it was held in North Java in Wyoming County, where gun is the only issue that seems to matter, if WNY pols are to be believed. 

One commenter at the Buffalo News’ site said it was “great” and “standing room only”. They seemed to have a lot of fun unter dem Totenkopf





Here’s the fundraiser’s flyer: 


So, where did the money go? How much was raised? How much did he spend?

DiPietro’s campaign committee filed its July campaign finance disclosure with the New York State Board of Elections, and it shows $14,000 individual donations through March – nothing in April or May. There’s a payment of $400 to the North Java Fire Company in February, but nothing in April or May. How much was raised and how much was spent? Where did the raffled-off firearms come from? Were they in-kind donations? If so, why aren’t they disclosed? Did the campaign pay for them? Not according to any disclosure. 

I’d love to hear a lot more from this guy about how Obama and Cuomo are totally lawless – right after he explains why he hasn’t disclosed campaign fundraising and expenditures after mid-March in his July report. 



  • Give him a break Alan….he was probably busy doing the LAUNDRY…….

  • Nice try. This hollow accusation goes nowhere. On another note: Campaign Finance 101 is being offered at University at Buffalo.

    • What do you mean? The Jan – July disclosure doesn’t need to include an April fundraiser’s income and outflow? That’s news to me.

      • No, in the real world of politics candidates can notify the BOE that an amendment is imminent with information missing due to extenuating circumstances. That’s not a crime like, say, forcing deputy attorneys general to pull back subpoenas to your pals and covering it up later with lies and witness tampering.

        In that same real world of politics, Artvoice is not on the distribution list for such notices to the BOE. (I know, you should be. Let’s work on that.)

        • Oh, the old “an amendment is imminent” card. HaHa. To quote yourself: “Nice try.” LOL “In the real world” this is just as corrupt as all the other shady business in Albany.

        • Boys Boys stop fighting!The truth is Cuomo is wrong in creating and then obstructing Moreland and Dipietro is wrong for not making a timely and accurate filing.Two wrongs dont make anybody right.Anybody who thinks different either has a conflict of interest or deluded.Both of you could do so much public good if you tempered the partisanship. Be good boys or take it to the parking lot.

  • Wow! Jesus was there!?

  • Praise the lord and pass the ammunition!

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