Kathy Weppner and the “Infected Poors”

On Tuesday, western New York’s most unintentionally hilarious congressional candidate left her mic’s windscreen at home, and held a press conference near the Peace Bridge to draw attention to things she’s largely made up about America’s southern border.

The entire unseemly episode can be summed up in this Tweet, which is an actual thing put out by an actual candidate for Congress, whom the county’s Republican committee has actually endorsed: 

Again – to clarify – Kathy Weppner is not someone on the nativist fascist fringe of American right wing anti-immigrant agitation polity. She is in the mainstream of contemporary Republican “thought”. 

Here’s a picture that Weppner posted to Facebook and Twitter, showing one reporter – poor Mike Desmond from WBFO had to tread through this manure – and the optics are as stupid as the underlying message. The Peace Bridge has nothing to do with the problem on the southern border, and the influx of Central American tweens isn’t affecting western New York (here’s my article on the subject from a few weeks ago). 

Via Facebook

If you go to the article that Weppner tweeted, it’s from something called the “Daily Signal”.  Never heard of it. It’s apparently the ultra-right wing Heritage Foundation’s “Komsomolskaya Pravda” – the official organ of a powerful PAC and so-called “think tank”. It’s one big right-wing hissy fit, set down in pixels.

Nevertheless, if you read the article, it merely says that Guatemala argues that more American investment and aid would help to stem the country’s economic and social crises, and refugees would be less inclined to go North. A reasonable counterargument would be to point out the concomitant Central American political corruption and graft that renders such aid unhelpful. But there’s no ultimatum there – there is no Guatemalan threat to send more quote-unquote “infected poors” to the US if we don’t pony up $2BN. It takes a special type of horrible reading comprehension to read this article and reach the infected-poors-ultimatum conclusion. 

Here are the words that she strung together and shat from her mouth: 

Seventy percent of our border agents have been pulled off our borders and reassigned to do paperwork processing.  We know this because a border patrol agent is speaking out.

She actually cited a source – “Fox Nation” via Sean Hannity, which is neither news nor legitimate.  There’s absolutely no data or objective evidence to support the allegation, but this ostensibly serious candidate takes it on face value because Fox/Hannity.  

If the breakdown in the rule of law has created societies that are dangerous, and has caused parents throughout Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador to send their juveniles away, we should take note of this. We should not become a lawless country.

What does this even mean? What does she mean by “take note of this”? Why the pivot to the “lawless country” crack? 

Of particular importance is the rise of gangs in these lawless countries which bring kidnapping, extortion, human trafficking, drugs and gun violence to every community as their societies break down.

I’m starting to think that she is referring to the influx of Central American tween refugees will cause a breakdown in the US, and render it “lawless”. 

In 2012 there were 20,000 gang members in El Salvador, 12,000 in Honduras, and 22,000 in Guatemala.  According to the FBI in 2011 the United States had 1.4 million gang members.  That was three years ago.  So we have far more gang members in the United States than all of these countries combined.  Why are we perceived to be a safer nation?  We follow laws.  Our country follows laws. Our police officers enforce laws.  When police officers don’t obey the laws they are usually investigated and charged and tried and put in jail.

What we are doing now is lawless and if we continue down this path we will have a society that, over time, will begin to look exactly like these other countries.  We have immigration laws.  The President has decided not to follow them.

El Salvador has 6.3 million residents. Guatemala has 15.4 million. Honduras has 8 million residents. The United States, by contrast, has 317 million people.  These Central American countries are also significantly smaller in area, suffer crippling poverty with non-existent social services, and a history of corruption, dysfunction, and terrible infrastructure. The ways in which these poor countries are different from ours are many – to break it down for even a Weppner, they’re the third world, the US is the first world. 

Weppner is saying that accepting refugee children from these three countries will make the US become a third world corrupt backwater like them. That’s astonishing – look how little faith she has in the American system, and in our country’s 300+ year experience absorbing immigrants from all around the world. 

We have a Constitution that tells us how laws are supposed to be made and a President that puts his hand on a Bible and swears an oath to uphold our laws.  Our President is breaking that oath and our Congress is letting him.  Our Congress is the  body that has standing to stop the President from doing what he is doing on immigration. Selective enforcement of our laws is not allowed in our Constitution.

Actually, it is allowed, up to a point. But here, the President and Congress are enforcing the law that requires that refugees from non-border countries be detained and processed through our court system to ensure that they are not victims of human trafficking. This is the law, and it’s being enforced. 

The gang Los Zetes [sic] is now migrant smuggling as part of its day to day operations.  Coyotes will promise three attempts to smuggle family members with families taking mortgages out on their homes to pay for it.  When the coyotes fail they gain the deeds to the homes either themselves or for the criminal enterprise they work for. This leaves families and children homeless in their countries. Minors are abandoned on their journey or thrown off moving trains when they cannot pay increased demands.  Many girls are raped and abused.   

Horrible. But what’s your point?  Also, is anyone as astonished as I with the 6th grade book report prose?   

We have heard much about the unaccompanied minors.  In 2013 90% were teenagers and in 2014, in the first 8 months 84% were also.  My grandfather was 16 when he got on the boat in Cork, Ireland by himself and came to the United States.  Legally.

I don’t know what year her grandfather came to this country, but if it was before the mid-1960s, it’s ridiculous to compare today’s immigration laws to prior years. 

Of the 51,000 unaccompanied minors 88% have already left HHS custody and  are no longer tracked and free to roam our country.  How will we know if they go to school?  How will we know if they are immunized before they are sitting next to our children?

This is just sheer racism and rank ignorance. 

Immunization rates in El Salvador and in Guatemala are above 90% of children, just like the USA.  In Honduras, it’s right around 90%.  

In 2014   55,000 entire family units have come here illegally and there is still five more months left this year. 

Now the white house has requested emergency funds and Congress may vote on that before recess.  The problem is that emergency funds must meet criteria.  We have laws.  They must be used for sudden, unforseen and temporary problems.  We have known about this problem since 2012 when non governmental agencies and church organizations began reporting this. Texas Governor Rick Perry wrote to President Obama reporting a 90% increase in minors arriving in Texas in 2012. We have had two years to address this and have done nothing.  In 2012 the White House negotiated for temporary housing at Lackland Air Force Base but did nothing to stem the tide.  This is obviously not unforeseen, sudden or temporary.

What would she have us do differently? 

Each person coming here illegally will get taxpayer funded lawyers and have hearings with immigration judges appointed by the President and paid for by us.

“We have laws.” 

Seventy-one percent of households headed by illegal immigrants receive at least one welfare program.  57% of all immigrant families receive at least one welfare program. How will we afford this?

They receive an entire welfare program?! Weppner cites an anti-immigrant group for this statistic. You guessed it – it’s bullshit. From this list

MYTH #3: The nation spends billions of dollars on welfare for undocumented immigrants.

FACTS: To the contrary, undocumented immigrants are not eligible to receive any “welfare” benefits and even legal immigrants are severely restricted in the benefits they can receive.

As the Congressional Research Service points out in a 2007 report, undocumented immigrants, who comprise nearly one-third of all immigrants in the country, are not eligible to receive public “welfare” benefits — ever.

Legal permanent residents (LPRs) must pay into the Social Security and Medicare systems for approximately 10 years

before they are eligible to receive benefits when they retire. In most cases, LPRs can not receive SSI, which is available only to U.S. citizens, and are not eligible for means-tested public benefits until 5 years after receiving their green cards.

A 2007 analysis of welfare data by researchers at the Urban Institute reveals that less than 1 percent of households headed by undocumented immigrants receive cash assistance for needy families, compared to 5 percent of households headed by native-born U.S. citizens.

A 2007 analysis of U.S. Census data by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities makes clear that it is the U.S.-born, U.S.-citizen children of undocumented immigrants who are eligible for programs such as Medicaid and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program

(SCHIP). The analysis found that, between 1995 and 2005, the share of low-income, non- citizen immigrant children (either undocumented or legally present) who received Medicaid or SCHIP dropped from 36 percent to 30 percent.

Weppner continues: 

They will all be qualified for Obamacare through a loophole that Brian Higgins voted for in HR 3962.

This Obama economy is contracting.  Despite what you read in your newspaper, employment participation is at an all time low at 62.8 %.  Unemployment rates may appear to be lower but it is because people have dropped out of the workforce and no longer plan on working.  If we do not get Americans working again we will not be able to pay the interest on our debt of over 17 trillion dollars.  Last year our Federal Government needed to borrow 680 billion dollars to pay bills and it continues to spend.  How will we pay for all of these new welfare recipients?  

Texas alone will spend 12 million dollars a month on its’ [sic] National Guard effort to try to secure its’ [sic] borders.

We must decide whether we are going to be a country of laws.  If we have no borders then we are not a country. 

A rote regurgitation of fascistic nativist anti-immigrant rhetoric, and let’s throw in a bunch of other nonsense into the stew of words. I’m surprised #Benghazi didn’t make a guest appearance. 

Our Constitution gives Congress the duty in section 8 of our Constitution to “Provide for calling forth the militia to execute the laws of the union, suppress insurrections and repel invasions.”   If you watch the nightly news, you  know that there is an invasion going on in our country. A mass migration that we are not ready for and will have devastating effects on our country.

We don’t have a militia anymore. We have a standing army and National Guard. This is not an invasion, because it’s not a foreign army attacking the United States. It’s frightened, poor kids looking for a job and a better life. Just like Weppner’s grandfather. 

Brian Higgins is on the wrong side of this issue.  He has voted against funding for a border fence in HR 60-61, and HR 26-38.   Mr. Higgins has voted in favor of sanctuary cities in House Amendment 294, and other sanctuary policies in House Amendment 288 to HR 28-62.  He voted for the e-verify system and then voted against an amendment to fund the e-verify system so employers could ensure they are hiring people who are legally in our country, HR 54-41.  Mr. Higgins voted against the amendment to require implementation  of the entry exit system, HR 44-37, and voted against authorizing the use of military to assist in border functions in HR  1815 . He voted for amnesty in HR 24-14.  All of these votes have setup [sic] the problems we face today. This is not even a complete list.

Right. It’s Brian Higgins’ fault that three third-world countries are awful and kids are trying to escape them. 

If violence in your home country is the deciding factor in whether this president allows you to freely come across our border illegally, without consequence, then we need to send a message to every Christian living in a Muslim country to come on ahead, because they are being slaughtered as we speak.   How does one group win the Obama lottery of immigration and another does not?  What about the violence in our inner cities that continues to be ignored? What about our children here in Buffalo who are being gunned down in our streets? 

Well, actually, if a Christian from the Middle East can get on a plane and arrive in this country and seek refugee status, they’re welcome to do so.  In fact, anyone who can establish that they’re the victim of religious or political persecution is welcome to apply for refugee status. It’s even easier in Canada, and they have free medical. So, yeah. 

I wonder what Weppner’s glorious solution to inner city violence is? 

The latest insanity is that we will have a program that will cost 47 million dollars over the next two years, and we will go to Honduras and process juveniles there to give them refugee status and transport them to this country.  This status allows them to go on public assistance immediately.  This doesn’t even make sense in a country that cannot meet its’ [sic] bills. 

If that program is successful we will expand it to the other two countries.  So the President , as a policy, will bring the illegal immigrants here under his orders.  He is breaking his oath of office. 

Doesn’t it make sense to pre-process refugee claims at our consulates abroad, rather than burden the Border Patrol with this? Doesn’t it make sense to issue refugee visas to people who qualify for that status before they get to this country, rather than spending millions to detain and process them in our courts, after the fact? 

We are in a very dangerous time in the history of our country and sitting back and hoping the next two years go by quickly is not going to cut it.  

As Americans we need to have laws that keep America strong and safe and free.

We need to have secure borders.  We need more processing staff so our border patrol agents can do their jobs.   We need to process people quickly that are coming across our borders illegally so they can be returned to their home countries where they can fill out the paperwork to apply for legal entry into the United States.  We need to decide on a number.  Currently it is around a million immigrants that legally enter our country each year.  If we decide on two million we must require self-sufficiency from those immigrants so that we are not adding to the burden of the American taxpayer.  We need to treat all humanely while they are briefly here. 

 Word salad. 

God Bless you,

God Bless Western New York

And God bless the United States of America.

May she be a beacon of freedom and strength for all the world to see.

Except for you “infected” brown “poors”. You all can just stay home and die, for all she cares.  

By the way, since this is a 2 year-old issue, what did Kathy Weppner have to say about the Central American kids seeking refugee status back in 2012 on her WBEN radio show? 

Oh, right. 

She scrubbed from the internet all existence of her radio show, and anything she wrote prior to March 2014

I’ll bet there was a lot of this, though: 





  • Love the picture at the top with the angry white wicked witch and her angry white old men/women friends with their “turkey gobbler” necks……what a crew!

  • I can’t really understand the Republican strategy with her. They would really have been better off letting Higgins run unopposed then letting this crazypants stuff go on. Weppner is embarrassing herself just fine, but she is dragging normal, reasonable Republicans down with her by association. It’s sad.

    • This district is a tough row to ho for any republican, and nobody else seems to want to run against Higgins. Weppner is an embarrassment, but I haven’t seen any evidence that she’s bringing down any other candidates down ticket. Have you?

  • Would have been a real shame if a sudden lake seiche had swung through and washed this horde of infected retards into the powerplant turbines downriver. How anyone with even the most remotely functioning brain stem can purport to follow this woman is beyond me.

    • my only issue with this comment is that calling them retards is an insult to people that are truly developmentally challenged. These assclowns are like this BY CHOICE, which in itself is all the more pathetic

      • You are correct. Edited!

        • LOL.

          • No, those are developmentally disabled people. Retards are people with functional brain hardware who refuse to be reasonable human beings. Much like “fag” now refers to Harley Davidson owners who rev their engines loudly in residential areas at night. Language is evolving…

          • let me know where you live so i can back my bike up to your front door and fulfill your stereotype fantasy

  • KathyWeppnerNY26

    Considering Weppner’s Father is 80+ we can guesstimate that Grand dad came over pre- 1930. Approx 2% of Western European’s were turned away. I guess they got the “Are you an anarchist,” question wrong.

  • I wonder how the idiot Weppner reconciled that WBFO was here, but not WBEN. lol The LIBRULS wanna keep their enemies close, I guess.

  • The supporter chewing his cud in the background really adds value to the whole scene. Most likely the videographer is Mike Madigan, who drew the short straw and got his ass kicked by Higgins in 2012.

  • So Alan,

    Do you support mass migration of people from other countries to the USA? Yes or No.

    Do realize this cost the net tax payers tens of millions of dollars?

    80 years ago when people immigrated to the USA they still followed the rules on the books plus we didn’t have the costly social programs we have today.

    • Do I support “mass migration of people from other countries to the USA”? Absolutely. Immigrants like the Fracasso family helped make this country what it is today. Never mind that Italian immigrants found it hard to assimilate, were discriminated against, subjected to hatred and bigotry, and tended to live amongst each other in homogeneous neighborhoods, now Italians are considered to be just like our WASP founders.

      Of course, it’s also a complete lie that immigrants are a net drain on the economy. For instance, http://blog.thepartnership.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Immigrants-Graphic-Source-IEDC.jpg

      80 years ago, our immigration system was significantly different from what it’s been since 1965. To compare what happened then to what happens now is utter foolishness. To suggest that immigrants 80 years ago didn’t get into trouble with the law is also idiotic.

      You might want to read up on the wonderful contributions that immigrants have made to this country both individually and as nationalities, particularly as it applies to Buffalo Niagara.

      • That was then and this is now. To different scenarios. When are families came over a 100 years ago the country was in a different economic state. We also didn’t have the social programs we have now compared to 100 years ago. This has nothing to do with bigotry or hatred. Is that a tactic in the Democratic Playbook? When someone doesn’t agree with you call them a hater or a bigot?

        I’m also rather sure the mass of immigrants that came over 100 years ago came into the states by following the laws.

        Why do we have borders and laws Alan?

        • Right. YOUR playbook is to shout about how YOUR ancestors came here “legally” at a time when immigration from Europe was essentially unrestricted, save for the “not an anarchist” box that needed to be ticked before you could get tested for syphilis on your way through Ellis Island.

          But when it comes to brown, Spanish-speaking tweens from Central America who are escaping social, economic, and political problems that are not dissimilar from, say, turn-of-the-century Italy, all of a sudden it’s an “invasion”. Yet you want to sit there and tell me that’s not bigotry or hatred – or that the bigotry and hatred that was hurled at Italian and Irish immigrants 110 years ago was not just as disgusting and sordid.

          We do have borders, Tony. When was the last time you actually crossed the southern border? Have you ever crossed the Rio Grande or taken a day trip to TJ? Ever? Have you ever witnessed the interminable lines, super-tight security, and state-of-the-art anti-drug and human trafficking measures put in place at even remote crossings in the desert Southwest? Have you seen the miles and miles of barren wasteland out that way?

          Yes, we have borders and they are reasonably protected, and here’s the reason why this is all about bigoted hysteria and not at all about facts:

          While illegal immigration of kids 12 and under has shot up by 117%, the overall number of people of any age crossing illegally is at a 40 year low, and even the number of kids crossing has dropped.

          Most of the anti-immigrant hysteria stems from a conscious or unconscious belief that Obama is a foreign Manchurian candidate who is here to destroy America as we know it. If you don’t believe me, just look at Weppner’s own birtherite hysterics.

          Furthermore, the kids are mostly from Honduras:

          “The fact that Hondurans represent the highest percentage [27%], followed by Salvadorans, makes clear that the major push factors are violence,” said Susan Terrio, an anthropology professor at Georgetown University who has interviewed dozens of unaccompanied immigrant children.

          “Invaders” my ass.

          Yes, we do have borders and they’re being reasonably defended, and we also have laws. I don’t know why you’d so quickly invalidate your own argument, but the law states that undocumented unaccompanied minors cannot be deported before they have a court hearing – due process.

          What you’re really saying is, “why won’t Obama disobey the law?

          • “undocumented unaccompanied minors cannot be deported before they have a court hearing”…a law presented and passed by none other than George W Bush. Funny how the conservatives always forget to mention that when they refer to it as “lawlessness”…..

        • Misspellings and grammatical mistakes seem to be the hallmark of people who think the way you do. Funny that.

    • yes, Western New York could use some more immigrants

  • richardszczepankiewicz

    What a douche she is.

  • So much of this is just plain dumb

  • I only hope they got the AARP van to Denny’s in time for the early bird dinner specials. Some of those geezers look like Kathy promised them a chicken fried steak with all the trimmings.

  • KathyWeppnerNY26

    Kathy would like to apologize to Guatemala because her husband went to med school in Mexico http://on.fb.me/1k9oFPU

  • I am truly aghast at the nerve of an incredibly uninformed, inept and thoughtless person like Weppner to seek any public office at any level. But I am truly frightened she actually has followers and evidently support from the Republican Party. Is the GOP that desperate for candidates?

    Its bad enough the faded Party of Lincoln insists that Abortion, Guns and now Children at the Border are the big National and State problems and to which they themselves offer no reasonable solutions.

    I suspect it is the aging thing of the party which the Weppner Photo demonstrates the active members to be somewhere above 70 years of age.

  • Your slanderous spins on her true comments is what has made NY one of the worst states in the nation. But never fear..according to all polls WNY has the WORST voters in all the nation to go along with the state. They repeatedly vote in democrats across the board to their own hurt…raising taxes…loosing business…polluting their waters…and highest inflations. In the years these incumbent elected have been running this area it has steadily declined to a welfare city along with the state. More on it than working. AND your love affair with Higgans is amazing. SO far he has taken credit for the peoples tax dollars to build the waterfront….too little too late seeing as the city is dead…and those taxes increased caused business to leave…a vicious circle of decline that leads back to his door. Oh and now tax free for business…but thats the CEO’s..the employees paychecks will be taxed to the max like all NYers…think just the price of gasoline…highest in comparison ..even the price of cars themselves …highest. But aside from all that..WNY is highest in most diseases. MS MD STROKE HEART DISEASE CANCER………..and btw…the illegal spraying of aquatic herbicides by the marinas INTO the drinking water has NEVER been addressed…and just what is the unnatural source of all those thick bubbles floating on the lake all year?? In the DRINKING WATER SOURCE of WNY?? and how many people did HIGGANS or any politician step forward to assist to get out of prison …answer …despite being their constituents…NOT ONE! Being a civil SERVANT means to serve the public….not yourself…and handing out posthumus medals to WWll soldiers is over 70 years too late. oh so very very safe and a free political photo op…but so very very safe for a political hack who sits back, collects taxpayers money and merely signs yes to whatever the bosses send down the pipe. He will do well …as long as there is other peoples money to spend. Kathy has always stood up for the little guy ..the non important AMERICAN CITIZEN. Sorry to see that isnt recognized. BTW….she alone had the COURAGE to stand up and fight for the freedom of innocents in prison along with Det. Delano. I am truly aghast at the lack of nerve of incredibly INFORMED elected who chose to tuck tail and hide behind their disregarded oaths…and either outright lie or do nothing……I can only hope people realize that although this blog is in Artvoice its not ARTVOICE but the mud slinging voice of corrupt politics that has LED THE PEOPLE BY THE NOSE in WNY to their own destruction. I strongly suggest before the Novemeber elections you enlighten yourselves with a trip to the HISTORICAL MUSEUM and the display that is called ONCE MADE IN BUFFALO…and take a look at the proud portraits of he local leaders of today……and vote these self serving yesmen the hell out.

    • After putting up with that drivel you call a take, I have two things to say…

      Would you PLEASE….SHUT…THE HELL…UP? and…

      Switch to decaf.

    • I’m so confused right now.

      • read THE US CONSTITUTION….compare the actions of the incumbents to it..Read the oath elected swear to with regard to it…and compare if they have in fact honored either. then compare their actions as CIVIL SERVANTS with the rate of taxes YOU paid in NY to the money they amassed while in office and see if it balances out.. Look at the number of welfare vs employed in NY and how much they are borrowing and from who..(that would be COMMUNIST CHINA…about 60 cents of each dollar) and then giving it away to foreign countries as US AID… then go read the CLOWARD and PIVEN book of how to bankrupt the USA ….destroying it from within …and you will be greatly enlightened…..or you can just sit like a zombie and let CNN or ALJazeera tv tell you what to think is happening to your country. BTW…what other countries to do you go vote in and how many times each election??? cause thats whats being proposed by the Democrats. NO ID to vote…means ANYONE can come here with open borders…vote in any election at every voting polling place as many times as they want in any and every state they want.. But hey..keep the incumbent Higgans in…he has voted yes to everything they come up with while spending YOUR tax dollars and taking credit for it as if HE did something great. Its election time…they ALWAYS spend LOTS of TAX MONEY to buy your votes. Wouldnt it have been better to have had to pay less taxes…..and kept business in WNY and built it up over the years little by little as opposed to the reverse?? but I bet he has one heck of an offshore portfolio and I know if he does its glowing SOLAR!! Just think..A BILLION for 15oo jobs………woooo hoooo!! but its for the vets…so far…you know ..the ones they all agreed to cut their benefits on.

        • read THE US CONSTITUTION….compare the actions of the incumbents to it..Read the oath elected swear to with regard to it…and compare if they have in fact honored either. then compare their actions as CIVIL SERVANTS with the rate of taxes YOU paid in NY to the money they amassed while in office and see if it balances out..

          I’ve read the United States Constitution numerous times, and I have no idea what it has to do with state, local, or municipal taxes, or the salary and benefits of elected officials. You may wish to re-read the 10th Amendment with respect to this issue.

          Look at the number of welfare vs employed in NY and how much they are borrowing and from who..(that would be COMMUNIST CHINA…about 60 cents of each dollar) and then giving it away to foreign countries as US AID… then go read the CLOWARD and PIVEN book of how to bankrupt the USA ….destroying it from within …and you will be greatly enlightened

          Well, no. The State of NY doesn’t borrow money from “Communist China”. If you’re that concerned about the U.S. public debt, then look no further than Ronald Reagan, who increased public indebtedness by 218% during his tenure. By contrast, Obama has increased public indebtedness by 34%.

          …..or you can just sit like a zombie and let CNN or ALJazeera tv tell you what to think is happening to your country.

          Beats Fox News.

          BTW…what other countries to do you go vote in and how many times each election??? cause thats whats being proposed by the Democrats. NO ID to vote…means ANYONE can come here with open borders…vote in any election at every voting polling place as many times as they want in any and every state they want

          Voter ID has never been used in the history of the Republic until the Republicans decided it was important to suppress the vote and establish a new poll tax by dint of “voter ID”. To clarify – for the 230+ years that this country has existed, voter ID has not been required – including during the time of our Founders – but now you claim it’s a Constitutional prerogative. Which is it? Incidentally, In NYS and most states, you must present valid ID to register, and also if you’re voting for the first time at your newly registered polling place. All subsequent voting is done through some other form of identification, such as signature matching.

          .. But hey..keep the incumbent Higgans in…he has voted yes to everything they come up with while spending YOUR tax dollars and taking credit for it as if HE did something great.

          Not only can you not spell his name, you can’t name one specific thing that he voted for. You just casually vomit that he “voted yes to everything”.

          Its election time…they ALWAYS spend LOTS of TAX MONEY to buy your votes. Wouldnt it have been better to have had to pay less taxes…..and kept business in WNY and built it up over the years little by little as opposed to the reverse?? but I bet he has one heck of an offshore portfolio and I know if he does its glowing SOLAR!! Just think..A BILLION for 15oo jobs………woooo hoooo!! but its for the vets…so far…you know ..the ones they all agreed to cut their benefits on.”

          The reason you like voter ID is because it will dissuade the poor from voting, because IDs cost money. If I demanded, say, that voters pass a simple test of how well informed they are, you’d fail miserably. I wonder if you’d back that.

  • ordinarily I dont waste time answering alternate responses where the person does not offer sound debate. Insults and swearing such as a certain person offered as a response proves much of what I said polls reported about the local voters. All I would reply to that is “STAND DOWN”..ah hem. But after reading my post I noticed I failed to mention THE SAFE ACT …voted illegally in the night, COMMON CORE dumbing down of students from the worlds number one to 25th at last report, the huge failure rate of local schools, the extra tax money being spent to reteach enept teachers while students of teaching are paying their HIKED college tuition for their education themselves, and not one but TWO very highly paid out of state superintendents hired that insulted local residents by saying not one local person was qualified to lead their own local schools had to be removed at great cost to both students and parents not to mention taxpayers again in the poorest city in the nation. And lets not forget the multiple investigations our leaders have sitting on the shelves against them for corruption that will not be adjudicated because politics runs the law here therefore there is no law. I hope voters never find any of their loved ones in a garbage can, or strangled and raped in their bedroom at the age of 14 while without even the word statutory rape mentioned the serial killer is given immunity by the DA and defended by the assistant DA with fake fake evidence created by certain police willing to perjure away morals they never had…. or you are put in prison for 22 years for crimes you did not commit… Hope you got your EBOLA vaccination seeing as the potus you elected is sending our tax paid troops to fight it..after he released ISIS leaders….and all your candidates approved the above along with cutting Veterans Benefits across the board. BTW..none of what I have printed is an UNTRUTH. Ya gotta love the new politically defined dictionary.Seeing as the Smith Mundt act expired and not one politician or media demanded its reinstatement…(thats the law that banned propaganda or lies) so anything goes…..and voters listen to the idiot box for info that glows so much brighter now that the potus signed with his magic pen approval of higher levels of radioactivity over the USA. But then I guess that makes the incumbents shine brighter…..

  • the reason I like voter ID is as stated previously. Your prepared mantra of voter suppression is a demoncratic lie. ANYONE who has valid ID …VALID citizenship is NEVER stopped from voting and if you know the Constitution..the TRUE government of this country then you know the three step process of voting is NEVER to be impeded. I suppose the Black panthers with clubs is irrelevant at this point seeing as Holder who held an armed assault on the college campus of columbia on behalf of the old Black Panthers cant be sighted like your Reagan argument. I love how the current defense of a current wrong is to childishly only go back and point out “HE DID IT TOO!”. You know the quote of insanity…the same thing expecting a new outcome. Do today’s math. Highest taxes Highest crime highest population loss highest rate of failure in businesses being solar..and you back this billion dollar 1500 job deal. Free tax for 10 years for the company investors will come out of residents and employees pockets. Nobody gets anything for free other than those above the 1%… yes above. That means millionaires and in govt. Pretty sure the number now has to be 50% of them. And they put Martha away for a few hundred grand while they manipulate the world market. A big fish in a small pond is still a sitting duck…Sit by and defend what you dont care to know about because you too are a party hack willing to roll in the muck they hand party line voters. Tax dollars that sent business away being raised to spend to build inadequate temporary business for a few is like buying a new headstone over an old grave. Its going to sink into the mud too.
    More people will take a walk along the waterfront for one last look at the ever increasing polluted lake before driving off to a state that has less taxes ..more work..better schools…and isnt number one in MS MD STROKE CANCER AND HEART DISEASE along with human feces floating on their beaches. But hey…no tests on State park no swimming water yards away from drinking water intakes. I noticed you didnt mention the twice hired OUT OF STATE superintendents that had to be paid off to leave our failing schools or the fact internal affairs is scrubbed by the mayor or that a gag order still lays over the CIVIL SERVANTS in law enforcement. I guess the constittution doesnt apply once again. You like to attack anyone running against your boy…you fail to address any of the negatives that have occurred while he was entrusted to fix and uphold…instead you assault the blogers and not the issues. A true political biased hack. So ..just what has your party done about the bodies lying around this city? or the taxes? or that welfare rolls outweigh workers…or that there are billions being made in casinos but raw sewage still being dumped…chemicals being spilled into the lake..illegal attacks on law abiding and their constitutional rights and still the crime has increased? Maybe you can get the EPA to release the results of the samples they took of the illegal spraying being done yearly in the harbors. I saw no mention that the solar investments in world wide have failed along with solar street lights locally due to not enough sunlight…but what the hell…it sounds as good as any other political promise made in an election year. Take a ride to Toronto and back . The business that left the USA taxes and Govt oppression via the EPA and insurance will NEVER come back to the USA. The steel industry will NEVER run again. Take aDo you play golf by chance??

    • 1. In order to obtain an ID, you have to pay a fee – whether it is to the state (ID or Driver’s License) or the federal government (Passport, Green Card). You claim to love the Constitution, yet the Constitution says nothing about requiring ID as a prerequisite to vote. On the contrary, requiring someone to obtain a document for a fee as a prerequisite to voting is akin to a poll tax and un-Constitutional.

      2. Right. Black Panthers. You’re just going to spout off every debunked lie you can grasp.

      3. President Obama has lowered taxes by about $3,600 on families making under $500,000. Crime is at all-time lows. The SolarCity deal will create 3000 high-paying jobs in Buffalo. You oppose it, probably, because Democrats will get the credit.

      4. States with low tax rates do not generally have better schools. The Lake Erie pollution comes mostly from Ohio farms, not New York and not Higgins’ district.

      5. I didn’t mention out of state superintendents for the Buffalo schools because it doesn’t have anything to do with anything.

      6. You cite the EPA and dirty water. Conservatives like you want to abolish the EPA and, likely, DEC. The problem of poverty in Buffalo is not unique to Buffalo in any respect, but common throughout the urban rust belt. It’s what happens when a population is effectively left out of the American Dream. If you look at what’s happened over the past 30 years, since Reagan became President, you’ll see that the extremely wealthy have basically been sucking the blood of the middle class and poor at ever-increasing and alarming rates. (See image).

      7. I have been to Toronto quite often. Toronto has universal single-payer healthcare, higher income taxes, higher sales taxes (including a provincial and federal sales tax / VAT), and tighter restrictions on housing, credit, and labor markets than the US.

      8. No, we don’t make steel in Buffalo or Lackawanna anymore. We also don’t make horse-drawn carriages or parasols.

      9. I get the distinct impression you don’t know what the heck you’re talking about, and you’re quite literally just hurling disconnected words at your screen in a fit of rage.

      Hope that works out for you.

  • “INEPT school superintendents have nothing to do with anything”……………I will end this discussion altogether and leave that as your lasting commentary as spokesman for Higgans campaign to be re-elected to represent the local residents and their children…and we wont ever expect him to travel to Ohio to do so.

    BTW… I happen to know that parasols along with most other industry once made in the USA, are still being made ..in CHINA primarily, and in other outsourced countries, while Amish make carriages all the time. Others are still in use in SCHUMER’S district…for now.

  • “MYTH #3: The nation spends billions of dollars on welfare for undocumented immigrants.

    FACTS: To the contrary, undocumented immigrants are not eligible to receive any “welfare” benefits and even legal immigrants are severely restricted in the benefits they can receive.”

    FACT: The New York is Home Act (S07879/A10129) would change that. This legislation would usurp immigration laws and allow non-U.S. citizens to vote, hold office, and collect socioeconomic benefits in New York State.

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