Weppner Disavows 912 Blight Exploitation Strategy

Last week, I posted about 912 activist and Kathy Weppner volunteer  Laura Yingling’s search for pictures of blight that she could “use against Brian Higgins on Twitter and Facebook”. 

Evidently, Weppner is not completely shameless! She sent the following, and Yingling forwarded it to her Glenn Beck fan site. 

Well, to be specific, Weppner didn’t instruct Yingling to tell her dummy battalion to not take pictures of blight to use against Congressman Higgins – she merely asked Yingling to make it clear that Weppner didn’t ask for it and isn’t part of Weppner’s “campaign plans”. 

You see, Weppner is too busy running a “dignified” campaign on “issues” like universal firearms access and scrubbing all evidence of her pre-2014 internet existence


  • Kathy Weppner….pure as the driven SLUSH………

  • KathyWeppnerNY26

    I’m going to chalk this up as a small victory for satirical Twitter accounts everywhere.

  • it should read as “Dear Laura – Thanks for running with my batshit crazy and poorly conceived idea, but for some reason it came across as being batshit crazy and poorly conceived. I dont know why. Either way, if anybody asks, it was your idea.”

    • Do you think Brain Higgins supports the bat shit ideas and comments around here about his opponent?

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