Weppner Campaign Seeking “Not So Nice”, Incidental Blight Photos

Blight. It’s a problem throughout Buffalo, WNY, and much of upstate and the rust belt. You can literally go anywhere in North America and encounter some abandoned buildings, ugly graffiti, vacant properties, and blight. 

But now a woman running for Congress against Brian Higgins wants to turn blight into a campaign issue. 

On Wednesday, Laura Yingling, the tea party “activist” and Glenn Beck “9-12” acolyte running Kathy Weppner’s campaign sent out a mass email to her entire list, entitled “Brian Higgins the Waterfront Czar”: 

That’s literally only about half of the “to” list. 

Here is the body of the email: 

Interesting, right? It’s a great way for Weppner to stoke class and racial fear and hatred. Also, it ignores and exploits the fact that Higgins now happens to represent the cities of Buffalo and Niagara Falls – places that have more than their fair share of blight. Hell, even Grand Island has that dilapidated and creepy old Dunlop office building near the north bridge. 

The current NY-27 couldn’t be more different from what it looked like before 2013, when it had a much larger suburban and rural component. Indeed, I’m willing to bet that the picture that Yingling sent around was not part of NY-27 before 2013. 

The current boundaries are also +13 Democrat, so you know, good luck. 

This is dumb politics and dumb campaigning. Showing off blight resulting from decades of regional economic failure isn’t relevant to Higgins’ time in office.  But dumb campaigns play to dumb people and know only the lowest common denominator. 

You get the idea. This parody account on Twitter captures the dumb beautifully. 

I’ll issue a challenge to all outlets in WNY: Every single time Weppner tries to get you out to an event for free media, ask her why she scrubbed her entire web and radio history from the internet, and when we can expect to see it back online


  • I showed up because someone told me it was David Coverdale not Eddie Money…..

  • Three steering wheels! Thats brilliant!

  • I could understand the attack on Weppner if there was reason to keep Higgins in office. Seeing there isn’t, meh!

    • with Weppner as the alternative there is!

      • The choice is no choice in this race. Higgins has been one of my least favorite local politicians for years. I will probably abstain and hold my nose when the election results come in. Among other things, Higgins did a mighty fine job selling the taxpayers a load of crap to get the Federal Court Building built. It is nothing but a $140 million (+ cost overruns) monument to himself. The old Federal Courthouse was more than sufficient.

    • Mike there probably is no reason to keep 99% of our Congress in office. Having said that do you actually want this creature to be your next rep.?

  • Your right the waterfront is nice, but the point is that people who are jobless in the area will have a really nice place to go. And with no jobs, how are these areas in the pics to recover? The bright and shiny buildings can’t hide what is only a few blocks away. And there are neighborhoods across the district that look like this. Higgins has been in office for 10 years. His voting record (when he does vote) is lock step with the policies that contributed to this blight.

  • Brian Higgins is a career politician who need to take some of the blame for what’s going on here. Member, Buffalo City Council, 1988-1993; Chief of Staff/Senior Policy Advisor, Erie County Legislature, 1994-1998; Assemblyman, New York State Assembly, 1999-2004; Representative, United States House of Representatives, 2005-present.

    • Oh yeah? Then he gets credit for the good he’s done, as well. Either way, you haven’t rebutted the central theme here, which is that Yingling’s attempt at dumb stunt politicking is dumb.

  • Two things scare me about these people. First they they appear under- and often totally un- informed about the dynamics of Government structure. But they invariably believe ideology is as good reason to be elected to office as do their followers.

    From the first time I witnessed Brian Higgins in action as a Politician in City Council chambers I knew he was what politicians should be.

    He stood and explained the difficulty of obtaining funding for a project and detailed the endless challenging criteria required by state and federal legislation and funding sources and how the city had to keep dodging the bullet and keep these projects alive.

    Brian even got into some personalities of Albany and Washington who had to be satisfied and persuaded and dealt with in these machinations. He mentioned not one word of politics or ideology he was totally focused on the structures of government and how to push the right buttons to get it all to work for your own interests.

    I remain impressed at his academic and practical grasp of the labyrinth of government. He understands and is effective and I still retain very high hopes for this man.

    Then there are people like Weppner….

  • The parody account is pretty good, but not nearly as funny as the idea of her supporters roaming the East Side, taking pictures. Or even being able to find the East Side. Have to give her credit for admitting she has no intention of going anywhere near the place.

  • Mr. Higgins is a spineless technocrat engaged in the war on religion and is a key local player in the modern day bondage of African Americans by the Democratic Party. He hides from his constituents and won,t answer to these substantial charges of treason. He was unable to strap on a pair and defend his church from the assault by Obama to diminish and destroy their ability to practice their faith. He is also complicit in the modern day slavery of African Americans through the use of welfare and social benefit programs designed to subjugate this class of people to ensure a reliable bloc of voters. Truthfully, Mr. Higgins is one of the most egregious examples of blight in the area and someone should send his picture to Mrs. Weppner.

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