Ballot Access & Fusion: Keeping New York Corrupt

It’s petition day throughout New York State, and we’ll learn soon enough that Governor Cuomo will have a primary challenge from the left, and that locally, the Democratic race for the 63rd Senate District (Tim Kennedy, incumbent) is going to be especially fun, as will the Republican challenge to Mark Grisanti, as perennial party-switching candidate Rus Thompson clumsily attempts to manipulate the corrupt fusion system to try and oust the sane guy. 

But it’s not only electoral fusion that’s corrupt and awful, so is the petition process itself. It’s hypercomplicated and deliberately designed to be a minefield for the unwary. It’s not only time to abolish the electoral fusion system and shut down the Wilson Pakulas and backroom deals, but also to simplify the ballot access system to make it easier for candidates to run. The rules for petitioning should be simplified and written in plain English, and there should be an alternative whereby a candidate simply pays a fee (set on a sliding scale, depending on the scope of the office).  Hey, if the state needs another source of revenue, there you go. 

As it stands now, our petitioning process should rightly be named the Election Law Attorney Full Employment Act

As for SD-60, where Grisanti will possibly face off with Rus Thompson, here’s the entire campaign in a nutshell.  I don’t know about you, but I’d choose the calm, professional man in the suit over the wildman in a sweatshirt.


  • In addition to electoral fusion, the 2 party system is designed to protect the Democrats and Republicans from a serious 3rd party challenger. Many things need to be changed in the process, including ballot line positioning, which is highly protective of the 2 major parties.

    • In short our whole political system from the municipalities, state through the federal is so inherently corrupt that a major overhaul is needed….good luck to that happening….

  • Russ Thompson is rehasing the “chicken in every pot, car in every garage” campaign, his promise is “a gun in everyones hand, an arsenal in everyones garage”.

  • KathyWeppnerNY26

    Can’t vote for a guy with a bluetooth jammed in his ear

  • I’ll be adding Dennis Waite to my list of political heroes! Keep your head high!!!!!

    And I LOVE how Dennis says the candidacy of Dennis Nawojski (obviously another political hero for me) is helping “the Democratic Party.” As a member of that party, I agree wholeheartedly!! Yes, Dennis Waite, you are helping the Democratic Party by helping to rid our party of its most corrupt elected politician in WNY: Tim Kennedy.

    Yeah!!! And here we have someone (Dennis Waite) who actually has the courage to use some of the political tactics used by the Tim Kennedy crowd for years. FINALLY, we have a Democratic HERO in Dennis Waite standing up to the likes of the politicians who use the Democratic Party for their own personal gain. This takes a lot of guts, in my view.
    Stand strong Dennis Waite. You clearly are on the side of righteousness!!!

    Oh, and what’s wrong with having two horses in this race?

  • 99.061 – Statutes & Constitution :View Statutes : Online ……/index.cfm?App…/0099.061...
    Florida Legislature
    99.061 Method of qualifying for nomination or election to federal, state, county,… of elections of the county, or shall qualify by the petition process pursuant to s. Kills me to cite the State of Florida but this makes sense. Income to the state to operate elections and ability to petition if you don’t want to pay the fee

  • 99.092 Qualifying fee of candidate; notification

    of Department of State.—

    (1) Each person seeking to qualify for nomination or

    election to any office, except a person seeking to qualify

    by the petition process pursuant to s. 99.095 and except

    a person seeking to qualify as a write-in candidate, shall

    pay a qualifying fee, which shall consist of a filing fee

    and election assessment, to the officer with whom the

    person qualifies, and any party assessment levied, and

    shall attach the original or signed duplicate of the receipt

    for his or her party assessment or pay the same, in

    accordance with the provisions of s. 103.121, at the time

    of filing his or her other qualifying papers. The amount of

    the filing fee is 3 percent of the annual salary of the

    office. The amount of the election assessment is 1

    percent of the annual salary of the office sought. The

    election assessment shall be transferred to the Elec­

    tions Commission Trust Fund. The amount of the party

    assessment is 2 percent of the annual salary. The

    annual salary of the office for purposes of computing the

    filing fee, election assessment, and party assessment

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