Local talk radio station WBEN held an online poll about its listeners the tea party on Wednesday. Here are the results as of mid-morning: 

Big surprise, right? So, I fixed that for them: 

Or this: 




  • WBEN’s phone polls are the best. I try to predict them before they give the numbers and I am usually within + or – 4. End of teacher tenure ? 80 plus% Arming daycare aides with mac-10s? 76%. Building razor wired walls around the West and East sides of Buffalo 88%. Their gods, guns and Geritol programming is their morning dose of red meat.

  • You forgot the % that listen in on their crystal sets

  • I will add that my experiences with their on air news people has always been great, professional and very friendly.

  • Most questions on WBEN are so geared towards their shrinking audience of either aging, terminally frightened or lowbrow whitefolk they really should be ashamed of citing them as fact on the air.

  • 317 listeners total….that about how many people I figured probably listen to that station….

  • Few online polls are as self-serving and self-affirming as WBEN’s. They have as much “news” credibility these days as Glenn Beck.
    I’m still waiting for this one:

    Is Barack Obama….
    A) a Marxist
    B) a terrorist
    C) a Kenyan usurper
    D) All of the above

  • FedUp with Bflo. sports

    I would guess that Stan Barron and Dick Riefenburg would be turning over in their graves if they have heard the programming that’s taking place on this once proud station. Thank God for satellite radio.

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